Pedestal of Time Artwork

It was just last Friday that I posted my article babbling on about some potential changes that Nintendo could make to Ocarina of Time for its 3DS release. That sure did get the discussions going. Today I discovered that the guys from did a similar thing the day before I did: A top 10 wish list of things to change for Ocarina’s new release. I think I can quite easily categorize their ideas into either ‘obviously’, ‘nice – but it’ll never happen’ and ‘hell no’.

The obvious suggestions include revamped menus and inventory management, for such things as the iron boots, as well as smoother graphics. Some of the nice ideas that we’re unlikely to see are skipable cutscenes, new additional sidequests (he even mentions being able to beat the running man), an equivalent of Majora’s Mask’s Bombers notebook, more items, bigger rewards for sidequests, more hidden areas, a ‘Nintendo Gallery Figurine’ sidequest, some of ‘Ura Zelda’s’ extra content and a second quest. There are some good ideas there.

The ‘hell no’ worst suggestion is to ‘fix’ the Water Temple. Besides the iron boot-pausing issue, the Water Temple is fine. It is one of the best dungeons in Zelda and one of the most challenging. It doesn’t need to be revamped at all. Thankfully I doubt Nintendo will really change much anyway, aside from the obvious. You can read the full article here.

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