Nintendo 3DS Mockup

Before I get into this, note the list is heavily based on the provided facts as well as the highly anticipated rumors that have been leaking from game developers who supposedly already have dev kits and are presently making games for the platform. These rumors include but are not limited too Joystick inclusion along with rumble support and a longer battery life. This piles on top of the supposed 3D support, as confirmed by Nintendo of Japan.

#10 – Ocarina of Time re-released in 3D.

Nintendo been avoiding a handheld remake of the game, despite the high demand for one ever since proving the DS could handle the graphics with the re-release of Super Mario 64. If the system has superior power, as is rumored, then why not finally bring this to light? Nothing could be greater than romping through Hyrule as the Hero of Time again… with the world literally popping out at my face. Okay, I lied, maybe a Majora’s Mask remake would top that. The Moon may appear to be literally smashing me in the face instead of hitting a little clock tower.

#09 – Optional Touch Controls

I’ll give Nintendo some credit: The use of the touch controls in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are some of the better use of the controls to date. That being said, it’s safe to say they have added little to the game experience. Everything the touch controls did was just as easily, if not more easily, done with a D-Pad and button controls. With the advent of a joystick it may be possible to forgo the touch controls altogether, or at least allow the movement of Link to be done with the joystick. I can dream, right?

#08 – Return to Real

At least once in the 3DS’s lifespan, I would love to see what sort of realistic graphics this platform could do. What better way to do this than with a Zelda title? The cartoon style is still a personal favorite of mine if you go back to The Wind Waker, but imagine if you could have a portable Twilight Princess in your pocket? Now that is something to think about.

#07 – 3DS 2D Ware

They brought Wii Ware over to the DSi, so why not bring 2D Zelda back through this same method? If Mega Man 9 and 10 can come out as new games on their own, why not bring 2D Zelda back through a similar method on the 3DS? Eiji Aonuma admitted back in 2004 that there are some things you can do better with 2D games, so why not let him prove it?

#06 – Mini Games by Tilting

Tilting/moving a handheld to play a game isn’t some new concept. Kirby games have used it in the past, but why not bring it to Zelda as well? Imagine playing a marble type navigation game similar to what you see in Wii Fit or Kirby to do a side quest in Zelda. The opportunity there is ripe for ideas.

Wii Vitality Sensor

#05 – Vitality Sensor Accessory to Make Enemies Harder

Miyamoto talked about how the Wii’s latest accessory that is coming out later this year could be used in a Zelda game. The story is as we get scared, the enemies get tougher. Well, if I am about to have bomb plants explode in my face and a giant fire breathing dragons blowing dust through my hair, what better reason then to bring such a peripheral to the 3DS! Nothing gets our hearts racing more than things popping in our face, so this would be the perfect opportunity to bring this often considered silly idea to life.

#04 – Larger Overworld

This is where some always demanded elements come up. One thing about Spirit Tracks’ overworld that always stuck out to me is that it just didn’t seem that big. Grant it, if I actually look back, it’s most likely bigger than Twilight Princess’s overworld, but due to the lack of freedom it simply didn’t feel that way. If they wish to keep movement restricted with vehicles, then they need to make the world much larger. Of course, they could simply just allow the freedom of movement again. In either case, I think with any new hardware that expanding the overworld is always a must.

#03 – More Cutscenes

Normally, I am against cutscenes, especially in handhelds, but if they’re going to give us more power and 3D they might as well give us more reason to actually have it. That being said, cutscenes don’t necessarily have to be minituare movies. Many games have found ways to make them interactive, so if they plan to put more in, which makes sense, something along the lines of Half-Life 2 could be done without problem.

#02 – Console Combat Format

You now have a handheld capable of GCN-type power and control schemes that can mimic consoles. It’s time to take advantage. I am talking about Z-Targeting and special moves. Touch controls, button presses, 3D plane… it’s all right there for the taking. Combat can finally feel more fluid on a handheld.

#01 – Immersive, Breathing World

I think this has always been one of those “pipe dreams” in gaming. Everyone strives, through the use of graphical power, to create this realistic world that literally makes you feel like you’re part of it. However, nothing has been able to compete with films like James Cameron’s Avatar. Watch that in 3D and you’ll understand just how far behind the gaming industry is in creating an experience that can compete. Or at least, that’s what we all thought.

Then comes the 3DS. Sure, the environment can’t be as detailed as in something like Avatar, but it’s a excellent opportunity to make Hyrule come to life. To make us, for once, feel like we ourselves are physically present in the world. This has always been something viewed as a far off feature as we waited for TV’s to become 3D and popular in 20 some years, but apparently technology is more ahead then we once thought. This is possibly the biggest want I can see coming after E3 this year: Immersive game worlds. Tell me riding Epona through Hyrule with trees are passing you on the left and right as you’re in deep combat with Ganondorf who just threw a minion past your head would not immerse you in this fantastical fantasy world. Above all else, this is something that present games simply cannot provide.

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