100 Pages of Zelda Artwork

Legend of Zelda Artwork HistoryA few months ago we mentioned in an update that Japanese Gaming Magazine Nintendo Dream was set to release an added Zelda artwork booklet with their latest issue which contained 100 pages of Zelda artwork. Well that booklet was available with the February 2010 issue and our friends over at ZeldaPower got their hands on it and made scans available for us to see. While most of the pieces consist of artwork we’ve soon before, there was a few goodies in there that I’ve never seen and they are listed below.

1. Official artwork of Ganon’s Beast Form from Ocarina of Time.
2. Official artwork of Skull Kid from Ocarina of Time.
3. Scene artwork of Link Fight Gohma from Ocarina of Time.
4. Some Four Swords Adventures artwork I’ve never seen.

All in all there was a lot of artwork from Ocarina of Time in there, and a decent amount from the more modern games, but very little in the form of old artwork, which was kind of disappointing. There were a lot of old pieces of artwork available for the early games, but only a select few were shown here. I was also disappointed that they didn’t show any new artwork from Phantom Hourglass as there are a few boss artwork pieces that us in the west have never seen the light of day. All in all I think this artwork book was decent, but could have been much better.

Check out the full collection over at ZeldaPower and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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