As they say… some stories seem almost too good to be true. Yesterday we reported that a 10 year old was dominating a bunch of professional Smash players. That belief alone seemed unlikely, but we had lots of video evidence and a ton of onlookers who couldn’t believe their eyes. The public was completely unaware that this was a publicity stunt paid for by GameStop, which is why the story went viral to begin with. As it turns out “Karissa” was a hired actress (a pretty good one at that. She really sold the believability of the story) playing against smash players who were hired.

There are several theories on how this worked out – with some thinking her character was controlled by somebody else, to having the paid professional players purposefully lose. Whatever the case may be, she either closely lost or completely dominated everyone she played. It has been confirmed that the girl herself is an actress that has appeared in commercials, while a temporary job posting looking for players to play “Karissa the Destroyer” was put out as a paid gig. The publicity stunt worked – getting the internet to spread the story the moment the public started recording videos. Whether or not this was a good move is completely up to you to decide.

Source: Gamnesia

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