18j0yyeb7ukq2jpgThe Legend of Zelda is truly one of the most known classics in the gaming industry. With its rich adventures, awesome action, and legacy of the legend, it’s an impressionable game that you’ll never forget. Although, sometimes, we tend to overlook a few minor details that Nintendo wants you to forget. Maybe you don’t even know them. Need a bit of a refresher? Hit the jump for a trip down a forgotten road.

The Legend of Zelda is placed in a huge universe, one that’s hard to remember exactly everything you come across. Sometimes people just go in blindly, not knowing what to expect! But what about on the outside of the universe? You know, the development stages, before the game came to be? For example, did you know The Legend of Zelda was originally called “The Hyrule Fantasy”? Or that it almost never made it to America?


You won’t find the full post here, but you can check out the full post by the awesome people who will remind you of the 10 things Nintendo wants you to forget about Zelda, at What Culture!

Have you forgotten about all of these, or most of them? Have you forgotten at all? Let us know in the comments below! (Hah! Made a rhyme!)

Source: What Culture

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