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Listed below is the full listing of current and notable former staff members here at Zelda Dungeon. It is generally listed in hierarchical based on current website status. Many staff members wear a lot of hats and would fit under many categories. In this case, they are only listed under their highest ranking.


Mases Hagopian

Main article: Mases
Rank Site — Webmaster
Forum — Hylian Noble
Wiki — Administrator
Age 28 years
Location Morton Grove, IL, USA
Join Date August 19th, 2001

Founder and Creator of Zelda Dungeon back in August of 2001. Mases is the owner of Dungeon Gaming Enterprises, the network that owns Zelda Dungeon, Pokemon Dungeon, and Darksiders Dungeon.

At Zelda Dungeon, Mases has created the bulk of the game content and walkthroughs that are found at Zelda Dungeon today. Mases does a little bit of everything, working as the lead member of the content team, one of the news coordinators, assistant forum and wiki administrator, and overseer of the sites YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.TV pages.

Mases also serves as the diplomatic leader of the website, handling most of the communication with Nintendo and other website and magazines. He oversees almost all projects at Zelda Dungeon, and is responsible for the hiring of brand new staff members at the website.

Caleb Simpson

Main article: Caleb
Rank Site — Webmaster, Guide Specialist
Forum — Hylian Knight
Age 27 years
Location Homer Alaska, USA
Join Date March 17th, 2007

Caleb is one of the webmasters of Zelda Dungeon and one of the main content writers, specializing in walkthroughs and guides, both on the website and on the Zelda Dungeon YouTube channel. A perfectionist to a fault, Caleb produces very polished guides at a slow pace and is usually filled with maps and other useful (perhaps even over-the-top) additions that make his projects one of a kind. Because of his perspective on things like this as well as his artist eye, his opinion is valued by other staff members for various content projects and designs around the site. This process has been dubbed "Caleb-enizing" by the staff.

Caleb has created several of the layouts used at Zelda Dungeon and is also responsible for a lot of coding (tools used) for the walkthroughs found on the site. He's also one of the resident video specialists, making him one of the go-to guys for more complicated video material on the YouTube channel.



confirmed. Sending supplies.


23 (or 382)



Join Date

Forums: November 2009
Mod/Staff: November 2010
Wiki: April 2011

Main article: Locke

Locke is responsible for the administration of the Wiki and the Forum. His contributions tend to be focused on organizing articles with categories, templates, links, and formats, for a consistent and cohesive encyclopedia. He is currently heading up the migration of resources from the site to the wiki, starting with interviews. Locke enjoys the philosophy of Zelda lore, and likes to focus on the adventure aspect of this "action/adventure" series.

Senior Contributors

Josh Zelinsky

Axle the Beast

Axle the Beast
Rank Site — Senior Contributor
Forum — Hylian Knight
Wiki — Administrator
Podcast — Planner & Contributor
Age 23 years
Location The Ghoul's Stomach
Join Date Forum — November 26th 2008

Staff — February 22nd 2010
Wiki — October 23rd 2011

Axle joined the forums when Zelda became his favorite series, becoming an active member. He was later brought onto the staff by Mases in order to run the site's video mailbag, the Curiosity Shop.

Axle the Beast is known for his sometimes encyclopedic knowledge of Zelda and his various opinions about the series, some of which can be a bit controversial. Axle is one of the most frequent contributors to the site's YouTube channel, posting the mailbag and video discussions. Axle can be found doing regular editorials, the occasional news posting and content work, and just generally sticking his nose into things and giving his thoughts.

Axle is also in charge of the site's article feature, both writing his own articles and editing other peoples', while organizing the article schedule and making sure there's an article or review to read every Friday.


Administrators at Zelda Dungeon work with the various pieces of software that help make up the site, such as our news management system, the wiki, the gallery, and the forums. They generally install plugins, put together layouts, update software, adjust settings to optimize the software, manage the software to ensure it is working, make sure the software is being used correctly, and even installing new pieces of software. These are the staff members that make sure that the site is working and working properly.


Rank Forum — Administrator
Age 18 years
Location Ferdinand, IN, USA
Join Date January 31, 2008

Kybyrian is the Head Administrator of the Dungeon Gaming Forum Community and handles, with the occasional help of Mases, the entirety of the forums. He works on fixing templates, updating and installing new plugins for the forums, and also handles all management of forum staff and the rules. Kybyrian has been a member of the Zelda Dungeon Forums since January of 2008, holding a dedicated membership for over 4 years. He became a Super Moderator of the forums before the group was abolished on 9/11/11 and Administrator on 9/25/11.

In addition to his major role on the forums, Kybyrian also held a small content staff position back in late 2008-early 2009 writing content for the Oracle games. He wrote the Oracle Trading Guides as well as the Oracle of Ages Enemy Guide and part of the Oracle of Seasons Enemy Guide.


Rank Forum — Site Staff
Wiki — Administrator
Age 25 years
Location Madison, SD, USA
Join Date November 28, 2008
Main article: Matt

Matt is an administrator of the Zelda Dungeon Wiki. He's primarily responsible for maintaining the on-wiki coding such as scripts, stylesheets, and templates. He is the go-to guy on the wiki for any coding or technical issues.
Matt joined Zelda Dungeon way back in 2008, but didn't get really active there until 2010. He mostly hangs out in the general chitchat section, particularly in mature discussion. He eventually became a Hylian Knight and Site staff in early 2011. His first job was working on Zelda Dungeon's Facebook page. Eventually when Zelda Dungeon decided to start its own wiki, Matt moved on to be a leading staff member of the wiki. He brought with him experience and expertise of building and editing wikis which he gained in his previous work at Zelda Wiki, which he reluctantly left due to disagreements on policy.
Matt was instrumental in setting up the Zelda Dungeon Wiki, helping to select extensions and building a framework of templates and scripts. As well as with training others how to edit wikis and perform various tasks. Today he continues with his usual routine of working on various coding projects for the wiki.


Main article: David
Rank Site — Former Admin
Forum — Article Writer
Wiki — Administrator
David el guapo.jpg
Age 21 years
Location Perú
Join Date Forum — November 6th 2010

Staff — March of 2011
Wiki — The Beginning

David is one of the greatest guys that you'll ever meet. David was an administer of the Dungeon Gaming Enterprises in doing many different coding, maintenance, and upgrading work. David originally started out as one of the News Corespondents for Zelda Dungeon early March of 2011 and helped coordinate publishing, drafting, and finding of many news stories. Then, in May 2011, David "soft launched" Pokemon Dungeon and has since officially launched the site on October 1, 2011. Pokemon Dungeon was, along with Zelda Dungeon, the first site in the Dungeon Gaming Enterprises. David also has plans to start a Metroid Dungeon, and many other Dungeon sites, as soon as the current ones are stable. David designed and coded Darksiders Dungeon with the direction of Mases.

David also helps with many social networking accounts in the network. He helps with Zelda Dungeon's Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages, along with all of Pokemon Dungeon's various social accounts. If you want to find him, check out his Google+, Facebook, and Twitter accounts where he shares loads of good stuff. You can also contact him through email. He is currently in Perú serving an LDS mission in Perú and is expected to return the middle of July 2014.

Podcast Team


Din Akera
Rank Site — Staff
Podcast — Fearless Leader
The hidden stare down
Age 24 years
Location My Own Little World
Join Date Forum — January 27th 2010

Staff — September 2010

Din joined the staff in 2010 with the creation of Z-Talk: The Zelda Dungeon Podcast. Din and Rish host the podcast as well as oversee its continual development each month. Specifically, Din is in charge of the audio creation (including background music, segment overseeing, ordering, and publication), organizing people for recording group segments, the creation and running of The Keaton Quiz and Community Question of the Month, podcast forum thread upkeep, fan and staff involvement, and of course hosting. She also became a Hylian Knight in 2010. Din makes up one quarter of the Canadian staff on Zelda Dungeon! Din will finish her Secondary Education Degree at Christmas of 2012 and will out on the job hunt for a teaching position in a high school. Her passions outside of gaming and Zelda include: biology, drama, writing and reading medieval fiction, and a fascination with gothic culture. Din and Rish would both like to publicly thank AnimeBassoon, Axle the Beast, and Colonel-Majora for their contributions to the running of the podcast. Without them it would be a much more difficult feat, their contributions and help are endless and much appreciated.


Rank Forum — Site Staff
Podcast — Technical Guru
It's bright here!
Age 28 years
Location Great White North
Join Date Forum — March 9th 2010

Staff — September 2010

Rish joined the staff in 2010 with the creation of Z-Talk: The Zelda Dungeon Podcast. Din and Rish host the podcast as well as oversee its continual development each month. Specifically, Rish is in charge of the technical aspect of the podcast (programing and coding for the main page audio embed and iTunes publication), the creation and running of Din and Rish's Mailbag and Community Tips, the email for the podcast, the larger portion of fan interaction which includes the comments section, and hosting. Rish makes up another quarter of the Canadian staff on Zelda Dungeon (and we will leave it to you to discover the last two!). Rish will finish his after degree in Elementary Education in July of 2013, with his first two degrees in Sociology and Psychology. His main interests are gaming, specifically Zelda, Resident Evil, and Minecraft, zombie lore, and reading, reading, and reading.


Rank Site — Podcast Staff
Forum — Member
Podcast — Behind Scenes Stuff
I see you
Age 22 years
Location Somewhere
Join Date Forum — January 3rd 2011

Wiki — July 13th 2012

AnimeBassoon is an all around busy person doing a multitude of things for the podcast. From identifying music to creating segments he does a lot of stuff. He is currently in college getting a degree in music. Some of his favorite stuff includes making and composing music, playing Zelda and Pokemon, D&D, and hanging out on Skype. The randomness of his friends on Skype matches perfectly to his own. Who needs Team Rocket when you have Team Podcast.

AnimeBassoon's Segments: Roundtables, Champchat, (Name of solo segment)


Rank Site — Podcast Staff
Forum — Member
Podcast — Behind Scenes Stuff
Good game
Age 19 years
Location The Void (a.k.a. Canada)
Join Date Forum — July 3rd 2012

Wiki — July 13th 2012

The Colonel is a regular contributor to the Z-Talk Podcast. He is not the most frequent visitor to the ZD forums, but he frequently speaks with his fellow podcast staff members about future projects, when he is not making his own new segments to invade the public's eardrums with. Col.-Majora is a very active member of deviantART.com (shameless plug FTW), and always keeps up to date in Zelda related news. He loves every aspect of the Zelda series, especially the music, and plans to continue contributing new content to Z-Talk. Majora enjoys podcast work, Zelda, drawing, Zelda, web-surfing, derping, and Zelda.

Social Networking

Social networking staff head the social networks associated with Zelda Dungeon. Their main focus is to make sure that our fans are happy and content with those accounts. They share awesome, strange, and wonderful things and engage with our fans. Social networking staff can also be those that help with live-streams and other forms of video content.

Trevor Magnani

Trevor Joined Zelda Dungeon in March 2011, and is responsible for live event coverage for Dungeon Game Enterprises, runs the ZD Countdown, and live stream events on Twitch.tv. Aside from the work for Zelda Dungeon, Trevor also is the founder of GenGAME.net, a gaming blog and live gaming network. You can follow him on Twitter [1] where he typically announces everything he's doing.

Michelle Simpson

Main article: Michelle Simpson
Rank Site — Social Media
Forum — Hylian Noble
Age 26 years
Location Alaska, USA
Join Date Site — October 2010
Forum - August 2008

Michelle tweets on the Zelda Dungeon twitter account. She is also the official photographer for Dungeon Gaming Enterprises. She is married to Caleb and lives in Alaska.

In her spare time, she is a landscape and nature photographer.

Sarah J. Schudel

Sarah J. Schudel
Rank Site — Facebook SarahSchudel.jpg
Age 29 years
Location Mexico, MO, USA
Join Date Staff — March 2013

Sarah Joined Zelda Dungeon in March 2013, and is responsible for posting pictures and other interesting things for the Zelda Dungeon Facebook page. Aside from the work for Zelda Dungeon, Sarah is also a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful children, who show an interest in the Zelda series as well. And loves to play all kinds of video games. It is her dream to one day replicate a life size version of Hyrule Field. You can follow Sarah on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sarah.schudel.

News Team

The News Team is responsible for all news articles and editorials that get published on the main site. The news staff is managed by Bastian who edits and then schedules the posts for publishing. News staff also help with showcasing the Zelda community, as evident by many pieces of art and music that we feature.


Rank Site — Chief Editor
I've got a Link hat!
Location Portland, OR USA
Join Date Forum: December 3, 2011
Staff: April 2012

Bastian was recruited by Mases to head up the news team in April of 2012. He's since loved every minute of it. He's been playing Zelda games probably longer than you've been alive. When not hiring/training/editing/coaching the news staff, he can be found recording Zelda-related videos on his own YouTube channel, creating SNES-era style RPGs, recording original compositions in his home studio, or at the gym working out. But probably just procrastinating all of that and geeking out to a video game.


Rank Site — Chief Editor
Age 17 years
Location Colorado, USA
Join Date Forum: May, 2012

Staff: May, 2012

Wiki: December, 2012

Davey joined the Zelda Dungeon news team alongside Bastian in May of 2012. Since joining, he's mostly written just news, but in December he started a weekly feature of Zelda related comics called Monday Comic Corner, and later became the new writer of the music feature Windmill Hut. He has many interests, particularly in writing, and he throughly enjoys the position at Zelda Dungeon.

Outside of Zelda Dungeon, Davey is currently a high school junior, and hopes to attend college after graduating. His interests in the scholarly fields are wide, though his focus will most likely be in medicine, with some sort of journalism and music thrown in. In not Zelda Dungeon life, he goes by David, but for a multitude of reasons, he is known by Davey. Also, because he cannot put all of his Zelda Dungeon related thoughts in one section, he would like to say here that the other staff members here are incredibly awesome, and he hopes to stay a Zelda Dungeon staff member for a long time.

As of November, 2013, Davey is the head of the news team.



Main article: EternityTheory''
Rank Site — News Correspondent
Not photogenic.
Age 20 years
Location Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Join Date Staff - September 2011
Forum — September 2012
Wiki — February 2012

Jordan was hired to Zelda Dungeon in one of the recruiting drives Mases did to compensate for the Skyward Sword news rush. He remained steady as a reporter for two months, but then with school and Skyward Sword's release his activity tapered to nothing. In September 2012 he rejoined the staff and returned to writing news. In October, he started the Monday music feature Flute Boy's Meadow, which began as a fan music spotlight but eventually became a weekly analysis of the Zelda series' music.

Outside of the internet, Jordan attends classes at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and spends much of his free time playing video games and spending time with his girlfriend of four years. He is a Christian whose main passions are in video gaming, writing, and music. As a young adult male, he also loves food; in his opinion cheesecake, peanut butter, and root beer are among the greatest creations to grace this earth.


Main article: Knowlee''
Rank Site — News Correspondent; General Content Creator

Forum - Hylian Noble

Wiki - Editor

Age 24 years
Location Southern USA
Join Date Staff - September 2010
Forum — June 2009
Wiki — October 2011

Knowlee (aka "knowlee") joined the Zelda Dungeon staff in September 2010 to help with the then-going Majora's Mask Month by helping out with the Characters Page. Later on she moved on to becoming a part-time Article Staff member as well as becoming a news correspondent. She used to help run the Zelda Fanart Spotlight along with Hachi on the main site. Now she showcases fanart on ZD's Facebook. On the forums, she is a Hylian Noble.

As for what she does now she helps with general content that goes on the site. This can vary from things on the Wiki to content that can be found in the site's walkthroughs. She also does news from time to time when she is able.

As far as non-related Zelda stuff goes, she is a Christian and loves to play video games, write, read, and draw in her spare time. She is also probably one of the biggest Mickey Mouse fans you'll ever meet and she absolutely loves Starburst (except for the Pink ones) and Mountain Dew.

Majora's Cat

Majora's Cat
Rank Site Staff — News Correspondent, Editorial Writer

Forum — Hylian Knight, Article Writer

Age 17 years
Location NJ, USA
Join Date Forum: September 3, 2010

Staff: April 2012

Wiki: April 20, 2012

Majora's Cat joined the Staff as a news correspondent and to post editorials at the beginning of April. He is a handsome, charming young man who knows his way around the forums, the tennis racquet, the dance floor and the ping pong paddle. He wrote articles for publication in late 2010 and has since been an active member on the forums and has charmed the entire community with his wit and his beauty. He is from the mystical land of New Jersey and lives in a well-off dominantly Caucasian county.

He likes K-Pop and everybody makes fun of him for it. He really really wishes people would stop making fun of him for it, but he still loves K-Pop with all his little heart and listens to it frequently. Majora's Cat enjoys posting on the DGN forums, although his overall laziness prevents him from actually doing diddly-squat and he just watches YouTube videos, going on tumblr and linking friends funny pictures. He reeeeeaaally likes those funny pictures.

Article Team



Forum Staff

The forum staff takes charge of, well, the forums. They ensure that all members are following the rules. They also help keep the forums active by posting often and engaging our member base. They also give out warnings and infractions for misbehaving members on the forums that don't follow the rules. They also give input on upcoming forum features and rules.