Couple's Mask

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Couple's Mask
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Stops people from arguing


The Couple's Mask is one of 24 collectible masks in Majora's Mask. When it is worn, Link can talk to the people arguing in Mayor Dotour's office of the Mayor's Residence to make them stop. Other than this event, it has no other use.

Obtaining the Couple's Mask

Complete the Anju and Kafei quest.


Main article: Majora's Mask Heart Pieces

Link can use the mask to obtain one of the Majora's Mask Pieces of Heart, specifically Heart Piece #15.

Location: East Clock Town

During any day, enter the Mayor's Residence and go to Mayor Dotour's office and talk to the townspeople in the office while wearing the Couple's Mask. This will cause them to stop arguing. After that, talk to the Mayor by himself to receive a Piece of Heart.