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Gossip Stone: Favorite Means of Communication in Zelda

gossip stone wind wakerFor a game series centered around a ‘silent protagonist,’ Zelda certainly doesn’t have a shortage of available means of communication. Every game offers some way for the story to be communicated to Link, and the ways people get in contact with him is as creative as it is varied. From Gossip Stones to songs to howling, you can always be sure of a unique way to interact with the people around you. Let’s take a look at a few of the different communication tools, and weigh in with your favorites in the comments below! Read more…

Gossip Stone: Does Link Need a Companion in Future Zelda Games?

link and midnaFor the most part Link walks the path of a loner in a vast majority of the Zelda series, and the few exceptions do little more than serve as a guide with only a few functions that actually effect gameplay such as Fi from Skyward Sword and Midna from Twilight Princess. With that in mind does Link actually need a companion, one who is more directly involved in helping Link progress through the dungeons?
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Zelda Artist Exposition: SeaboardBlue

SuniHello everybody! This is another installment of Zelda Artist Exposition—the series where I feature a Zelda fan artist. The goal is to boost the recognition of their talents. Suggestions for features are always welcome; just leave a comment. The artist of the day is SeaboardBlue.

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Hyrule Warriors: Fi Character Trailer

Fi_(Hyrule_Warriors)As with the other playable fighters in Hyrule Warriors, Fi has made her way to Tecmo Koei’s Japanese YouTube channel for her own gameplay trailer. We now get to see her skills in dance-based combat in action, as well as some interesting tidbits in the smaller details of the video.

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Hyrule Warriors Images Show New Item and More Skyward Sword

SuniWith all the well-deserved hype for Hyrule Warriors, we are being blessed daily with many new images of the game’s contents. I was practically drooling over the Twilight Princess material that came out recently, but a new mega batch has emerged that shows the Skyward Sword side to the game more explicitly. With the set we also get tons of new information about the game to enjoy. Hit the jump to see!

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Famitsu Reveals Fi as a Playable Character and More

Fi picThere is a 100% chance that this week’s Famitsu has confirmed that Fi, the spirit of the Master Sword, is playable in Hyrule Warriors. While the official Twitter has been hinting at it for the last couple of days, it is now official. In addition, Famitsu has released a few other details concerning Skyward Sword representation in the game.

Hit the jump to learn more!
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Fan-Made Animation of Fi’s Dance

FiWhile Fi hasn’t been one of the most well received characters in the Zelda franchise, she did have some decent scenes in Skyward Sword. Her final scenes is one of my favourite parts of the game. On several occasions during the events of Skyward Sword Link learns songs that allow him to enter the Silent Realm. While learning these songs, Fi dances to the music and it makes for some great scenes and YouTube user Musetrigger has created a gorgeous video of Fi dancing.

Take the jump and have look!

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The Different Roles of Companions

Link_Navi_1Companions have been a near constant feature in The Legend of Zelda ever since Ocarina of Time, when Navi was introduced. Since then, there have been many other companions featured within the world of Zelda. But what defines a companion, and what exactly are their roles throughout the games? Does Epona qualify as a companion? What about your Loftwing? Hit the jump to find out what I think!

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Zelda Moments: Fi’s Constant Input

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: Yes I am about to defend Fi somewhat, and talk about what I think was at least an interesting thing they did with her, but I’m not denying that she was poorly executed. I mean, I included her as #3 on my list of the most annoying Zelda characters, didn’t I? I think everyone’s kind of on the same page regarding how annoying Fi can be. But that doesn’t mean everything having to do with her is bad.

Despite poor characterization throughout the game, I thought the climax with her was one hell of a tearjerker as I’ve stated before, I liked her introduction a lot, and I loved having another partner like Navi that gave you enemy names and general information about your foes. Fi was cool in the story and great for information, she was just super annoying with her warning notifications about low batteries and low hearts. She was also annoying when it came to giving you advice on where to go next, and I’ll never argue that this wasn’t badly executed… but still, I think there’s a point here most people miss.

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The best and worst of Zelda partners

link and midna

Hello! Look!

Zelda partners are extremely important characters. They act as story-tellers, guides, and voices for our otherwise voiceless hero. Let’s not forget, they also have the most screen time of any character in the game, barring Link of course, and for this reason, the execution of a brilliant partner character is an important staple when building any Zelda game. He/she is going to be remembered for better or for worse.

So which games created the best companions, and which ones simply fell short? Click the jump to find out!

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Monday Comic Corner – Corpse Run Double Feature

This week we have a double feature of Corpse Run‘s fantastic comics. First, an examination of the combination of two items from Skyward Sword. Fi, annoying as always, unfortunately cannot explain to Link why the rules of video games and real life don’t always meet. And second, something all guys can relate to to some extent, even if it doesn’t involve a flying beetle.

Hit the jump to read the comics!

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Zelda Fanart Spotlight – Behind the Waterfall

Today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight is on deviantART artist PhantomMarbles Skyward Sword fanart “Behind the Waterfall“. In this fanart it shows Link and Fi standing outside of the Ancient Cistern. Fi looks as if she is explaining something to Link and Link is listening intently to her. The sun is shining down upon the cistern, illuminating the beautiful scene perfectly.

The outside of the Ancient Cistern is just as elaborate and beautiful as the inside of it. Link will realize this for himself once he ventures into the ancient dungeon.

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Majora’s Memes – The Legend of Jedi: Ganon Strikes Back

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. And wow, you guys really stepped it up this week! We have a lot of memes contributed by users this week, so yellow rupees will be distributed to blue, Tito Burgess, Merv?, smallchocolatebar, RubyDragonCat, and Link. With the help of these contributions, this may very well be the largest Majora’s Memes post to date! (Even if they’re almost exclusively from Memebase this week) Read more…

Favorite Zelda Moments: Fi’s Farewell

This moment brought me to tears. I know that Fi had terrible character development throughout Skyward Sword. Her emotional attachment to Link was never really hinted at or shown. While it makes sense that it would have, to some degree, come out of nowhere, I don’t think it was handled that well in Skyward Sword’s plot. I did appreciate that they tried to make her an active participant in the adventure like Midna was, but the end result was her mostly just giving unneeded advice at annoying times. It was admirable, but poorly executed.

But all of that stopped mattering to me during this scene. I still complain about her development because, had it been good, this moment could have been so much better. But that doesn’t change the fact that this scene was highly emotional. Skyward Sword as a whole did a good job with its dialogue; most of the characters’ actions and words felt realistic, and helped the world come alive. That strength of the game is present here. Fi’s actions initially seem almost too cold, even for Fi. At least that was my impression. It feels as though she’s attempting to adhere to her old attitudes too strongly — wording things as coldly as possible even though she normally talks a little more friendly than that — before realizing and accepting how she really feels. The story of an emotionless character developing emotions, feelings, and attachments to their companion is an old one… but that doesn’t make it any less cool or emotional.

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