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Zelda Wii U Horseback Controls translated

789px-LinkEpona Despite airing more than a week ago, the Game Awards footage of Zelda Wii U is still revealing details from the new game. As people look deeper into the short glimpse we received, they have managed to pick out notable details that most people missed when it was first shown. Just recently, Reddit user seyon35 shared an image detailing what each of the controls that are visible on-screen would translate to. Thanks to this translation, we now have some idea of just what it will be like to control Epona on the Wii U. Jump on in to see for yourself!

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Koji Kondo Talks Majora’s Mask 3D Music

Majora's Mask musicWhere would the Legend of Zelda be without its music? Legendary Nintendo composer Koji Kondo sat down with Gamespot at the recent Game Awards event in Las Vegas to discuss how he composes for games. Zelda came up a number of times during the interview as Kondo talked about Majora’s Mask 3D, his role in the upcoming Zelda Wii U, and why the series is his favorite franchise to compose for!

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Gossip Stone: Should Lana Take Part in Future Zelda Games?

x240-78yEver since the release of Hyrule Warrios for the Wii U, the new character, Lana, has made a huge impression on many of its players. Lana’s personality fits in with the Zelda franchise amazingly; a seemingly cute and simple sorceress who turns out to have a deep and interesting back story. As a totally new character to the Zelda franchise or even the Dystany Warriors franchise, fans didn’t exactly know what to expect from this blue-haired mage. However when Hyrule Warriors was released, a fan base boomed into existence for the game, and also for Lana. With a lovable  personality, some awesome abilities, and many fans, who is to say that Lana will only ever be featured in Hyrule Warriors? Will the White Sorceress take part in later installments of the Zelda franchise? Take the jump to join the discussion!

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IGN’s Zelda Wii U Rewind Theater

IGN-LogoAfter the recent Zelda Wii U gameplay reveal from Nintendo at the Video Game Awards, IGN editors Jose Otero and Marty Sliva have taken a closer look at the footage, picking out specifics and theorizing on possible narratives for the game. Make the jump to check out their in depth analysis!

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GameXplain Zelda Wii U Analysis

ZeldaWiiUEnhancedMap If you’re reading this you are likely well aware that Nintendo unveiled some new gameplay footage from Zelda Wii U last weekend. And if you are not aware it’s likely because you’ve been spending the past week on the Moon. While analysis after analysis has followed the unveiling, it seems every detail of the footage has been scrutinized and theorized over. But don’t fret if you’ve missed it all! For the moonlings among you, GameXplain has just produced another analysis video, and a fairly comprehensive 23 minute one at that. Make the jump and take a look!

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Zelda Wii U Map Analysis


Over at Scooptendo, Jack Parsons has undertaken a great point by point analysis of the Zelda Wii U map that we saw for the first time on Friday. While we can do nothing but speculate for now, Parsons makes some thoughtful educated guesses about what the new game might hold. Click in for all the details.

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Gossip Stone: Is a Massive Overworld Entirely Beneficial?

We’ve now seen the grand scale of Zelda Wii U’s overworld. Many people are comparing the size and geography of this new world to that of The Legend of Zelda, and they are right to. It is not the first time the series has had such a sprawling country. That being said, is this entirely the best course of action? How will the size of this a huge Hyrule effect the detail and expression of the countryside? Join the discussion after the jump!

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Similarities Between Zelda Wii U Overworld and the Legend of Zelda

LoZ-Zelda-Wii-UIn yesterday’s gameplay reveal of Zelda U, we got a glimpse of part of the Overworld. One thing that stands out in the upcoming Zelda title is the emphasis on height. Replaced is the wide open fields from past Zelda games and instead it looks like mountainous terrain will be more prevalent, at least from what we’ve seen thus far. User jarjar4evr has created an image comparing a scene from yesterdays video to artwork from the original Legend of Zelda. The resemblance is truly remarkable.

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Zelda Wii U Demo Details You Might Have Missed

zwu-horseIf you’ve already watched the footage ten times and are looking around for analysis and discussion about it, here are some reasons to watch it again.

First, before the demo begins, it’s important to note that Aonuma is holding the Gamepad, and there is no Wii Remote in sight. Does this mean no motion controls? Who knows, but at the very least, the game is playable with just the Gamepad. I imagine we will also be able to use the Pro Controller. Pikmin 3 boasted several control schemes including using both the Wii Remote Plus and the Gamepad at once, and I hope Zelda Wii U will follow suit.

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Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demo

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U was showcased near the closure of the 2014 Video Game Awards. Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto played through a segment of the game while also discussing some of the game mechanics. A full break-down will be posted in a bit, but for now, you can check out the video below.

HMK’s Top 10 Things Zelda Wii U Needs

Zelda WiiUDuring E3 earlier this year, we were given our first glimpse of the upcoming Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U, but we haven’t had a whole lot of info since then. Producer Eiji Aunoma has stated that there will be a vast, open world and that you’ll be able to go pretty much anywhere as far as you can can see, but that’s about it. YouTube channel HMK has listed their top 10 things that Zelda Wii U needs to make it the “Biggest and best Zelda game ever spawned”. Take the jump to see the list!

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Gossip Stone: What Sort of New Tunics/Armors Could Be in Zelda Wii U?

Link_Wearing_Zora_Armor The Legend of Zelda series has shown our favorite protagonist obtaining and wearing a few different variations of tunics and armors, sometimes used to access new areas, others to breathe underwater or experience invulnerability in exchange for cold hard Rupees. Some reduce damage intake, and some are there just as a joke for your second playthrough. My question is this: will tunics and armors continue to influence future Zelda games to come, and what sort of new quirks could these clothes bring to new areas and dungeons? Hit the jump to see a couple ideas, and to join the discussion!

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Aonuma gives hints on E3 Zelda Wii U

zelda wii uZelda fans everywhere are on pins and needles hoping for more news on the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U. In an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, he makes some comments over the game that will surely increase the overwhelming hype as we learn more about Zelda Wii U. Click the jump to find out more.
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Tatltael: Zelda Wii U Story and Tone Speculation


Since the announcement of Zelda Wii U, limited details regarding the game’s plot have been spared– leaving plenty of room open for interpretation. Written by one of our very own forum users, Tatltael, has mused an intriguing speculation concerning the story, tone, and other details worth noting that could have otherwise been easily overlooked. You can read all about it after the jump. Read more…