Zelda Wii U

Link_Wearing_Zora_Armor The Legend of Zelda series has shown our favorite protagonist obtaining and wearing a few different variations of tunics and armors, sometimes used to access new areas, others to breathe underwater or experience invulnerability in exchange for cold hard Rupees. Some reduce damage intake, and some are there just as a joke for your second playthrough. My question is this: will tunics and armors continue to influence future Zelda games to come, and what sort of new quirks could these clothes bring to new areas and dungeons? Hit the jump to see a couple ideas, and to join the discussion!

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Aonuma gives hints on E3 Zelda Wii U

Jacob CarpenterNovember 14th, 2014 by Jacob Carpenter

zelda wii uZelda fans everywhere are on pins and needles hoping for more news on the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U. In an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, he makes some comments over the game that will surely increase the overwhelming hype as we learn more about Zelda Wii U. Click the jump to find out more.
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Since the announcement of Zelda Wii U, limited details regarding the game’s plot have been spared– leaving plenty of room open for interpretation. Written by one of our very own forum users, Tatltael, has mused an intriguing speculation concerning the story, tone, and other details worth noting that could have otherwise been easily overlooked. You can read all about it after the jump. Read more…

The Legend of Zelda Release Patterns

SkyruleArcherNovember 6th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

N3DS_TheLegendofZeldaMajorasMask3D_character_02Yesterday, November 5th, Nintendo announced that they are finally going to give Zelda fans what they’ve been clamoring for, they are going to release Majora’s Mask 3D. This reignited some thoughts I had about the release patterns for the Zelda series that I had last year, around the time Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds were released.

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Zelda U Inspired Costume

Joe GajewskiNovember 2nd, 2014 by Joe Gajewski

zelda u A Zelda Wii U costume has been sighted on Tumblr! This upcoming game has inspired fans to create a men and women’s version of Link’s new outfit.

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Zelda U Release Date is Expected to NOT be Delayed

Stephen ChristopherOctober 30th, 2014 by Stephen Christopher

The_Legend_of_Zelda_(2015),_Nintendo_E3_2014_Screenshoot Zelda U’s release date was mentioned first by Eiji Aonuma, producer, during a Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014. Most fans however have probably decided that the chances of there being truth behind that are slim, considering Nintendo’s track record on keeping with their announced releases. But, this is certainly not the case! Find out more after the jump!

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Aonuma Discusses Link’s Master Cycle in Mario Kart 8

Catty GreentreeOctober 20th, 2014 by Catty Greentree

MasterCycleWe have already talked about the new Master Cycle that is going to be included in DLC Pack 1 for Mario Kart 8. Looking surprisingly like Epona, it is the perfect steel steed for our favourite hero. But there is even more interesting news on Miiverse straight from Eiji Aonuma himself. Click through to find out what the buzz is about.

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20823568_hw02_062514_1280Since the release of  Hyrule Warriors, many Zelda cosplayers seem to have gravitated towards the new style that this title brings us. Heck, even before the game was released people were sporting the new style! Although Link’s new look is easy enough to re-create, there may be some of you having trouble finding the right pieces for Zelda outfit. Well, if that’s the case for some of you, look no further. Much Needed Merch paired their Hyrule Warriors Zelda skirt with some other pieces of clothing and accessories, to help you get that look you’ve been trying to achieve. Hit the jump to take a look!

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Hyrule-Warriors-Costumi-DLC-06-NintendOn-672x372We had already heard from different sources, including Nintendo themselves, that we were getting new color variations, a new Adventure Mode map, and one more Legend Mode stage in the newest DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors- The Master Quest DLC Pack. But, oh boy, does it go much further than that. According to the European eShop, we’re getting a lot more than we expected with this DLC pack, and you can find the details after the jump.

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Zelda U Fan Made Interface Mock-up

SkyruleArcherOctober 12th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

ZU At E3, we got a look at the next installment of the Zelda franchise, due out in 2015. We were shown a trailer where we saw Link, his horse (presumably Epona), and an enemy, but nothing else. More specifically though, we didn’t see any gameplay, or at least none from the player’s perspective. As a result, we don’t know how the interface will be set up. However, DeviantART user SoenkesAdventure made a mock-up of what the Zelda U interface might look like.

Hit the jump to see the mock-up interface!

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UntitledLink’s wide array of items in every new Zelda game tend to be obtained through dungeons, and the dungeons revolve around the use of those items, but A Link Between Worlds introduced the new method of buying nearly all your items through Ravio’s shop. This was a fresh new idea, and many loved it, as it opened up some great in-game possibilities. Now that a new Zelda is around the corner, should this method be used again, should the old dungeon-item method return, or should something brand new be done? Join the discussion after the jump!

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Zelda in her natural stateYou have a very important mission ahead of you… I will wait here. That’s what we princesses have always done. From what I understand, it’s kind of a family tradition.
– Princess Zelda (Spirit Tracks)

If it were to be told as a legend, The Legend of Zelda is pretty much always the tale of a princess in peril rescued by a brave hero in green who vanquishes evil and restores her to her rightful throne. A few times she’s kidnapped later into the game, and only once does she aid in her own rescue. But will Zelda Wii U do things differently, or will Zelda spend some more time trapped inside a crystal? Read on after the jump!
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ZUMany fans would argue whether there should be a remake of a Zelda game, or a brand new concept all together. The way things are headed currently, we’re seeing two brand new concepts for the Zelda series. Although, there are also fans itching to hear the announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D, or Majora’s Mask HD, while others want to see more footage of Zelda U.  We’re here to discuss which Zelda titles you’d prefer.

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Gossip Stone: Will Zelda U Feature Multiplayer?

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 14th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

It is not at all common for Zelda to feature multiplayer, in fact, only Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks involve anything even close to multiplayer. Could, and should, multiplayer be worked into the next Zelda game, and if so, how so? Join in the discussion after the jump!

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Link’s Visual Evolution Over the Years

Joe GajewskiSeptember 11th, 2014 by Joe Gajewski

lotsoflinks IGN’s YouTube channel recently released a video showing the visual evolution of the hero we all know and love. The video covers a number of interesting tidbits of Link’s overall appearance, from an 8-bit to 3D.

Hit the jump to see the stunning development of our protagonist!

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Zelda Games Nominated for Four Golden Joystick Awards

Stephen ChristopherSeptember 3rd, 2014 by Stephen Christopher

image_324335_460As Hyrule Warriors is just over the horizon and we are being teased with Zelda U, despite its 2015 release date, it’s hard for fans to remember that this year has been big for the Zelda series, even without those two titles considered. The Legend of Zelda has had quite a good 2014 with the solid release of A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the HD remastering of Wind Waker for the Wii U. As the Golden Joystick awards draw near, our beloved series has been nominated for four of the awards. Find out what games and what awards, following the jump!

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wiiu1A recent advertising video for the Wii U console featured clips of several Wii U exclusive games that were either already out, releasing this year, or coming out in 2015. Included are clips of Hyrule Warriors, The Wind Waker HD, and Zelda Wii U.

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WiiU_Zelda_scrn04_E3When Zelda Wii U was first shown at E3 in June, there was immediate speculation as to the look of Link, as he appeared a bit more feminine than previous versions of Link. This immediately drew controversy after Eiji Aonuma made a remark indicating maybe the character depicted in the trailer was not Link. Eiji Aonuma recently spoke with the EDGE Magazine and the folks over at Nintendo Everything have part of the transcript where Mr. Aonuma looks back at the fan reaction.

Rather unexpectedly, after I mentioned that no one had explicitly said that it was Link [in the trailer], this speculation spread online and seems to have led to the idea that the main character will be a girl. However, this reaction from the fans is something I would like to take into consideration as we proceed with development – although that doesn’t mean that we are going to change the main character to a girl.

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Any Zelda game is typically based on two great mechanics, puzzle solving and combat. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has already stated in a recent interview with Kotaku that puzzle solving in Zelda Wii U will drastically differ from the typical block sliding and torch lighting exercises. On the other hand, GameExplain has released a Zelda Wii U Trailer Analysis seen here and the most important piece of information related to combat is the fact that Link’s sword is holstered on the right side of his horse and the shield on the left suggesting Link will most likely be right handed and that the game involves motion control to a certain extent.

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In the E3 Trailer for Zelda Wii U the gauntlets Link wears are similar in design to the Gerudo armour worn by Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time, hinting that the Gerudo race may play a part in the upcoming title or that the game may be relatively close to Ocarina of Time in the Legend of Zelda Timeline. Ganondorf is the most recurring main villain in the console series and by far the most memorable to long time players of the series.

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Zelda Wii U Open World Not the Same as Other Games

Mases HagopianAugust 26th, 2014 by Mases Hagopian

Zelda-Wii-UIn the newest issue of EDGE magazine, Eiji Aonuma once again tackles the idea of an open-world Legend of Zelda game. Aonuma has made a number of statements concerning open world in the past and this perhaps adds some clarity as to what to expect in the Zelda title for the Wii U.

“Since we’re talking about open worlds, let’s state upfront that we don’t plan to have an open world in the same way other companies have been doing in recent years.”

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GameXplain: Zelda Wii U Thoughts and Impressions

Mases HagopianAugust 23rd, 2014 by Mases Hagopian

Zelda-Wii-UA few months back the folks over at GameXplain did their usual indepth analysis of the trailer for the upcoming Zelda Wii U. This time around they are back, with an all round discussion of not only the trailer for the Zelda Wii U, but all other details that we currently know of the game. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, it’s a pretty solid discussion taking us through some brief history of Zelda, filled with their own opinions. Go ahead and make the jump to check out the video embed.

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Zelda Wii U Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Joe GajewskiAugust 21st, 2014 by Joe Gajewski

Zelda-U-CoverZelda Wii U isn’t set to be released for some time now, but it is already available for preorder on Amazon. Could this game be the product of the video teasers from several months ago?

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Zelda Wii U Trailer Analysis

Richard SaltmarshAugust 18th, 2014 by Richard Saltmarsh

legend-of-zelda-wii-u-e3-2014-01GameXplain is at it again with another trailer analysis of The Legend of Zelda Wii U. This is the second part of there coverage and this time they enlisted the help of their fans. Without further adieu lets get right to it.

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zelda1004-610So a lot of fire has been growing around the petition to put the late Robin Williams in the next Zelda game. Some people have asked to have him as the King of Hyrule while others want the petition to be put down all together. One thing is for sure, Robin Williams loved Zelda so much so he even named one of his daughters after the Princess.

As of this post, the petition has already surpassed the 85,000 mark. So with that I ask, do you think naming a Zelda character after Robin Williams is a good idea?

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aonumaAonuma goes and does it again. Thanks to some recent comments made by Eiji Aonuma, we are allowed to see a whole new light on the development of Hyrule Warriors, and are given a hint on Zelda U.

To see more, please follow the jump.

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How Hyrule Warriors Might Change Zelda U

Mases HagopianAugust 7th, 2014 by Mases Hagopian

Zelda-Wii-U-ScreenWe are just days away from the Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors and just a few weeks now from its English release. With development now complete, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma is now shifting back to his next project Zelda Wii U. In a recent interview with Giant Bomb, Aonuma talks about Hyrule Warriors and how certain aspects have changed the way he looks at his own project, Zelda Wii U.

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Zelda Wii U To Be Set in an Endless World

Brooke FerdinandsenJuly 30th, 2014 by Brooke Ferdinandsen

Zelda Wii U WorldThe official Japanese website recently confirmed information about the forthcoming Zelda game, that is to be set in an “endless world without barriers.” It is also included that Link will encounter new enemies and mysteries, but this interpretation is open for discussion.

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Zelda Wii U to Feature a New Nemesis (UPDATED)

Jessica CappsJuly 27th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

Screen_Shot_2014-06-11_at_9.43.44_AMAmong the many changes you might expect to find in the upcoming Zelda Wii U title is is whether or not you’ll have a new arch-enemy. According to a brief update on Nintendo Japan’s official website, a new description hints that among these new changes is a new nemesis. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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Aonuma Interview On Puzzle Solving and Gimmicks

Brooke FerdinandsenJuly 9th, 2014 by Brooke Ferdinandsen

aonumaPuzzles in the Legend of Zelda series have always been a significant component in its gameplay, especially in the more modern entries. In a recent interview with Nintendo’s Japanese website, Aonuma answered questions about the direction of the puzzle-solving aspects in Zelda for the Wii U. He spoke out about which types of puzzles he prefers, standard puzzles or ones that involve a “trick.”

Hit the jump to read the interview!

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Change.orgThe controversy surrounding main characters adhering the monotonous white, male template has gotten a lot of notice and attention in the last few years as women become more prominent in the gaming community and games in general continue to become a staple of mainstream entertainment. Pretty much every major franchise has come under fire for not depicting a wider variety of cultural backgrounds and genders in main and secondary roles. The Zelda series is no exception, though this fan base does tend to focus more on the cartoon/reality graphics spectrum more than anything else, kicking the discussion on avatars into the back seat. That might change today with a new movement.

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indexThe 74th Annual general meeting of the shareholders was recently posted on the Official Nintendo of Japan site which includes many questions and answers about several upcoming titles and a few hints of what they have coming down the road. Among them are a few more mentions of the upcoming Legend of Zelda WiiU from series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. He does not want to reveal any more than what was said at E3 but he does go into greater detail on what he would like to include in the game when it comes to open world environment.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Zelda Wii U World

After years of immersion in playing, analyzing and just being a fan of The Legend of Zelda series, everyone comes to have their own ideas—sometimes even obscure fantasies—about what their ideal Zelda game would entail. Online communities are full of fans with opinions to share, including plot-lines from the tangible to the impossible.

Of all these fan wishes for the upcoming Zelda Wii U installment due out in 2015 (which I will call Zelda U), two concepts unanimously continue to rise to the top of the collective fanbase’s list. There’s the desire for the lush expansive world to explore and the wish for a large-scale war taking place within.

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Aonuma Compares Zelda Wii U’s World Size To Kyoto

Brooke FerdinandsenJune 25th, 2014 by Brooke Ferdinandsen

CaptureZelda1In a recent E3 interview, Eiji Aonuma gave hints and details regarding the open world in the next Zelda entry for the Wii U. He also discussed exploration rewards and how players will set goals and overcome obstacles in this new open setting, giving players a small idea of how Zelda Wii U’s open world will be like.

Hit the jump to hear what Aonuma said!

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Skyward Sword First ArtThe announcement of a new Zelda game holds the potential to shock, surprise, underwhelm and alienate -sometimes all at once. Earlier this month, Nintendo’s E3 event injected the Zelda fandom with a healthy dose of excitement. Alongside a flood of new Hyrule Warriors details and gameplay footage, the Japanese gaming company finally revealed the newest main installment in the venerable fantasy franchise.

Now, with the dust kicked up by E3 finally settled, we can fairly judge whether Zelda Wii U succeeded at wowing gamers with its debut appearance. First impressions matter. How the game  presented itself last week will shape speculation on Zelda forums for months to come. To determine its effectiveness, we need to look back on the unveiling of past console Zelda games for comparison. How does our first look at Zelda Wii U compare to the reveals of its recent 3D predecessors on the GameCube and Wii? Hit the jump to find out. Read more…