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Zelda Wii U Plot Rumors and Possible E3 Appearance

caballo The Zelda fan-base was collectively vexed when Nintendo made the announcement that Zelda Wii U would no longer be released in 2015 nor be shown at this year’s E3, but Nintendo may be applying a bandage to at least one of these sore wounds. Zelda publication The Hidden Triforce was tipped off by a GameStop employee who overheard his store’s Nintendo Representative spilling fact after fact about Zelda Wii U, and amassed a nice list of rumors. The game is said to be compatible with several Amiibo, will not place Ganondorf as its main antagonist, and will be shown at E3 with a trailer and official art.
That’s only a taste of these rumors, devour the rest after the jump!

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What Majora’s Mask Could Teach Zelda Wii U

zelda-wii-uWith Zelda Wii U one of the more highly anticipated games for Nintendo’s home console and little information regarding it, many have begun speculating on the latest title in the series. Some have questioned if Link will be a female in the latest title, others aren’t too sure about the art style quite yet, while others wonder how much content will fill the seemingly massive game world. While speculation and opinion circulate amongst fans, Kenny McDonnell has come to a rather succinct conclusion to what the upcoming Zelda should be. Oh, and he uses Majora’s Mask 3D as the foundation for this conclusion.

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Will Nintendo Announce Any Zelda Related Information For E3

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.31.08 PMNintendo of America has stated that they will make an announcement as to their E3 plans tomorrow at 9am PST. The news came across as a tweet with a picture of the hooded figure you see “training” for E3. For us at Zelda Dungeon we can’t help but wonder, what will be in store for our green-clad hero during this year’s E3? Nintendo has already said that they will not be discussing Zelda Wii U, as well as their plans for the NX, and mobile gaming. So what does that leave all the Zelda fans left to hope for? Nintendo has been known in the past to pull things out of their hat at completely the last minute. So even if we don’t hear any Zelda related information announced tomorrow I will still remain hopeful… if not a little doubtful. There are still a few possibilities for getting some Zelda love at E3 as Nintendo has also mentioned that they have several games yet to be announced for 2016.

Head past the jump to join the discussion.

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Zelda Wii U’s Release Date Remains Unconfirmed

Wii U Link Zelda fans everywhere suffered from the disappointing news of Zelda Wii U’s not all that surprising delay. However, it seemed that it was a collective understanding throughout the fandom that instead of a 2015 release, the game would be out next year instead. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a 2016 release date doesn’t seem to be the case either.

Make the jump for some more information.

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Every Weapon in Hyrule Warriors – GameXplain

hw_update03_01Hyrule Warriors has been out for over half a year now, and finally all of its DLC has been released to the public. This not only allows us to make sure we get full value in our investment towards said DLC, but it also allows people to show off their collection in Hyrule Warriors. And of course, we can always rely on GameXplain to give us the full rundown. GameXplain recently uploaded a video of all weapons in Hyrule Warriors, and if you were ever curious about one, you can check it out after the jump!

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YouTube user adds audio to Zelda U gameplay video


Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 7.25.15 AMUnfortunately for those of us that were hoping for a new The Legend of Zelda title to dive into, on the Wii U this year, we have been left wanting. Since the announcement that we will not be seeing Zelda for the Wii U in 2015, the majority of fans have been asking themselves the same questions:

When will we see it, and; When can I get a little more eye candy for my Zelda needs? Fortunately a loyal fan has given us a new take on a video that we were first shown last year.

By now most have already seen the gameplay video from last year’s The Game Awards, and now that video has had some audio enhancements added to it by a Zelda loving YouTube user.

Hit jump to see and hear for yourselves.

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Zelda U the last minute addition to The Game Awards Show

Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 1.48.32 PM

On the latest episode of GT Live, Geoff Keighley stops by to talk about a few things, including our beloved The Legend of Zelda. During the interview, that in part talked about last year’s Game Awards Show and the inclusion of Nintendo’s participation we learn that all of it happened at the very last minute.

Hit the jump if you want to know more!

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Gossip Stone: Will the Zelda Wii U Delay Hurt Nintendo’s 2015?

Zelda Wii U Delay Although the reaction to the delay of Zelda Wii U wasn’t entirely negative, it still was one of top few most anticipated Nintendo games for 2015. While Zelda fans can think of several pros in this decision, that doesn’t change the fact that, without Zelda Wii U, there is now a gaping hole in Nintendo’s 2015 lineup. With that being said, will Nintendo be able to satisfy their Wii U audience with the rest of the titles to be released this year?

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Zelda Wii U Will Not be Shown at E3 This Year

photo Along with the announcement that Zelda Wii U is no longer aiming for a 2015 release date comes the news that the game will not be shown at E3 this coming June. Eiji Aonuma made the announcement via Miiverse and Nintendo of America tweeted the news. Hit the jump to see the Miiverse post and tweet.

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Zelda Wii U Has Been Officially Delayed: 2015 Release No Longer a Priority

Eiji-AonumaThe news that we all dreaded, Zelda U will not release in 2015. In a message on the official Legend of Zelda Facebook page, Eiji Aonuma himself confirmed that the game quite simply will not be ready for 2015. In particular, he stated that putting a strict timeline on the completion of the project is no longer a priority, and instead, the game is being developed to assure the highest quality standards, while implementing plenty of new ideas that have popped up during the development of the game.

You can see Aonuma’s address to the fans in video form after the jump.

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: Should Link Have A Companion In Zelda Wii U?

In most Zelda games, Link has a companion that accompanies him throughout the journey. These characters provide more characterization for our hero, usually doing all the talking for him and most closely interacting with him. These characters all play an important role in their respective games; whether it be Fi delivering messages, Navi and Tatl giving advice, or Proxi somewhat giving voice to Link in Hyrule Warriors. It’s generally known that some people despise Navi and Fi, but with that being said, do we want someone alongside Link in the upcoming Zelda Wii U title?

In this week’s Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members give their opinions on this topic, and elaborate on their reasoning.

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Gossip Stone: How Important Is The Zelda Timeline To You?

Untitled-8The timeline of the Zelda series has been something at the forefront of debates for numerous years. Many fans, myself included, theorized on the timeline a long time before there was an official announcement. If you aren’t familiar with this term, a timeline places all of the games in a series in some sort of chronological order, usually taking place in the same dimension. What makes it confusing is not only the complexity of the Zelda games, but also that they’re never released in any sort of sequential order, so it was solely up to the fans to speculate the potential timeline.

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Zelda Wii U’s Open World is as Large as the System can Handle

Zelda-U-Open-World-750x400 In a recent interview with Gamereactor Magazine, series director Eiji Aonuma gave fans a little more information concerning the upcoming Zelda Wii U title; not only will it be the first real open-world Zelda game, Aonuma promises that the game will “support as large of a world as the Wii U hardware can handle.” Hit the jump to check it out for yourself.

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Anticipating 2015 in Gaming

Zelda-wii-u-link-720It’s January now, the festivities are all behind us and the days are getting longer (at least for us Northerners). We have a whole year ahead of us, full of possibilities, and very full of games! Yes, it’s the time of year everyone starts anticipating the coming year’s lineup, and the time of year bloggers and journalists start producing their ‘most anticipated games lists’.

Many such lists have been produced over the past weeks, and one game seems to feature prominently among them. One that should come as no surprise to Zelda Dungeon readers.

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