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HMK: Zelda Wii U Delayed Because of Graphics?

zelda u hmk graphics In one of HMK’s recent videos, he has speculated that the reason for the Zelda U delay could be that Nintendo changed the graphics for the title. Nintendo would most likely not have changed the style and HMK does not think that they will change it, however the idea was explored. It was mentioned that it could have been the reason that Zelda U was not shown at E3 2015 even though they said that they had footage. They would not have been able to show said footage as it would not look like the finished game.

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Vote for Zelda in the 2015 Golden Joystick Awards!

golden-joystick-awards-2015It’s that time of year again! With loads of great already released and upcoming games on gamers’ radars, GamesRadar, appropriately, is taking votes for the 33rd Golden Joystick Awards. Zelda fans left and right are being called in to vote for Majora’s Mask 3D and Zelda Wii U, which have a couple of nominations. The winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th at the Indig02 in London, England.

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Never Before Seen Link Render Confirms Twilight Princess HD?

IMG_2678 Nintendo has changed its layout in video game retail stores to have 3DS and Wii U sections merged into one complete Nintendo section. As part of this process, it has sent banners with iconic Nintendo characters on them to be displayed above the new sections– one character being Link. This render of Link is not from any existing Zelda game, which begs the question, where does he come from? Nintendo isn’t likely to make a new model just for a banner, so is this Link official art from Zelda Wii U or possibly a confirmation of Twilight Princess HD?

Take a look at the new Link and watch Youtube’s HMK discuss the unique characteristics of and possible explanations for this model after the jump!

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Zelda U on the NX?

the-legend-of-zelda-wii-u thumbnailWith all of the discussion regarding The Legend of Zelda for Wii U many fans have been speculating release dates and how those dates could affect the title. With the original game release planned for 2015, it could now release in early 2016 or possibly an even later date. Due to the title being pushed past its original 2015 release date it has been speculated that it could release on the NX alongside the Wii U version. If Zelda U were to be on the NX it would most likely mean that the GamePad functionality would be toned down, with the NX version of the title being more visually appealing due to a higher frame rate. Although the NX version of Zelda U would have its perks, those who have already purchased a Wii U may be disappointed as we have not yet received an original story Zelda title for the Wii U. A dual release is currently not confirmed by Nintendo, however the idea is logical. Twilight Princess was released on both the GameCube and Wii due to its late release date in the GameCube’s lifespan. The delay has provoked the thought in fans minds that Zelda U should be on the NX.

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Could We See a Release Date for Zelda Wii U Soon?

the-legend-of-zelda-wii-uAccording to some speculation from the folks over on Master Herald we might be getting the release date to Zelda Wii U very soon. In their recent article they mention that due to the upcoming release of Triforce Heroes, Nintendo can begin focusing solely on Zelda Wii U and with the previous promise that the game will in fact be released on the Wii U and not a new console, then we should see a release date from Nintendo in the near future. The article also touches upon the ways the game might be seen negatively from fans. In that the mix of hype and constant delays might let fans down or only prepare them for disappointment when the game is eventually released.

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Zelda U Ranks In Famitsu’s Top 20 Most Wanted Games

Zelda002Famitsu is a gaming centered publication in Japan that has weekly, monthly, and special editions that range from many different topics, all pertaining to video game related news and information. The Weekly Famitsu is widely considered the most respected and most read magazine in Japan. Each week Famitsu shares a list of “Most Wanted Games” based on votes that are cast during a one week time period, and since the beginning of this year the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U has ranked amongst its Top 20 most wanted titles. Ranging from the #12 spot to currently sitting in the #17 spot this title continues to gain votes and appears to be keeping gamers attention. This makes me wonder how long can that last? Currently, we have no release date, no additional information, and we have not seen any new footage since The Game Awards Show last year. Since the release date is still listed as TBD from Nintendo all we can currently do is hope we will see Zelda U release in 2016 — and get a proper title! Are you still excited about the game? Does it hurt a title to know about it too much in advance, could the hype possibly ruin it for the fans? I myself am trying my best to stay slightly indifferent in the matter, although I am not sure I am succeeding. I know I want a good Zelda game, and I am content to wait patiently for that to happen. What are your thoughts? Are you still excited about Zelda U, or are you trying to stay away from the matter and just be excited whenever we get some new information? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Nintendo Wants Zelda U To Give Fans The “Best Zelda Experience”

Zelda002E3 came and went this year with no new information about Zelda for the Wii U. During an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime tried to quell fans fears by sharing that although they chose not to show off any new footage it was only because they wanted to focus on what would release in the near future. Im not sure that it had the desired effect, as most fans are still quite skeptical as to when we will actually see the title’s release. Their has even been some speculation that it won’t be releasing for the Wii U at all, but on the upcoming NX console. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo, Scott Moffit sat down with iDigitalTimes to discuss a few things about a couple of heavily requested titles and Zelda U was one of them. Although no specifics about the release date of the game was given, it would seem as if Zelda U is not just at the forefront of fans minds but Nintendo as well.

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Gossip Stone: Should Heavily Themed Dungeons Remain a Part of the Zelda Series?

wt In games like Ocarina of Time, designating a specific element to each dungeon made perfect sense because each corresponded to a Sage of said element. In many Zelda games a similar pattern is followed, either by having the player collect element specific items within the temples or placing them in provinces that bear the same elemental traits as the dungeon residing in it. This made receiving and using specific weapons in each temple viable, but with a new age of nonlinear open world Zelda games dawning, can and should this gimmick remain a staple of the series?

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Fans Create Petition To Immortalize Iwata In Zelda Wii U

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.16.59 AMWith the sad news of Iwata’s passing so fresh on our minds, many of us are trying to find ways to share our thoughts and feelings about the loss we have in our hearts. Even here at Zelda Dungeon we felt it cathartic to get our thoughts down and share them with the world in this week’s ZD Talks. There has been such an outpouring of love and sadness we have seen throughout this whole week that you can really see the amazing legacy Iwata leaves behind. His memory will live on in all who knew him and in the fans that so selflessly give their hearts and souls to this legendary man. Some of these fans have created a petition to immortalize Iwata in Zelda U and in just a few days it has gained over 3,000 supporters! The petition is going straight to Nintendo with the words, “We will never forget”.

Head past the break to learn more, and the link to sign the petition.

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Gossip Stone: What Kind of Zelda Wii U News Should We Hear Next?

2558029-zelda_003Nintendo had the chance to show us a Zelda Wii U trailer at E3, but even though they apparently had a full trailer ready to reveal, they opted to keep it to themselves, after only recently announcing the game’s delay to 2016. This has left us frustratingly low on Zelda Wii U news and knowledge. There are several possible conventions and conferences in the days ahead where Nintendo could suddenly show off more news about the game, but while we are all wondering when we’ll see new footage, we must also think about what in-game content should be shown.

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Monolith Soft Is Willing To Help Out With Zelda Wii U

zelda-wii-uRecently Game Informer had a chance to sit down with the Director of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tetsuya Takahashi and the Director of Nintendo’s Software Planning and Development group, Genki Yokota to discuss key learnings from this latest project. During the course of the interview the topic of Zelda U came up and the fact that Monolith Soft had helped on Skyward Sword. Both Takahashi and Yokoto weighed in on the learnings from creating a massive game like Xenoblade Chronicles X and that those learnings and feedback is always shared internally as they have a great partnership with Nintendo. With their openness and willingness to participate, one could only wonder what Zelda U might turn out to be with their involvement.

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Reggie Fils-Aime Talks to Gamespot About Zelda Wii U

Reggie-PuppetYesterday, Gamespot posted their interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, talking about upcoming games spoken of during the Digital Event, and asking about his thoughts on the overall conference. Early in this interview, Gamespot asked about Zelda Wii U, and why it was not shown at the conference.

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Reggie Discusses Why Zelda Wii U Is Absent From E3

Zelda-wii-u-link-720Although we all remember that fateful day Miyamoto told us we would not be seeing Zelda Wii U at E3, I think most of us had our fingers crossed that it was just another clever little trick and Nintendo was toying with our emotions (sigh). But now that E3 has almost come to an end, I think the sad truth is finally sinking in. There will be no Zelda Wii U for us! In an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime discusses the decision to exclude the title from this years E3 and to help clarify some of the rumblings happening in the Zelda community about whether we will even see the title in 2016. Follow on past the break to see what he said.

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Gossip Stone: Should there be an Actual Economy in Zelda?

rfr In the fantasy world of Hyrule, not much concedes to the restrictions of reality. But with Zelda Wii U’s shift into open world gaming, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for a more real economy to present itself. Modern open world games are sometimes more realistic than what the Legend of Zelda is used to, and adapting the series to fit around a true economy is one way for it to be more realistic without damaging the integrity of its fantasy elements. Fluctuating item pricing and availability due to supply and demand or the socioeconomic state of a shop’s location could add more structure to the economy.

Though this may change the usual abundance of rupees in Hyrule, it could also allow for Link’s different interactions to improve his chances of earning money or paying lower prices.

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Zelda Wii U Contains the Longest Day and Night Cycle in a Zelda Game

htw One bit of information about Zelda Wii U that was “leaked” by a Nintendo Representative was the idea that Zelda Wii U would have different enemies at night than it would during the day. This in-game day-to-night progression is nothing new to the Zelda series and was shown in the Wii U title’s gameplay trailer, so YouTube game analyst Zeltik with the help of Commonwealth Realm took things a step further and examined the evidence supporting and the implications of possibly the series’ most extensive day and night cycle.

He claims that the internal clock of Zelda Wii U contains a longer cycle than that of Grand Theft Auto V and Witcher 3, it may even run on a real-time 24 hour cycle! Hit the jump to see his analysis.

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