Hero of Time remix

MaanavLinkJanuary 3rd, 2014 by MaanavLink

JeeshJoshua Kershaw is a music artist who produces many original songs and many creative remixes. His latest remix is a Zelda one called Hero of Time, featuring different sounds from nearly every Zelda game, including the CD-i games. The song itself is amazing. Its bright sound and clever use of various sounds from the series makes for a brilliant track. The song is held up with a back track containing 8-bit synths and Zelda inspired songs, creating for a powerful track. So hit the jump to listen to what Joshua created!

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Milk Bar Mornings: Fields

MaanavLinkJanuary 1st, 2014 by MaanavLink

Milk Bar logoWelcome to this week’s issue of Milk Bar Mornings. Today we will be focusing on the themes of various fields present through out the series. Fields play a major role in the Zelda games, being the hub of all areas on the map. From Hyrule Field to the Great Sea, these are places that define the vast world the player will encounter through out their quest. Today we will be analyzing three field themes, exploring the technicalities and the story each song holds. So hit the jump to see what we have in store!

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415465489There are many Zelda fans out there replaying and recreating many of the memorable songs from the series. YouTuber iPlay video game music has recently posted his latest piece, the theme from the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Untitled Following the reveal of Princess Zelda as a fighter in the latest Super Smash Bros., several discussions have erupted in the Zelda community on what to expect from her. Among the conversations is a new video from GameXplain, where Andre Segers and Tom Arnold take a look at the new screenshots, and talk about their thoughts and expectations of the Princess, Sheik, Phantoms, and more.

Hit the jump for the whole video!

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Majora’s Mask corruptions

MaanavLinkDecember 26th, 2013 by MaanavLink

majoramaskhauntv2aVinesauce recently released a video on their YouTube channel, exploring different corruptions from Majora’s Mask. The video is a compilation of numerous streams Vinesause had done on Majora’s Mask corruptions, all done by the owner, Vinny. The video features the showcase of glitches, all topped off with the humorous commentary that was recorded with the stream. This makes for some hilarious content that you might enjoy! So hit the jump to see for yourself!

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Hyrule Warriors discussion with GameXplain

TylerDecember 25th, 2013 by Tyler

Hyrule Warriors-image1There has been a lot of talk about the new Zelda spin-off game, Hyrule Warriors. And a lot of people have already developed opinions on the game and what they think the game will turn out to be. GameXplain has posted their video that discusses Hyrule Warriors and what they think about the game.

Hit the jump to see the video!

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PBGYouTube personality PeanutButterGamer is no stranger to the Zelda series. He is an avid fan, and for the past three years, including 2013, he has dedicated the month of November to our favorite franchise. Although it is rather late in December, I think we can forgive Mr. Hargrave for his tardiness, as his videos are always very well made and incredibly entertaining. This time around, he has made a video explaining his top eight dungeons in the series. Hit the jump for the video!

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Nintendo responds to Jaffe’s comments

JonathanDecember 18th, 2013 by Jonathan

David-Young1Hip Hop Gamer recently interviewed David Young on Nintendo, particularly David Jaffe’s comments on the company. What he had to say was nothing short of classic Nintendo.

If you’re curious, hit the jump for more!

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Hyrulewarriorsthumbnail Nintendo announced Hyrule Warriors, a new Koei-Tecmo Warriors meets Zelda universe game featuring our favorite hero.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

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Yuriofwind_WindWakerChanges to a game almost unavoidably take place between its first trailer and the date it is released. Game play features, characters and entire areas will often be altered or left on the cutting room floor. The result can be an experience markedly different from what the public was shown when the game was originally unveiled.

Popular YouTuber Yuriofwind frequently examines lost beta content in his Gaming Mysteries video series. His most recent video segment takes a look at The Wind Waker’s pre-release content. What changes did Nintendo make to the seafaring GameCube Zelda adventure over the course of its development? Click the jump to find out.

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A Link to the Past Wii U VC trailer

JonathanDecember 12th, 2013 by Jonathan

lttp A Link to the Past is coming to the Wii U eShop and we have the trailer for it right here. Hit the jump to see!

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Wii U ChallengeNintendo reached out to some of YouTube’s content creators in a “Wii U challenge” which aimed to create videos inspired by The Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World. We’ve already seen some of the videos that’ve been made in this project, however there are plenty of new ones to discover in a new 30 video playlist that Nintendo’s created.

Hit the jump to watch!

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Club-Nintendo-ALBW-PostersRecently, Club Nintendo had a special A Link Between Worlds edition poster set, available as a reward for the program. The set was available for 500 Club Nintendo coins, and very quickly sold out. This set contained three posters featuring art based off of the game. YouTuber “NoahTheNintendoNerd” released an unboxing of the poster set, and did a fairly good job at that! So hit the jump to see the unboxing video for yourself! Read more…

Did You Know Gaming? – Leftovers

DaveyDecember 1st, 2013 by Davey

Did You Know Gaming?In their series of video game leftovers, Did You Know Gaming examined some unused content from the Legend of Zelda series. Though an examination of the games’ files, content in magazines, and footage of the games before they were released, Did You Know Gaming can see what kind of stuff Nintendo had been planning for various games, but that didn’t end up going into the game. Interested? Hit the jump to watch the video!

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Legends of ZeldaRandom Encounters has again made a Zelda parody video, of course with singing. The lyrics are ridiculous and rife with random references, both obscure and common. It’s entertaining to any Zelda fan, even if just for a chuckle at the jokes or enjoyment of the music.

Hit the jump to watch!

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Glitches have always been a minor or major occurrence in video gaming since the establishment of the entertainment business and our modern titles are no exception. Legend of Zelda titles are notorious for their various glitches and A Link Between Worlds is just another example we have for you today. YouTube user MasterOfHyrule has stumbled upon a glitch which allows you to skip the entire boss battle of the Skull Woods dungeon and free one of the seven sages automatically.

You can view the Skull Woods boss battle glitch after the jump!

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A Link Between Worlds UK launch trailer

TimothyNovember 28th, 2013 by Timothy


With the release of the latest Zelda handheld title, A Link Between Worlds, now beyond us, many fans of the series are exploring and have finished one of the 3DS’ greatest games. In case you’re one of those still sitting on a fence wondering whether this is the right Legend of Zelda game for you or just want to see Link in another action-packed trailer, then be sure to check out Nintendo UK’s launch trailer for A Link  Between Worlds. This trailer showcases plenty of the elements which constitute the game’s gameplay structure and should give a clear idea of what you will run into while playing.

You can view the Nintendo UK launch trailer for A Link Between Worlds after the jump!

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Top 10 twists in The Legend of Zelda

KevNovember 28th, 2013 by Kev

triforceYou may remember I recently posted a video I made of my top five fun things to do in Majora’s Mask when you should be worrying about Termina. Most of you seemed to like the video and, from your suggestions of other fun things to do, there are some entertaining glitches to perform. Being able to become the Fierce Deity anywhere was a popular one and, I have to say, it does look fun so I might have to give it a try. One of the other people involved in the channel, Justin, is also a huge Legend of Zelda fan and last year we did several videos counting down our top 20 tracks from the Zelda series. Now, almost exactly a year later, we decided to do another Zelda related countdown, this time for our top 10 twists.

Take the jump to see what we chose!

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Smooth McGroove - Lost Woods A CapellaZelda fans are multitalented individuals! They crochet, sew plushies, forge swords out of fiberglass, foam and metal, play instruments, draw and so much more. As an example of another Zelda fandom talent, we found, for your viewing pleasure, an A Capella of the original A Link to the Past Lost Woods theme song.

Hit the jump to check it out!


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A Link Between World’s soundtrack samples

MaanavLinkNovember 24th, 2013 by MaanavLink

maxresdefaultYoutuber GilvaSunner has recently uploaded samples from the A Link Between World’s soundtrack. GilvaSunner hasn’t uploaded all of the themes, but has uploaded a few great songs from the game, including all the Milk Bar themes, and the Hyrule Field theme. Hit the jump to hear some of his/her uploads for yourself!


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Zelda Easter Egg in Super Mario 3D World

LukeSaturnNovember 23rd, 2013 by LukeSaturn

Suni You guys like Easter eggs—little hidden, usually-referential surprises? If so, this one is pretty sweet. During a level in Super Mario 3D World, a secret star can be discovered. The fun tidbit is demonstrated by Youtuber ProJared. Hit the jump to view the video.

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First Look at One of the Sages

DjinnNovember 16th, 2013 by Djinn

787979Quite a few videos showing off some of the gameplay from A Link Between Worlds have been appearing online over the last few weeks. The latest one brought to you by NiNTENDOMiNATiON shows a meeting between Link and one of the sages he has rescued from a boss. A few fans might recognize some of the visuals and sounds if they look closely. It appears to be the little witch commonly seen in early titles in the sage room from Ocarina of Time commenting on Link’s punctuality in rescuing her.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Hey there guys. Got your new mailbag! This week we’re going to be focusing entirely on A Link Between Worlds since its release is imminent. There might not be a mailbag next week since that would be RIGHT before the release, but we’ll see. Until then we’ve got 10 A Link Between Worlds questions, with a bit of a special focus on Ganon and Yuga, though there are plenty of other topics. Anyway, enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:37) – What are you looking forward to most about A Link Between Worlds?
(01:56) – Do you think Nintendo revealed too much of A Link Between Worlds before its release?
(03:10) – Do you think Lorule is just Detroit with prettier colors?
(03:22) – Besides the items in Ravio’s shop, what items do you think will return in the game?
(04:49) – Do you think A Link Between Worlds’ art style is directed towards a younger audience?
(05:42) – Do you think the Dark Triforce is real, or just a symbol?
(06:30) – What do you think about that Lorule version of Blind appearing?
(07:08) – What do you think the relation is between Ghirahim, Ganon, and Yuga?
(08:13) – What is your opinion on Ganon returning?
(09:14) – Does Yuga saying “Her Grace” say about Hilda or the possibility of an evil goddess?

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Could Link be dead in Majora’s Mask?

KevNovember 14th, 2013 by Kev

MMIt seems as though most people have accepted the idea that Majora’s Mask takes place in an alternate dimension version of Hyrule which is why a lot of the characters from Ocarina of Time appear in the game. While it’s no secret I’m not particularly keen on Majora’s Mask (and, to clarify this time, I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I just think most other Zelda games are better) there are a lot of theories revolving around it, what certain aspects represent and different interpretations of what people say or do and I absolutely love finding out about all these theories. I’m a huge fan of Matt Pat and his Game Theory series (though most videos are viewed with a pinch of salt) and the latest addition to has a very interesting theory: could Link be dead in Majora’s Mask?

Judge for yourself after the jump!

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Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.12.16 PMEiji Aonuma sure has a sense of humor. The Zelda series producer apparently filmed a short video during New York Comic Con to promote A Link Between Worlds. Having little time during the busy convention, Aonuma actually snuck out and ended up avoiding two Nintendo of America employees. The premise might be a little goofy, but it’s certainly funny to see Aonuma running through New York City, all while making homages to A Hard Day’s Night, the first film made by The Beatles in 1964. Hit the jump to view the video and Mr. Aonuma’s wackiness!


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Gamexplain footage albtw

The good folks at GameXplain have uploaded a series of new A Link Between Worlds videos, including a guide to using the game’s new Tornado Rod item. Also included in the mix is some new new dungeon and overworld footage.

All three videos are available after the jump. Read more…

PeanutButterGamer’s third annual Zelda Month

SkyruleArcherNovember 10th, 2013 by SkyruleArcher

Zelda Month Title CardPeanutButterGamer, a popular Youtuber, is a big fan of The Legend of Zelda series. So much so that two years ago, he dedicated the entire month of November to Zelda in celebration of the release of Skyward Sword. In his words, “Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun with that…” so he decided to continue it every year.

Hit the jump for more info on PeanutButterGamer’s third annual Zelda Month!

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Curiosity Shop #134: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Axle the BeastNovember 7th, 2013 by Axle the Beast

Hey there guys, new mailbag! This time around it looks like our rental shop-owning friend Ravio is a major focus of the questions, and subsequently Majora’s Mask since it seems to appear in his shop. There’s also some stuff about Ganon and Zelda villains in general, among some other questions. 11 questions in all! This one’s actually down to the ideal size, except at the end there’s also almost a full minute of bloopers! Enjoy my pain! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:20) – Which do you prefer: Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons?
(01:40) – What’s your opinion on the reversed Hyrule Castle theme in A Link Between Worlds?
(02:53) – Do you think Ganon will return in A Link Between Worlds or Zelda Wii U?
(04:03) – Do you think it’s possible that Ravio might be the Happy Mask Salesman?
(05:42) – Do you think that Ravio is the same as the Rabbitland Rescue guy?
(06:39) – How would you feel if Zelda had a brother or sister in the story of the next game?
(06:57) – Could you wish to have the entire Triforce even if you didn’t have all three traits?
(07:24) – What’s your opinion on the theory that Link is dead in Majora’s Mask?
(08:35) – Do you think it would be a cool idea to fight the final boss in the main town?
(09:41) – Do you think Eiji Aonuma has secretly been trolling us all?

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Game Grumps starts The Wind Waker HD

DaveyNovember 4th, 2013 by Davey

Game GrumpsThe Game Grumps, Egoraptor and Danny, are an absolutely hilarious let’s play duo. Their banter is humorous, and their laughter is contagious. Plus, they play through video games! And you know when they get to a Zelda game, it’s going to be a great time, both for them to play and for us to watch.

So hit the jump to check out the first episode of their The Wind Waker HD series!

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VHS_cassette_tape_04For those of us who are old enough to know what VHS tapes are, they were once the main medium used for watching movies and for recording videos on camcorders and VCR players. Their reign came to an end once DVDs took over and now the only way to obtain VHS tapes is through the internet or at garage and yard sales as well as flea markets.

A website called Backloggery recently created some ‘How-to’ videos which detail ways of beating some recently released games. One of which happens to be The Wind Waker HD.

For those who know what VHS tapes are, prepare for a wave of nostalgia after the jump!

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54658Direct from GameXplain we now have another new video showing off some of the gameplay from A Link Between Worlds. This time the familiar turtle rock dungeon that many might remember from A Link to the Past. The quality might be a bit lower than normal since this is taken straight from the player’s hands but we do get an excellent look at some of the traps within the dungeon and see that it still maintains the same fire/ice theme it originally had from the first appearance.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Curiosity Shop #133: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Axle the BeastOctober 31st, 2013 by Axle the Beast

Hey there guys! No special Halloween mailbag this time I’m afraid, just a normal one… unless you count having 13 questions and it being 13 minutes long as spoooooooky! Hey, it’s something! There’s a bunch of A Link Between Worlds questions again, but a number of other interesting ones as well, including discussion about having multiple villains in a game and an older Link! Hope it’s not too long! Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:40) – Why is Lorule a backwards Hyrule? Is Nintendo running out of ideas?
(01:30) – Do you think that Lorule is a ripoff of the Termina idea?
(02:30) – Where in the timeline will A Link Between Worlds take place?
(03:10) – Why does Link in A Link Between Worlds have the Power Bracelet, not the Power Glove?
(04:03) – Do you think that Lorule will have a Dark Link who’s cowardly like Groose or Linebeck?
(05:27) – If A Link Between Worlds does well, do you think Nintendo will never return to linearity?
(06:25) – What do you think the “Gap between dimensions” mentioned in Ocarina of Time is?
(06:59) – If you wished on the Triforce with TWO of the pieces in balance, would you get two?
(07:40) – If Link were to put on Majora’s Mask and could control it, what would its abilities be?
(08:31) – Do you think Zelda will ever have another air-based flying race?
(09:47) – What would you think of a Zelda game with TWO villains who fight each other too?
(10:53) – How would you feel if there was a Zelda game with an older Link, maybe 40 years old?
(12:05) – Where do you think Princess Zelda gets her hair and nails done?

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Custom gold Zelda themed SNES console

DjinnOctober 27th, 2013 by Djinn

custom_zelda_themed_super_nintendo__pal___by_zoki64-d6rk8n4YouTube member zoxsk8 has gained a reputation for his custom painted themed controllers and consoles. Well he has posted a video of his latest commission, a custom gold Zelda themed Super Nintendo system. The console has been repainted with a gold theme including triforces on the controllers and glittery gold painted exterior with bright reflective gold replacing the normal dark gray areas. The video starts out showing off a few still images of the console then goes on to show a complete turnaround showing you the entire case while also giving the viewer a better look at the paint job in another light.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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YouTuber makes a previz for Zelda fan film

KnowleeOctober 25th, 2013 by Knowlee

youtube previz legend of zelda fan filmYoutuber Thanh Nguyen posted a video the other day showing a short Legend of Zelda fan film that he had been working on. He used the program 3ds Max to create this short film and he based the film’s setting off of Skyward Sword.

The plot of the film revolves around the inhabitants of Skyloft and the surrounding islands trying to protect their homeland from an invading army and a dragon. Defenses have been put up to try and stop the invaders but after a few good attempts it soon becomes apparent that nothing is working. When Link sees that Zelda is now in trouble, he decides to face the dragon and the army head on in order to protect Zelda and Skyloft.

To see the video for yourself, please click the link below!

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ALBWtitlescreenWithout even a Nintendo Direct to announce it with, Nintendo has suddenly uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds to their YouTube channel today. This trailer features many never-before-seen clips from the game, including our first in-game look at the game’s villain and some new looks at previously revealed characters and locations. We now have a good look at some of our villain’s powers and can get some hint of his intent, and even a glimpse of what could be Ganon himself!

You can find the video after the jump.

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