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Tri Force Heroes Director Shows Off More Gameplay and Share A Few Of His Favorites

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.12.56 AMNintendo has just uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, featuring Director Hiromasa Shikata, Katsuya Eguchi, and Tim O’Leary. The trio spend some time showing us some more gameplay footage of Tri Force Heroes. Shikata shows off some of the abilities of the Kokiri outfit and talks about why they chose to go with a fashion focused kingdom. He also shares that he loves the way that you use the communication panel to help cheer your team on or tell them where to go, and that the totem action is one of his favorite gameplay abilities. We even learn which title from The Legend of Zelda series is his and Eguchi’s favorite.

Take a look past the jump to check it out for yourselves.

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Twilight Princess Acoustic Guitar Cover

182671-WP_Wii_ZeldaTwilightPrincess_002_1024Jonas Lefvert is a guitar teacher from Sweden who loves to create amazing acoustic guitar covers of many different games, mainly from Nintendo. His YouTube channel mostly focuses on his acoustic guitar with the occasional video with him using an electric guitar. He has done covers of many Nintendo titles as well as things from The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Today we have for you his cover from Twilight Princess Trailer theme, which he recorded earlier this year. The Acoustic guitar he uses really adds to the slightly sad tone of the music composed by Koji Kondo.

Head past the jump to hear for yourselves.

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Culture Shock: The Origins of Epona

Epona and LinkDespite appearing in only three core Zelda games as a mount (and in The Minish Cap as an NPC owned by Malon and Talon), Epona has left quite the impression on fans of The Legend of Zelda. She’s a way to move around quickly, circumvent certain obstacles and allows Link to engage in awesome battles in Twilight Princess. In the three adventures she appeared in she has been a faithful companion of Link, helping him save Hyrule and Termina, in two cases on nothing but a diet of carrots. Of all of Link’s red animal companions (Dimitri, the King of Red Lions, Link’s Loftwing) she is by far the most beloved of the bunch. But is there any real-life basis to her name and what she can do? The YouTube channel The Game Theorists take a look at this, with the latest video in their Culture Shock series. Watch the video after the break!
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Classic Link Tunic Footage from Hyrule Warriors

hyrule-warriors-classic-tunic1To celebrate the announcement of Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS during Nintendo’s E3 digital event, as we reported last week a Classic Tunic costume for Link was added to the already released Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors as a small free update! YouTuber ZeldaMaster has demonstrated how awesome the costume is in a 20-minute video of gameplay with the new DLC.

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HERO Begins a Let’s Play of “A Link to Terraria” Custom Map

hqdefaultBack in 2012, ahamling27, a map maker over on, started releasing alpha versions of a Terraria map based on A Link to the Past. This past March, it finally released from alpha stages, and has fully released! YouTuber HERO, known for his extensive channel of How-To and Let’s Play videos based on Terraria, has begun a Let’s Play of the map. The map is also downloadable, and supports multiplayer, so join with your friends to venture through nine dugeons, fight through bosses and parkour trials, and save Hyrule!

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Reggie Fils-Aime Talks to Gamespot About Zelda Wii U

Reggie-PuppetYesterday, Gamespot posted their interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, talking about upcoming games spoken of during the Digital Event, and asking about his thoughts on the overall conference. Early in this interview, Gamespot asked about Zelda Wii U, and why it was not shown at the conference.

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Lon Lon Ranch Flute Cover

Flute YouTube user InstrumentManiac- otherwise known as Luke Pickman- is no stranger to music. With a talent to play a wide variety of instruments, one of his hobbies is creating different covers and original music videos and posting them on YouTube. Beyond the jump is one of his more simple videos, a sextet flute rendition of Lon Lon Ranch!

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Shikata plays Tri Force Heroes And You Can Too At Best Buy On June 20th

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.12.12 PMAs the Nintendo Treehouse Live and E3 2015 draw to a close today we are getting a final glimpse of some more details about Tri Force Heroes. Shikata joins the Treehouse team to show off some more gameplay, impact of item choices, as well as more details on the co-operation involved to be truly successful in playing multi-player mode. The Treehouse has also now officially confirmed that you can check out a demo of Tri Force Heroes, in person at one of the select Best Buy locations hosting the Super Mario Maker Event on Saturday, June 20th from noon to 5pm local time. Follow on past the jump to check out the Day 3 Nintendo Treehouse segment of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

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HMK: Hyrulian Royal Family Exploration

0One thing in the Zelda series that has often gone surprisingly unmentioned throughout the last three decades is the royal family of Hyrule. In a game that focuses on an adventure usually involving having to save a princess, you would think that the princess’ family would be more involved, and yet there is a lot of room for theorizing about them, as they are not seen much. A little while back, YouTubers HMK and Commonwealth Realm joined together to discuss and explore the royal family of Hyrule, and drop a few theories while they are at it.

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Two Jamming Electronic Zelda Remixes by nOkbient

nok While there are many different types of Zelda musical renditions, (orchestral, acapella, synthesizer) my favorites as of late are the electronic remixes. Youtube remixer nOkbient released two different Zelda mixes this past week, pulling songs and sounds from throughout the series and skillfully mashing them together into these electronic beauties. The first focuses primarily on manipulating the Song of Storms and does so charmingly, the second is composed around the Dungeon Theme from the original Legend of Zelda. These remixes were tastefully done, there’s a great variety to the pieces and they never get overly noisy. Listen to nOkbient’s jam-worthy compositions after the jump!

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Zelda Wii U Contains the Longest Day and Night Cycle in a Zelda Game

htw One bit of information about Zelda Wii U that was “leaked” by a Nintendo Representative was the idea that Zelda Wii U would have different enemies at night than it would during the day. This in-game day-to-night progression is nothing new to the Zelda series and was shown in the Wii U title’s gameplay trailer, so YouTube game analyst Zeltik with the help of Commonwealth Realm took things a step further and examined the evidence supporting and the implications of possibly the series’ most extensive day and night cycle.

He claims that the internal clock of Zelda Wii U contains a longer cycle than that of Grand Theft Auto V and Witcher 3, it may even run on a real-time 24 hour cycle! Hit the jump to see his analysis.

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A Day in Hyrule Fanfilm

17381471001_7801264ceb_cYouTube member and fan film maker Shanna May recently uploaded a new video titled A Day in Hyrule featuring Shanna and Dexter as they travel through the park with their guardian fairies on the way to Lake Hylia. The video imitates the games in that there are no voices heard from either character. Instead there are text menus containing their words modeled after those from the later games in the series.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Zelda Piano Medley

3533532YouTube member Kurt Schneider recently uploaded a video covering several songs from the Zelda series appropriately titled Craziest Zelda Piano Medley. The video mixes lots of camera movement with the music to provide a professional looking recording.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Ocarina of Time Orchestral Medley

Ocarina-of-Time-1_2In these prosperous days of Zelda players being able to see live orchestras play their favorite in-game music in concert halls full of fellow fans, it is cool to see the awesome orchestrations a singlew person can make from the comfort of their home. Technology is good. YouTuber RebeccaETripp has put together a long and impressive orchestral medley of songs from Ocarina of Time, and it is a great way of hearing orchestral versions of many of the tracks that were not in the Symphony of the Goddesses’ Ocarina of Time movement.

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Hyrule Warriors 3DS Analysis Video

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.55.57 AMWith the accidental leak of Hyrule Warriors for 3DS by Koei Tecmo, the internet and us here at Zelda Dungeon have imploded with excitement! As you can imagine there is much speculation and rumor floating around as to what this could mean for Nintendo, as well as what we should expect from Hyrule Warriors being brought to the 3DS. How is the 3DS going to be able to handle the graphics, and what will the gameplay mechanics feel like, not to mention how many other new characters could we be seeing? These are just a few of the questions floating around, and the folks at GameXplain have tried to help out with an analysis of the leaked trailer and some questions of their own.

Head past the jump if you want to check out their video analysis.

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