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More Hyrule Warriors DLC Footage

hyrule-warriors-logoThe latest Hyrule Warriors update has come out and there are many new videos showing off the new gameplay. The first video is showing the new costume Postman Link during the first mission. Next is Zelda in the Ilia costume using the new Dominion Rod. And the third video is the new Twili Midna showing off her skills.

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PeanutButterGamer (Ft. Yungtown): Character growth in Skyward Sword

Link and Zelda SSFew things are held as absolutes among the Zelda fanbase. Ask any number of fans which game in the series is their favorite and you get many different answers: Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Wind Waker and the original all have their fans. But if you were to ask the fans’ opinion on Skyward Sword, they will explode. Some will say it is the worst thing in the series since the CD-i games, some will tell you that while it was misguided at certain points it was an enjoyable experience in the end, while others will say that they really liked the game and maybe even hold it as their favorite. (and promptly get mobbed by the detractors). Yet other people will tell you that all games had their good and bad parts, and things done well in one game are done worse in the next. The same goes for Skyward Sword: it gave up the exploration of Twilight Princess and especially Wind Waker in favor of a focus on the game’s story and characters. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? PeanutButterGamer thinks so, and in his last video of Zelda Month he teams up with fellow YouTube person Yungtown to take a look at Skyward Sword‘s story and the growth of the characters in it. Watch the video after the break!

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Voidcast #10 – The Heavens Haveth Much Fury

ZD Posting GraphicHey everyone! Welcome back for the last Voidcast of this year! To end off 2014, I wanted to look at the divine bodies of the Zelda series, and how they could be used in future games. With the holiday season’s several religious holidays coming up, it seemed appropriate to examine the religious elements of Zelda, and to think of the impact they could have if used right.

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Zelda Triforce Lemon Bars

677212Just in time for the holidays YouTube member Rosanna Pansino uploaded a new video in her Nerdy Nummies series, this time she is making Zelda Triforce Lemon Bars. In the video she shows you just how to recreate them from start to finish listing all the ingredients step by step.

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Make a Glowing LED Triforce

Led triforce offDo you enjoy DIY projects and tutorial videos? Have you ever found yourself wanting to know how to make your very own LED Triforce? YouTuber Mist8k posts videos all about science, DIY, and interesting tricks and illusions. His latest video teaches viewers in detail how to make their own Triforce LED light with only a few easily obtainable tools and materials. Hit the jump and check it out! Read more…

Hyrule Warriors: Twili Midna Gameplay

630xYoutube member NintenDaan recently posted a new video showing off the latest Hyrule Warriors addition: Twili Midna. In the video we get to see some of her moves ravaging the battlefield with the mirror of twilight, a gigantic twili hand and even pieces of the battlefield.

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Analysis of Mario Kart 8 DLC Hyrule Castle

mario-kart-linkThe folks from Hidden Triforce recently posted a video covering the new Hyrule Circuit track from the first DLC for Mario Kart 8. In the video they go over the new added features through two races. First they show a normal race involving Link in the Hyrule Castle track and next they take a much more in deph look at the background and all the little details that were added in.

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Did You Know Gaming – Zelda Part 5

Oocca SketchBeing nearly thirty years old, The Legend of Zelda has a massive amount of development time gone into its many games. While some of these ideas have been developed into core aspects of the series some are merely artefacts left in the code, animations that never got used or ideas that were used in the beta but were never used in the final product. Did You Know Gaming once again takes a look at the series and uncovers a fair number of interesting facts. And because November is Zelda Month for the popular Zelda YouTuber PeanutButterGamer, he has the honor of voicing the video. Watch it after the break, and who knows what you will learn.

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First Look at Ocarina of Time 2D

cardYouTube member Mr Dinarius has recently posted a video showing off some of the gameplay of the fan project Ocarina of Time 2D. In the video we see the first few minutes of gameplay recreating the kokiri village and introduction in the style of A Link to the Past.

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80’s Synthesizer Zelda’s Lullaby

imageThe synthesizer reached the peak of its popularity in the 80’s, but is currently coming back into style with its emphasis in alternative bands such as Radiohead and Arcade Fire. With its prevalence increasing, it was only a matter of time before a talented gamer resolved to make synthesized covers of classic video game music titles. Youtube musician Ace Waters of MotiveMakesaMan Music did just that, and recently recreated “Zelda’s Lullaby” from Ocarina of Time in honor of Peanut Butter Gamer’s Zelda Month. This version of the song is a whole new experience, and one that no Zelda fan should miss out on for any reason. Click the jump and prepare to be awakened by this fantastic Lullaby. Read more…

Game Theory: What does the Longshot do to Link?

LongshotOver the course of his adventures Link has used many different kinds of weapons and items to help him defeat evil. Swords, bows, boomerangs, bombs: you name it.  A Link to the Past introduced a new item to both aid in Link’s mobility while serving as a weapon: the Hookshot. The Hookshot has gone through various different iterations to do different things. Today Game Theory takes a look at that last iteration of the item and does the math: what would happen in real life if Link were to shoot his Longshot into a target and grapple towards it? Watch the video after the break and get a whole new dose of respect for the Hero of Time!
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Man at Arms: Reforged Create Fierce Deity Link’s Sword


After the original Man at Arms team created Link’s Master Sword, the revamped Man at Arms: Reforged team have returned to the Zelda series, this time constructing the Fierce Deity sword from Majora’s Mask. Make the jump to check out this masterful team of craftsmen forge and use the iconic double-edged blade!

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