The Main Theme Revamped

DevonApril 22nd, 2014 by Devon

link_playing_ocarinaIf you have ever played a Zelda game than you are familiar with the famous main theme that is in almost every title, but have you seen it performed by one person and multiple instruments? Well YouTube user Rusty Cage has found a way to play our iconic them with only a piano, guitar, ukulele, melodica, tambourine, and egg shaker.

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Song of Time Cover: Voice of an Angel

DevonApril 19th, 2014 by Devon

yhst-46117395216933_2269_76135010Everyone has heard the song in the Temple of Time while playing through Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess. Well prepare to have your mind blown as you watch this video and travel back to your youthful days of playing Zelda. YouTube user Carley Cartunes has gone above and beyond to recreate that incredible melody that we all know and love.

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Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero – Part 1/2

Colonel-MajoraApril 12th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledOnce again, Link Skywaker is back to save the day in the latest episode of YouTuber James Farr’s awesome series- Super Smash Wars, a fast-paced Nintendo parody of Star Wars. This creative series manages to perfectly match Nintendo characters with those of Star Wars, and this episode is no different.

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UntitledA popular cover artist on YouTube by the name of supershigi has recently done a vocal cover of the Kakariko Village theme. The entire song is comprised of nothing but piano and several voice cuts, and she did a very good job.

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Starbomb – Best Zelda Rap Ever

DaveyApril 11th, 2014 by Davey

Star BombEgoraptor and friends have created a rap album and week-by-week are uploading videos to go along with the hilarious tunes. This week the Zelda song was up, and though it’s pretty crass, overall it’s absolutely hilarious. If you know Egoraptor already, the video series is similar to his usual style, but in catchy, hip-hop form.

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The Voidcast #4 – Controls, Too Many Choices

Colonel-MajoraApril 7th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

ZD Posting GraphicWelcome back to the the Voidcast! This month, I am going over what styles of controls were, are, and should be used for Zelda games. There’s plenty to go over, and current control options may not be the first to be recommended for future series entries.

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UntitledA group of musicians on YouTube by the name of moonbowmusicmovie has done a great cover of the Hyrule Field theme from Ocarina of Time. The cover is a collaboration with an ocarina player named Milt Ocarina, and the entire composition works very well.

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WW Title ScreenAn Oculus Rift emulation of The Wind Waker was shown by YouTube user Chadtronic earlier this month. The first-person perspective demonstrated in the video is one any fan of The Wind Waker won’t want to miss.

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UntitledPopular Zelda speedrunner Cosmo Wright has recently beaten the world record time for completing Ocarina of Time. The previous “any%” world record holder, skater82297, had beaten the game in a solid 19 minutes, but Cosmo managed to sneak past that time by a mere four seconds, landing a record of 18 minutes and 56 seconds.

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Let’s Read: Zelda Comics Prologue

DaveyMarch 18th, 2014 by Davey

Bastian TimeFollowing up with his last video, our old friend Bastian has uploaded another let’s read. This time he has chosen The Legend of Zelda: Volume 1 from the Valiant Comic Series. His video isn’t the entire volume, just the prologue for now, however perhaps in the future he’ll upload readings of the entire volume! As he says, “it might portent things to come…”

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LEGO Hylian Shield

MaanavLinkMarch 16th, 2014 by MaanavLink

HylianShieldYouTuber ZaziNombies has recently built a life size Hylian Shield comprised entirely of LEGOs. The shield is based off the Skyward Sword design, but to make it similar to his Minecraft style creations he used a more pixel art look when making it. The shield is made up by a whopping 2000 LEGOs,  is 28 inches long and 2o inches wide, and as ZaziNombies himself predicts, can withstand multiple slashes from a proper metal sword.

The best way to see it is through video, so hit the jump and see the creator’s spotlight on it!

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UntitledA brand new YouTuber named The Second Narrator has released a custom orchestrated version of the Overworld Theme from Link’s Awakening. This is one of many great orchestrations that have and will come to The Second Narrator’s channel, so definitely give it a listen.

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Amazing Wood Burned Image of Link

DjinnMarch 10th, 2014 by Djinn

il_570xN.561654010_f0xaEtsy artist BTJPyro has recently posted his latest work: a wood-burn image of Link with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield in front of the Triforce. The piece is 11.75 x 11.75 inches and sells for $650. He also recorded the making of this carving and uploaded the video to YouTube if you would like to see how he made it.

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UntitledA Minecraft map-maker named Kezsonaj is on the way to creating a full-scale remake of Ocarina of Time‘s world. Everything is set to be recreated – Hyrule Castle, Kakariko Village, all of the dungeons – every single area and structure that you can freely enter, and more. Plus, players will apparently be able to move between the two time periods that Ocarina of Time spans. This really seems like the Minecraft map that many Zelda fans have been waiting for, and you can get a preview of it in Kezsonaj’s new trailer!

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UntitledThe award-winning 2012 Zelda fan-film, ESCAPE, will soon receive a feature-length sequel called Princess in Another Castle, and the first trailer has been released! It does not have great audio, but still gives us many details about the continued story of Danni, the girl with the troubling childhood and a special place in her heart for video games. The trailer also has some commentary from the director about how fans can help with the film’s production. Watch the trailer after the jump!

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Violinist Taylor Davis is similar to Lindsey Stirling as she is well known for creating covers of songs from video games as well as themes from famous movies. Even her videos are closely identical as you may notice in this awesome music production showcasing Taylor’s incredible talent at playing well known Zelda themes. This video shows her playing the “Gerudo Valley Theme” on violin and it truly is an enjoyable listening experience. The video has also been well crafted to blend a virtual reality Zelda game into real world locations.

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ZD Posting GraphicThe Voidcast is back once again, and today, HerosShade10 and I are discussing the sorely missed Wind Mage that we haven’t seen since The Minish Cap: Vaati. We’ll talk about what Nintendo did right with him, whether he was better than other Zelda villains, and most importantly, if he should be used again.

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ku-xlargeNot too long ago we featured a few videos of The Legend of Zelda being played in first-person on the Oculus Rift virtual reality visor. Now, Ocarina of Time has received the same treatment. A YouTuber named Chadtronic has made a proof-of-concept video for travelling around Kokiri Forest in first-person.

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Let’s Read: Moblin’s Magic Spear

DaveyFebruary 26th, 2014 by Davey

BastianYou all are probably familiar with Bastian, our former chief editor, however you may not already know about the book, Moblin’s Magic Spear. This picture story was published in 1990 to fit with the very first game, The Legend of Zelda. Well, combine our own Bastian with Moblin’s Magic Spear, and you have a nice “let’s read” of this ancient story.

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Zelda’s Lullaby Violin/Piano Cover

Colonel-MajoraFebruary 22nd, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledLarge-scale music events and fan projects often steal the spotlight on Zelda website news pages, but sometimes, one has to appreciate the short, sweet song covers that seem to pop up every day on YouTube. Here, we have a violin/piano cover of a classic theme: Zelda’s Lullaby.

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Fan Song: “Dawn of the Third Day”

ParkerFebruary 16th, 2014 by Parker

Dawn of the Third Day Zelda Parody SongFans of the Zelda series and country music are in for a treat. Youtuber Nathan Smith has posted a song that combines the soulful tone of the country genre with lyrics full of iconic Zelda imagery. Titled “Dawn of the Third Day,” it can be heard in its entirety after the jump. Read more…

98789465413Is the continued success of the series due to exploitation of nostalgia? This is the question that Jamin Warren of PBS Game Show has asked to the audience and he takes a look at the series as a whole and discusses what exactly keeps fans coming back.

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Watch YouTuber StevRayBro draw Link and Zelda

Tyler TagFebruary 12th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.03.59 PM Steven Ray Brown is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Indianapolis with a Bachelor’s of Media Arts and Animation. He posts many of his works on his Facebook and deviantART site. His most recent work is a very nice digital piece of Link and Zelda, and he has been kind enough to give us a glimpse of its creation with a great time-lapse video.

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Nintendo Spain Favourite Zelda MomentsA couple of days ago, Nintendo of Spain posted a video on their YouTube channel which compiled some their favorite moments from the Zelda series over the years. The video is a compilation of the best moments chosen by the fans.

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Colonel-Majora 2Hey, everyone! Colonel-Majora here, and the Voidcast is back to continue the never-ending argument of whether a Zelda movie should come to be. Last month, we got all kinds of ideas from a Roundtable discussion, but now I want to give my personal thoughts.

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dZelda has yet another chance at having its own LEGO set based on fan designs. If you are unsure of what LEGO CUUSOO is, fans can submit ideas for new LEGO sets to the LEGO CUUSOO website and the most popular ideas are reviewed each season. One is then chosen to become a real Lego product. This time, among the reviewed ideas is a fun little set featuring Link getting in a fight with an Iron Knuckle. Of course, there is no guarantee, but the Iron Knuckle Encounter set could very well end up on store shelves.

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UntitledA mod-maker on named NickNak has created a fantastic remake of Ocarina of Time‘s Death Mountain in Left 4 Dead 2. The full custom campaign includes Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, and the Fire Temple. There are items and infected that are re-textured to look like elements of Ocarina of Time, and there are even some custom features like rupees to use at the fully-functioning shop, and a boss fight with Volvagia in the Fire Temple! If any of you took advantage of Steam’s holiday sales and bought Left 4 Dead 2, this mod is definitely worth checking out.



UntitledGameXplain has released another analysis video of the ever-so-intriguing Hyrule Warriors trailer. This time, though, they look at the fans’ ideas, like the game’s timeline placement, and possible series character cameos.

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UntitledA new warping glitch in Majora’s Mask has been found by a YouTuber named Indextic. The glitch essentially allows players to warp to any owl statue without having to activate any of them. It is rather simple to execute, and while different versions will have to be tested for whether the glitch works on them, it could prove very helpful in the already extremely detailed speedruns of Majora’s Mask.

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UntitledJames Farr, a YouTube animator, has just released the sequel to his Nintendo/Star Wars mash-up, Super Smash Wars. As in the previous installment, Link Skywalker plays a key role in the story, battling his way through the Nintendo universe to defeat the evil Lord Ganondarth. It is as funny to watch Link in his outer space escapades as it is entertaining to try and identify every possible reference to both Nintendo and Star Wars, so this is definitely worth watching.

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Awesome Zelda Fan Film: “The Dark Mask”

Colonel-MajoraJanuary 14th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledA popular comedy channel on YouTube by the name of Mars Rising recently released a fantastic live-action Zelda fan film, called The Dark Mask. It has some great fighting choreography, a decent bit of humor, and great special effects, and could satisfy any Zelda fan with its references to multiple games in the series.

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SocratesWhat is it that controls our respective destinies? Do we have a choice in where life takes us, or is every chapter of our lives mapped out, fated to follow one singular path despite our feelings of our own freedom? Questions like this have plagued the philosophical world for centuries, and The Legend of Zelda is a franchise where the debate is prevalent. Do the people of Hyrule and its many parallel countries have a say in their futures, or did the goddesses devise a plan for the world that would undoubtedly play out the way they had designed? Hit the jump to see how this philosophical conundrum plays out in a myriad of ways in the different games!

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Zelda Lore in a Minute

DjinnJanuary 11th, 2014 by Djinn

41211586The Zelda series consists of many sequels over a twenty year long history and definitely creates very deep and complex history with many twists and turns. The confusion caused by the lengthy history has created much debate between the fans for years before Nintendo finally released the official timeline a year ago. But all of this might still be confusing for a beginner to the series. Fortunately YouTube member Lore is here to help out anyone who might be a little confused with a minute long look into the lore of the series. The video might only be little over 60 seconds long but it does a pretty good job of covering everything from the creation of Hyrule and the Triforce to the founding of the kingdom and the split timelines.

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Milk Bar Mornings: Milk Bar Musicians

MaanavLinkJanuary 8th, 2014 by MaanavLink

Milk Bar logoWelcome to this week’s issue of Milk Bar Mornings. This week, we will be listening to tracks redone by the Milk Bar Musicians, a duo of amazing musicians, who play various songs from the Zelda series, in A Link Between Worlds. The duo is comprised of Bard, a guitarist, and Flute Boy, a flutist. Together, they play songs which the player can listen to for 10 Rupees in (as the name suggests) the Milk Bar, which is a steal considering what gems of music they can produce. Today, we will be analyzing the technicalities presented in the song, along side the story told by the song. So hit the jump to see what we have in store!

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The Voidcast #1 – Zelda Movies Pt. 1, A Roundtable

Colonel-MajoraJanuary 6th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

ZD post graphicHey, everybody! Welcome to the Voidcast! After the bittersweet ending of the Z-Talk podcast, I needed to find somewhere else to prop up my microphone. Now, I’m back with more ranting, and this time I’m not alone.

To jump-start the Voidcast, I brought together some of Z-Talk’s old contributors – Axle the Beast, Nerion, and AnimeBassoon – to talk about the ever-so-debated topic of putting Zelda on our TV and theatre screens.

Hit the jump to catch the whole discussion!

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