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A Link To The Past Manga Video Tour

Viz-Media-A-Link-to-the-PastWith the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga by Shotaro Ishinomori, you are sure to be seeing reviews and images surfacing all over the internet. We at Zelda Dungeon have already brought you a Photo Gallery of some of the illustrations inside the manga, if you missed it you can check it out here. Now, the YouTube channel GameXplain who covers analysis, discussions, and review videos on many different games has just released a video tour of the manga. The video shows you in a little more detail some of the images within its pages, and might help out those that are still on the fence about picking it up.

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The ‘True’ Majora’s Mask Ending

ConsumeNo matter what the media, be it a game, film, book or anything else, it’s very important to get the ending right. There have been a few times something has been great until the ending comes along and ruins it. Luckily the endings to The Legend of Zelda games tend to be really good but there will always be those that have ideas on how it should have ended. YouTube channel GT Cartoons has made a short animation showing the ‘true’ ending to Majora’s Mask.


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Ocarina of Time Any% Speedrun is Once Again Broken

maxresdefaultMany may recall that Cosmo, popular speedrunner of Ocarina of Time with his famous world record of 18:10, once said that “Ocarina of Time is dead”, in terms of new speedrunning tricks being found. Even the now world record holder, 17-year-old skater82297, said in August that the ever-chased-after sub-18-minute run would not happen. Yet, just recently, on his Twitch stream, skater caught a 17:47 world record. This just goes to show that there is almost always room for optimization, and of course for new tricks like the Deku Nut glitch found by Jodenstone.

Be warned of a lot of swearing in the video. It was an insane moment for him, after all.

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Video Review of 2-D Zelda Rip-Offs

maxresdefault (3) Zelda rip-offs, imitations, and “inspired-by” games are nothing new to the series’ fanbase, we see new ones emerge every day on a wide range of consoles and gaming outlets. This trend of pulling ideas from Zelda games has been going on since the dawn of the series, so YouTube personality Boku No Eruption compiled a list of his favorite 2-D Legend of Zelda clones in an engaging video review. He debated the merits of these Zelda “inspired” games; he gives them credit when credit is due in terms of improved aspects, but doesn’t hold back judgement when they drop-the-ball.

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Majora’s Mask Light Unboxing

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.25.03 AMAt the end of last week we told you about Club Nintendo of Europe offering its members a The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask inspired light. The light was available for 6000 stars for all its members, and now sadly the light is no longer available. For those members that were able to place their order before the light sold out, they are starting to see them arrive at their homes. YouTube user Pug Hoof Gaming was kind enough to make an unboxing video the moment he received his light in the mail!

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The Wind Waker Gamecube/Wii U Comparison and Framerate Test

2559086-wind+wakerDigital Foundry has put together some videos examining the framerate of The Wind Waker HD, as well as a comparison of the graphics on the HD and original Gamecube versions. There is quite a noticeable difference, and seeing the HD version next to it certainly brings out the… worse points in the Gamecube game’s visuals.

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Super Smash Wars: A Link to the Hope

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.44.48 AMIn honor of today, May 4th, we at Zelda Dungeon wanted to show some love for our favorite series by showing off a great Zelda and Star Wars crossover. I scoured the web to find what I could say is one of my favorite crossover representations. Previously featured on Zelda Dungeon, YouTube legend, animator, and self proclaimed “professional nerd” James Farr, created a series of animations called “Super Smash Wars” combining various Nintendo IP’s with Star Wars and the end result was pretty fantastic. The video I selected as my favorite is what started it all titled, “Super Smash Wars: A Link to the Hope”.

Hit jump to join me in honoring two of my favorite franchises!

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Voidcast #14 – Sequels & Such

ZD Posting GraphicWelcome back to the Voidcast! This month, we look back at the series’ sequels to date, I explore what it actually means for a game to be a sequel, and we take a look at potential of future sequels. What types of sequels could Zelda games have, and whhich types have not been seen yet in the series?

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Adorable Skull Kid Created for Microsoft Paint Challenge

maxresdefault (2) Artists are always trying to find inventive new mediums in which to create their art, but some prefer to use rather old and sometimes mocked modes of creation. One such artist is YouTube user StevRayBro; he was challenged to draw Skull Kid is Microsoft Paint– and he accepted that challenge! He shows his whole process in a fast-motion video, and it’s really interesting to see the start-to-finish. Somehow this talented artist managed to create a detailed and adorable Skull Kid portrait in this primitive art program, check out his work after the jump.

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Starfire Becomes the Hero of Hyrule in Teen Titans Go!

11186427_1072371276124318_1970332507_n It comes as no surprise that there are some real retro gamers working over at Cartoon Network, and it’s even less surprising that some of them are Zelda fans. In a recent episode of Teen Titans Go!, aptly titled “Video Game References”, Starfire gets plopped down in a clearing eerily similar to that of the original Legend of Zelda and meets an old man in a cave; she befriends him, fights off some “land squid,” and catches a lady’s “coocalacka” in exchange for a bottle. However, Starfire being Starfire, she turns the whole thing into a dance party. Hit the jump to watch the clip!

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The Legend of Zelda remastered in time-lapse art

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.22.57 PMMany of us would be extremely happy if we were to see a fully remastered version of The Legend of Zelda released for sale (BS Zelda no Densetsu doesn’t count). TJ Townsend an artist, animator, coder, and designer from Dallas, Texas has given us a glimpse of just what a remastered version might look like. In an eight minute long YouTube video, Townsend takes an image of Link and Ganon from the original game and fully remasters it right before your eyes!


Take the jump to see this amazing video for yourselves!

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Link’s Awakening glitch that allows you to the beat game in 10 minutes

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.03.59 PMIt seems as if there will always be those that will spend the time and energy to try and find ways to manipulate “glitches” in games, to beat bosses quickly, “screen warp” to jump into other areas, or even beat games in record time. A+Start, a YouTube channel has a series that does just that, called “Son of a Glitch”. The series is featured regularly and teaches you some very useful and not so useful glitches, and in this episode the focus is on Link’s Awakening.

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Minuet of Forest Cover on Harp and Piano

downloadEveryone loves to see high-quality covers of famous Zelda songs, but sometimes, we get to hear a great fan cover of one of the songs you actually play in the games. The skilled musicians on the scarcitude . YouTube channel have covered Ocarina of Time‘s Minuet of Forest on Harp and Piano, and they did a beautiful job.

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Majora’s Mask Medley on Ocarina and Piano

legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-3d-skull-kid-e1420298876508YouTuber Jimmy Wong, accompanied by skilled Ocarina player Heather Scott, has released a medley of some of the lesser-covered songs from Majora’s Mask. One can appreciate fans that look at the songs in Zelda titles that do not recieve as much love, and decide to show everyone how great they are in videos like this. The pair did a great job on the video, and it is well-worth a listen.

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16 things wrong with A Link to the Past

Angry CuccosJosh M, owner of the channel Really Freakin’ Clever is taking a look at yet another Zelda game and the things he calls tongue-in-cheek “wrong” with it. Starting way back in april of 2013 with the video 64 Things Wrong with Ocarina of Time, he turned the affectionate parody into an entire series. Normally the channel does longer videos, but because Josh will be moving soon he could not make the full 64 things wrong with A Link to the Past. So instead he cut it down to a quarter of the normal length,  also because ALttP is a 16-bit game.

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