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Ocarina Of Time Remix By Favormusik

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.42.20 AMChillhop Music, a YouTube channel dedicated to featuring unknown musicians that focus on Hiphop, Triphop, and Jazzhop has recently uploaded a remix from Ocarina of Time. The remix was created by artist Jacob Beck also known as Favormusik. The familiar sounds from Ocarina of Time have been remixed with a nostalgic feel and warmth that will hopefully put a smile on your face, and help start your weekend just right with a super chill vibe!

Head past the break to check it out!

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ThatOneShowFUN Cross-Examines Skyward Sword Critiques Again

tumblr_lv90aokDmt1qlw4ddo1_500ThatOneShowFUN‘s Austin, host of popular YouTube show Eggbusters, has released Part 2 of his Cross-Examination episode on Skyward Sword. This show is designed to not only educate people on how to properly criticize the game in question, but to also show people the best ways to criticize media in general. In Skyward Sword‘s case, there is a lot of stuff people tend to bash, so knowing how to judge it from an objective and fair way is important for those wanting to review and critique it. Cross-Examination goes through the toughest arguments against the Wii title, and looks at why each one is worth concidering or not.

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Hero of Time Saga Trailer

maxresdefaultYouTube animator Cuccolover has released the first trailer for his upcoming animated series, The Hero of Time Saga. This series will, as his Facebook page claims, be based on Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, likely retelling both stories. It is not yet clear whether certain liberties will be taken to change what happens to the titular hero, but either way, the trailer sows off the rather impressive visuals Cuccolover has made entirely in Flash, and it looks like it will be a series worth watching.

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Time Lapse Painting of The Wind Waker

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.44.08 AMHere, at Zelda Dungeon we love to help show off and feature talented artists that have a love for the Zelda series and show it by creating some pretty spectacular artwork, this artist is definitely no exception. Halie Atisuto created a beautiful painting inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and to help show off how the piece came to be she has made a time-lapse video of the project. The video takes you from blank canvas through the evolution of the background and characters coming to life with her paintbrush, all the way to the finished painting. It is truly inspiring to watch these images appear as if by magic with the stroke of her brush and you can tell by watching that although the time flies in the video, this is a piece that took some time to complete. Head past the break and check out the wonder of this painting coming to life right before your eyes!

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Project M’s Custom Zelda Characters Have Awesome Final Smashes

8EuSWybProject M, a rather well-known mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that makes it more like its beloved predecessor, as well as adding brand new content, has loads of custom final smash moves for loads of characters, and a recent video by Master0fHyrule shows of a bunch of the more… intense ones. Among them are some sweet visuals of final smashes of custom characters Skull Kid and Fierce Deity, as well as a The Wind Waker-themed final smash by Captain Falcon.

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Great Fairy’s Fountain Hip-Hop Remix

gff I’ve always thought that the scantily clad Great Fairies of Ocarina of Time didn’t quite match the serene and pure beauty of the Great Fairy Fountains, but that may have had everything to do with the Fountains’ theme. Composer Alan Gee took the Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme and turned it on its head by giving it a sick beat and remixing it hip-hop style! While the song still sounds traditionally peaceful, it gives the Fountain a more urban atmosphere– far more befitting of those video-vixen Fairies. Give the remix a listen after the jump.

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A Rather Twisted Summary of the Legend of Zelda Series

fff Have you ever tried explaining the events of the Legend of Zelda series to a friend who doesn’t like video games nor medieval adventures? If you haven’t, then the people over at YouTube channel, DailyYou have got you covered. In its most recent “Fairy Tale Friday” video, the channel pokes fun at some of the Zelda series’ odd happenings and sums up the bearers of the Triforce in brutally honest ways. Their telling of the story is riddled with innuendoes, memes, and comical analogies that would entertain even non-gamers.

If you’re ready to laugh at a rather crude retelling of our favorite legend, hit the jump!

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Dragon Roost Island Acoustic Metal Cover By Toxicx Eternity

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.41.21 AMTGIF everyone! I thought we could get our weekend started now with a cover from The Wind Waker. This latest cover comes from the YouTube channel ToxicxEternity, a channel devoted to metal guitar covers of video game themes. This time the metal guitarist has created a cover for the Dragon Roost Island theme from the Wind Waker. Its absolutely fascinating to hear the familiar tune interpreted in this way and in my opinion sounds pretty spectacular. Head past the break to give it a listen for yourselves!

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Twilight Princess on Occulus Rift

hqdefaultHere’s an odd occurrence. When one thinks of Zelda, or anythnig else really, on the Oculus Rift virtual reality visor, one would expect first-person visuals, no? Well, Twilight Princess breaks that commonality in YouTuber Normal Graham‘s video of the Gamecube/Wii classic in 3rd-person virtual reality. This is not the first of Graham’s VR game videos, but it is one of his more interesting. It is certainly tough to imagine through words alone, so hit the jump for the full video!

Oh, and in his words, “WARNING: So much profanity.

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Fan Builds Giant Lego Replica of Hyrule Castle

Screenshot_26Zelda fan Joseph Zawada has created a magnificent Lego version of Hyrule Castle, as it is seen in Twilight Princess, his favourite game in the series. Make the jump to check out a video on the build, detailing some of Zawada’s greatest challenges when constructing the masterpiece.

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Tri Force Heroes Fan Reactions At Hyper Japan 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.44.16 AMHyper Japan is the UK’s largest convention of Japanese culture, food, fashion and entertainment. It is held annually in London, England and this year Nintendo was there with their upcoming title inspired by the Zelda series, Tri Force Heroes. Fans had an opportunity to check out the game and play through some demos much like what attendees at E3 and the recently ended Gamescom had a chance to do. Nintendo UK has just released a video on their YouTube channel that shows some fan reactions to the latest Zelda game, head past the break to check it out!

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Hang ‘Em Hyrule: Legend Of Zelda Western In HD

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.32.40 AMLast month we shared with you a trailer of a Legend of Zelda inspired spaghetti western created by beatdownboogie. This month we have seen the release of the official seven minute tribute film that shows off Link, Zelda, and Ganon in all their silent and western styled glory. The costumes were created by Volante Designs and will be available for purchase if their crowdfunding goal is met, currently their campaign has just 15 days left.

Head past the break to see whats in store for the trio in this western style Legend of Zelda adventure!

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Fan Revamps the Original 1986 Legend of Zelda

LoZOver the past couple of years there have been several Zelda games given a new lick of paint, been given some extra content and re-released for current platforms. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker all got the remake treatment but some people would like to see the older games given a new lease on life. YouTuber TCPixel has gone all the way back to the beginning and updated the original Legend of Zelda. Not only have the visuals been updated but they have also used sound clips from other Zelda games to give the game a more current gameplay experience.

See how it turned out after the jump!

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In-Depth Look at the Development of Eyes in Twilight Princess

d2 The Legend of Zelda is a series known for its miraculous gameplay and awe inspiring storylines, but casual gamers often overlook the genius of its development. The developers who worked on Twilight Princess (arguably the most detailed Zelda game, visually) skillfully constructed a massive world and paid attention to every minute detail– right down to the characters’ eyes. ClassicGameJunkie takes a close look at the development of Twilight Princess Link’s eyes in his YouTube series “How Did They Do That!?” to show how these eyes are able to both improve the game’s frame rate and be very expressive.

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Hidden Love Lesson from Link and Zelda?

5456456The latest video from YouTube member ConnorTheWaffle takes a look at the romance in The Legend of Zelda. In the video he reviews the various games and how the story of Link and Zelda evolves. Starting with the endings of each game where players get to see the two interract, to later games that included more scenes between them. He points out that there is more of an unspoken message of love between Zelda and Link that might not be immediately obvious to the player at first.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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