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Outset Island Acoustic Cover By The Team Players

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.20.58 AMThe Team Players are at it again, and this time they have created an Acoustic Cover of Outset Island from The Wind Waker. This isn’t the first time we have featured the duo on our site, in fact just a few months ago we shared with you another one of their Acoustic Covers, Dragon Roost Island. Today the pair takes us to the home of our Hero Link and his family, as well as the eventual home of Jabun, the Spirit of the Sea. Follow on past the break to see what you think of the latest from The Team Players!


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Dark Link vs. Link Watercolor Time Lapse

234120179_water_colors_xlargeYouTuber Adam Scythe has made a recent time lapse of him painting an Ocarina of Time watercolor, featuring the Dark Link fight in the Water Temple. He did an awesome job, and it is not even close to his first Zelda painting, so he certainly has experience. His channel has a wide variety of art pieces, so make sure to check them out, too!

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Tingle’s Map An Animated Parody

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.22.01 AMThe YouTube channel mashed, well known for creating great video game mashups and parodies has recently taken on its latest parody inspired by The Legend of Zelda. In this comedic animation we see a  smart mouth Tingle encourage Link to secure one of Tingle’s Maps. As you might expect Link will pull out all the stops and bombs to get just what he wants. Head on past the break to see what hilarity ensues when Tingle and Link meet up in this animated parody.


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Link’s Health Trouble

95595898YouTube member MaGGoT4th recently uploaded a new animation starring Link titled Link’s Health Trouble. The video depicts a beautifully rendered Link attempting to grab an extra heart from a speedy cucco who keep running off over and over again only to lose it again to Skull Kid.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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10doTV Interviews Jason Michael Paul And Conductor Amy Anderson

800px-Zelda_Symphony_Master_QuestThe German Gaming Channel, 10doTV has recently had an opportunity to interview Jason Michael Paul, Producer of the Zelda Symphony and Amy Anderson, a Conductor for The Zelda Symphony. During the course of the interviews Jason Michael Paul talks about his experiences collaborating with Nintendo and some of the things he would like to see in the future. We also get an opportunity to get a little more insight as to some of the things that go on back stage and some of the challenges musicians face when performing in the symphony. To check out the videos of those interviews head past the break, and stay tuned for a special treat from Zelda Dungeon on the Symphony of the Goddesses: Master Quest in the next few weeks!

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64 Things Wrong with Majora’s Mask, part 4

RFK Title ScreenThe YouTuber who made it big with lovingly poking fun at Ocarina of Time, Josh M. of the channel Really Freakin’ Clever, has released yet another part in his series where he looks at the things wrong with Majora’s Mask. In the first three parts he did the opening of Majora’s Mask and did the first two dungeons: Woodfall Temple and Snowhead Temple. For part four he will not yet go to the lovely Great Bay Temple yet though: instead Josh will take a shot at a number of the sidequests that Majora’s Mask is so full of. Watch the video after the break!
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The Legend of Zelda Mini Medley

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.23.53 AMThere are so many talented musicians creating their own covers of many songs from The Legend of Zelda series, and this duo is no exception. YouTube Channel, TeraCMusic has recently uploaded a beautiful medley of music from the Zelda series in collaboration with Michelle Heafy. The duo created a compilation of songs from Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and A Link Between Worlds. The harmony of their voices in unison adds so much to the original medley and their transition in between the songs is pretty flawless!

Head on past the break to check them out!

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Machinima: What if Link had a gun?

Call me Zelda one more timeGunpowder-based weapons are not very common in The Legend of Zelda. Sure, there are bombs, cannons and the rocket launcher Auru used against that one Aeralfos in the final dungeon of Twilight Princess. But aside from those there are no handheld firearms. Of course, there are a lot of fan ideas for Zelda games set in a more modern setting with guns and such. One of the people with an idea as such is upcoming voice actor ProZD (not affiliated with Zelda Dungeon in any way), who made a sound clip about what would happen if Link had a gun. After making this the YouTube video maker Chance McMichael took this sound clip and made a video of it. You can watch the video after the break!
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Zelda Dungeon Staff Creates Beautiful Music With A Twilight Princess Trailer Cover

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.23.05 PMOur very own talented duo, Brooke Ferdinansen and Jessica Capps have created their own Twilight Princess Trailer Cover. The two are not only huge fans of the Zelda series, but for both of them, music holds a special place in their hearts. When the two are not giving their time to Zelda Dungeon as a writer and editor, they are both diligently working on perfecting their musical skills. Now the duo has created a beautiful cover of “Don’t want you no more” (trailer theme) from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The instruments selected for the cover will be played by Brooke and Jessica, with Brooke on the piano and oboe, and Jessica playing the violin. Head past the jump to see this talented duo for yourself!

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Ocarina Of Time Recreated In Far Cry 4

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.09.27 AMMany Zelda fans across the world are desperately hoping for the release of Zelda U, as well as the promise of the beautifully open world that was shown to us in footage from the Game Awards Show last year. But since thus far more footage and information about the game has continued to elude us some are resorting to creating their own version of Hyrule. The YouTube channel GameChap has used a map in the PS4 game Far Cry 4 to recreate the world from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In this recreation you will see many familiar landmarks such as the mighty Deku Tree, Death Mountain, and much more.

Hit the jump to check it out for yourself and see what else you might find familiar!

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Beta64 Covers Four Swords Adventures

mqdefaultYouTuber Beta64 has recently released a new video in his series detailing the beta elements of classic games, and this time, he covers Four Swords Adventures. The Gamecube title is not the most popular of Zelda games, but it is still a notable one, and the developers seemed to have really worked hard on it, judging by the major changes it went through. Some things ahhown in the bideo might surpeise you.

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Are The Triforce and Goddesses Evil?

Golden_GoddessesThere’s a certain story within the Zelda universe I’m sure we’re all familiar with: the creation of the world and Triforce. First brought up in Ocarina of Time it tells of how the three golden goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore cultivated the land, and produced the life forms and laws that govern the world. Upon their departure they created the Triforce which could grant the wish of anyone that touched it. The goddesses watch over Hyrule and have protected it from Ganon’s evil plans but there is some evidence to suggest the goddesses aren’t the caring, divine entities they seem to be. A video by ProtoMario delves into this theory and puts forth a good case.

Take the jump to see the video.

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ZeldaDungeon Marathon Announcement

11659560_10153971140083294_1722934703500028643_nIt’s that time of year again; the annual ZeldaDungeon charity marathon has been scheduled to start on July 13th and end on the 17th, this year benefitting Child’s Play. We will be playing through all of the main series Legend of Zelda games as well as the more obscure Zelda titles. Many staff members will be returning from previous marathons, along with a few new faces. Check out the video below for more info!

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ThatOneShowFUN Examines Internet Criticisms of Skyward Sword

rvl_zeldass_05ss05_e3Austin of the ThatOneShowFun YouTube channel, well-known for his popular show, Eggbusters, has a new show called Cross Examination, and the first episode is on Skyward Sword. There are a lot of critiques of the Wii title that regularly float around the web that are of, admittedly, questionable quality. Austin discusses the weak arguements people often use in their internet reviews in the first part of his Skyward Sword episode.

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