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Gossip Stone: Does a Zelda Game’s Appearance Affect its Reception?

COVER real There are an almost endless number of factors that contribute to the commercial appeal of a videogame– gameplay, functionality, developer, rating– but a game isn’t going to sell if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, at least in some capacity. We can judge by the turbulent behavior following the reveal of Wind Waker’s art style or Skyward Swords’ downgraded graphics that appearance does matter within the Zelda series. So let’s take a look at some of the varied Zelda visual styles and how they affected the games’ initial and later receptions after the jump!

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Theory: How The Zoras Evolved To The Rito

how the zora's evolvedIn one of Dr.Wily‘s latest videos he came up with ideas on why the Zora’s needed to evolve to later become the Rito. It could have been possible that the change in water conditions made it so that they were no longer able to live underwater. It could also have happened because there was not enough food for them in The Great Sea. The monsters in The Great Sea could have been a part of the reason that they needed to evolve as well. All of these points were detailed in his video.

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TedescoCreations: Sage Laruto Cover on Piano

sage laruto cover wwIn one of his latest videos, YouTuber TedescoCreations did a Piano cover on Sage Laruto. It is done both somberly and elegantly, with the audio being of high quality. It was done on Keyboard and is one of my personal favorite songs from The Wind Waker. The visuals of the video are also done well with a cool background shown behind both himself and the keyboard.

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Dragon Roost Island Harp Cover by TwoBreaths

two breaths

TwoBreaths, a musical duo consisting of twins Dragomira and Soryane, have composed a unique cover to Dragon Roost Island’s theme. The score is done completely on the harp played by Dragomira. This piece is a wonderful way to spend those dark winter nights curled up with some hot cocoa. So grab your favorite pillow, find a comfy chair, and hit the jump to take a listen to this peaceful melody.

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Zelda Theory: What Happened To The Deku Tree?

Great-Deku-TreeIn The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time we are introduced to The Great Deku Tree, the Guardian of the Forest, he stands watch over all of his surroundings protecting all the creatures and beings that lie within his lush green forest. Sadly, The Great Deku tree has been cursed and although child Link battles fearlessly to save him, it was too late for this great “Shepard of the Forest”. We then see him again in The Wind Waker acting as the Guardian of the Forest Haven, here he is a father figure to the adorable little creatures by his side. But what happened to The Great Deku Tree in the time between these events and after? Join Dr. Wily in one of his latest Zelda Theories after the break.

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Nintendo Badge Arcade Adds Wind Waker Badges And A Free Play!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.33.44 AMToday, the Nintendo Badge Arcade has just added several new panels of badges including new panels from The Wind Waker. Featuring Princess Zelda, Triforce, Hyrule Crest, Potions, and even a Fairy in a Bottle, as well as several other familiar items, the badges are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out. You can also get yourself one free play today, plus don’t forget to use the Practice Catcher for a chance at securing a few more free plays! You can use the Practice Catcher once a day for a chance at getting the special badge which rewards you with up to five free plays!

Jump on in past the break to check out all the new Wind Waker badges.

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IGN: The Wind Waker, From Hated to Cherished

wp-1-1920x1080 Admittedly, when The Wind Waker was released back in 2003, I was not a fan. My first look at it was as a twenty minute demo on the Zelda Collector’s Edition my siblings and I got for Christmas when I was ten. At the time, I had just finished playing through Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask–my second and third Zelda games ever–and the concept of a ‘Toon Link’ was so bizarre to me, the switch in worlds so monumental that, as a ten-year-old, I irrationally decided to reject the game entirely. It wasn’t until I was much older and the HD remake was released that I decided to give the game another chance, and found that I actually really liked it. In fact, it has, up until this point, become one of my favorite Zelda titles and I find myself replaying it every four-six months; almost as much as I replay Ocarina of Time.

Beyond the jump is a video where the guys at IGN explain this common occurrence throughout the fanbase. That, in the last twelve years since The Wind Waker‘s initial release, fans have converted from hating the change in Zelda’s direction, to absolutely adoring it and eager for more re-releases of favorite Zelda titles.

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Gossip Stone: Should The Tingle Tuner Have Been in Wind Waker HD?

largeOther than the clearly enhanced visuals and audio of the game, there were a few changes Nintendo made to Wind Waker during its HD revamp that changed quite a deal. One of the features they had cut from the game entirely was the connectivity between the GameCube system and the Gameboy Advanced systems- allowing the player to use the Tingle Tuner for various features, such as letting Link hover or simply keeping him alive altogether. I had a few ideas about this in the past that could’ve worked, so if you’re interested in reading into it more, be sure to tune in past the jump!

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Monster Hunter X Link Costume Screenshots And Art

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.49.12 AMYesterday we shared that Capcom had just announced several new collaborations for their upcoming title, Monster Hunter X releasing in Japan on November 28. Among the new collaborations was a special Felyne Link costume from The Wind Waker, where the kitties will be able to garb themselves in the image of Link. Now Capcom has released a couple of screenshots and art to give you an even better idea of how the Felyne’s will look in their new digs.

Jump on in past the break to check them out.

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Dragon Roost Island Cover With Some Mexican Flavor

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.18.55 AMYouTube channel Mariachi Entertainment System has recently uploaded a new cover for the Dragon Roost Island theme from The Wind Waker. The channel is dedicated to spreading the word about Mexican culture and mariachi through covers of various video game music and has recently gone through a little rebranding of sorts. The Dragon Roost Island theme is a very highly represented song for covers and this one lends a unique twist to the music. Jump on in past the break to give it a listen and see what you think.

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72Hours Remaining Cover Of The Wind Waker End Credits

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.05.13 AMWith all of the coverage on Tri Force Heroes that has been going on of late it has been a little bit since we shared a quality Zelda inspired cover with you. Just any cover would not do, so I searched for what I thought was a pretty spectacular one to share with you. 72Hours Remaining is a musical project with two seasoned guitarist and a love for The Legend of Zelda. In their latest cover they do an amazing job on the End Credits for The Wind Waker, it seriously brought back quite a few memories for me and now I feel like I need to replay the game once again!

Head on past the break to check it out!

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Dragon Roost Island Metal Theme Cover

WW Metal Cover News In one of his recent videos Celestial Fury decided to do a metal cover of the Dragon Roost Island theme. It is done well and both Zelda and metal fans should enjoy this cover. Starting with a calm piano opening it makes a smooth transition into guitar and makes for a good listen.



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Smooth McGroove’s cover of Wind Waker’s Outset Island

Smooth McGrooveFresh off the heels of his previous Zelda cover when he did the intro of A Link to the Past, this time YouTube one man acapella choir and professional cat owner Smooth McGroove is covering yet another Zelda song. Having done several of Majora’s Mask covers and plenty of other themes, Smooth is no stranger to the Zelda franchise. This time he returns to Wind Waker, where he covers the Outset Island theme. Watch the video after the jump!
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Gossip Stone: Which Is The Best Ganondorf Fight?

Choque_espadas_Link_y_Ganondorf_TPThroughout the Zelda series, we’ve seen Link duke it out with Ganondorf on several occasions- each fight with its own means of strategy and mechanics. However, there are a couple that I would like to show off, as they are -no doubt- a couple of my favorite boss fights in video games. But of course, that led me to also wanting to hear about your opinions- so after I’m done showing these fights to you guys, I’d love to hear what your favorite fights are, right after the jump! (Some Spoilers Ahead?)

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