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Piece of Heart: Acts of Communion

Link-drinking-Milk-the-legend-of-zelda-32705249-1024-738-3500Welcome to Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how the literary elements found in the games enhance the overall experience. Literature is a beating heart that pumps its influence into even the furthest reaches of this celestial body, and each literary example that exists in The Legend of Zelda is a piece of that heart. Every two weeks we’ll cover a different chapter of Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor and examine what components of the lesson appear throughout the Zelda series.

This week’s lesson is titled “Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion” and states that the act of sharing a meal with someone is often written intentionally to show emotional development between characters. The way the food is eaten and the type of food affect the meal’s purpose, just as breaking bread signifies peace. Whatever the situation, a communion has the literary implication of: a coming together, of sharing, of uniting under a common trait, of getting along, and of disunity when used ironically.

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Artist Creates Dreamworks-esque Zelda Illustration

untitled2-1Artist Cassio Yoshiyaki recently released an incredible illustration of Link and Zelda from The Wind Waker. This may be one of many Zelda fan drawings, but as you’ll see, it’s one that certainly stands out. Though these designs have a noticeable DreamWorks resemblance, they still maintain the iconic Wind Waker look. These are remarkable pieces of fan art from a very talented artist, so hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

A Look Back at Introductions in Zelda

Intros in Zelda PicAs a longtime fan of the Zelda franchise, I have played through my fair share of Zelda introductions. Some have worked extraordinarily well, throwing you directly into the action while allowing you to learn the ropes. Others haven’t been as successful. I won’t look at each and every introduction to a Zelda game; instead, I will only look at opening acts that I feel are different enough (either in structure or quality) from others in the series to merit a mention.

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Plants vs Zombies Zelda Easter Egg

pvzgardenwarfare23_13121734_616 It’s not unusual for games to pay homage to other games. By their very nature, easter eggs are a small love letter to the games which left huge impacts on our lives, and the Zelda series is no stranger to them. This easter egg though, might just be a little more special than your average one.

Want to know exactly what these easter eggs are? Then click more to find out after the jump.

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The Wind Waker Speedrunning World Record is Broken

The_Wind_Waker_Prologue_(Part_3) It is a truly superhuman feat to see fellow gamers dedicate their time to being the best at their craft. One group to especially admire are speedrunners. The sheer time, dedication, and concentration that must be applied to this incredible craft is a sight to behold in practice. And now the record for speedrunning The Wind Waker has been broken!

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Hyrule Warriors: Zelda Trailer Featuring the Wind Waker

ZeldaWWHW-610The most recent character trailer for Hyrule Warriors has been released. This time, it shows off Zelda’s skills with the Wind Waker. The songs played with it both bring back memories, and beat the life out of several nasty bokoblins that clearly do not appreciate good music.

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Lyrical Associations with The Legend of Zelda

Lyrical Associations with The Legend of Zelda

A childhood obsession with The Legend of Zelda series is a difficult thing to put behind you as an adult. All it takes is the crow of a bird to send my mind into a spiral of nostalgia, reminiscing about the first time I gazed upon the sheer terror of Ganon’s Castle in Ocarina of Time.

The Legend of Zelda has never provided us with an ending song such as Xenoblade Chronicles’ ‘Beyond the Sky’ or The Last Story’sToberu Mono.’ Never has the series ended with a song that succinctly sums up the experience of the game through verse.

That’s why when I listen to the lyrics of some songs, I just can’t help but let my mind wonder back to those times spent with a controller in hand, Link on my screen and an adventure beckoning. The following is a look at some lyrics from songs that I have come to associate with The Legend of Zelda.

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Dragon Roost A Capella

download (2)If you have ever played The Wind Waker then you know the popular Dragon Roost Island theme. It’s upbeat, quick, and is something to tap your foot to. Well, YouTube user Smooth McGroove has created his own A Capella version of it completely by himself.

Hit the jump to listen!

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Nendoroid The Wind Waker HD Figure Now Available for Pre-order

NEOGDS-109921Nendoroid is a Japanese action figure company known for making miniature figures based on anime and occasionally a non-anime franchises. Some include Attack on Titan, Super Mario Bros., and even Iron Man. Now, announced last year, a Nendoroid figure based on The Wind Waker HD is available for pre-order!

Hit the jump to check out pictures of the figure along with the official description!
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Milk Bar Mornings: Serenity of the Guitar – Part 1

Milk Bar logoWelcome back to another edition of Milk Bar Mornings! Today we will be looking at some music that is for once not in the actual games, but rather something that you could (with some practice) play at home. We will be looking at some of the tracks from the Zelda Series for Guitar book, a sheet music book containing, as the name suggests, various themes from the series. Now you might be wondering, “How could you possibly analyze those pieces? Aren’t they just the notes for the song laid out so that it can be played on the guitar?” Well not quite. Due to the slight limitations on how many notes at a time can be played on a guitar, the musicians behind the book have created covers of the song, containing their own story and overall outlook to the game the song is featured in. So without further ado, to kick off this miniseries, we will be looking at pieces from each game in the adult timeline, by analyzing the songs for their story and technicalities. So hit the jump to see what is in store!

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Development of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Inspired By The Wind Waker

assassins_creed_4_black_flag_game-wide Ubisoft Montreal’s Jean Guesdon, Brand Content Manager of the Assassin’s Creed series, was in a interview with EDGE about the development of the latest series installment, Black Flag. In the interview, EDGE mentioned how much they loved sailing and exploring in The Wind Waker, and when asked how it helped to “inform Black Flag’s design”, Guesdon gave an interesting response.

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Milk Bar Mornings: The Wind Waker Bosses

Milk Bar logoWelcome back to another issue of Milk Bar Mornings. To start off Milk Bar Mornings after a short break, we will be looking at the various boss themes from The Wind Waker. The Wind Waker has an amazing pallet of bosses, from giant birds to hundreds of poes, The Wind Waker‘s boss themes are fast, upbeat, and cinematic. Boss music is an important factor in any game, ensuring that each track fully represents the grandness of both the boss, and the stage that the player went through to get to the boss. We will be looking at how the composers of The Wind Waker have created amazing pieces, through technicalities and story. So hit the jump to see what we have in store!

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Dr. Link: Diagnosis of Characters #5

drlinkLast week on Dr. Link I had a look at an antagonist from Skyward Sword who was very… interesting. We looked at Ghirahim, whose diagnosis was rather large. This week I am going to focus on a minor character in the Zelda series who is not as nearly crazy as Ghirahim, but still has something going on in his head. He is from The Wind Waker and is hardly seen or noticed through out the entire game.

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Top 5 Dramatic Moments in Zelda

3582.link_In both of my last editorals, I mentioned how one of my favorite things about Zelda was how dramatic it can be when it wants to be. So, I decided to make a top five list of my favorite dramatic moments in Zelda’s history. These moments were chosen by me alone, and are among my favorite moments in Zelda all together. But there are also some major spoilers, so keep that in mind. Hit the jump to see my picks!

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