Twilight Princess

horizontal_01The folks over at First 4 Figures have just announced their brand new Princess Zelda Statue. This is the 5th statue in the Twilight Princess Series set, with their previously being statues for Zant, Wolf Link and Midna, Link and Epona, and most recently with Ganondorf. The statue stands at 17 inches in height and is set to retail for $349.99. The statue is limited to a 2500 run, and is set to release during the 4th quarter of this year. make the jump to check out some larger images.

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13. The Legend of Zelda - Twilight PrincessThe Zelda series is loved by many for its adventurousness and compelling storylines. I doubt that anyone would argue with the statement that any one of Link’s numerous journeys can be called a quest. But what few know is that the concept of a quest is so prevalent in stories from all around the world that a set structure has been made which outlines the stages of the quest. The majority of the Zelda games fit perfectly into this pattern, but one of the ones which fits the outline most accurately is Twilight Princess. From the calling of the hero to the journey through the underworld, Twilight Princess is a perfect example of the quest as seen in video games. Hit the jump to find out just how precisely this game portrays the concept of the quest.

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Dr. Link: Diagnosis of Characters #6

TylerJanuary 26th, 2014 by Tyler

drlinkMy previous patient was a lesser known character from The Wind Waker, Gossack, who had an inconclusive diagnosis. This week, by popular demand, I am going to take a look at a well known character who makes an appearance throughout many games in the Zelda series. His name is never given, and is on most occasions seen out and about, worrying about his task at hand. He is constantly running from place to place, but seems happy where he is.

Hit the jump to see the latest diagnosis!

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gametrailersGameTrailers has released another episode of their Trailer Academy series, and this time around, they analyze what made Twilight Princess‘ debut trailer so awesome. If you have seen the reaction of the crowd at the 2004 E3 Expo after seeing the trailer, you really cannot argue that it was one of Zelda’s biggest reveals, but why? What were people so excited about?

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Milk Bar Mornings: Twilight Princess Towns

MaanavLinkJanuary 22nd, 2014 by MaanavLink

Milk Bar logoWelcome back to another issue of Milk Bar Mornings, the weekly article where we analyze various themes from the Zelda series for the story and technicalities. Today we will be looking themes of the many towns and villages present in Twilight Princess. Each town in the game has a very unique style, supporting the history and future if the town. From a cozy village, to a lively town, Twilight Princess‘s composers, Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and Koji Kondo, did an amazing job at creating a track that fully represents the town’s role in the player’s adventure. So hit the jump to see what we have in store!

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Top 5 Dramatic Moments in Zelda

AngelJanuary 7th, 2014 by Angel

3582.link_In both of my last editorals, I mentioned how one of my favorite things about Zelda was how dramatic it can be when it wants to be. So, I decided to make a top five list of my favorite dramatic moments in Zelda’s history. These moments were chosen by me alone, and are among my favorite moments in Zelda all together. But there are also some major spoilers, so keep that in mind. Hit the jump to see my picks!

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Ever since I played Twilight Princess, which felt like a massive adventure filled with content to me, I’ve been waiting for the next Zelda game with the same sense of scope.  Now, about seven years and two new Zelda games later, I sadly feel that the amount of proper extra content within Zelda games has only been declining.  If you want to read more about this development, and why it might be happening, jump in for more.

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Dr. Link: Diagnosis of Characters #2

TylerDecember 29th, 2013 by Tyler

drlinkLast week we had a look at an interesting character, Guru Guru, who was diagnosed with multiple disorders. This week we have another character who is just as, if not more interesting. This character is not as well known as Guru Guru and doesn’t make as many appearances, but they are interesting none the less. This character obsesses over small insects and bases their entire life after them. Hit the jump to see the next patient!

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Christmas Editorial #2: Christmas in Hyrule, Part 1

SkyruleArcherDecember 11th, 2013 by SkyruleArcher

santa_link_by_tavington-d5oafw7Welcome to another Christmas editorial! This week we will be looking at what Hyrule would look like during Christmas time. More specifically, we’ll be looking at the Twilight Princess version of Hyrule. In part one I’ll go over Ordon Village, Kakariko Village, and Death Mountain.

Hit the jump to read more!

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Christmas Editorial #1 – Top 5 Snow Areas in Zelda

SkyruleArcherDecember 4th, 2013 by SkyruleArcher

Snowpeak_Ruins Christmas time has officially started! For me at least. To me, Christmas time starts as soon as Thanksgiving is over. So to kick off Christmas time at Zelda Dungeon, I’m gonna tell you my top five snow areas in Zelda!

Hit the jump to read more!

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Would You Rather: Edition II

RabbitNovember 20th, 2013 by Rabbit

imageWelcome to our second installment of “Would You Rather!” Last week we had a tremendous response to this piece, which is very exciting for everybody. After looking at all the discussion boards it seems like Zelda fandom is pretty split on which ride they’d rather have. If you missed out on last week’s article you can go check it out by clicking here. Otherwise, hit the jump to see this week’s match-up!

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boxsetMany fans have been waiting for Prima’s Zelda guide box set since the very first reveal of it. The set includes six collector’s edition guides for the six most recently released games, excluding A Link Between Worlds. Also included is a laser etched bookmark, an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, and a treasure chest case to top it all off.

We are getting very close to the release of the set. That being said, more photos have been revealed. Check them out after the jump!
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tumblr_inline_msua2y5krJ1qz4rgpOf all the Links who have donned the green tunic and cap and answered the call to save Hyrule, the Hero of Time stands out as particularly legendary. Not only did this incarnation of Link star in Ocarina of Time, a game many consider to be one of the best ever made, but he went on to save the day again in Majora’s Mask, a cult favorite among hardcore Zelda fans. His influence is keenly felt in The Wind Waker, and again in Twilight Princess, where the Hero’s Shade, a manifestation of the Hero of Time’s past regret, according to Hyrule Historia, teaches his heroic successor the ways of the sword.

Despite his recurring appearances in the series, the Hero of Time’s fate following Majora’s Mask is largely shrouded in mystery. A relatively new fan comic, however, has attempted to fill in the holes and provide an emotional and complete account of this particular Link’s legendary life.

Read on after the jump!

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We recently heard that Nintendo tested out three different Zelda games to use as a HD remake for Wii U; The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Of course, we all know which one the gaming giant picked for its struggling console as Zelda fans and Wii U gamers, alike, prepare to embrace for the launch of The Wind Waker HD. Interestingly, in an interview with gaming site Polygon, longtime Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has indicated that HD remakes for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword have not been ruled out entirely as long as someone else was willing to do it while he’s working on Zelda Wii U.

You can read the full quote from Mr. Aonuma’s interview after the jump!

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Peter_M_TPAs one of the oldest, and arguably greatest, video game franchises around, it isn’t uncommon to see Zelda titles make lists of personal favorite games of all time. When famous game designer Peter Molyneux, the man behind the Fable series, was asked to list his top five favorite games recently, one Zelda game made the list. As you already know from reading the title of this article, that game is Twilight Princess.

Hit the jump for more details.

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Dark linkWith The Wind Waker HD quickly approaching and a mysterious Zelda Wii U title lurking on the horizon, this summer has seen its fair share of fan speculation.  This got me thinking; what surprises or major changes would the fans like to see in future Zelda titles?  You may remember a fan campaign on Facebook asking Nintendo to give Princess Zelda a stronger role in response to Aonuma’s statement at E3, saying he would entertain the idea of a playable Princess Zelda “if enough people had strong feelings about it.” This is encouraging news to fans, as it tells us our voices are being heard. So if Zelda developers would consider giving Zelda her own game,  what about other memorable characters from the series, say… Dark Link? Personally, the idea of playing as Dark Link sounds… just so…cool! But how could Nintendo possibly pull this off?

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Eggbusters: Twilight Princess REDUX

KevAugust 14th, 2013 by Kev

TPEvery game has a glitch or 12 and a lot of people spend hours trying everything they can to find them. They may just have too much free time on their hands but they certainly make for entertaining videos and these glitches is what Eggbusters is all about. I’ve checked out a couple of videos before for other games I like and, seeing as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is my all time favourite game, I was quite glad they decided to do another video on glitches in the game. Rather than spend ages looking for glitches, though, presenter Austin looks for glitches other people have supposedly found and puts them to the test. It may be a game glitch version of Mythbusters but, in this video, there are some surprising result.

All is revealed after the jump!!

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Serenade_of_WaterOf all Zelda games, Ocarina of Time still takes the cake for having the strongest nostalgia for me. I literally grew up playing this game; any time I started playing other games I’d still find some new way to play this classic again and would end up coming back to it. As a result, almost the entire soundtrack from Ocarina is nostalgic… and consequently, so is most of Twilight Princess‘s soundtrack.

An excellent example of a Nintendo 64-era song that received a new twist in Twilight Princess is the Serenade of Water. A favorite of mine from Ocarina of Time, the Serenade received a gorgeous rework and an entire scene dedicated to it. Jump inside to see both songs and my thoughts about the pair!

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TP with SS GraphicsThe two most recent console Zelda games, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are extremely different stylistically. The former was very dark, creepy and rather realistic in comparison to all of its predecessors. The latter was more of an amalgamation, crossing over a bit of realism with the mystical cartoon graphics from games like The Wind Waker. The games feel different to play, and evoke different feelings while playing them, and truly show the beautiful variety that Zelda games offer. Still, there was someone out there who believed this variety may not be so beautiful, and decided to take the issue into his own hands. Jump in to learn more!
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Flute Boy’s Meadow – Blizzeta

JordanJuly 19th, 2013 by Jordan

Boss battle music is an excellent place to look if you want to see how diverse Zelda music became over the years. In the original Legend of Zelda, there was no separate track for boss battles until A Link to the Past. Even then, the same track was used for every boss. In Ocarina of Time, some more diversity was added: we had one song for mini-bosses, another for regular bosses, and then a different track for the “dinosaur” bosses, Dodongo and Volvagia. We finally saw a new twist on this in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess when each separate boss got their own music (for the most part).

This gave the developers plenty of room to work with in making songs. Now, they could tailor each boss’s music to best match both the boss itself and the battle and environment in which you meet them. One of my favorite examples of these songs was the theme of Blizzeta, boss of Snowpeak Ruins. Jump in to hear it!

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Zelda Guides Box Set

MichaelJuly 17th, 2013 by Michael

November is one of those months in which people start purchasing gifts for the holiday season. The perfect gift for any Zelda fan would be the Zelda Guides Box Set, releasing on November 26 of this year. The box set includes six collector’s edition Prima Guides of the six most recent Zelda titles, excluding A Link Between Worlds, and they are presented in a manner to make any Zelda fan perk out of his or her chair.

You can read more about this box set and look at a few images of said product after the jump!
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What do you Love about Twilight Princess?

Minish PantsJuly 8th, 2013 by Minish Pants

Because Jmisn23 used the magic word, Twilight Princess is up next in this article series. I gotta admit, though I love every Zelda game, it’s nice to get back to the cream of the crop. This game gets a lot of hate, which is something I’ll never understand. Sure, each Zelda game has its flaws, but I feel like the negativity targeted toward this game is generally subjective preferences rather than legitimate complaints. “The atmosphere is so bland and depressing, the music’s not as good as other Zelda games, the overworld was so uninteresting…” Quiet, you. Making every Zelda game feel distinctly different from each other is likely what has kept the series running so strong in the last 26 years. As long as we have the essentials: the characters, dungeons, bosses, items, puzzles, and an overworld to explore, it’s bound to be a stellar game. I’m here to tell you that Twilight Princess is a superb entry to the Zelda franchise, and I have a lot of praising to do, so let’s get into it!

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As a lot of you have surely heard, the long awaited Super Smash Bros. games for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have been announced, and official artwork of Link’s appearance in this game has been released. While it is almost completely the design of Twilight Princess‘s Link, there are still minor differences which suggest another connection. Hit the jump to find out more!

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Just recently the team at Zelda Reorchestrated released their album, Twilight Symphony, on YouTube. Included are orchestrated tracks of songs from Twilight Princess, along with a professional Hollywood choir. Not to mention vocal talent from several live soloists, including Aubrey Ashburn from titles like Dragon Age 2, and Devil May Cry 4.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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How hard is it to actually sing in acapella? Sure, it may seem like a breeze considering all you need is your sole voice with a good note range yet give it a try and you may find it’s quite a struggle to reach some strenuous notes. This thought is why we need to pay respect to our featured musician in this post for his unbelievable talent in mastering the art of acapella.  Everyone’s favourite Legend of Zelda acapella singer Smooth McGroove has delivered another awe-inspiring composition using only his mouth from our favourite gaming series! This time around he’s produced the beautiful piece from Twilight Princess commonly known as “Midna’s Lament” and the finishing product is an absolute must listen.

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to such a heavenly melody! Click that jump and be prepared for some of the most worthwhile Zelda entertainment trending around the gaming community!

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Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess as most Zelda players would know are on a very different scale when it comes to graphics and art style. With Skyward Sword looking like a water color painting whereas Twilight Princess is very dark to fit its “Twilight” atmosphere. A very passionate Zelda fan has recently come up with a mod pack which gives Twilight Princess the graphics and bright color of Skyward Sword. This has created a very interesting mix of the games, read more after the jump!

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While I feel it doesn’t need mentioning, I will nevertheless point out that there is no such thing as a “worst” or “best” Zelda game due to the fact that we each of us has a different idea of what exactly the Zelda recipe ought to be; my “best” might be your “worst” or vice versa. Also there’s the simple fact that even the lowest ranked Zelda game is considerably better ranked than most other games.

With that out of the way, this week we will take a look at Twilight Princess–and we will do so in a slightly different structure than in previous weeks, as evidenced by the title.


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Hi dear readers, and welcome to another exciting segment of Timeshift Thursday! Similar to last week I will be taking a good look at one of Link’s epic battles, where the gamer may have had a very memorable and inspirational experience, while examining the reasons as to what made it so incredible. I’ve drawn my thoughts from Twilight Princess where quite a few one-on-one combat events happen and have picked the one I found the most exhilarating.

This week features Link’s horseback fight with King Bulblin and it includes a stunning clash atop the glorious Bridge of Eldin. With Link clinging onto Epona’s reins, while trying to slash at the King of Bulblins and risking taking a disastrous plunge off the edge, this does happen to be one courageous act by our hero!

Would you like to learn more about Link’s Bridge of Eldin battle with King Bulblin? Hit the jump if you want to read deeper into the article!

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Reproduction in the Zelda Series

CameronMay 3rd, 2013 by Cameron

There are many species in the Zelda series which have unknown methods of reproduction. Three of these species have picked at my curiosity in particular, the Gorons, the Deku race, and the Kokiri. There are many theories as to how Gorons reproduce, and none for the Deku race or the Kokiri. I shall go through these theories, suggest my own, and at the end, you can tell me the races in the Zelda series which you have always wondered about, and your ideas. Sound like a good idea? Good. Let’s go!

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Which Art Style is Your Favorite?

CameronApril 28th, 2013 by Cameron

As Zelda fans, we have undoubtedly been subject to the greatest variety in art style and graphics in a single video game series. We’ve seen 2D, cel-shaded, 3D, 2D cel-shaded, realistic, impressionistic, and variations of those listed. People always have very different opinions on which one is the best and why. So that’s what I’m here to discuss. I shall explain each art style or graphics implemented by each game, and then you can simply pick which one is your favorite. Don’t let your opinion go unheard!

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Nudity in the Zelda Series

CameronApril 24th, 2013 by Cameron

Nudity, whether it be partial or brief, is not uncommon in the Zelda series. When nudity is depicted in a Zelda game, it is never overly explicit, thus, the ratings on any one game are not higher than they are. Though it is definitely present in the series, and it is not a new aspect, beginning as early as Link’s Awakening. This can be a somewhat controversial topic, as people all have very different ideas on what nudity adds or takes from the Zelda series, whether or not it is necessary, and if it should be continued in future games or not. Various aspects and depictions of nudity will be utilised as I further discuss the positives and negatives of nudity in the Zelda franchise.

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I’m sure most of you have probably seen this poster before. If not, well there it is. The poster for Twilight Princess. But this poster has much more information within it than meets the eye. Not only does it define aspects of the game like horseback riding and wolf form but it also gives pieces of the plot of the game away to us.

If you want to know more about the the hidden and yet obvious symbolism of this poster you can find out after the jump!

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Every now and then, an observant (and diligent) YouTuber uploads a fascinating video that reveals a whole lot of information about a Zelda game that we didn’t know before. This time, notable gaming commenter Yuriofwind has found time for everyone’s favourite wolf-related Zelda title, Twilight Princess, in his “Gaming Mysteries” series. By doing what seems like a ridiculous amount of research on the announcements leading up to the release of Twilight Princess in late 2006, Yuriofwind has compiled twelve minutes’ worth of interesting lesser-known facts about how the Wii launch title came to be. Specifically, he compares features included in the beta of the game with what eventually made it to the final release, including differences in the various locations, enemies, and, most interestingly, pure gameplay mechanics. Just how different was Twilight Princess before we got our hands on it? Read on to find out!

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Alex Plant at GenGame recently published an article on the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U and Twilight Princess. As the article points out, Twilight Princess was seen as a return to form after the departure that Wind Waker was, and the Wii U title has the potential to be the same thing after the experimentation of Skyward Sword. Hit the jump for the article and some thoughts on it. Read more…

Who’s Your Favorite Partner?

Minish PantsApril 8th, 2013 by Minish Pants

In almost every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time, Link has fought side by side with an invaluable partner, who grows with him and provides him with special abilities. In a way, each partner is really the protagonist of their respective game. The impact we feel from Link’s transformation from average boy to fabled hero falls a little short. Sure, Link grows in spirit and power dramatically by the end of each of his adventures, but his personality rarely goes through much of a metamorphosis. From beginning to end, he is kind, brave, bold, unflappable, athletic, and naturally gifted as a fighter. An effective protagonist needs a little more depth. And that’s exactly what we get from many of his sidekicks. Before we pick our favorites, let’s look back at the many companions that have aided Link on his adventures. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

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