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Gossip Stone: Does a Zelda Game’s Appearance Affect its Reception?

COVER real There are an almost endless number of factors that contribute to the commercial appeal of a videogame– gameplay, functionality, developer, rating– but a game isn’t going to sell if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, at least in some capacity. We can judge by the turbulent behavior following the reveal of Wind Waker’s art style or Skyward Swords’ downgraded graphics that appearance does matter within the Zelda series. So let’s take a look at some of the varied Zelda visual styles and how they affected the games’ initial and later receptions after the jump!

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Twilight Princess HD + Wolf Link Amiibo Pre-Orders Back in Stock at Gamestop

CTpLg5DUEAIgvVOAmiibos never seem to die down when it comes to hard core collectors buying them all up in a crazy short amount of time, even before the figures release. Twilight Princess HD‘s Wolf Link Amiibo bundle is no different. If you have had trouble grabbing one of these sweet bundles for the Zelda’s next HD remake, now is your chance. U.S. citizens can now pre-order from Gamestop again for $59.99, but HURRY! These things will likely sell out again soon!

Pre-order right here while you still can.

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Gossip Stone: Will the Expansive World-Map in Zelda Wii U Be a Bad Thing?

mapU Though the true nature of Zelda Wii U is still shrouded in mystery, we devout Hylians have been promised an open-world game with an enormous map. Many fans are more than ready to embrace an expansive and uninterrupted landscape in the upcoming title, but some have logical doubts as to whether the world map will truly enhance the gaming experience. The upside is of course, exploration. But at what point does exploration become tedious? And how can Nintendo make sure that this over-sized land doesn’t become a burden to traverse?

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Zelda Theory: Is There A Connection Between Ordon Village And Kokiri Forest?

twilight-princessAs we draw closer to the release of Twilight Princess HD in just a few months, many of us are waiting with baited breath to see the beauty of the Twilight Realm in the glory of HD! However, some of us are passing the time contemplating the places and people we will encounter once again, as we embark on yet another journey to save Hyrule. That is exactly what GameOver Jesse is doing in his latest Zelda theory with special guest, RMFH. The two take some time to discuss the mysterious Ordon Village that only appears in Twilight Princess and then is never seen or mentioned again. As Link begins his adventure in this village, much the same way he does in Kokiri in Ocarina of Time, you can’t help but start to wonder about the similarities. Where did Ordon Village come from and why do we never hear about it again? This and much more is discussed in his latest video, jump in past the break to see what GameOver Jesse has cooked up in his latest Zelda theory.

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Gossip Stone: How Will You Celebrate Zelda’s 30th Anniversary?

Original Box ArtDespite the release of not only Hyrule Warriors DLC, but also a new handheld entry in Tri Force Heroes, 2015 was relatively low-key for Zelda. As Jon discussed a couple of days ago, the highlight — if you can call it that — was just how little we heard about Zelda Wii U. Based solely on what we know right now, though, 2016 looks to be the series’ biggest year since 2011. Considering that it’s the franchise’s 30th anniversary, as well as Twilight Princess’s tenth, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to release Hyrule Warriors Legends, an HD remake of Link and Midna’s adventure, and Zelda Wii U.

Surely, this calls for some kind of celebration. You know, beyond simply playing these three games. Are you going to do anything special for Zelda’s 30th anniversary? If so, feel free to let us know, as well as check out my own plans, after the jump.

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Theory: The Arbiter’s Grounds’ Dark Secret

imageOne of my favorite aspects of Twilight Princess is its appreciation for context. Just about every locale has a unique story to tell; the dungeons, especially, stand apart from those of most other Zelda games. Rather than serve as generic holy sites, each dungeon goes a long way toward giving Hyrule a lived-in feel. City in the Sky highlights an ancient civilization, while Snowpeak Ruins makes the player feel like a guest in someone’s home. That said, not having all of the answers can be fun. Much of the mythology surrounding the Arbiter’s Grounds has been shrouded in mystery, which, throughout the past nine years, has led to a ton of theory crafting. YouTuber Dr. Wily recently discussed his interpretation of the abandoned structure. Hit the jump to check it out!

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Farmer Link Papercraft

farmer link papercraftSuperRetroBro created an amazing farmer Link papercraft from Twilight Princess, and with great detail. He made an eight minute video showing how he made it with the end result being very impressive. This build required for him to be very precise and careful and the end result has shown that he definitely has the skills and is very talented in creating this.


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HMK: The Problems With Twilight Princess

maxresdefaultOh boy. That title. That’s asking for trouble. It is no secret that Twilight Princess is a true fan favorite in the series, and many are quite excited about the upcoming HD remake, but there are times when we crazy fans need to step back and look at one of our favorite games critically, at the things that could be seriously improved in the HD version. It stinks to have to nitpick, but in the long run, it helps to make the game even more amazing. Right now, we do not know much Twilight Princess HD beyond the new graphics, but there is a lot of small details they could tweak. Awhile back, HMK took the time to look at every detail that he thought could use an update.

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Halo Developer 343 Designs Realistic Link

halo_spartans Kyle Hefley from 343 Industries has shared with the gaming community his adaptation of a realistic looking adult Link. He is presented as middle aged and experienced, with his attire being that of Twilight Princess Link (personally my favourite version of Link). However that seems to be where the similarities end, the green tunic and fairy seem to be the biggest clue that this is indeed Link. If I were shown this design without the tunic or fairy present I would find it difficult to recognize him. Hefley has done a fine job and I like that he has attempted to capture the Zelda spirit, but the design just does not have that Legend of Zelda feel for me personally.
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Gossip Stone: Is Nintendo Making Enough Improvements in Twilight Princess HD?

CTpLg5DUEAIgvVOJust as we are getting ready for more possible news from the Game Awards, the hype from the newest Nintendo Direct seems to have died down a fair bit at this point, making room for theorists to hop on YouTube and various forums, and discuss what they might expect from Zelda Wii U, Tri Force Heroes‘ DLC, and of course, Twilight Princess HD. That being said, we have hear almost as much negativity about what we saw of Twilight Princess HD‘s trailer as we have of positivity. The graphical update is not what man of the fans thought they would get, and that is causing some strife here and there. Should more have been done? Could Nintendo have easily redone the graphics like they did in The Wind Waker HD?

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IGN: The Wind Waker, From Hated to Cherished

wp-1-1920x1080 Admittedly, when The Wind Waker was released back in 2003, I was not a fan. My first look at it was as a twenty minute demo on the Zelda Collector’s Edition my siblings and I got for Christmas when I was ten. At the time, I had just finished playing through Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask–my second and third Zelda games ever–and the concept of a ‘Toon Link’ was so bizarre to me, the switch in worlds so monumental that, as a ten-year-old, I irrationally decided to reject the game entirely. It wasn’t until I was much older and the HD remake was released that I decided to give the game another chance, and found that I actually really liked it. In fact, it has, up until this point, become one of my favorite Zelda titles and I find myself replaying it every four-six months; almost as much as I replay Ocarina of Time.

Beyond the jump is a video where the guys at IGN explain this common occurrence throughout the fanbase. That, in the last twelve years since The Wind Waker‘s initial release, fans have converted from hating the change in Zelda’s direction, to absolutely adoring it and eager for more re-releases of favorite Zelda titles.

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Is Zelda Wii U a Mistake for Nintendo?

zelu With the recent Nintendo Direct confirming Zelda Wii U’s release on the Wii U console in 2016, many have been wondering, what about the NX? Nintendo has been reluctant to share more information about it, but Forbes contributor Paul Tassi sees no other option for the console than a 2016 holiday release. Therein lies the problem, if Zelda Wii U releases in fall of 2016 for only the Wii U it will be disastrous for sales once the NX launches. The best solution for this case would be to adapt the game for both consoles, but the NX likely won’t make use of a gamepad, so this offers up more problems than solutions.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the NX’s launch, the fate of Zelda Wii U is still unwritten, but much will be speculated after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Which is the Best Zelda Game to Watch Someone Play?

004_2 As a girl who grew up with a twin brother, I was typically either his player two or his backseat driver when it came to video games. In Zelda, I’d nag him if he passed mindlessly by a torch puzzle (even if it just gets you rupees, why not do it?), I’d cheer him on during boss battles, or I’d scold him for harming a poor cucco that never once did him wrong! I had some great times watching my brother play Zelda, so I came to wonder what my fondest Zelda-spectator memories were. I figure the best Zeldas to watch are the most visually and auditorily pleasing, the funniest, or the ones with deeper plots. Take a closer look at my experience as the player two in a traditionally single-player series after the jump!

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Thoughts on Twilight Princess HD

tpbaAs all of you know by now, an HD remake of Twilight Princess, creatively titled Twilight Princess HD, was announced on Thursday with a release date set for March 4th of next year. With the release of the game, it will mean that four out the five 3D Zelda games, a staggering eighty percent, will have been remade. Personally, I find that to be a bit excessive. The last thing I want to do is kill someone’s hype for a game, so if you are personally excited for Twilight Princess HD, I recommend you not read this article.

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HMK Twilight Princess HD a Remake or a Remaster?

WiiU_ZeldaTPHD_scrn_02_bmp_jpgcopyYouTuber HMK is certainly well-known for bringing the hype when necessary, but since Twilight Princess HD was officially announced, it seems he is ready to pump out videos about it, and join in the excitement about what may be different between it and the original. This time around, he is discussing whether the game is something to be referred to as a “remake” or a “remaster”.

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