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Gossip Stone: What Method of Transportation Do You Prefer?

198742-headerThroughout almost every Zelda game, Link has always had a companion that could take him from point A to point B. He could even just spin in circles, if he really wanted to- either way his companion acted as his way of transportation. And as we know, we’ve seen quite a few companions Link can use as transportation- so the question is, which do you prefer? Do you prefer galloping throughout Hyrule, or sailing above it? Perhaps even flying above the clouds? We’ll get more into that right after the jump!

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Akira Himekawa’s New Manga is Probably Twilight Princess

himebo Akira Himekawa recently announced that they’d be producing another full length Legend of Zelda manga, however, they did not reveal off of what game the manga would be based. Well, Brian Gabriel of Hammerspace has deducted that the likeliest candidate is Twilight Princess. Himekawa had released scrapped concept art for a Twilight Princess comic some years ago, and looking at the silhouette of Link in the recent announcement picture, it’s clear that the design was pulled straight from the Twilight Princess concept art, sans Wolf Link.
This could be purely coincidental, chosen for convenience, or the silhouette may not actually be a match, but it seems way too precise to me. You be the judge, compare the pieces after the jump!

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Zelda Dungeon Staff Creates Beautiful Music With A Twilight Princess Trailer Cover

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.23.05 PMOur very own talented duo, Brooke Ferdinansen and Jessica Capps have created their own Twilight Princess Trailer Cover. The two are not only huge fans of the Zelda series, but for both of them, music holds a special place in their hearts. When the two are not giving their time to Zelda Dungeon as a writer and editor, they are both diligently working on perfecting their musical skills. Now the duo has created a beautiful cover of “Don’t want you no more” (trailer theme) from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The instruments selected for the cover will be played by Brooke and Jessica, with Brooke on the piano and oboe, and Jessica playing the violin. Head past the jump to see this talented duo for yourself!

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Twilight Princess Acoustic Guitar Cover

182671-WP_Wii_ZeldaTwilightPrincess_002_1024Jonas Lefvert is a guitar teacher from Sweden who loves to create amazing acoustic guitar covers of many different games, mainly from Nintendo. His YouTube channel mostly focuses on his acoustic guitar with the occasional video with him using an electric guitar. He has done covers of many Nintendo titles as well as things from The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Today we have for you his cover from Twilight Princess Trailer theme, which he recorded earlier this year. The Acoustic guitar he uses really adds to the slightly sad tone of the music composed by Koji Kondo.

Head past the jump to hear for yourselves.

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Culture Shock: The Origins of Epona

Epona and LinkDespite appearing in only three core Zelda games as a mount (and in The Minish Cap as an NPC owned by Malon and Talon), Epona has left quite the impression on fans of The Legend of Zelda. She’s a way to move around quickly, circumvent certain obstacles and allows Link to engage in awesome battles in Twilight Princess. In the three adventures she appeared in she has been a faithful companion of Link, helping him save Hyrule and Termina, in two cases on nothing but a diet of carrots. Of all of Link’s red animal companions (Dimitri, the King of Red Lions, Link’s Loftwing) she is by far the most beloved of the bunch. But is there any real-life basis to her name and what she can do? The YouTube channel The Game Theorists take a look at this, with the latest video in their Culture Shock series. Watch the video after the break!
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Gossip Stone: Should there be an Actual Economy in Zelda?

rfr In the fantasy world of Hyrule, not much concedes to the restrictions of reality. But with Zelda Wii U’s shift into open world gaming, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for a more real economy to present itself. Modern open world games are sometimes more realistic than what the Legend of Zelda is used to, and adapting the series to fit around a true economy is one way for it to be more realistic without damaging the integrity of its fantasy elements. Fluctuating item pricing and availability due to supply and demand or the socioeconomic state of a shop’s location could add more structure to the economy.

Though this may change the usual abundance of rupees in Hyrule, it could also allow for Link’s different interactions to improve his chances of earning money or paying lower prices.

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The World of Twilight Princess Recreated In Lego

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.33.11 AMThere has always been talk about the possibility of fans actually getting an Official The Legend of Zelda Lego series, but alas that has yet to happen. Now, Flickr user Faron* has decided they can’t wait any longer! Faron* teamed up with Siercon and Coral (Sean and Steph Mayo), a duo well known for creating amazing custom Lego pieces, to recreate the world of Twilight Princess into a custom Lego masterpiece. From Link’s home on the outskirts Ordona Village, to Telma and her wagon, and even Link himself, the team recreated it all! Although this project has been completed for a while it definitely makes it no less amazing.

To check out more pics of their Lego masterpiece, head past the jump.

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HMK: Hyrule’s Civil War & Interloper War are NOT THE SAME

HMK promoThere are quite a few wars that are detailed in the series, but are never seen in the actual games, and apparently, even after the release of Hyrule Historia, people are still debating about what occurs during and after each war, and which wars referenced in the games are which. Two specific wars that are often mixed up are the Interloper War referenced in Twilight Princess, and the Civil War spoken of in Ocarina of Time. HMK on YouTube has made a full video explaining the detailed occurrences, and major differences, of each war, and why they are not the same.

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Art Styles Over the Ages – an Analysis

Wind Waker LinkThe art style of each Zelda game can turn into a hotly debated topic; while some think that Twilight Princess has a dark and mature visual tone, others see it as dark and drab. I believe that in these debates, the most important aspects of the art are lost, namely how well they mesh with or add to the rest of the game.
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Taylor Davis: Midna’s Lament Violin Cover

midnas lament

Taylor Davis, a beautiful violinist with a passion for video game and anime music, has uploaded one of the most beautiful songs from her album Melodies of Hyrule to her Youtube channel, Midna’s Lament. Taylor is a classically trained violinist who started practicing at the age of 8. She has since gone on to cover dozens of anime and gaming songs, and is even starting a 20 city tour in September. Her talent shines as she plays, bringing new life to an already beautiful and mysterious song. Hit the jump to be swept away. Read more…

Fan Made light up Twilight Princess Bow

njNt5P4YouTube member and replica maker Scott Fisher recently uploaded a video showing off his electronic replica of Zelda’s bow of light from Twilight Princess and Smash Brothers. The main body of the bow is made from 3D printed plastic painted gold. With a switch on the handle the color of the light can be switched to yellow, red, purple, green, and blue. He then gives us a look at the inside to see the electronics that make it light up.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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The Women of Legend: Ilia

Courage. It is the defining ability of the Hero. It is what we seek as we quest to save the world. In most Zelda titles, the only person who possesses any kind of courage is our hero Link. Most of the citizens of Hyrule are shown as cowards, shirking responsibility for the comfort of ignorance. But there are a few characters whose courage shines as bright as the sun they were born under. One such being is Ilia, a gentle and loving, yet fierce, inhabitant of Ordon village during the Era of Twilight. Join me as we take a stroll through Ilia’s story, and glance at just how much of a Hero she truly is.

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Piece of Heart: Heartaches and Sick Days

hs Welcome to the twelfth and final installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “It’s Never Just Heart Disease… And Rarely Just Illness.” We’re going to take a step away from the weather in setting, to look at the weather in one’s soul. A disease of the heart is almost always caused by emotional or social decay, and all illnesses in literature harbor underlying meditations on character or society.

Illnesses are rarely named in Zelda, though they’re usually caused by a curse or something of that sort. However, we’ve had antagonists die from shots through the heart, and we’ve even had a case of amnesia. So let’s pick apart the symptoms that our dear characters exhibit, and make informed literary diagnoses!

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What If The Latest Puzzle & Dragons Included A Special Zelda Edition

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.28.31 PMPuzzle & Dragons (Pazuru Ando Doragonzu in Japan) started life as a free-to-play mobile game released in 2012 by Gungho Online Entertainment. The title is a puzzle game with strong RPG elements where you have to battle monsters, solve puzzles, and survive numerous dungeons. Do some of these elements sound familiar? The game released to much fanfare with numerous collaborations over the years in Japan. Now we see it make the jump to dedicated gaming devices with its release of Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition for the 3DS. The two games are being released as one, already having landed on other countries shores and next week in the U.S. on May 22.

But what if instead we had Puzzle & Dragons: The Legend of Zelda Edition? Head past the jump to see what it might be like!

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Gossip Stone: The Various Cultural Influences in the Zelda Series

imagesDespite being created by a Japanese company, the Zelda series is predominately influenced by European medieval fantasy. Instead of wooden shogun castles and samurais, Zelda focuses on grand stone castles and knights for their stories. It is interesting that Nintendo chose a more traditional European influence that is more familiar to a Western audience, when they originally were skeptical of bringing the series over-seas. However, after the series was well established as a global success, a few other cultural influences have found their way into the 3D games.

Hit the jump to find out more!

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