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Zelda Theory: Where Does Demise Really Come From?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.47.26 AMDemise is very well known to most Zelda fans but do we really know his “real” backstory? Where did he really come from, why is he willing to launch an army upon innocent people and cause much death and destruction, all to just possess the Triforce? His story seems very reminiscent to another character that we are also very familiar with, Ganondorf. Hyrule Historia even uses Demise’s flaming red hair to draw a connection between the two. But what about his sword, doesn’t that look familiar too? In one of GameOver Jesse’s latest video, he and his guests try to draw a few parallels in some of the stories found within a few of the Zelda titles that could answer some of these questions. Jump on in past the break to check out one of his latest theories.

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Zelda Universe Releases Part One Of Skyward Sword: The Movie

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.18.10 AMOur friends over at Zelda Universe decided almost a year ago to embark on the awesome task of putting all the cutscenes from Hyrule Warriors Legends, hiring voice actors, and creating a multi-part movie. his allowed all of us to really experience the story within the game in a pretty spectacular way. With the successful completion of that project and the positive feedback they received from fans they decided to embark on another project, this time with Skyward Sword. Now, Part 1 of Skyward Sword: The Movie has been released with NateWantsToBattle as Link and the return of Heidi Tabing as Zelda. Follow along past the break to check out the latest project from Zelda Universe.

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Hyrule Crest Infinity Scarf Found At Think Geek

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.19.55 AMWith fall already having arrived for most of you and the full brunt of winter just around the corner, many of you might be thinking about adding some extra layers to your wardrobe. Or maybe you have a special someone in your life that could really use a beautiful new infinity scarf from her favorite video game series! Think Geek currently has a new officially licensed Skyward Sword infinity scarf. The scarf features the crest of Hyrule in silver foil on a black background and measures 36″ long. The price is not bad either at $24.99, and they are currently running a 20% 0ff special with a minimum of a $40 order but that deal ends on 11/25. You can pick something up for yourself and that special someone! I know what I will be doing shortly, I could use a Zelda scarf in my life!

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New DarK Horse Comics Link And Scervo Now Available At Gamestop

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.40.59 AMBack in October we told you abut a brand new set of Skyward Sword statues that would be released by Dark Horse Comics, and exclusive to Gamestop/EB Games. The latest statues have now been released and are currently available to purchase, one of the statues features Link in a fighting pose and the second shows off Scervo in all his pirate glory. The two statues although sold separately, if placed side by side almost look as if they are battling each other! Both are available to order online in the U.S. and Canada, Link coming at a price of $79.99 and $124.99 for Scervo. Jump in past the break and check out an unboxing video from Dark Horse Comics of both statues.

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Gossip Stone: Should Zelda Revisit Motion Controls?

Skyward-Sword-eyeAlthough the Wii version of Twilight Princess was the first Zelda title to experiment with motion controls, the game wasn’t initially developed with those controls in mind. Admittedly, I prefer the Wii version, but it’s clear that Link and Midna’s adventure was originally a GameCube game. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, took full advantage of the console’s capabilities with the advent of Wii MotionPlus. That said, its control scheme might be among the most polarizing elements of any individual Zelda title. It seems that for every person who views it as a worthwhile experiment — if not the new standard for the series’ controls — there is someone who can’t stand playing the game. Regardless of whether you enjoyed its approach to swordplay, though, do you think the Zelda team should eventually take another crack at motion controls?

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PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month 2015 By Hacking Skyward Sword

mqdefaultIt’s that time of year again! PBG once again pumps out loads of Zelda content for the month of November, and he’s starting it off with a video of him hacking Skyward Sword, a game that I think most are going to be perfectly fine seeing totally messed with. Trust us. Hilarity ensues. He has also started playing hacked Skyward Sword on his gaming channel, so make sure to check that out, too!

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My Scariest Zelda Moment

Zelda_Skyward_1021_02When people bring up horror elements in Zelda, they generally go back to the same few choices: the spirit temple, dead hand, the occasional scene from Majora’s Mask… The list goes on. Something that doesn’t get mentioned a lot is the Silent Realm in Skyward Sword, perhaps because of the game it’s in. In honor of Halloween, I thought that, rather than do an impersonal analyzation of what makes certain moments scary, it would be fun to look back on a particularly strong memory I have regarding a scary or tense part in Zelda.
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Skyward Sword Link And Scervo Statues Are Available For Pre-order

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.10.40 AMFor many of us Zelda fans collectible merchandise can induce squeals of delight and occasionally border on a slight obsession! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Statue from Dark Horse Comics that was announced earlier this year, has now been made available for pre-order exclusively at Gamestop. Not only get your hands on this pretty sweet statue but they also have another Gamestop exclusive Scervo statue as well. Both statues are currently available for pre-order and will release on November 15th. The Link statue will set you back $79.99 and Servo will do a little more damage at a cost of $124.99.

Jump in past the break for some up close images and the link to get your hands on these statues!

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Nintendo’s Servers Reveal Some Unreleased Virtual Console Zelda Titles

Virtual-Console-LogoRecent code diggers have found some very interesting things in the coding of the eShop, including the recent Twilight Princess image lighting up a lot of rumors about an HD re-release. Other than that, though, full lists of unreleased games from new and classic consoles alike have been revealed. Among them are a few Zelda games, along with, surprisingly, a point that seems to essentially confirm the creation of Twilight Princess HD, but with Nintendo, you never know.

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Thomandy Perfoms Piano Cover of Fi’s Lament

FiFarewellFi’s Lament is among the Zelda series’ most heart-wrenching tunes. Regardless of how fans responded to Fi’s characterization throughout most of Skyward Sword, the piece itself makes for one of the game’s standout moments.

Longtime YouTube artist Thomandy recently put together a piano cover of the serene theme. Give it a listen after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: What New DLC Could Make It Into Hyrule Warriors Legends?

Hyrule_09-11-15_001When Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U still reigned, a total of 4 DLC packs released, including new Adventure Mode Maps, New Characters, and sometimes even New Modes. With Hyrule Warriors Legends releasing, it’s been detailed already that it will include all previous DLC- and there may even be more on the way. But the question is, what could it be? Now that we’ve knocked some characters and themes out of the way, it will be somewhat difficult to find the right DLC sets to develop and release. But as usual, we all have our ideas, so let’s talk about them after the jump!

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Groose’s Accursed Connection to Ganondorf and Gerudo History

groose As the first in the timeline, Skyward Sword introduced a number of races and sacred figures that we see reappear throughout the series and explained the everlasting conflict surrounding the bearers of the Triforce. One race the game doesn’t explicitly reference, though, is the Gerudo. But Zelda Theorist, GameOver Jesse recently published a video showing evidence that Groose is actually the first Gerudo, and that Ganondorf is his direct descendant. Aside from visual clues and similar personality traits, GameOver Jesse examines geography and story elements that point to Groose’s being a full fledged Gerudo male.

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Volvagia’s Origin Theory from Youtuber GameOverJesse


Check out this awesome theory from Zelda Youtuber GameOverJesse, exploring the possibilities of Volvagia’s origin! Delving into the flaming Dragon’s lore as explained in Ocarina of Time, and from there attempting to trace back it’s fiery history! Make the jump to check out the theory.





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20-Inch Skyward Sword Link Variant Figure Available on Think Geek

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.22.44 AMThink Geek has just scored the remaining stock of the previously exclusive SDCC 20-Inch Link figure. Only 3000 of these Special Edition figures were made, so the remaining stock is very limited. The Skyward Sword Link figure stands 20 inches tall and comes complete with his Master Sword and Shield, with premium gold paint detailing. It is an officially licensed Nintendo product and comes in a special gold box–just like the original Legend of Zelda! The figure even comes with 7 point articulation. It will be available while the remaining supply lasts and will cost $99.99.


Will you be ordering one of these for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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ThatOneShowFUN Cross-Examines Skyward Sword Critiques Again

tumblr_lv90aokDmt1qlw4ddo1_500ThatOneShowFUN‘s Austin, host of popular YouTube show Eggbusters, has released Part 2 of his Cross-Examination episode on Skyward Sword. This show is designed to not only educate people on how to properly criticize the game in question, but to also show people the best ways to criticize media in general. In Skyward Sword‘s case, there is a lot of stuff people tend to bash, so knowing how to judge it from an objective and fair way is important for those wanting to review and critique it. Cross-Examination goes through the toughest arguments against the Wii title, and looks at why each one is worth concidering or not.

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