Skyward Sword

Master Sword Replicas

DevonApril 21st, 2014 by Devon

Master_Sword_in_the_Lost_WoodsWe all have our way of showing our love for the Zelda series. Some show it by cosplay, others do it with tattoos, and then you have some make real life replicas of the Master Sword. Yes, life sized replicas of the sword that repels all evil and helps Link save the princess and free the land of Hyrule game after game. Over the course of two years, hard work, and trial and error, creator kevlargorilla has step by step created amazing Master Swords. The swords that he has chosen for his art are the ones from Ocarina Of Time and Skyward Sword.

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monopoly-mobile-logoNintendo has released prototype pictures of their upcoming Zelda-themed Monopoly game. They have also set the release date for August 21st, 2014. There have been no new details given on the actual content of the board game, but another Zelda product has been listed by the game’s distributor.

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SSWhile trying to find an art style for Zelda Wii U, Nintendo experimented with various art styles in HD, some of which were art styles that had been used for past Zelda titles. As you may know, The Wind Waker‘s visuals were found to have a significant improvement, leading to the production of The Wind Waker HD. Now, the people on YouTube channel Nintendo Life have done similarly by testing Skyward Sword‘s art style in HD, and have since prepared a video that demonstrates how an HD remake of Skyward Sword could look.

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Gust_BellowsMasahiro Sakurai has posted yet another Zelda-related Super Smash Bros. screenshot, and this one has some very interesting points. Apparently, the Gust Bellows from Skyward Sword will be an item, but looking at what Sakurai left as a caption, perhaps there are more cool things to be seen in the near future.

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Fan-Made Animation of Fi’s Dance

KevMarch 24th, 2014 by Kev

FiWhile Fi hasn’t been one of the most well received characters in the Zelda franchise, she did have some decent scenes in Skyward Sword. Her final scenes is one of my favourite parts of the game. On several occasions during the events of Skyward Sword Link learns songs that allow him to enter the Silent Realm. While learning these songs, Fi dances to the music and it makes for some great scenes and YouTube user Musetrigger has created a gorgeous video of Fi dancing.

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BeetleIt seems as though Nintendo is being quite secretive about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for the Wii U and 3DS. It seems as though once a new character has been announced we don’t hear anything else for a weeks or even a few months. However, it seems as though the character roster isn’t the only aspect of the upcoming games that is changing. A recent Miiverse post by series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai has shown that the Beetle from Skyward Sword will be included in the new Smash Bros. games.

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Milk Bar Mornings: Fire Dungeons

MaanavLinkJanuary 15th, 2014 by MaanavLink

Milk Bar logoWelcome back to another issue of Milk Bar Mornings, a weekly block where we analyze songs for their story and technicalities. Since it is so cold outside here, I thought there would be no better way to get nice and warm than listening to themes for some of the hottest places in the series, the fire dungeons. Fire dungeons have played a major role in the series, appearing in nearly every game in the series. The dungeons often include fire bursting out of the ground and shaky bridges over pit of lava. Numerous games in the series have featured these dungeons in Death Mountain, a mountain that occasionally is portrayed as an active volcano. So let’s hit the jump to see what dungeons we will be looking at today!

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SocratesWhat is it that controls our respective destinies? Do we have a choice in where life takes us, or is every chapter of our lives mapped out, fated to follow one singular path despite our feelings of our own freedom? Questions like this have plagued the philosophical world for centuries, and The Legend of Zelda is a franchise where the debate is prevalent. Do the people of Hyrule and its many parallel countries have a say in their futures, or did the goddesses devise a plan for the world that would undoubtedly play out the way they had designed? Hit the jump to see how this philosophical conundrum plays out in a myriad of ways in the different games!

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Dr. Link: Diagnosis of Characters #4

TylerJanuary 12th, 2014 by Tyler

drlink To start, I would like to say thanks for all the positive feedback I am getting with the series! Last week we looked at the fairy man, Tingle, who had many problems and a diagnosis I was not expecting.

This week I am going to look at a newer character, one from Skyward Sword. He is really quite scary. A feminine male who wears tights and likes to lick people with his unusually long tongue. He has major mood swings and is somewhat violent when he lashes out.

Hit the jump to see the latest diagnosis!

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Gate_of_TimeOne of the things for which the Zelda games are known is the creative design and gameplay of many of their titles. Probably the most famous twist of game design is their recurring utilization of time travel. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword are all games which have incorporated time travel into their storylines. However, although these games are extremely popular, the fact still remains that along with the benefits and new ideas presented by this new mechanic, gaping holes in the game’s continuity arise with the introduction of this concept. Hit the jump to find out why!

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Ever since I played Twilight Princess, which felt like a massive adventure filled with content to me, I’ve been waiting for the next Zelda game with the same sense of scope.  Now, about seven years and two new Zelda games later, I sadly feel that the amount of proper extra content within Zelda games has only been declining.  If you want to read more about this development, and why it might be happening, jump in for more.

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Is Skyward Sword still good?

AsaDecember 26th, 2013 by Asa

Skyward-SwordJust over two years ago, during the height of the 25 year anniversary celebrations of The Legend of Zelda franchise, one of the most anticipated games in recent history was released: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It garnered game of year accolades from several videogame publications, and some, including IGN, went as far as to say that Skyward Sword “is the greatest Zelda game ever created.” However, now that two years have passed, and the hype has worn off, is Skyward Sword as good as it was back in 2011? Hit the jump to read what I have to say on the matter!

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The Holy Trinity and the Old Gods

AsaDecember 18th, 2013 by Asa

Trinity-4According to my 10th grade English teacher (and I dare not doubt her), the Holy Bible is the most commonly alluded to piece of literature in the world, and the Zelda series has its fair share of nods to the Word of the Lord. It is no secret that the team behind making the Zelda games at Nintendo uses various religious themes and symbolism as elements that add to the lore of the Zelda Universe. A continuing motif of the “spiritual side of Zelda” is the existence of the Old Gods, Din, Nayru, and Farore, which draws parallels to western religions, such as Christianity and its many sects. If you want to read on, hit the jump for more!

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figmalinkThis month’s issue of Game Informer has a page devoted to gamer’s goodies and gift ideas. One of those goodies advertised is the Figma Link action figure. This figure is priced at a special price of $49.99 at BigBadToyStore. This figure from Max Factory is being advertised along with a Samus action figure, but are currently only on pre-order. But you can pre-order a standard version, or for an extra $2.00 you can preorder the special collectors’ edition figure.

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ALBW milk barAs most of you know, among all the other songs that get played in the Milk Bar in A Link Between Worlds, some of them are tracks that return from previous games. With Skyward Sword‘s beautiful soundtrack, it’s hardly surprising that a song from the second-most recent Zelda game made it into the mix, as well. Hit the jump to find out which one!

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What is the Dark Triforce?

CameronNovember 23rd, 2013 by Cameron

Dark TriforceIn a recent editorial, I theorized that the Dark Triforce might just be an idea, and if Lorule was specifically created to mirror Hyrule, then that idea is still valid. However, if Lorule is a completely new world in its own right, then the Dark Triforce would be a very real object. So if the Dark Triforce is a real object, what could this imply?

Just as Lorule appears to be a dark reflection of Hyrule, could this mean that the Dark Triforce is a dark reflection of the Triforce? This would imply that it was created for a purpose, and to represent certain prized qualities within a person. So who created it? What for? And what does it represent?

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boxsetMany fans have been waiting for Prima’s Zelda guide box set since the very first reveal of it. The set includes six collector’s edition guides for the six most recently released games, excluding A Link Between Worlds. Also included is a laser etched bookmark, an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, and a treasure chest case to top it all off.

We are getting very close to the release of the set. That being said, more photos have been revealed. Check them out after the jump!
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LoftwingThe Triforce is probably one of the most recognisable symbols in all of gaming and it is one of my favourites, my key ring is of the Triforce complete with the bird motif. For many years I wondered what the bird part of the symbol represents and, with the release of Skyward Sword in 2011, what it was meant to represent was clear: the Loftwing. Now, thanks to a post by Did You Know Gaming, the inspiration behind these creatures has been revealed!

Take the jump to make the discovery!


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We recently heard that Nintendo tested out three different Zelda games to use as a HD remake for Wii U; The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Of course, we all know which one the gaming giant picked for its struggling console as Zelda fans and Wii U gamers, alike, prepare to embrace for the launch of The Wind Waker HD. Interestingly, in an interview with gaming site Polygon, longtime Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has indicated that HD remakes for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword have not been ruled out entirely as long as someone else was willing to do it while he’s working on Zelda Wii U.

You can read the full quote from Mr. Aonuma’s interview after the jump!

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Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 5.37.48 PMIn a recent Japanese Nintendo Direct discussing Monster Hunter 4, a surprisingly different DLC was announced featuring a costume of Link’s outfit from Skyward Sword, as well as both the Master Sword and Sacred Bow. Unfortunately, this DLC is exclusive to Japan only, even if you were to import it, it can only be downloaded from 7-11 stores in Japan. Additionally, the other DLC announced also feature both Mario and Luigi costumes and items. Nevertheless, you can get a better glimpse of this Zelda DLC featured in an entirely different franchise.

Hit the jump to watch this exclusive DLC in action!

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Last week Djinn wrote about how the state of music in the Zelda series has changed over the many years since its inception, and near the end of the article he spoke briefly of how recently the quality of Zelda music has drastically increased with the orchestrated soundtrack of Skyward Sword. And let me tell you, when I first played Skyward Sword that was the impression I got too: It’s so much higher quality. It would be a mistake in my eyes for Zelda Wii U to not continue what it did. But there’s a bit more to it than just live instrumentation.

The orchestrated soundtrack is the first thing people talk about with Skyward Sword’s music. From the tracks played like a symphony, such as a number of the boss themes (in particular the mini-boss theme played during the Stalfos fights), to the rest of the soundtrack, the vast majority of which is played using live instruments, this soundtrack did add quite a bit of impressive raw quality to the music, and I certainly don’t doubt that this blatantly and in-arguably superior sound quality won’t be used again in Zelda Wii U. I mean, hell, they used an orchestral style in A Link Between Worlds, so why not the next major console release?

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TP with SS GraphicsThe two most recent console Zelda games, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are extremely different stylistically. The former was very dark, creepy and rather realistic in comparison to all of its predecessors. The latter was more of an amalgamation, crossing over a bit of realism with the mystical cartoon graphics from games like The Wind Waker. The games feel different to play, and evoke different feelings while playing them, and truly show the beautiful variety that Zelda games offer. Still, there was someone out there who believed this variety may not be so beautiful, and decided to take the issue into his own hands. Jump in to learn more!
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Zelda Guides Box Set

MichaelJuly 17th, 2013 by Michael

November is one of those months in which people start purchasing gifts for the holiday season. The perfect gift for any Zelda fan would be the Zelda Guides Box Set, releasing on November 26 of this year. The box set includes six collector’s edition Prima Guides of the six most recent Zelda titles, excluding A Link Between Worlds, and they are presented in a manner to make any Zelda fan perk out of his or her chair.

You can read more about this box set and look at a few images of said product after the jump!
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Of all the characters introduced in Skyward Sword, it is pretty safe to say Groose is by far the most popular. Not only is he one of the highest requested choices to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4 but he has also become the subject of multiple memes and reaction images. With his loud, me-first attitude and all-around lovable characteristics it is fairly easy to see why.

Another important part of Groose, though, is his music. Not only does this song alone have its own meme, but it also perfectly catches his personality with its tune. Let’s face it; among all the side-characters in the Zelda series, there are few whose attitude and music are so perfectly in tune as Groose’s.

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Zelda stop motion animation

DjinnJuly 2nd, 2013 by Djinn

The guys on Machinima have made an interesting new stop motion animated video staring Link on another adventure. The video is made up of over 4000 images using the Skyward Sword Link action figure and features sounds and music from the games. This video also includes a number of guests from other series and some decent special effects. It is titled Stage 1: The Knife Lord and promises to be the first episode in a series.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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If you’re like me, you owe your love of The Legend of Zelda to Nintendo’s fan-favorite unconventional mascot fighting franchise. The Super Smash Bros. series has included elements from the Zelda series since its first incarnation on the Nintendo 64 in 1999, which featured Link as a playable character. The series’ newest title was officially unveiled for Wii U and 3DS at E3. This version allows players to once again choose Link in their battles, this time with a design resembling both Skyward Sword‘s and Twilight Princess‘s designs but with a nicely stylized twist. Jump inside to check out the trailer and see our favorite Hylian hero in action!

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While considered by many to be merely a mini-game collection Link’s Crossbow Training has sold more copies than the latest title in the Zelda series: Skyward Sword. For those unfamiliar with the game, Link’s Crossbow Training, which is a scrolling shooter game set in a post-Twilight Princess Hyrule, asks the player to use the Wii Remote as a crossbow to shoot the many monsters and targets scattered throughout the land to destroy of the last of Ganondorf’s evil.

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Hi fellow Zelda Dungeon fanatics and welcome, once again, to another Timeshift Thursday feature! This week I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing a climatic battle scene with you from Link’s latest adventure, Skyward Sword, in which I’ve found the combat before the corresponding final battle to be a richer, more difficult experience. Because Skyward Sword doesn’t include the most amount of highlights for a Zelda game, in my opinion, I haven’t leaned toward writing a feature revolving around the title. Yet, because we are discussing famous Zelda battles now, I do want to write about, possibly, my favourite part of Skyward Sword.

Today, we’ll take a look at the extensive Horde Battle brought about by one of Link’s main antagonists in Skyward Sword, Ghirahim. This section of end-game battle sequence truly tests Link’s reasons as to to why he is blessed with the Triforce of Courage. It is an outstanding test of courage and we shall see that further along the article!

If you want to read more about Link’s excruciating battle with Ghirahim’s minions then click the jump below and take the full descent toward the Sealed Grounds!

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Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess as most Zelda players would know are on a very different scale when it comes to graphics and art style. With Skyward Sword looking like a water color painting whereas Twilight Princess is very dark to fit its “Twilight” atmosphere. A very passionate Zelda fan has recently come up with a mod pack which gives Twilight Princess the graphics and bright color of Skyward Sword. This has created a very interesting mix of the games, read more after the jump!

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What do you Love about Skyward Sword?

Minish PantsMay 13th, 2013 by Minish Pants

Hello Zelda fans. Minish Pants here, with the first of hopefully many articles discussing our favorite parts of particular Zelda games. I’ve decided to start with Skyward Sword, as it is the freshest in my mind. I will eventually get around to all of them, in no particular order (unless a commenter asks nicely!) as I replay each game. The goal with these articles is to focus on the positive, and discuss amongst each other the best of each game. Even if you completely hate the game discussed, try to think of things about it that you liked. For instance, I’m not a particularly big fan of Phantom Hourglass, but when I get to writing about it, I will focus on the game’s strengths rather than weaknesses; what it did right, not what it did wrong. It’s fun to debate the flaws of Zelda and which games are better than others, but let’s remind ourselves why we love these games so much. Hit the jump to see what I felt were the best moments of Skyward Sword!

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There are many covers out there of songs from throughout the Zelda series and each cover brings something quite spectacular that makes the song sound even more amazing. Covering songs allow all Zelda fans to show off their talent and creativity with the world. Today I present to you an amazing cover of the staff roll or credits from Skyward Sword. This song is a memorable one because it contains a multiple songs from throughout the game into one track and the two people playing this on the pianos do an amazing job with it. They do not only play on two pianos they actually play on three, constantly jumping back and forth between the three which is truly astounding.

There isn’t much more I can say about it so hit the jump to see the video.

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Today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight is on deviantART artist PhantomMarbles Skyward Sword fanart “Behind the Waterfall“. In this fanart it shows Link and Fi standing outside of the Ancient Cistern. Fi looks as if she is explaining something to Link and Link is listening intently to her. The sun is shining down upon the cistern, illuminating the beautiful scene perfectly.

The outside of the Ancient Cistern is just as elaborate and beautiful as the inside of it. Link will realize this for himself once he ventures into the ancient dungeon.

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Well Zelda Dungeoners, we’re now down to the last few features in the Overworld Themes series. Last week marked the end of the Exploration Overworlds section of this series, so today we’ll be starting on the next set: Transportation Overworlds.

In the Zelda series, there are four games with transportation overworlds. These are Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword. As I see it, those can be further broken into another two groups; the “free sailors” that let you control your transport as you go, and the “fixed tracks” that keep you on a set course with more restricted movement. Today, we’re focusing on the former of those groups; jump in to see!

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Which Art Style is Your Favorite?

CameronApril 28th, 2013 by Cameron

As Zelda fans, we have undoubtedly been subject to the greatest variety in art style and graphics in a single video game series. We’ve seen 2D, cel-shaded, 3D, 2D cel-shaded, realistic, impressionistic, and variations of those listed. People always have very different opinions on which one is the best and why. So that’s what I’m here to discuss. I shall explain each art style or graphics implemented by each game, and then you can simply pick which one is your favorite. Don’t let your opinion go unheard!

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Stunning Skyward Sword Beamos cake

JohnApril 27th, 2013 by John

Zelda Dungeon has featured the works of artisan baker Cakecrumbs a few times before, most recently as a part of the deviantART collaboration project Link’s Blacklist, where she contributed a very impressive and accurate replica of the Furnix enemy from Skyward Sword, made entirely from cake. Food enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Cakecrumbs has returned to Zelda to make another incredible edible creation; this time the focus being a Beamos from Skyward Sword. Hit the jump to find out more!

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