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GameXplain – The Worst Change in Majora’s Mask 3D?

zelda-majoras-mask-3d-zora-link-artwork-3ds-officialThe folks over at GameXplain recently posted a video highlighting one of the more unexpected changes in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D that revolves around swimming as Zora Link. The video explains the changes and shows a comparison between the older N64 version and it’s newer 3DS counterpart.

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No More Zelda Items from Club Nintendo.

club_nintendo1For those that have used Nintendo’s loyalty/rewards program over the last 6 years I have some bad news. Nintendo has officially announced that the they will be discontinuing Club Nintendo in all major territories including U.S. and the UK. In the U.S. the last day to earn coins from codes or product registration will be March 31. The last day to redeem coins for rewards will be June 30 followed by the deletion of all coins and accounts the next day July 1. Still, though. This is not the end for Nintendo’s free rewards. Read more after the jump.

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NCSX Post Details of Link Between Worlds Cosplay Hats

Untitled-5The folks over at NCSX have today posted some updated information on the availability of these really neat Zelda hats. The Link Between Worlds cosplay hats of Link and Ravio are made by a brand called Furyu in Japan and can be imported through online retailer NCSX. Hit the jump for information!

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Nintendo Direct Coming Very Early Tomorrow Morning

Screenshot_3Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct conference coming very soon. Tomorrow in fact. The conference is focusing on the Spring 2015 lineup of Nintendo games, as well as a focus on the New Nintendo 3DS hardware. This will almost certainly contain some Zelda information. The Nintendo Direct is set to air tomorrow at 6am US Pacific Time, so be sure to set your alarm clocks bright and early.

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The Second ‘Annual’ Zelda Dungeon One Man Mini-Marathon

One-Man-MarathonLast April here at Zelda Dungeon I hosted the first One Man Mini Marathon. This surmounted to me playing through, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, and Ocarina of Time, all back-to-back, without a single break. While I had others at the event to help with commentary, (and my sanity), I was the only person to actually touch the controller during the gameplay. All in all, it ended up taking about 23-hours to complete the mini-marathon, as sleep deprevision caused my Ocarina of Time play to significantly suffer in the later half of the stream.

Throughout the marathon we raised money for a fundraiser for a local video game arcade in Chicagoland area known as the Galloping Ghost Arcade. Having raised over $2500, and I myself matching the donations, our $5000 donation has allowed the arcade to expand, and it now houses over 440 different arcade games, becoming the largest arcade in the world.

It’s now time to look ahead to the 2015 One Man Mini-Marathon and I need your help. Go ahead and make the jump to find out some more information.

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Game Trailers Pop Facts: Secrets of the Wind Waker

wind-waker-HD1It’s no secret that Zelda games frequently reference their predecessors, and finding these easter eggs is just one aspect that makes adventuring in a Zelda game so rewarding. The latest episode of Pop Fiction, a weekly show about game facts, takes to the Wind Waker to find some hidden references you might not know existed. Take a look at the video after the jump.

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Volunteers Needed: We Are Looking For Editors and News Writers

Volunteers-NeededHere at Zelda Dungeon we are looking for some additional volunteers. In particular at this time we are looking for some writers for the front page of our website to help shore up some of our regular features, as well some new creative works we have planned. At this time we are also looking for purely editors. For this position you don’t necessarily need to have the best writing skills, but you need to be able to coordinate projects among the writing team, as well as edit writing so that everything is in the proper format.

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Gossip Stone: The Importance of Couples in Zelda

UntitledThe Legend of Zelda: nearly 30 years of action, adventure, puzzles, mysteries, romance…wait, romance? Yes even this iconic action/adventure series has had its fair share of romance between its silent-yet-smooth operator Link and whichever NPC his current incarnation is interacting with. But while the internet forever debates whether or not Link has the hots for Ilia or Midna, there are a few cannon couples in the franchise that always seem to bring a smile to our faces. These people help foster a feeling of hope in our play experience, letting us know while we are facing some of the worse evils the Goddesses could imagine, there is always that glimmer of light that life will carry on. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite couples in the series after the jump. SPOILER warnings if you haven’t played the respective games these characters appear in.

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First 4 Figures Teases Ganondorf Wind Waker Statue

524167_10152582223016732_4287017555628945456_nFirst 4 Figures, the company we all know well for making extremely highly detailed Zelda statues for us collectors, have teased via their facebook page a brand new piece! It seems that their newest figure will be based off Ganondorf’s appearance from the Wind Waker. Make the jump to check out the teaser image, and other details regarding the figure’s release in 2015!

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Gossip Stone: Would You Like To See A Majora’s Mask 3D Master Quest?

CTR_JOKER_TS_UKV_v01.inddAs many know already, November’s Nintendo Direct held the unforeseen announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D at the beginning of the Direct. Now, being two months since then, we’re only left to speculate what kinds of additions and changes were made to the remake. Addition-wise, there’s a lot they can do with the game, ranging from new quests, to new items, or just nifty little features. But do you think they’ll take the same route that Ocarina of Time 3D took, and make a Majora’s Mask 3D Master Quest? If so, would you be satisfied with it?  Check out more after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Are Cuccos Interesting, or Pointless Additions to the Series?

157nb7a “Don’t be such a Cucco!” You’d probably be offended to be accused of acting like a Cucco, wouldn’t you? But perhaps you shouldn’t be. Cucco are incredibly strong creatures that are loyal and protect their own from harm; these are endearing qualities, so why the negative connotation on the name? Well, aside from the Cucco being the Zelda form of a chicken, and the phrase “Don’t be such a chicken!” being an insult in reality, Cucco can be seen as unimportant to the series. What should be thought of these small creatures?

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Volunteers Needed: We Are Looking For a Few Additional Writers

Volunteers-NeededWith the server move and the launch of the brand new layout now behind us, I have a renewed focus on improving the front page of Zelda Dungeon with higher quality editorials that engage the users. With that said, we are once again looking for a few additional volunteers to help shore up our writing team. At this point in time we are looking for writers to help with our various features at the website. This includes writing and contributing to our ZD Talks and ZD Top Lists features, as well as our frequent Gossip Stone pieces. We have a few additional projects in the works and we could use a few helping hands. Go ahead and make the jump to find out how you can help contribute.

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Free Plush Doll Giveaway Contest Still Running

$_12Earlier this month we started a giveaway contest at our Zelda Wiki where we were giving away 30 plush dolls. Thus far 6 of them have been claimed, but the project hit a bit of a roadblock during both the server and layout move. I’m here to announce the giveaway is still ongoing and you can almost guarantee yourself a free plushie, while also helping out Zelda Dungeon.

In order to help improve our Wiki, making it the best encyclopedia of Zelda information online, we need your help. We are looking for additional editors and it takes just seconds to Register at the Wiki. Once registered, all you have to do is make at least 25 edits and you will win a free Link Plush Doll! Simple as that. Come make the jump to find out more information on how you can help the website and earn yourself a free Zelda goodie.

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