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Nintendo N-Boxes to Contain Zelda Merchandise

Peach_and_Daisy_Present_For_You Nintendo will be unveiling a Loot Crate style subscription service in the near future that will produce “N-Boxes.” As of now the service is limited to the UK only. According to MCV, “The ’N-Box’ will feature toys, clothes and other merchandise inspired by and branded with Nintendo icons such as Mario, Zelda and Pokémon.” Nintendo will operate this service through The Hut Group that runs a similar service called Zavvi which is sending out a Nintendo themed box in September, there’s a chance some Zelda related goodies will pop-up in there as well. To hear more about the N-Box subscription and Zelda merchandise it may contain, hit the jump!

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Beedle’s Bazaar

Beedle/TerryWelcome back to what has now become our Saturday ritual at Zelda Dungeon, Beedle’s Bazaar. Where Beedle and I show off some of our favorite Zelda goodies that we have found in the last week, and of course, help you unburden yourself of all your rupees (trust me, I spend mine too)! I hope you have all been saving some rupees in the last week because we have some pretty spectacular things to show you. From two different items to help you get some much needed rest in true Zelda style, to the perfect way to show off your love of Zelda games and music at the same time, you are sure to want to spend some of your hard earned rupees.

Head past the break to check out what we have for you this week!

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ZD Top 5 – Masks in Majora’s Mask

Get-Fierce-Deity's-Mask-on-Majora's-Mask-Step-1Bullet11 Majora’s Mask has turned into the fan-favorite Zelda game in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Even though I’m not one who reveres the game to the extent of seeing it as a sacred item, I can respect both its gameplay and plot themes. Take for instance one of the game’s primary mechanics, the masks in Majora’s Mask are incredibly creative and well-implemented. Therefore, on this week’s ZD Top, we had our staff members count down their favorite masks with one small catch: no transformation masks.

As per usual, feel free to leave your personal lists in the comments!

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Zeldamotion Project is Cancelled

zmc Zeldamotion has been struggling to stay afloat since 2012, and in mid-July Aeipathy Industries launched another Kickstarter to help Zeldamotion produce a Link to the Past anime Episode 2 and a 90 minute film if stretch-goals were met. However, Producer Michael Patch has cancelled the Kickstarter campaign altogether. He did this as a result of community feedback and not because of a cease-and-desist order from Nintendo, as in a survey conducted earlier this week the majority of people didn’t want the project to move forward. To read Patch’s official statement, hit the jump!

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Women of Legend: Marin
Dreams are typically joyful escapes from reality, journeys into worlds with limitless potential and lifted restrictions. Most people would jump at the chance to live in a dream, but that apparent freedom we as humans find in our dips into the surreal turn to enchaining and stagnant nightmares when there’s no way out. When stuck in one place without the possibility of growth nor fulfillment, one would likely go insane and just give up. But Marin isn’t one to conform. Trapped on the island of Koholint like an evergreen in a snow globe, this girl remained vivacious in the face of confinement. She was always encouraging to those around her and expressive through music and her fixation on flight. But above all, she was hopeful. Let’s further examine the significance of our precious seagull without wings: Marin.

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Akira Himekawa Pays Tribute to Iwata and You Can Too

iwat2 As most gamers already know, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away last Sunday. For those of us who may not know how to express our grief over this loss, a good idea would be to put your thoughts down in writing. Tokyo Otaku Mode is sending fan messages of thanks, farewell, and support concerning Iwata’s passing to Nintendo and to Iwata’s family members. All you have to do to be a part of this is add your message to the comments on Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Facebook post, here.

Akira Himekawa, creator of many official Legend of Zelda mangas has contributed heartwarming artwork to honor Iwata’s memory. Accordingly, you may also contribute original artwork with your message. Messages will be accepted until July 20th at 11:59 am PDT. To read specific procedures and see Himekawa’s full tribute artwork, hit the jump!

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Epic Boss Battle Music from Tri Force Heroes

image Zelda fans were able to see a lot of Tri Force Heroes footage during E3 2015, and Nintendo World Report has isolated the Forest Level boss fight clip from the conference. In this video you can hear epic boss fight music that is unique but also very fit for the Zelda universe. Whether this is the tune that plays during every boss battle, or just during this one fight with a souped-up giant Buzz Blob, is not known for sure at this time. Give the battle theme a listen and watch the Forest Level boss battle after the jump!

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ZD Marathon Update!

maxresdefaultThe Zelda Dungeon Marathon is well under way, and we’ve already had a couple of great playthroughs. There are still several days worth of Zelda games to play, and plenty of shenanigans along the way. So far, the pre-show had some awesome times in Mario Kart 8, as well as some really fun Super Smash Bros. battles, while waiting for more people to arrive for the official start of the marathon. During the pre-show, we were also shown the time lapse of the actual marathon setup. After that, the real show began, and Mases graced us with a Phantom Hourglass run, ending off at 5:56:30, beating last year’s time by 10 minutes. After that, Mases and Moseley had a Link’s Awakening race, with Mases winning with a time of 2:59:50. Right now, we are between games, but Hyrule Warriors is about to hit the screen, so head over there to see that, as well as the full marathon schedule!

The big surprise of Twilight Princess is still a mystery, and A Link to the Past could have any number of racers once the last stream day comes around, so hit the stream, and stick around! Don’t forget to donate for file names, Hyrule Warriors fighters, and more! The money goes strait to Child’s Play, and we are currently at a donation total of $1291.38!

Shigeru Miyamoto and A Link to the Past Used to Educate Aspiring Game Directors

ws At E3, Nintendo Life sat down for an interview with game producer and college professor Warren Spector. Best known for his work on the recent Epic Mickey titles and the original Deus Ex, Spector is now the director of the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy at the University of Texas. One of the courses he teaches focuses on management and leadership of a development team, and Spector admitted that he evokes Shigeru Miyamoto as a prime example of how to influence a team and get one’s creative image across accurately. He also praises A Link to the Past for its ability to execute a feeling of exploration in a game that has been planned out step-by-step.
For Spector’s quotes concerning Miyamoto and A Link to the Past, or to hear more about his program at the University of Texas, hit the jump!

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#ZDMarathon – 3 Days Away

11659560_10153971140083294_1722934703500028643_nThat’s right!! We’re less than 3 days away from the 2015 Zelda Dungeon Marathon!! Most of the attending staff are making their final preparations for traveling, packing up clothes and equipment and everything else that we need to pull off a marathon of this magnitude. We have quite a bit planned for this year’s marathon, so hit the jump for some details.
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Zelda Merchandise in Loot Crate’s July Box and Mega Crate

Capture3 This month, Loot Crate, a service that mails subscribers a monthly gift box full of unknown nerdy merchandise, is sending out a box dubbed “Heroes 2” as a sequel to last year’s “Heroes” themed box. This time around our hero of legend is being honored with a “a licensed Legend of Zelda wearable” in Loot Crate’s standard July box. But that’s not all, as the one lucky subscriber who receives July’s Mega Crate will be sent a “Legend of Zelda shield backpack, Triforce wallet, beanie & scarf set.” Also, non-subscribers still have 15 days to order July’s crate! For more details, hit the jump.

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ZeldaDungeon Marathon Announcement

11659560_10153971140083294_1722934703500028643_nIt’s that time of year again; the annual ZeldaDungeon charity marathon has been scheduled to start on July 13th and end on the 17th, this year benefitting Child’s Play. We will be playing through all of the main series Legend of Zelda games as well as the more obscure Zelda titles. Many staff members will be returning from previous marathons, along with a few new faces. Check out the video below for more info!

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Auditions Being Held for Skyward Sword: The Movie

ssmov Zelda Universe is holding auditions for its next film project, Skyward Sword: The Movie. This project is similar to ZU’s Hyrule Warriors: The Movie, in that Lead Media Editor Alexander Trevino is auditioning voice actors who will dub over all of the cutscenes from Skyward Sword and these will be strung together into a full length film. Auditions are open to the public from June 25th through July 9th, and audition tapes can be sent in here. For more details, hit the jump!

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Custom Ganon Action Figure

Ganon-Boar-Twilight-Princess Marvel enthusiast Craig Warrack has quite an interesting passion. If you were to visit his YouTube channel, not only would you find several videos on reviewing brand action figures of either favorite heroes or favorite villains, but also videos showcasing the actions figures he’s created himself. Figures that, dare I say, might even be better than what you can buy at a toy store. Included in his collection of custom action figures- and quite recently finished- is none other than the King of Evil, Ganon!

Make the jump for the mechanics and to check out the process of Warrack’s stunning work!

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