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We Are Back Up and Running Smoothly

2559086-wind+wakerHurray! The server troubles appear to be behind us and we are now fully functional. We were able to diagnose what was wrong and we have fixed the problem. The website should now be running smoother than it has in quite some time. In the coming hours we are going to be transferring both the walkthrough pages and the wiki pages to use the brand new layout that we have recently launched. Regular news and article update will be resuming shortly. Thanks again for your patience.

Server Troubles: Please Bear With Us

ErrorsHey guys, we have been having off and on server trouble for much of Wednesday and the early part of Thursday. We have been working hard to diagnose what is causing these server errors, and making every effort to get the website fully functional. The brand new server we recently moved to is more powerful than our previous one, but it will take a bit of optimization before everything is running smoothly. Please bear with us while we try to get the site fully functional. Thanks for understanding.

Zelda Dungeon v21 Released: Many New Changes

New-ThemeIt has been over 3 years since the last time we revamped the site layout, but today I’d like to introduce the newest version of Zelda Dungeon. This much needed change makes several upgrades to the website, while also staying true to many familiar functions that you’ve come to love. It’s worth noting that during this transition period, there are quite a few lingering errors and edits that need to be worked out before the website has completely shifted to the new layout. We will be working throughout the day to get all pages converted over, and throughout the next few weeks to fully realize this change. For a full breakdown of all the changes with the new theme, go ahead and make the jump.

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Our Zelda Wiki is Back Up and Running: Contest Resumes

Link-PlushThe server move that we announced a few days ago is now complete. With that we have since moved on to phase two of the website revamp and this involves upgrading our Zelda Wiki. The big change comes for mobile viewers as the wiki is now completely mobile friendly. We are still working out the kinks and the display format, but the wiki is now fully functional on mobile phones. Furthermore, later this week when the brand new website layout is released, we will soon after have a corresponding new layout on the Wiki for desktop viewers.

With the Wiki back online, we are resuming the wiki giveaway that we started a few days back. While it never technically ended, editing was cut off for a brief period during the server move, but everything is now functional once again. For more information, be sure to check out the initial post about the wiki contest giveaway.

Server Move: Some Downtime Expected

offlineUpdate: The server move is complete and the forum and wiki are back online.

Here at Zelda Dungeon, we will be moving servers beginning around 6pm US Central Time today. During this time period, we may go offline for awhile. There will be no new posts made on the front page, and both the Wiki and Forums will be disabled for editing. We hope to be back up and running on Saturday early in the morning.

This will be the first in a number of changes happening here at Zelda Dungeon over the next few weeks. We have a brand new website design in the works, and we will also be making notable upgrades to both our Wiki and Forum software. If there are any hiccups and the site is not accessible, we will be updating our Facebook Page with progress reports.

Interested in Writing for Zelda Dungeon?

8717873_origIt is a really exciting time here at Zelda Dungeon as we are gearing towards a number of big changes at the website, including a brand new site design that will be launched later this month. In preparation for this move, along with a number of other site changes, we are looking to fill some holes among the site staff. We are in need of some additional writers for the front page of Zelda Dungeon, including writers to post news pieces, as well as editorials.

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Win a Free Link Plush Doll by Helping Zelda Dungeon

Link-PlushOver at our Zelda Wiki, we have recently surpassed the 4600 article mark and we are full steam ahead, onward to 5000. Currently we are in the process of filling up much of our Hyrule Warriors content, including our elaborate Badge Market guide, and our upcoming Adventure Mode guide. Additionally, we are polishing up much of our Majora’s Mask content in preparation for the release of Majora’s Mask 3D this coming Spring.

In order to help improve our Wiki and making it the best encyclopedia of Zelda information online, we need your help. We are looking for additional editors and it takes just seconds to Register at the Wiki. Once registered, all you have to do is make at least 25 edits and you will win a free Link Plush Doll! Simple as that. Make the jump for some additional information.

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Man at Arms: Reforged Create Fierce Deity Link’s Sword


After the original Man at Arms team created Link’s Master Sword, the revamped Man at Arms: Reforged team have returned to the Zelda series, this time constructing the Fierce Deity sword from Majora’s Mask. Make the jump to check out this masterful team of craftsmen forge and use the iconic double-edged blade!

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Custom Link Amiibo Figures

Screenshot_14Etsy and Imgur user Chibisilverwings has taken advantage of the recent release of the Amiibo Link figure, by customising two of them and making them look even cooler! Make the jump to check out two customized Link figures: a Dark Link and an Ocarina of Time blue tunic inspired Link.

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Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC Revealed

hyrule-warriors-logoMore info about the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess update appeared over on Famitsu recently. The update includes a few new costumes for Link and Midna, the Dominion rod, and maps of the new adventure mode. A few promotional images showing off the costumes have been released, as well as their Japanese prices. The update will be available in all regions on November 27th. Information is still coming in so stick around for any more news on the update.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Get a Famicom 3DS Theme with your Ultimate NES Remix

Nes_Remix_for_Wii_U,_and_Nes_Remix_for_3DSDuring the Nintendo Direct today, we got some interesting news about Ultimate NES Remix – the NES Remix port for the 3DS. Apparently, if you purchase either the digital or physical copy of Ultimate NES Remix, you’ll get a free Famicom-inspired 3DS theme. It even has Link and Ganon in it! You can check it out after the jump!

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Majora’s Mask 3D Gameplay Reveal


It looks like we are going to once again meet with a terrible fate. A brilliant, terrible fate. That’s right, Majora’s mask is getting the same 3D treatment as Ocarina of Time! Make the jump to check out the gameplay segment shown in Nintendo’s most recent Direct, in which Iwata talks about the game over some footage from the highly anticipated and demanded remake.

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