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We Are Hiring: Looking for Writers to Help Bolster Our Guides


While all of our news and editorial work has shifted over to Zelda Informer, we are still upgrading and churning out game guides here at Zelda Dungeon. Earlier this year we completed our Twilight Princess Walkthrough, which is now fully upgraded to the HD version of the game. While we still have a few months to go before we begin to work on our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, there are plenty of other guides here at the website that need some work.

We are looking for writers to help with a variety of some of our older games. In addition to writing, we are also looking for volunteers to help capture images as well as editing custom maps and artwork. If you are interested in helping out at the website, go ahead and send in an application to with the subject, Zelda Dungeon Volunteer Application.

Note: All positions are initially just volunteer positions. However, users that make considerable contributions are often rewarded and are also given opportunities to attend various live Nintendo, Gaming, and Zelda Dungeon related events. More information available upon request.

Also, if you live in the Chicago metropolitan area, or are willing to relocate, further opportunities are available and you can inquire about them within your application.

You’re Invited: Gold Skulltula Hunt

We’re celebrating our Zelda wiki‘s third birthday today by holding a fun little scavenger hunt, and you’re invited! In honor of the recent release of Hyrule Warriors, we’ll be working together to collect Gold Skulltulas while improving our Hyrule Warriors coverage.. The event will last through the 31st, so you can also think of it as getting in the mood for Halloween. Continue reading for more details.

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Zelda Dungeon One Man Mini-Marathon

EDIT: The Mini-Marathon has concluded and we raised over $2600. Thanks everybody!

You can view the full stream over at our Twitch Channel, as well as take part in the chat.

The one-man 21-hour mini marathon will begin at 6am US Central Time, lasting all the way until 3am the following day. We are raising money for the Galloping Ghost Arcade as part of their expansion fundraiser. Be sure to visit their website to find out some information about their arcade, as well as their massive expansion. We have a goal set of $2500, as well as a goal of playing the first five Legend of Zelda games through to completion, one after another. In order to reach our goals, we need your help. We have donation benchmarks that we must reach in order to keep me playing. Go ahead and make the jump to see the full listing of all the donation benchmarks.

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The Legend of Zelda One Man Mini-Marathon Widget is Live


As of this post, we are less than 28 hours away from the start of the mini-marathon! With that said, the donation widget is now live. Our goal at the mini-marathon is to raise $2500 for the Galloping Ghost Arcade. The marathon is set to last for an estimated 21-hours, but I will need your help in order to complete the marathon. Throughout the marathon, we will need to hit donation benchmarks in order for me to continue playing. With the widget now functional, we can get a head start on the initial donations. We have a minimum donation of $5, but larger donations are much appreciated. All money is going to the Galloping Ghost Arcade Fundraiser. Make the jump to check out the various donation-goal benchmarks.

An embed stream will be available here at Zelda Dungeon hours before the start of the marathon. Alternatively, you can watch our marathon directly at our Twitch Page.

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Two Days Away: One Man Mini-Marathon


A reminder that the One Man Mini-Marathon is set to begin on Saturday at 6am US Central Time. We will be raising money for the Galloping Ghost Arcade with a goal of reaching the $2500 donation mark. Throughout the event, I will be playing through the entirety of the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, and Ocarina of Time. One man – five Zelda games – in 24-hours.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it. Part of the thrill of this event is to see whether I can actually make it through to the end. Even more important to me is raising money for the expansion of the Galloping Ghost Arcade. I will need your help in accomplishing my goal. If you missed the earlier post, check out the initial announcement for information on the marathon. To find out how you can help, make the jump.

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The Zelda Dungeon One Man Mini-Marathon

zdmarathonLTTP-nowplayingEach Summer we run our annual Zelda Dungeon Marathon, but coming up soon we have something rather special. Starting at 6am US Central Time on Saturday April 12th, Zelda Dungeon will be hosting the One Man Mini-Marathon. Throughout the event, I, Mases Hagopian, have set a goal of playing through the first five Legend of Zelda titles all the way through, one after another. Starting very early in the morning, I will begin my journey with the original Legend of Zelda. This will be followed by the Adventure of Link, a Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, and then Ocarina of Time.

The playthroughs will be complete playthroughs in the sense that I will not be using the wide variety of available glitches. Notably, such glitches are available which allow gamers to play through some of these multiple hour-games in just a matter of minutes. All in all, I’m expecting the event to last somewhere around 21 hours.

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Celebrating the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!

The Adventure of Link (scroll)I know I said I was taking a break, but I had enough spare time to write up this news post to celebrate some recent milestones achieved by our very own Zelda Dungeon Wiki! Some of these announcements are a tad late due to the recent server move, but, better late than never!

On October 22nd, the Wiki celebrated it’s second birthday with a server move that should hopefully run things a little more smoothly. And as an early birthday surprise, a few weeks ago, we broke the 4,000 article mark! Currently, we now have 4,083 articles, almost 10,000 images, and over 25 million page views! And now you can share pages that you find interesting with your friends around the world with the recent addition of social media links near the bottom of the sidebar!

In closing, I should also mention that with the upcoming release of A Link Between Worlds, we could do with some more editors for the wiki so that we are able to have extensive info on characters, locations, dungeons, items, etc. as soon as possible after the game is released. If you are interested in contributing to everybody’s favorite wiki for The Legend of Zelda, just go to the wiki’s front page to find out how you can help!

Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A Part 2

Zelda Dungeon marathon picAbout a week ago we posted the first part in the Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A and today we are bringing you part 2! In the first portion we had 5 of the 10 attendees tell us their thoughts on the upcoming event. In this part we have interviewed the final five people who will be at the marathon. With the marathon itself only a few days away, the excitement is slowly building until it arrives.

And without further ado, please click the link below to see what the rest of the marathon crew has to say.

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Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A Part 1

Zelda Dungeon marathon picZelda Dungeon’s Marathon is only a couple of weeks away and there are a lot of people who are excited for the event. It’s not just the fans that are looking forward to it, the people who are participating in the event are eagerly awaiting it too.

To help build more excitement for the Marathon, the people who are attending have been asked some questions. The questions range from who the participants are to what they hope to accomplish at the Marathon. A video promoting the event has also been included with this interview for more information regarding the Zelda Dungeon Marathon.

Click the link below to see what the participants have to say!

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Want to join our News Staff?

Do you have a passion for Zelda and journalism? Did you realize the two could be combined? Here at Zelda Dungeon we work hard to get you the newest Zelda news as fast as possible thanks to a great team of volunteer writers!

If you’d like to join this fantastic team and you think you have what it takes, jump inside to discover the qualifications and find out how you can apply today!
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Want to write News Posts for us?

Do you have a passion for Zelda and journalism? Did you realize the two could be combined? Here at Zelda Dungeon we work hard to get you the newest Zelda news as fast as possible thanks to a great team of volunteer writers!

If you’d like to join this fantastic team and you think you have what it takes, jump inside to discover the qualifications and find out how you can apply today!
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So You Want to Be a News Correspondent?

Do you have a passion for Zelda and journalism? Did you realize the two could be combined? Here at Zelda Dungeon we work hard to get you the newest Zelda news as fast as possible thanks to a great team of volunteer writers.

If you’d like to join this fantastic team and you think you have what it takes, jump inside to discover the qualifications and find out how you can apply today!
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Follow Mases Hagopian on Facebook

So for the last several years I’ve constantly gotten personal friend invites on Facebook from fans of Zelda Dungeon. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about accepting these as a good portion of them came from kids and teenagers. Unfortunately in the world we live in, a 25-year old like myself, having several hundred Facebook fans of 13-16 year olds is not exactly acceptable behavior. Rather, it raises eyebrows. So I’ve constantly rejected or ignored requests, in which this has led to fans messaging me, asking me why I am rejecting or ignoring their requests! A viscous cycle indeed!

In any case, I’ve found what I think is the perfect answer. I’ve gone ahead and created a public figure Facebook page for myself. This way anybody who wants to follow my Facebook activity can do so, while I can keep my personal and family side of Facebook private. At this page I will be posting about video games, along with other topics ranging from movies, to sports, or politics. Think of it as my personal Twitter page, but on Facebook. (I’m just not really a Twitter fan at the moment). So in any case, feel free to Like me at Facebook if you so choose.

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Zelda Marathon: Afro of Time

The people here at the Zelda Marathon had way too much fun, I think. There have been prizes and events with each donation to Child’s Play with set goals that the team put together. We made thousands of dollars in donations for Child’s Play. Great job to everyone who donated, children will now have toys of entertainment in their hospital rooms because of you. With acknowledgments done, let’s move on to our main attractions! Take the jump below to see the fun of what went down at this crazy event.

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Zelda Modern Rock Medley (1:35:45)

Recently, a huge compilation Zelda Medley was discovered, one that seems to break a record with how long an awesome Medley can be. This song spans one hour, thirty-five minutes and fourty-five seconds. That is huge. This compilation medley was created by numerous people, including Alpha Volkheit, Johnny Death, Jonny Atma, Jim Cook, Matt Graham, and Caspe. It includes songs from accross the spectrum, there are some from Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, A Link to the Past, and more!

Alpha Volkheit had originally posted a fifteen minute preview on his YouTube channel with a link to download the song. A fan of the medley had taken the whole thing and put it to footage of them playing Majora’s Mask and uploaded it to YouTube, linking everything back to Alpha Volkheit. Check it out after the jump.

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