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Molgera’s Battle Theme Cover On Ocarina

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.28.34 AMIn honor of Zelda Month we have a pretty spectacular cover of Molgera’s Battle theme on Ocarina to share with you. David Eric Ramos was introduced to the Ocarina in the same way that many of us Zelda fans were, with Ocarina of Time. Ever since he has been hooked, and since 2000 after receiving his first Ocarina he has been traveling the world ,sharing his love for music and this very unique instrument with fans. This particular cover has been 2 years in the making and also features David playing the Djembe drum. Jump on in past the break and check it out for yourself!

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SwankyBox: What if Link Never Left Kokiri Forest?

kokiri-forest-2Here is an oddity among Zelda theories. Most of the time, when people theorize about what might happen if Link’s individual circumstances in each game were different, they look at how concerning, or even how grim, the outcome might be. Though, YouTuber SwankyBox has a different idea. He has examined what may have happened if Link had never left Kokiri Forest at the start of Ocarina of Time, but thinks less about the serious implications, and a bit more about the comical side of what would happen.

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Yungtown: Ocarina of Time’s Darunia

HW_darunia01Some moments from Ocarina of Time, easily the most well-renowned Zelda game, will never be forgotten. The seven-year jump, Saria’s farewell scene, Sheik’s identity being revealed – there are some doosies. But what sticks with me? That mad dance scene. Darunia slays on the dance floor, you know he does. The leader of the Gorons was certainly a memorable guy, but not just for his dancing. He had a major impact on the world that some may not have though of before. YouTuber Yungtown has made a video looking back at the depth of Darunia’s story.

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Best Buys Reportedly Restocking on Ocarina of Time 3D

zelda-ocarina-of-time-3ds-restockApparently, finding Ocarina of Time 3D has not been a very easy task for some 3DS owners wanting to try out the most famous of Zelda titles. The eShop is always an option, but what about actual copies? Some people want a game they can hold on to, of course. Thankfully, Best Buy stores have reportedly been restocking. Though online listings have already disappeared, it seems, if anyone is really looking to grab a physical copy, then visiting a nearby Best Buy may be worth a shot!

Source: Nintendo Everything

ThaneGaming: Ocarina of Time’s Darker Themes

Link_vs._Dead_HandHalloween is right around the corner, and as always, that means it’s almost time for loads of fans putting together Zelda costumes and making spooky fanart. Aside from the fun, scary material fans put together, though, people always take this time to look at the dark and disturbing parts of their favorite series, including Zelda. ThaneGaming has taken a look at a few of the little details of Ocarina of Time that indicate, or outright display, a lot of messed-up stuff. He gives his personal experience with them, and gives us some good stuff to think about.

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Incredible Volvagia Cosplay Took 3 Years to Make

VolvagiaI’m not usually one for phrases and sayings but one I tend to agree with is that if something is worth doing it’s worth doing well. There have been plenty of cosply articles here over the years which have included some very good costumes. As much as I’d love to make costumes of several characters from the Zelda series I don’t have the skills to make it look decent. Imgur user hylianjean has spent the past 3 years making a costume of Volvagia from Ocarina of Time and it looks incredible!

See how it was made after the jump.


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Deadlock: Ocarina of Time vs A Link to the Past

oot v alttpIn the latest installment of Deadlock MatPat and NateWantstoBattle decided to debate which Zelda title was better, Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past. MatPat decided to choose the side of A Link to the Past and Nate took the side of Ocarina of Time. In this video they explore the conventions and game play of the two games, comparing and contrasting the two. The video seems to raise some questions about Zelda games, for example should Zelda have become more linear in Ocarina of Time or should it have stayed non linear like the parts of A Link to the Past that were in the dark world?

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Zora’s Domain Piano Cover

Screenshot_3Check out this amazing Piano rendition of ‘Zora’s Domain’ from Ocarina of Time! Youtuber ‘PPPianist’ brings us a calming version of our favourite aquatic Zelda species’ theme from Link’s days on the N64.

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Zelda’s Lullaby Cover

270px-ZeldaslullabyZelda’s Lullaby is possibly one of the most recurring songs in the Zelda series. Generally you hear the tune played during several pivotal moments in each title that pertain to Princess Zelda. For example you hear this song when Link and Zelda meet for the first time in A Link to the Past, in Ocarina of Time, Impa teaches Link the song on his fairy ocarina to allow him the ability to accomplish certain tasks. These are just a couple of examples where Zelda’s Lullaby can be heard, but there are many more. Nintendo Creators Program Member, ALBEDO has created a cover of this tune to help your day start off on the right note!

Head past the break to have a listen.

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Great Fairy Fountain Electronic Remix

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 7.04.50 AMEvery musician has a different way of interpreting their favorite tunes, some hear it in their heads as a jazzy melody, and some might hear a dance tune brewing. The way that some musicians can take a song and change its arrangement or melody to give it a completely different vibe or tone while still being able to hear its original intention is pretty fantastic. With Ocarina of Time we have shared many different covers created by talented artists of some of the most beloved songs to come out of that game. The YouTube channel Mewmore focuses on different video game covers arranged with a mainly electronic style and today we have one of their latest Zelda inspired tunes to share with you.


Head past the break to check out Mewmore’s cover of the Great Fairy Fountain from Ocarina of Time.

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Volvagia’s Origin Theory from Youtuber GameOverJesse


Check out this awesome theory from Zelda Youtuber GameOverJesse, exploring the possibilities of Volvagia’s origin! Delving into the flaming Dragon’s lore as explained in Ocarina of Time, and from there attempting to trace back it’s fiery history! Make the jump to check out the theory.





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Inside the Great Deku Tree Recreated in Super Mario Maker

maxresdefault Super Mario Maker is a much anticipated game for a wide range of gamers, and YouTube’s Really Freakin’ Clever has a little something to sweeten the deal for Zelda fans. Really Freakin’ Clever was able to preview Super Mario Maker and immediately tried to recreate Inside the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time using side-scroller Mario elements. While the level doesn’t appear very similar to its Ocarina of Time counterpart it is filled with “Deku Babas,” can be played through as Link, has an insect like boss, and many other related design choices. Check out the level after the jump!

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Zora’s Domain in Unreal Engine 4

Untitled Last week we featured a fan’s rendition of South Clock Town made in Unreal Engine 4. This time around, you should check out Vimeo user Michael Eurek’s Unreal Engine 4 creation, Zora’s Domain. The detail and lighting themselves seem quite difficult to put together. Adding the theme of the Zora’s domain and other sound effects has created an overall near perfect image of what you might think Zora’s Domain looks like in real life. Go ahead and make the jump to see Eurek’s virtual tour!

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Women of Legend: Sheik

The most important years of a young adults life is the teen years. Outgrowing the fantasies of childhood and accepting the true wonders of the world is an essential part of human experience. But there are those who don’t get to enjoy the transition. They are forced to focus on other, more important things. Through circumstances out of their control, they grow up too fast, and end up sacrificing their own childhoods for the sake of others. Such is the story of Sheik; born of exile, and raise in secrecy. Sheik’s mission in life was simple: to save the land she endangered. To right her wrong. Music and friends and self discovery were going to have to wait.

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