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Free Nintendo Power T-Shirts from Nintendo World Store

IMG_41102 Starting tomorrow, November 28th, all Nintendo World Stores will be offering a free Nintendo Power T-shirt to anyone who spends $25 or more in store. There are two shirts, both bear the classic Nintendo Power logo on the front, but one is grey with an 8-bit Mario on the back and the words “YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!” while the other is black with an 8-bit Link on the back accompanied by the phrase “IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE!” This offer stands only while supplies last, so if you’re eager to snatch one of these shirts up be sure to get to your nearest Nintendo World Store early– before they’re gone.

For a better look at the t-shirts, hit the jump!

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Nintendo World Store to host event for A Link to the Past Manga

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 8.27.39 AM

The Nintendo World Store in New York City will be hosting a special event in honor of the worldwide launch of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga originally seen in the pages of Nintendo Power by manga legend Shotaro Ishinomori.

The event is scheduled to take place on May 1st from 6pm to 8pm at the Nintendo World Store and will include a viewable gallery of images straight from the pages of the book as well as a few more fun things scheduled for those that can attend.


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Viz Media to Release A Link To The Past Comic

Viz-Media-A-Link-to-the-PastViz Media, known for its English publications of titles such as Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist, has announced that they will be publishing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comic that originally appeared in Nintendo Power. It was first published in January 1992 and ran for 12 issues until December of 1992. The series was then adapted into a graphic novel for both American and Japanese audiences in 1993. Hit the jump for more details and how you can pre-order your own copy.

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Rare Zelda Pocket Watch on eBay

Zelda fans and collectors can find the most unusual things on eBay from time to time. Take this listing for what purports to be a “SUPER RARE Zelda Ocarina of Time pocket watch.” The seller explains that this watch was originally sold through Nintendo Power. He does note that while the watch is in perfect working order, it does has a scratch on the back.

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Nintendo Power 1999: A Transitional Year

In November of 1998, Ocarina of Time finally hit shelves after several years of hype. For almost the entire years of 1997 and 1998, Ocarina of Time was being promoted time and time again with new screenshots, information, and interviews. When the game finally came out it was featured in several issues of Nintendo Power in late 1998 and this continued into early 1999. The February 1999 issue of Nintendo Power had yet another guide feature, this time focusing on the Mask and Trading Sequences.

Ocarina of Time coverage continued throughout the year with numerous appearances in the Counselor’s Corner, the Classified Information section, as well as a near clean sweep in the Nintendo Power 1998 Awards. However, there there was still plenty of news from other Zelda games throughout the year. In the January 1999 issue, Link’s Awakening was featured and the game also saw multiple appearances in the Counselor’s Corner. Heck even A Link to the Past, seven years after its initial release got two questions of its own answered in the Counselor’s Corner.

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Eiji Aonuma Nintendo Power Interview: Talks Skyward Sword, Zelda Wii U

The December 2011 issue of Nintendo Power has hit subscribers this week and it contains several Zelda goodies. In addition to the Nintendo Power Skyward Sword review, the magazine also had a two page interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. Within the interview, Aonuma talks about the controls of Skyward Sword, the development, some storyline aspects, some of the strange characters, the items, and even some mentions of Zelda Wii U. I’ve take the time to type up the two page interview in text format and you can see it in its entirety after the jump.

Unfortunately the subscriber version features Resident Evil: Revelations on the cover, while the magazine on store shelves is of the image you see to the left. There are several other Zelda goodies this month in Nintendo Power, so I’d highly suggest picking it up on store shelves or subscribing. The official Nintendo Power website is currently offering 12 issues for just $19.99. A great deal and even a great Christmas present! Make the jump to check out the interview.

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Skyward Sword: 20 Years in the Making?

Remember the Legend of Zelda Comic Book that came out in the early 90s? It was released in monthly installments as part of Nintendo Power magazine and it ran for 12 issues. Looking back at it now… there seems to be something that remarkably resembles Skyward Sword. It seems even in the early 90s, Nintendo was thinking about using a giant bird, capable of carrying humans, as a part of the storyline. Without rambling about what is in this single comic book page, why don’t you make the jump to find out for yourself. Be warned, your mind will be blown.

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Nintendo Power: Top 25 GameCube Games

In Nintendo Power’s November issue, they celebrated the GameCube’s tenth anniversary by creating a list of the console’s top 25 games. All three Legend of Zelda games released for the GameCube made the list. The Wind Waker came in second, Twilight Princess came in third, and Four Swords Adventure came in twenty-second. It’s hard to believe that the Gamecube came out ten years ago, especially when many of the games on the list are still talked about and played today. It helps that the Wii provides backwards compatibility so even if fans don’t own a Gamecube, they can still play the games. Along with all the Zelda titles, many other great games made the list. Make sure to check out all 25 after the jump.

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Skyward Sword Details in November’s Nintendo Power

The latest issue of Nintendo Power is in and includes a preview of Skyward Sword. With this preview we get a handful of extra details that are mostly centered around Faron Woods and the Water Dragon, Faron. These details don’t reveal anything really big, but they do elaborate on a few things and give some nice tidbits. Read on to see what’s new!

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Nintendo Power: Tons of Skyward Sword Spoilers

The newest issue of Nintendo Power is set to hit store shelves on October 4th, but scans are already starting to appear online. Our resident forum member, Vibed has posted a few scans and there is a lot of goodies to be heard. In particular we learn quite a bit about the Skyloftian citizens early on in the game. I have to warn you all, these contain some spoilers, so stay away if you don’t want to hear any of the goodies. If you aren’t concerned with spoilers from the early portions of the game, jump on in to find out more.

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Nintendo Power: September 2011 Issue

The September issue of Nintendo Power arrived for subscribers last week and is now on store shelves all across the country. There are a lot of little goodies to be found throughout the issue, but surprisingly almost nothing concerning the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. One of the goodies came in the Pulse section of the magazine where one of the fans asked this concerning the Zelda Timeline.

Breah D.: I was really excited to see a lot of Zelda articles in the last issue. I was especially psyched to see an interview with Eiji Aonuma, but one of the questions that piqued my curiosity: “Where does Skyward Sword fall in the timeline?” So, I was wondering, is there an official timeline for the series?

Nintendo Power: This question has been asked a lot, but we’re addressing it again because Mr. Aonuma has recently confirmed that there is an unofficial Zelda timeline that his team refers to. However, in order to retain the freedom to insert future adventures wherever they’d like, there are no plans to release the timeline to the public.

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Nintendo Power 1998: Ocarina of Time Finally Releases

The Zelda Publications page has been updated with all the Nintendo Power magazines from the year of 1998. The year was one of most hyped years in Zelda history. The drum of Ocarina of Time, still known as Zelda 64 at the time, was beating louder than ever. While the game repeatedly got pushed back, with each passing month of Nintendo Power magazine, slight details had emerged. As of the end of 1997, Ocarina of Time was slated for a Spring 1998 release. However, as the first issue of Nintendo Power hit in 98, the game had an updated release forecast of Summer 1998. By February of 1998, that release date quickly changed to Fall 1998. In May of 1998, the game was marked for a November 1998 release and this was the final delay in the game as it officially hit stores on November 23rd 1998 in North America.

In March of 1998, the game finally got its tentative sub-title, Ocarina of Time, and it was confirmed that it would release as a gold cartridge, much like the original Legend of Zelda did on the NES. The hype of Ocarina of Time continued in future issues of the magazine, with it spotlighting both the previews and reviews of E3 1998. Nintendo new they had something golden with Ocarina of Time as in September 1998 – Issue #112, they conveniently titled a 4-page feature, A Gem in the Works. This continued the following month in October 1998 – Issue #113, where Nintendo titled their 6-page feature History in the Making. Full coverage of the game continued in November and December, providing guides of the Child Link portions of the game and the first three Adult Link dungeons. You can find all of these goodies in the links below.

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Nintendo Power 1997: Ocarina of Time Delays

Our Zelda Publications page has been updated with all the Zelda related Nintendo Power features found within the 1997 issues of the magazine. Ocarina of Time was still labeled as Zelda64 during this period and it was featured a number of times throughout the year. However, early in the year, it was said that the game was going to be released by the end of 1997. As time went by, that end of the year and Fall 1997 release dates got pushed back to Winter 1997. Then in the following months, that got pushed back to Spring 1998 for North America. In October of 1997, the game was still hoping for a 1997 release in Japan. Even as late as the December 1997 issue, the game was still slated for a Spring 1998 release. Obviously none of this came to fruition and while the game was delayed a number of times in 1997, the following year would prove to have just as many release delays.

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Nintendo Power May 2011: Ocarina of Time 3DS

How do you improve upon perfection? This is a question asked in the preview for Ocarina of Time 3D in the May 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. The magazine hit shelves on May 5th and I just received my copy in the mail a few days back. Inside of the issue we have tons of Legend of Zelda related material, starting right from the cover, where Ocarina of Time 3D is the featured cover title. There was a ton of information concerning the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and you can see it all after the jump. Additionally, Nintendo Power has continued The Greatest Moments of The Legend of Zelda series, this time looking at the Super Nintendo era, focusing particularly on the only full fledged Zelda title to release for the console, A Link to the Past. There were a few other minor Zelda references made throughout the magazine and it is all listed in this post, so be sure to jump on in to take a look at it all.

Ocarina of Time 3D is showcased in this issue of Nintendo Power, where 8 full pages are dedicated to Link’s 3D adventure. On these pages, you’ll find 25 screenshots of the game and a handful of old official art that is being reprinted for the games 3DS re-release. The 25 screenshots shown include a mixture of screens that we’ve already seen online, as well as a few brand new ones. However, all of the screen shots shown are of familiar places. You can see some of the shots in the preview scans below.

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