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Guitar Cover Of Astral Observatory By 72HoursRemaining

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.06.45 AMWith so much amazing music emerging from The Legend of Zelda series, there  is no shortage of talented musicians creating beautiful covers to honor songs to emerge from the franchise. One such duo that simply oozes talent is 72HoursRemaining. You might remember the pair from their cover of the end credits from The Wind Waker that we recently featured here at ZD. Now, they are back again and this time with a cover of possibly one of the most heart wrenchingly beautiful songs and places from Majora’s Mask, Astral Observatory.


“This, to us, is the embodiment of Majora’s Mask, and why we love the game. It’s atmospheric, emotional, dark and beautiful. When we played live, we described this song as being about “finding a safe place in a world destined to perish”, and we stand by that.”

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The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Hijinks – Part 2

links hyjinx part 2A very interesting and humorous Zelda comic was created by Nintendo and it is called The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Hijinks. There is now a second part to the comic in which it continues on from when Link obtains the red 3DS. It is quite interesting to see what Nintendo can do to promote their games and this was definitely both a fun and creative way for them to promote Majora’s Mask 3D.

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Music From Majora’s Mask Found In Tri Force Heroes Minigame

MM clock town music easter egg TFHWe have already shared with you that you that in a fantastic little mini-game found in the lobby of Tri Force Heroes you can discover some music from previous titles but in a recent GameXplain video they showed off little more of what they found. When the player uncovers a ball that acts as a music box they can hit it and it will play various tunes, including the Clock Town theme.

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New Famitsu Magazine Scans Reveal More Hyrule Warriors DLC Content

400329-skull_kidFamitsu Gaming Magazine has a new issue in Japan, and there are a whole lot of cutscene and gameplay shots of the new content coming to Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Though the pages are not yet translated, there is a lot to see, including the new fighter, Skull Kid, the new boss, Phantom Ganon, and some new location details!

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Should Zelda go Metroidvania? Pt. 1

768px-Hyrule_FieldOf the Zelda fan base’s many questions regarding the future of the series, one arguably stands above the rest: should Zelda take on a Metroidvania-style system of progression? It’s a question worth pondering; the Zelda series has toed, and occasionally stepped on either side of, the line between linearity and difficulty progression. Transplanting some elements of Samus and Simon’s best adventures could potentially solve both of these problems, right? I couldn’t disagree more. In this article, I outline the many reasons as to why Zelda games shouldn’t take cues from the Metroidvania genre.
This is part one of a two-part exploration of whether or not the Zelda series should adopt the main ideas of Metroidvania games.
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Majora’s Mask Shirt Available for Pre-Order

torso-thumb-moon_1024x1024 Memorabilia collectors can look forward to this awesome shirt design fashioned from the Zelda game, Majora’s Mask. The design depicts Link in an epic standoff against the Skull Kid and the horrific-looking moon threatening to destroy Termina with bright colors and interesting details. It’s currently available for pre-order on Shark Robot’s website until October 7th for $19.95, so hurry on over and snag yours today!


Gossip Stone: What New DLC Could Make It Into Hyrule Warriors Legends?

Hyrule_09-11-15_001When Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U still reigned, a total of 4 DLC packs released, including new Adventure Mode Maps, New Characters, and sometimes even New Modes. With Hyrule Warriors Legends releasing, it’s been detailed already that it will include all previous DLC- and there may even be more on the way. But the question is, what could it be? Now that we’ve knocked some characters and themes out of the way, it will be somewhat difficult to find the right DLC sets to develop and release. But as usual, we all have our ideas, so let’s talk about them after the jump!

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Zelda Theory Majora’s Darkest Secret

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_10We have shared many different Zelda theories with you over time and some of them have come from the very talented GameOverJesse. One of his latest Zelda theories takes us to the events in Majora’s Mask and tickles our brains with what secrets that dark, looming moon that hangs over Termina could hold. Could Majora never really have intended to destroy Termina but to deliver upon it a fate even more horrible? Why does the inside of the moon look like the way it does? Join GameOverJesse and guest, NintendoBoxYT in pondering these questions and a few more.

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Zelda Theory: Five Stages of Grief

MM The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is probably one of the deepest, most meaningful and, in some respects, maybe even the darkest game of the Zelda franchise despite it’s seemingly happy ending. There are several different theories circulating the game’s story, one of which we’ve all probably heard a few different opinions on, in which Link is cycling through the five stages of grief during his time in Termina. The concept has been tackled by a number of theorists, and sometimes its difficult to keep track of the real interpretation between Termina and the five stages of grief. However, we’re bringing back Vortex from her YouTube channel VortexxyGaming to not only allow her to spell out the theory for us, but to help us better understand whether it’s a valid theory or not. Make the jump to hear what Vortex has to say.

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Majora’s Mask & Fierce Deity Link Theory

Zelda Youtuber and theorist GameOverJesse has released another awesome theory, this time looking at Majora’s Mask and the similarities between adult Link and Fierce Deity Link. The theory also tells of an idea that Majora and the Fierce Deity are perhaps counterparts to Hyrule’s Link and Ganondorf, imprisoned in masks rather than resurrected iteratively.

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The Paradox Of The Happy Mask Salesman

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.24.25 PMHave you ever felt like you are experiencing events that have happened before, like things are so familiar you know what is going to happen? That sensation is known as Deja Vu. Imagine if that feeling happened constantly over a  short span of time, and when that span of time was over everything restarted in exactly the same way. This is essentially what happens to Link in Majora’s Mask. We can understand how it feels from his point of view and can get an idea of how it feels for the other people in the game as well — they should be unaware that events are happening over and over. There is one however who doesn’t seem to be effected by time: The Happy Mask Salesman. Why exactly is he different than other characters? Could he be centered around a plot mistake? Touching on themes about time travel mistakes is not uncommon as various forms of literature and entertainment have shown, and this is exactly what I intend to find out.

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Astral Observatory Acoustic Cover

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 7.01.25 AMThe Team Players have long since provided us with many fantastic acoustic covers inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. Today, we have the latest edition to their YouTube library, an acoustic cover of the Astral Observatory theme from Majora’s Mask. The talented duo gives a very warm and soothing feel to this much loved song with this latest cover.

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Zelda Theory: Songs of the Undead

Sharp and Elder by ABlume
Sharp and Flat by ABlume

There are a few songs between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask that some players don’t consider as much more than what they seem to be. The Sun’s Song is as it sounds; it changes night to day and vice versa, whereas The Song of Storms makes it rain and drains the well in Kakariko Village in order for our hero to continue on his journey to defeat Ganondorf. However, these songs and a couple others involving the spirits of the Zelda universe may have a deeper role than players have always initially thought. Make the jump to here VortexxyGaming’s theory on the true role of these otherwise seemingly meaningless Zelda tunes.

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South Clock Town Made in Unreal Engine 4

UE4 South Clock Town If you thought the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask was awesome then you should check out this fan version of South Clock Town made in Unreal Engine 4. An environment artist known on YouTube as Wesley Paquette doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to his rendition of the infamous Clock Tower and said monument’s surroundings. In fact, there is even more detail to be explored in Paquette’s Clock Town than in Nintendo’s original and remade versions. Would you like to take a virtual tour? Make the jump to see both the day life and night life of Paquette’s incredible design of South Clock Town!

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