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Zelda Theory: Songs of the Undead

Sharp and Elder by ABlume
Sharp and Flat by ABlume

There are a few songs between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask that some players don’t consider as much more than what they seem to be. The Sun’s Song is as it sounds; it changes night to day and vice versa, whereas The Song of Storms makes it rain and drains the well in Kakariko Village in order for our hero to continue on his journey to defeat Ganondorf. However, these songs and a couple others involving the spirits of the Zelda universe may have a deeper role than players have always initially thought. Make the jump to here VortexxyGaming’s theory on the true role of these otherwise seemingly meaningless Zelda tunes.

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South Clock Town Made in Unreal Engine 4

UE4 South Clock Town If you thought the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask was awesome then you should check out this fan version of South Clock Town made in Unreal Engine 4. An environment artist known on YouTube as Wesley Paquette doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to his rendition of the infamous Clock Tower and said monument’s surroundings. In fact, there is even more detail to be explored in Paquette’s Clock Town than in Nintendo’s original and remade versions. Would you like to take a virtual tour? Make the jump to see both the day life and night life of Paquette’s incredible design of South Clock Town!

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Zelda Universe And HMK Present Zelda 101

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.13.59 AMOur friends over at Zelda Universe and HMK, the You Tube channel that focuses on the Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts franchise along with a few other gaming goodies; have partnered together to create a series of videos titled Zelda 101. The episodes will focus on the legends and lore within the Zelda universe and hopefully dispel any possible confusion that such a vast world that the Zelda franchise encapsulates can create. With the many “facts, theories, and possibilities” that they will share the episodes will surely be a topic of conversation amongst fans. In the debut episode they focus on the Fierce Deity, the  mysterious and fearsome warrior we see Link transform into in Majora’s Mask.

Head past the jump to check out their debut episode.

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Tokyo Otaku Mode Opens Pre-orders For Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.15.17 AMPopular website for all things “otaku”, Tokyo Otaku Mode has opened up pre-orders for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid. If you pre-order soon you will also get a FREE display case to display your new nendoroid as well as FREE shipping. Thats a pretty good deal as the display case alone could run you a minimum of at least $5-$10 at a minimum. Both offers are only around for a limited time, you could pre-order the whole deal for $41.99 and you will also receive a coupon for 10% off your next purchase with Tokyo Otaku Mode. The site lists the release date as February 2016, although Good Smile has said the Nendoroid releases in January. The above offer ends on September 2nd and the display stand is only available while supplies last!

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Hero of Time Saga Trailer

maxresdefaultYouTube animator Cuccolover has released the first trailer for his upcoming animated series, The Hero of Time Saga. This series will, as his Facebook page claims, be based on Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, likely retelling both stories. It is not yet clear whether certain liberties will be taken to change what happens to the titular hero, but either way, the trailer sows off the rather impressive visuals Cuccolover has made entirely in Flash, and it looks like it will be a series worth watching.

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Heart Tracking App Available on iOS

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.04.00 AMThe Legend of Zelda series is infamous for having many goodies to be discovered along your journey, and heart pieces  are one of those things that many of us are desperate to hunt down. Guides like what you can find here at Zelda Dungeon are immensely helpful in those searches, but now you have a new tool at your disposal! Trident Group has created an app to help you not only track down all of those important little heart pieces but it even helps you keep track of the ones you have already found! The app separates the heart pieces by game and gives you the total count of pieces you must collect in each one. Once you have chosen a specific title the app then gives you the list of all the locations where each piece can be found, after you have selected the location it provides you with the specifics of exactly where you can find the piece in question, and any special requirements there might be to acquire them. Once you have located your prize you can use the app to save the ones you have found. This really helps you keep track of all the heart pieces you have already located, and the ones that are still eluding you. The app just released this month an is available on the app store for free.

Head past the break to check out a few screenshots of what you can expect.

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Latest Images Of The Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.22.32 AMGood Smile Company has just released the latest images for the upcoming Link Nendoroid inspired by Majora’s Mask. The newest Link Nendoroid comes complete with his trusty Sword and Shield, as well as Majora’s Mask, multiple faces, and 6 other familiar pieces from the game. The Nendoroid also comes complete with a display stand to help you pose this adorable little creature, his little fairy friend, and all his goodies. So far it looks like the Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid will release in Japan in January of 2016 and will cost 4500 Yen (approximately $36 USD). Stay tuned for more information on release dates and availability for other countries.

Head past the jump to check out all the images.

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The Women of Legend: Cremia
In the previous Women of Legend, we went over the ins and outs of the brave but tragic little girl living on Termina’s ranch, Romani. But there is another living on that same ranch, who, while she is blissfully unaware of the horrors that invade her home once every year, she struggles with her own battles over Termina’s final three days. While her sister roams the ranch practicing for a battle against aliens, this strong woman has a lot of troubling things on her mind.

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Gossip Stone: What Zelda Game Would You Like To See Remade?

Zelda-Wind-Waker-HD-04 As many know at this point, Nintendo has seemed to remake quite a few Zelda games for both 3DS and Wii U. With Zelda U and Tri Force Heroes releasing in the future, who’s to say when the next remake will release? And to that, there’s a follow-up question- what will the next remake be? Would it be a remake of an older Zelda title, or a newer one? Is it of high-demand, or do you even care to see another one?  Or even, would it be in 3D, or HD?  Hit the jump if you’re interested on reading more!

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Legend of Zelda Inspired Bathroom

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.51.36 AMYesterday we shared a fantastic idea to create your very own Legend of Zelda inspired fireplace craft, and today we have a spectacularly decorated bathroom to show you. The pictures come from imgur and this user really pulled out all the stops in their creativity level, from painting the walls that iconic Zelda green to a Majora’s Mask wall cabinet, a Wind Waker shower curtain and oh so much more! There are so many simple touches throughout the room that really help pull the theme together, like potion bottles resting above a cabinet alongside a Navi bottle and a few other iconic Zelda goodies. Now that you are super intrigued at how this Zelda fan pulled of their Zelda inspired bathroom, head past the break to check out the full gallery of images!

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Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid Footage

mmnL While excitement mounts over the Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid figure, we still have not been given a release date for the delectable collectible. The Good Smile Company did show off the final version of the figure at The Summer Wonderful Festival in July, but we were only provided with a front-facing view. Finally, we’ve got a full coverage video of the figure from every angle, and it looks magnificent if I do say so myself.

Check out the Nendoroid in all its glory after the jump!

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Nintendo Publishes New Web Comic Based On The Legend Of Zelda Series

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.05.31 AMNintendo has just published a web comic on their Play Nintendo website. This new comic is based on a manga that was originally created by Seitaro Komatsu and published in a Japanese manga magazine called CoroCoro Comics Special. The original manga was inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, and the latest is a gag comic based on the original from Komatsu called Link’s Hijinks. Nintendo has begun with publishing a part one of the story and we are sure to see more along the way.

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Majora’s Mask Music Box House Orchestral Cover

Majora's MaskWe have shared many different styles of musical covers all inspired by The Legend of Zelda series throughout the years. We are always happy to pass on and share the work of these very dedicated musicians and fans, we even have some on our very own ZD staff! Some of my favorites tend to be the ones with a unique twist or a cover from a more obscure song that either has not been done before or already has, but now has been given a new twist with a different instrument or tone. I must admit however that there are a few, more iconic songs that no matter how often I hear them, they will always tug on my heart strings. This time we have a cover from The Synthetic Orchestra, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating covers of various video games, movies, and anime inspired music using a virtual orchestra that has been featured previously on our ZD Gallery. The creator, Blake is a self professed “graphic designing, music composing, software programming nerdy type” that this time has chosen to create a cover based on Majora’s Mask: Music Box House.

Head past the break to check out his latest tune.

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Did You Know Gaming: Majora’s Mask (Ft. Yungtown)

Deep Dream Moon The series Did You Know Gaming takes a look at famous games from the days of yore, digs up factoids that are not commonly known to the fans and shares them with the viewers, all to the voiceover of a YouTube gaming personality. For their video on Majora’s Mask they asked the help of Yungtown. Majora’s Mask is, because of its bizarre story and recursive nature, one of the most analyzed games in the Zelda series.

If you want to know what the original face of the moon looked like, why the developers didn’t go with the initial idea of a 7 day cycle, among other things you possibly do not know about the game, watch the video after the break!

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The Women of Legend: Romani
Few Zelda games in the Zelda series have reached the kind of emotional impact that Majora’s Mask has. It certainly has its blatant aspects that encourage you to urgently hurry through your quest (*cough* *cough* moon *cough* *cough*), but the truly emotional parts are the characters that need your help in fixing their extremely broken lives. Some, like Pamela’s father, Anju and Kafei, and Lulu, go through the worst of tragedies, and their respective quests display great emotional response through pleasant subtlety. But there is one little girl, living at the ranch south-west of Clock Town, that goes through truly unspeakable trauma, unless you can help her, and her story is certainly a powerful one.

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