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Original Majora’s Mask Any% Speedrun World Record Broken

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.58.21 PMThe original Majora’s Mask is now not to be left out of the Any% Speedrun World Records this week. Just a few days ago we shared with you that the Any% Speedrun World Record for Majora’s Mask 3D had been broken not just once but twice in one day, and now we also have to add the original Majora’s Mask to the list. The very same day we told you about Majora’s Mask 3D, FullGrownGaming took first place on the original Majora’s Mask with a time of 1:27:03, beating the previous first place run by six seconds! The now 1st place run seemed to be almost neck and neck with the previous record holder and it wasn’t until the final moments of the boss battle that first place was solidified. Which just goes to show you that in Speedruns every mili-second counts!

To check out the 1st place run by FullGrownGaming, head past the break.

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ZD Gallery: Music of the Goddesses

Tom WinterWelcome to the ZD Gallery, where each week we feature an artist and their creation(s) in tribute to the Zelda franchise. This week, we’re veering off the path of fan art and tackling a different artistic area that is highly influential in the series. Music. Covers, more specifically, and today I’ve got the perfect candidate.

YouTube user Tom Winter not only plays his own music, but also has a plethora of videogame music videos- played on his acoustic guitar- on his channel, including a few Zelda favorites. Some are done simply by him playing his guitar, but Winter also has a couple covers composed almost a cappella style by overlapping a few tracks of different parts played on the guitar to create one song.

Make the jump to see his videos and to check out our interview with him!

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Anju’s Anguish – The Brilliance of Zelda’s Greatest Side Quest

anju-kafeiWhen trying to describe Majora’s Mask to a player that hasn’t played the game, you might get asked simple questions like, ‘how long is the game’, or ‘how many dungeons are there’? While these seem like rather straight forward questions, it does Majora’s Mask no justice to say that there are just four dungeons. There are a few mini-dungeons around, but some might consider the town of Clock Town a dungeon in of itself. At least that is what writer Connor Worley argues in a recent article.

Clock Town didn’t have the block-pushing puzzles and you didn’t have to flip a dungeon upside down. Instead, the town was centered around the anguish of its citizens and the Anju and Kafei quest served as this dungeons final boss.

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Majora’s Mask Collector’s Puzzle Preorder on

MM3D Puzzle If you’ve got your hands on the Wind Waker Collector’s Puzzle from USAopoly, then this is the next item to put on your list to add to your collection of Zelda merchandise! USAopoly has been rolling out the Zelda themed knick knacks left and right, from the upcoming Collector’s Edition Yahtzee game to this seemingly continuous series of collectable puzzles.

Make the jump for more information and to find out where you can order yours!

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The ‘True’ Majora’s Mask Ending

ConsumeNo matter what the media, be it a game, film, book or anything else, it’s very important to get the ending right. There have been a few times something has been great until the ending comes along and ruins it. Luckily the endings to The Legend of Zelda games tend to be really good but there will always be those that have ideas on how it should have ended. YouTube channel GT Cartoons has made a short animation showing the ‘true’ ending to Majora’s Mask.


See the video after the jump.

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Majora’s Mask Light Unboxing

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.25.03 AMAt the end of last week we told you about Club Nintendo of Europe offering its members a The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask inspired light. The light was available for 6000 stars for all its members, and now sadly the light is no longer available. For those members that were able to place their order before the light sold out, they are starting to see them arrive at their homes. YouTube user Pug Hoof Gaming was kind enough to make an unboxing video the moment he received his light in the mail!

To check out the video, head past the jump.

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Piece of Heart: …So Does Season

11165827_1075087582519354_144673436_n Welcome to the eleventh installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “…So Does Season.” Similar to geography, the season during which a game takes place has a profound affect on the overall theme of the adventure. For instance, Winter usually denotes death and hopelessness, so the despair surrounding Queen Rutela’s death and the disappearance of her only heir was elevated in Twilight Princess by the temporary winter of the then-frozen Zora’s Domain (here we can see how geography and season act hand-in-hand).

Of course Spring, Summer, and Autumn are also host to their own emotional and physical associations. The season in a Zelda title can greatly reflect the mood of the game, and knowing how to spot these seasonal patterns will further aggrandize the game’s plot.

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Majora’s Mask Inspired Light Found On Etsy

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.31.35 AMLast week, we shared with you that Club Nintendo in Europe released The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask inspired light for its members, costing 6000 stars. Now, for those of us that don’t live in Europe we have no choice but to turn to other measures. Etsy shop, MaladeeMakes might have given us an alternative albeit a  more costly one. They have created a beautiful handmade, puzzle-edge configuration light that could give Zelda fans stateside an option to acquire their very own Majora’s Mask inspired light.

Jump inside for the full details!

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Handmade Majora’s Mask Figures

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.11.35 AMThere are many talented artists out there that lend their skills to showing off their love for video game franchises, and imgur user TheTallGrass is no exception! She has taken her talents and most recently focused them on creating a series of handmade figures inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. From a little Mini Deku Link to the famed Skull Kid with or without Majora’s Mask, you can find several different characters from the game and, even a few that were inspired by other titles in the Zelda series. 

Jump in and see more of here adorable little creations for yourself!

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Adorable Skull Kid Created for Microsoft Paint Challenge

maxresdefault (2) Artists are always trying to find inventive new mediums in which to create their art, but some prefer to use rather old and sometimes mocked modes of creation. One such artist is YouTube user StevRayBro; he was challenged to draw Skull Kid is Microsoft Paint– and he accepted that challenge! He shows his whole process in a fast-motion video, and it’s really interesting to see the start-to-finish. Somehow this talented artist managed to create a detailed and adorable Skull Kid portrait in this primitive art program, check out his work after the jump.

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Song of Healing music video by STL Ocarina

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.54.49 AMHappy Saturday to all of you fellow Zelda lovers out there! Today, let us get the weekend started off right with the “Song of Healing” music video by STL Ocarina. The video features Heather Scott using one of STL Ocarina’s Zelda inspired instruments.


Head past the jump to check it out for yourselves!

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Yacht Club Games programmer wants to use Tingle for Shovel Knight boss battle

tingle_hwShovel Knight, a side-scrolling platform title from Yacht Club Games initially releasing on Nintendo platforms and PC only with much praise. Now, the indie developer has started porting the game over to new platforms and adding exclusive boss battles. The Wii U and 3DS versions received their own exclusives but what would a Nintendo IP boss battle be like? Yacht Club Games Programmer, David D’Angelo shares his thoughts on what he would like to see.

Hit jump to see what he said about The Legend of Zelda’s very own Tingle!

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Club Nintendo adds Majora’s Mask light in Europe and the UK

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 5.43.32 AMClub Nintendo has added a new item to their stars catalogue. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Light is available for all Club Nintendo members in Europe , UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The light is attainable for a total of 6000 stars, and right now Club Nintendo members across the U.S. are screaming loudly, as it has not been made available on our shores!

Take the jump for more details.

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Majora’s Mask Medley on Ocarina and Piano

legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-3d-skull-kid-e1420298876508YouTuber Jimmy Wong, accompanied by skilled Ocarina player Heather Scott, has released a medley of some of the lesser-covered songs from Majora’s Mask. One can appreciate fans that look at the songs in Zelda titles that do not recieve as much love, and decide to show everyone how great they are in videos like this. The pair did a great job on the video, and it is well-worth a listen.

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