Legend of Zelda

UntitledA man named Ben Purdy has created a strange version of The Legend of Zelda that looks even more ancient than the NES version. You can go to his website, and play the whole game right in your internet browser. Link, rupees, enemies and most other things are just one pixel, and the rather awkward field of view could prove to make things a bit difficult, but it is certainly worth a shot.

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Nintendo will be toasting to its success at making quality handheld titles as it has brought home the top honor in the “Best Handheld/Mobile Game” Category at the 2014 Game Developer Choice Awards. The exciting news for Zelda fans is that A Link Between Worlds was picked out as the winner among a list of Playstation Vita, IOS, Android, and even other 3DS titles to claim the crown.

A Link Between Worlds was also nominated for another award as well as receiving an honorable mention in one category which you can read about after the jump!

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Longtime Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has admitted in an interview to Official Nintendo Magazine that his recent Zelda creation, A Link Between Worlds, has helped him see that recent Zelda titles have become too linear. While creating such titles as Skyward Sword, Aonuma thought gamers did not enjoy the idea of challenging themselves to complete a Zelda title without the extra help provided in the game. The impact that A Link Between Worlds had on Aonuma was so immense that the Zelda producer has now come to the point of fully questioning the series’ traditional formula.

You can read the full quote from the interview about the Zelda series’ linearity after the jump!

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MirrorShieldJust like with all the fan art and creations that are made on a regular basis there are also many figurines, posters, replicas and other paraphernalia that fans of the series collect. It’s all well and good having a collection on display to show your friends and visitors, but occasionally it’s nice to have something that not only looks good but also has some practical use. Etsy seller ivanapepilina has several packpacks, bags and wallets on sale featuring designs from various game franchises. A lot of the designs are from various games in The Legend of Zelda series including a backpack modelled after the Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask.

Take the jump to see some of the designs.

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Violinist Taylor Davis is similar to Lindsey Stirling as she is well known for creating covers of songs from video games as well as themes from famous movies. Even her videos are closely identical as you may notice in this awesome music production showcasing Taylor’s incredible talent at playing well known Zelda themes. This video shows her playing the “Gerudo Valley Theme” on violin and it truly is an enjoyable listening experience. The video has also been well crafted to blend a virtual reality Zelda game into real world locations.

Take a look at this stunning Zelda composition after the jump!

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Dorkly: If Zelda had Cops

ParkerMarch 2nd, 2014 by Parker

If Zelda Had Cops Hyrule has always been portrayed as a crime-prone kingdom where young heroes commit reckless vandalism on pots and princess kidnappings are practically a weekly occurrence. The online humor website, Dorkly has posted a short video showing what the land of the Triforce would be like with a modern police force to keep its oddball citizens in order.

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The Adventure of Link Included in NES Remix 2

TimothyFebruary 13th, 2014 by Timothy


As you may already know, Nintendo unleashed an exciting new edition of Nintendo Direct revealing brand new 3DS and Wii U titles for 2014. Unfortunately, no new Zelda titles were shown, yet Nintendo has revealed that NES Remix 2, a collection of classic NES titles with brand new challenges, will be released on Wii U. The great news is Zelda II: The Adventure of Link will be a part of this new collection!

NES Remix 2 allows the gamer to use Link in Mario-themed levels too with new challenges to overcome and complete the game. You can find another screenshot as well as more details after the jump!

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majora's mask artworkLast week, I dissected how the events of Ocarina of Time had such a negative effect on Link in his journey that he would most assuredly be a prime candidate for being a victim of clinical depression, as well as potentially experiencing survivor’s guilt. However, there is evidence to suggest that in Majora’s Mask, the Zelda game known for its dark undertones, Link actually has an emotional turnaround, and by the time his adventure in Termina is over, he is well on the road to recovery. Hit the jump to read why!

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Nintendo has just released its quarterly financial report for the third portion of the 2013-2014 fiscal year and while the results were considerably poor for Wii U, 3DS continued to improve in winning over consumers. An interesting part of the report shows some exciting sales figures for the two awesome Zelda titles which released on Wii U and 3DS in 2013 providing their respective systems with some much needed sales momentum. A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD sold well for Nintendo so I’m here to give you all the facts from the financial report.

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zelda3dVery rarely do we take notice of the emotions of fictional characters within video games. While some games have an emphasis on emotion as a central theme, the Zelda games, especially in earlier installments, generally do not. Due to the subjective nature of emotions, it is difficult to determine what makes any particular person happy, sad, angry, etc. However, Link’s experiences in Majora’s Mask would seem to suggest that his time in Termina was more emotionally satisfying than his time spent in his native land of Hyrule. Hit the jump to read about Link’s strife in Hyrule in Part One!

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Future Zelda Titles May Not Utilize 60 FPS

TimothyJanuary 21st, 2014 by Timothy


Playing A Link Between Worlds in 60 frames per second was an incredibly enjoyable experience. Just seeing Link smoothly glide across the screen without any lag was visually stunning and allowed the human eye to focus better on our hero’s surroundings and the amazing world of Hyrule. Now that we know what may be gained from the visuals of a modern Zelda game you might come to a conclusion that 60 frames per second would become the standard for a Legend of Zelda title. Yet, as the saying goes, don’t count your chickens too early before they hatch.

In an interview with video game publication, Game Informer, A Link Between Worlds director Hiromasa Shikata has stated that just because the latest 3DS entry was set to 60 FPS it doesn’t mean that future titles will be visually identical. He mentioned that the 3DS’ ability to play games in 3D was a major reason to keep A Link Between Worlds looking crystal clear.

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mm3dsmockupsmall Ever since the re-release of Nintendo’s most popular Zelda title, Ocarina of Time, on the 3DS, fans have been crying out through emails, phone calls and even petitions to get the gaming giant to create a 3D remake for the other N64 Zelda classic, Majora’s Mask. Over two years of teasing and speculation have occurred driving Zelda fans up the walls and leaving them frustrated as to why Nintendo won’t confirm or deny whether a remake is actually in the plans. Thankfully, a recent interview between magazine publication Game Informer and A Link Between Worlds director Hiromasa Shikata has created even more hype for the hope of a Majora’s Mask remake on 3DS.

Would you like to hear what Mr. Shikata has to say about a Majora’s Mask remake? If so, then click the jump below!

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While the majority of the world has been playing Link’s latest handheld adventure, A Link Between Worlds, since late November, Japanese gamers have been desperately waiting to delve into the grand sequel to the SNES classic. Not released until December 26th, Japan went crazy for Zelda on launch week for the 3DS title with an outstanding amount of units sold and placing it firmly at number one on the video game charts.

Would you like to know the exact figures for A Link Between Worlds sales in Japan? If so, click the jump and take a look at just how hyped up our Eastern friends are for a new Zelda 3DS adventure!

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3heartchallengeIt seems to be the general consensus among Zelda fans that the majority of the games in the series are not the most challenging. There is almost always a fairly generous learning curve, and after the first couple of hours, players can usually get into a groove and can progress rather smoothly throughout their adventures. However, some choose to increase the difficulty by introducing their own elements that make the experience more enjoyable. One such challenge is the Three Heart Challenge, and if you want to read about it and my experience accepting the challenge in Ocarina of Time, hit the jump!

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Is Skyward Sword still good?

AsaDecember 26th, 2013 by Asa

Skyward-SwordJust over two years ago, during the height of the 25 year anniversary celebrations of The Legend of Zelda franchise, one of the most anticipated games in recent history was released: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It garnered game of year accolades from several videogame publications, and some, including IGN, went as far as to say that Skyward Sword “is the greatest Zelda game ever created.” However, now that two years have passed, and the hype has worn off, is Skyward Sword as good as it was back in 2011? Hit the jump to read what I have to say on the matter!

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The Holy Trinity and the Old Gods

AsaDecember 18th, 2013 by Asa

Trinity-4According to my 10th grade English teacher (and I dare not doubt her), the Holy Bible is the most commonly alluded to piece of literature in the world, and the Zelda series has its fair share of nods to the Word of the Lord. It is no secret that the team behind making the Zelda games at Nintendo uses various religious themes and symbolism as elements that add to the lore of the Zelda Universe. A continuing motif of the “spiritual side of Zelda” is the existence of the Old Gods, Din, Nayru, and Farore, which draws parallels to western religions, such as Christianity and its many sects. If you want to read on, hit the jump for more!

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Legend of Zelda rubber duckies

JenDecember 15th, 2013 by Jen

zii Link DuckThe website, Only Duck has been making custom made rubber duckies for a little over four years now. The creators have transformed many rubber ducks, including Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who (or Ducktor Who), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and much more! So what does this have to do with The Legend of Zelda? Read more to find out!

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Queen Gohma artwork

JenDecember 8th, 2013 by Jen

queen gohmaQueen Gohma is a famous Zelda boss. Her first main appearance in Ocarina of Time led to a similar boss in Twilight Princess called Armoghoma. Even though Queen Gohma is an enemy, that doesn’t stop people from creating fantastic pieces of artwork inspired by her!

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fanartthumbDuring the 2013 Fangamer X Attract Mode show, many artists created fan art for their favourite games of all time and it is no surprise that Zelda artwork was featured at this event. But now there is an even bigger surprise, one of the Zelda artworks from the Fangamer X Attract Mode Show is for sale! The 14″ x 19.5″ print is made by Mingjue Helen Chen and it is on just in time for the holidays if you want to get it as a gift for your friends, family, or if you want to give it to yourself.

See pictures and price after the jump.

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Hilda’s theme on Piano

JenNovember 30th, 2013 by Jen

hildaThe Legend of Zelda series is known for its beautiful music and memorable character themes. Our newest Zelda character, Hilda, is no exception to this tradition. Hilda’s theme sounds very dark and sad, almost like her theme is a lament.  While this isn’t the most uplifting theme, it is also beautiful and Hilda’s appearance fits it – her dark hair and dress match perfectly with her sad theme. The theme is also very pretty on a piano, and that’s exactly what someone did! Jump in to read more!

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Forza 5 Wind Waker Car

JenNovember 29th, 2013 by Jen

windwaker carForza 5 is a game about cars and racing. The new game for Xbox One only came out a few days ago, but already people have found an interesting way to put a little Zelda spin on it. Jump in to read more!

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Glitches have always been a minor or major occurrence in video gaming since the establishment of the entertainment business and our modern titles are no exception. Legend of Zelda titles are notorious for their various glitches and A Link Between Worlds is just another example we have for you today. YouTube user MasterOfHyrule has stumbled upon a glitch which allows you to skip the entire boss battle of the Skull Woods dungeon and free one of the seven sages automatically.

You can view the Skull Woods boss battle glitch after the jump!

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A Link Between Worlds UK launch trailer

TimothyNovember 28th, 2013 by Timothy


With the release of the latest Zelda handheld title, A Link Between Worlds, now beyond us, many fans of the series are exploring and have finished one of the 3DS’ greatest games. In case you’re one of those still sitting on a fence wondering whether this is the right Legend of Zelda game for you or just want to see Link in another action-packed trailer, then be sure to check out Nintendo UK’s launch trailer for A Link  Between Worlds. This trailer showcases plenty of the elements which constitute the game’s gameplay structure and should give a clear idea of what you will run into while playing.

You can view the Nintendo UK launch trailer for A Link Between Worlds after the jump!

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Zelda Prima GuidesWell, today is the day. I just received my Legend of Zelda Boxed Set Prima Guides. It’s a rather large box weighing in at just under 23 pounds. Upon opening the box inside is another box. This is the box we really want! It is desigend to look similar to the many chests found throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Included in the boxed set are six hardcover books, each one pertaining to a specific game. They are: Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time 3D, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks and The Wind Waker HD. Also inside is a golden, laser-etched double-sided bookmark. And finally also inside is a Certificate of Authenticity, “signed” by Eiji Aonuma.

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DangerousIn every series there are running jokes, gags and phrases that pop up every now and then. From Homer’s “doh” in The Simpsons to  Sheldon’s *knock, knock, knock* “Penny” in The Big Bang Theory, certain things become synonymous with the franchise and games are no exception. With a series as long running as The Legend of Zelda it’s only natural that it would pick up a few, too. Some Zelda games have references to other franchises, like bob-ombs and chain chomps from the Mario series where as others make reference to previous Zelda games with the recently released A Link Between Worlds being one of them. It may just be a single line someone says but what they say has become a pretty well known.

Find out what was said after the jump!

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6846785434In a new announcement from Nintendo all fans are invited to a special event at Rockefeller Plaza for an early release of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, and Mario Party: Island Tour. The event begins on Thursday November 21 at midnight at Nintendo World.

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Series of E-Shop discounts starts with Zelda

SkyruleArcherNovember 14th, 2013 by SkyruleArcher

la-dx Nintendo is starting off a series of themed E-Shop discounts with Zelda games. There are discounts for both Wii U and 3DS E-Shops, but only on Virtual Console games.

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The hype for Nintendo’s highly anticipated Legend of Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds, has been quite extensive over the last few days as gaming sites gear up to publish their official reviews. Thankfully, as these reviewers continue to analyse the game’s every twist and turn, we gain the reward of seeing the gameplay videos which each site uploads.

Today, we have three more gameplay videos containing a new boss battle, fiery mini boss battle, and all-new vision of the hint ghost which appears in certain areas. If you do not want to be spoiled then do not click the jump below. Otherwise hop right on into the post for all the videos!

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Reviewers around the world are currently deciphering everything about A Link Between Worlds to determine how worthy this latest handheld Zelda title is. We know it closely resembles its predecessor, A Link to the Past, yet how long has Nintendo allowed this 3DS title’s gameplay to extend to? A Dutch website knows the answer as it has held a review copy of the game for a little while now and, by completing A Link Between Worlds 100%, has determined the approximate length the game actually takes to finish.

Hit the jump to find out how many hours you’ll need to spare to complete A Link Between Worlds!

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In case you’ve been living under an octorok, Nintendo is all set to release the next handheld Legend of Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds, for 3DS and 2DS consoles on November 22nd in North America. We’ve seen the box art, the cool character artwork from Nintendo, even some gameplay trailers, but I bet you haven’t seen the cartridge yet. Associate editor for IGN, Jose Otero, has posted an awesome pic on Twitter showcasing the A Link Between Worlds cartridge in all its Zelda glory and it’s simply incredible!

Click the jump and start dreaming of another adventure in Hyrule as we come so close to A Link Between Worlds’ release!

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The Frequency of Zelda Releases

KaineNovember 8th, 2013 by Kaine

ALBW release dateEver since The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past were ported over to the Game Boy Advance, with the original Zelda game making an appearance on Nintendo’s e-Reader, I have been intrigued and excited at the prospects of playing all of the Legend of Zelda games on nearly every console, be it portable or home-based.

We then received Ocarina of Time along with a Master Quest version as a pre-order bonus incentive for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It looked as if Nintendo was going to keep adding content to it’s back catalogue of Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda got updated translations; Zelda II got a “minorly-major” upgrade (which has since been removed for the 3DS) with the experience points remaining where they were when or if Link died on his quest (also, they removed the Water Dungeon shortcut); and A Link to the Past added the Four Sword Dungeon and enabled Link to do a whirlwind slash.

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Zelda Skin 1

Are you the proud new owner of a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo’s latest revision of the 3DS console family? Are you looking for a cool new method to decorating your 2DS or protecting it from any scratches? If “yes” is your answer then you may be in luck! Game skin designer, Skinhub, currently has a listing for a vividly colourful Ocarina of Time 3D skin specifically created for the Nintendo 2DS console. The skin resembles the European box art for the critically acclaimed remake of the video game industry’s greatest game.

If you’re interested in this awesome 2DS skin and would like to learn more then be sure to click the jump!

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the_lost_age_logoThroughout the years Link has made many cameos in different games. In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, he’s found sleeping at an inn in Rose Town. In the first Final Fantasy there was a tombstone in Elfheim that reads, ‘Here lies Link’. These are just a few of the many games that that the hero makes his appearance in. Usually these cameos tend to be easily found, but in some games it takes some digging to bring them out into the open.

One cameo in particular appears in the Gameboy Advance game called Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In that game it was discovered that upon hacking, there was an unused character sprite that looked a lot like the famous hero of Hyrule.

Click on the link below to see the picture showcasing the unused sprite.

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Celebrating the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!

CameronOctober 27th, 2013 by Cameron

The Adventure of Link (scroll)I know I said I was taking a break, but I had enough spare time to write up this news post to celebrate some recent milestones achieved by our very own Zelda Dungeon Wiki! Some of these announcements are a tad late due to the recent server move, but, better late than never!

On October 22nd, the Wiki celebrated it’s second birthday with a server move that should hopefully run things a little more smoothly. And as an early birthday surprise, a few weeks ago, we broke the 4,000 article mark! Currently, we now have 4,083 articles, almost 10,000 images, and over 25 million page views! And now you can share pages that you find interesting with your friends around the world with the recent addition of social media links near the bottom of the sidebar!

In closing, I should also mention that with the upcoming release of A Link Between Worlds, we could do with some more editors for the wiki so that we are able to have extensive info on characters, locations, dungeons, items, etc. as soon as possible after the game is released. If you are interested in contributing to everybody’s favorite wiki for The Legend of Zelda, just go to the wiki’s front page to find out how you can help!

Custom gold Zelda themed SNES console

DjinnOctober 27th, 2013 by Djinn

custom_zelda_themed_super_nintendo__pal___by_zoki64-d6rk8n4YouTube member zoxsk8 has gained a reputation for his custom painted themed controllers and consoles. Well he has posted a video of his latest commission, a custom gold Zelda themed Super Nintendo system. The console has been repainted with a gold theme including triforces on the controllers and glittery gold painted exterior with bright reflective gold replacing the normal dark gray areas. The video starts out showing off a few still images of the console then goes on to show a complete turnaround showing you the entire case while also giving the viewer a better look at the paint job in another light.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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