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Legends of Localization Book Ready for Pre-order

legends of localization picutre

The holidays are coming closer and closer, and trying to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life can be trying. You want to get them something unique and yet something you know they will love. Just in time for our winter celebrations is Clyde Mandelin’s Legends of Localization book. This detailed volume discusses in depth the differences between the original Legend of Zelda for the Japanese Famicon and the English localized version for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We have been anticipating this book all year and now it is ready for pre-order! Hit the jump to see the official Fangamer commercial and find out how to pre-order your copy today.
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Is Zelda Wii U a Mistake for Nintendo?

zelu With the recent Nintendo Direct confirming Zelda Wii U’s release on the Wii U console in 2016, many have been wondering, what about the NX? Nintendo has been reluctant to share more information about it, but Forbes contributor Paul Tassi sees no other option for the console than a 2016 holiday release. Therein lies the problem, if Zelda Wii U releases in fall of 2016 for only the Wii U it will be disastrous for sales once the NX launches. The best solution for this case would be to adapt the game for both consoles, but the NX likely won’t make use of a gamepad, so this offers up more problems than solutions.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the NX’s launch, the fate of Zelda Wii U is still unwritten, but much will be speculated after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Which is the Best Zelda Game to Watch Someone Play?

004_2 As a girl who grew up with a twin brother, I was typically either his player two or his backseat driver when it came to video games. In Zelda, I’d nag him if he passed mindlessly by a torch puzzle (even if it just gets you rupees, why not do it?), I’d cheer him on during boss battles, or I’d scold him for harming a poor cucco that never once did him wrong! I had some great times watching my brother play Zelda, so I came to wonder what my fondest Zelda-spectator memories were. I figure the best Zeldas to watch are the most visually and auditorily pleasing, the funniest, or the ones with deeper plots. Take a closer look at my experience as the player two in a traditionally single-player series after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Should The Tingle Tuner Have Been in Wind Waker HD?

largeOther than the clearly enhanced visuals and audio of the game, there were a few changes Nintendo made to Wind Waker during its HD revamp that changed quite a deal. One of the features they had cut from the game entirely was the connectivity between the GameCube system and the Gameboy Advanced systems- allowing the player to use the Tingle Tuner for various features, such as letting Link hover or simply keeping him alive altogether. I had a few ideas about this in the past that could’ve worked, so if you’re interested in reading into it more, be sure to tune in past the jump!

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Twilight Princess HD Boxart and Screenshots

tpbaI No doubt many of us are excited for March 4th– the day when we’ll be able to hold in our hands the coveted Twilight Princess HD for the very first time. But as with any HD remake, some things have changed, one such thing being the game’s boxart. Instead of the traditional Wolf Link and Link split side view, we’ve got a couple more of our beloved characters donning the cover. True to the HD label as well, the game has received a visual upgrade and we’ve got the screenshots to prove it. See the new boxart and screencaps after the jump!

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Zelda Wii U Teaser Analysis and Reaction

newz During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, many Zelda fans had scrambled to collect themselves after the spasms that occurred following the breaking Twilight Princess HD and Zelda Wii U news. One such fan was Youtube’s HMK; once composed, he produced both analysis and reaction videos for the Zelda Wii U news. He scrutinized the mere thirteen second teaser and detailed every aspect of it that may give us an impression of the upcoming title as a whole. Some of what he found was quite easy to miss, so hit the jump to see the analysis!

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Gossip Stone: What’s Your Favorite Area in Tri Force Heroes?

003Tri Force Heroes’ exploration is a bit different from the Zelda games we’re used to. It goes down a similar road that Four Swords Adventures did, but with a few different mechanics. If you’re not playing single-player, all players can select the area of the Drablands they’d like to go to- from there the game will decide which area the heroes will go to based off of a roulette. All the area have their own unique puzzles and themes, but I’ve never been able to ask anyone; what’s your favorite area? There are 8 areas total in the game, and I’ll list them all off after the jump!

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PeanutButterGamer Zelda Month Review of Tri Force Heroes

IMG_3677 Tri Force Heroes was released just in time for Zelda Month and PeanutButterGamer didn’t miss a beat with this timely and hilarious review of the title. PBG admits that he avoided watching commercials and reading news about Tri Force Heroes so that he could form an opinion on the game that was entirely his own, so he maintains a unique perspective on it; he shares his opinion of the game’s humour, single player vs. multiplayer experiences, and of course its costume mechanic. This video is also a perfect overview of the game for anyone who hasn’t been introduced to Tri Force Heroes yet.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not to try this game on for size, check out PeanutButterGamer’s review after the jump!

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Special Zelda Symphony Performance in a Madrid Subway

IMG_3654 One very lucky group of subway riders in Moncloa, Madrid were treated to a surprise Symphony of the Goddesses performance. A small ensemble of Symphony musicians set up their stands and put their talent to work for a short preview of the show; the instrumentalists played the “Overture” in its entirety before standing up to take a bow. This performance was just a teaser in anticipation of the full Symphony of the Goddesses concert being held at the Palacio Vista Alegre in Madrid on November 13th (tickets to this show are still available and can be purchased here).
To see the surprise subway performance and get a taste of what’s in store on the 13th, hit the jump!

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Exclusive Zelda Month 2015 T-Shirts Revealed

IMG_3641 I do hope everyone is having a very merry Zelda Month– if not, here’s something that just might cheer you up. PeanutButterGamer has revealed this year’s three new Zelda Month T-shirts, courtesy of The Yetee. Each shirt is $17.00 a piece and will only be available during the month of November. All three shirts can also be purchased for $45.00 in the “Tee-Force Heroes Bundle” that comes with an exclusive Zelda Month sticker; this offer ends on November 22nd. Watch PBG’s announcement video and get a closer look at the new shirts after the jump!

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Is Now the Right Time for Twilight Princess HD?

lrn Despite Tri Force Heroes just having been released and Hyrule Warriors Legends swiftly heading our way, some Zelda fans already have their eyes set on the rumored Twilight Princess HD. There are good pieces of evidence supporting the possibility of this game being released on Wii U fairly soon, but nothing has been confirmed. Nevertheless, the Zelda community can’t stop talking about it. Thus in a recent Podcast, IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat asked a question that struck me, “Do We Really Want Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Right Now?” In my opinion, it’s too early to be remaking this game, but IGN had some different ideas.
Watch the Nintendo Voice Chat panel’s discussion after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Could the Legend of Zelda be Adapted into a Classic Horror Flick?

hf1 In anticipation of the wonderful celebration of Halloween, I have been watching copious amounts of classic horror films– mainly The Omen, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and my personal favorite, the Michael Myers’ Halloween series. With all the frights I’ve been experiencing, I’ve pretty much got the cheesy-horror-formula and tropes down pat. That being said, I figured why not see if I could merge my two great loves and fit The Legend of Zelda series into the confines of a scary movie? To see how I’d turn our beloved series into a behowling thriller, hit the jump!

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New Tri Force Heroes Badges in Collectible Badge Center Update

ru1 Good news for those of you who own Japanese 3DS systems and can take advantage of the Collectible Badge Center homescreen customization options: you will now be able to adorn that homebase with seven panels worth of cute-as-can-be Tri Force Heroes badges. The recent update also brings four panels of Kirby’s Dreamland Game Boy badges and two free plays and a free Baito badge for every ¥90 spent until October 30th. Most of the Tri Force Heroes badges just depict Link in various outfits, but there’s one of all three heroes and another of just the green hero in Tri Force Heroes’ artstyle.

Take a look at some of these gorgeous new badges after the jump!

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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Features a Princess Zelda Costume

zelOP Nintendo is continuing its work with Koei Tecmo, the company that developed Hyrule Warriors, on a new game called Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. It is a survival-horror game and the most recent installment of the long running Fatal Frame / Project Zero series. Though released for the Wii U in Japan on September 2014, the game is launching on October 30th elsewhere and thus the game’s female protagonists have been given two new outfits: a Princess Zelda costume and a Zero Suit Samus costume. Naturally, the Zelda getup being used is that of her character in Hyrule Warriors. Take a look at the costumes trailer after the jump!

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Explore Tri Force Heroes’ Lovely Kingdom of Hytopia

IMG_3065 In a recent Tri Force Heroes gameplay video, IGN explored the game’s fashion capital and each of its lovely shops. The video starts off in the castle at the heart of Hytopia, in the room where the dopples remain when not in use, and the town tour begins with Madame Couture’s shop where the IGN player orders a Zora Costume. The tour then proceeds to the Photo Bro shop which is essentially a Miiverse portal. And on to the Daily Riches shop that players can visit once a day to choose one of four treasure chests in the hopes of opening the one that contains rare material. An open-air Item Shop that sells basic as well as rare materials is also briefly visited. To check out the chic town of Hytopia for yourself; watch the video after the jump!

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