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Piece of Heart: Heartaches and Sick Days

hs Welcome to the twelfth and final installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “It’s Never Just Heart Disease… And Rarely Just Illness.” We’re going to take a step away from the weather in setting, to look at the weather in one’s soul. A disease of the heart is almost always caused by emotional or social decay, and all illnesses in literature harbor underlying meditations on character or society.

Illnesses are rarely named in Zelda, though they’re usually caused by a curse or something of that sort. However, we’ve had antagonists die from shots through the heart, and we’ve even had a case of amnesia. So let’s pick apart the symptoms that our dear characters exhibit, and make informed literary diagnoses!

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Game Grumps: A Link to the Past

Legend of GrumpsArin “Egoraptor” Hanson and Leigh Daniel “Danny Sexbang” Avidan, also known as Grump and Not-So-Grump, are the Game Grumps. The Legend of Zelda is no stranger to the Grumps, with Daniel having played the original Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link to completion on the channel. Arin meanwhile has completed the HD version of Wind Waker. Now the Grumps turn their attention to A Link to the Past, with Danny taking control of Link Smeef in their attempt to save Hyrule. Watch the video after the break!
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Gossip Stone: Should Animal Companions Return In New Zelda Games?

OoX_Link_and_DimitriIn Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, there was a strange item that -depending on where Link obtained it- would give him a different companion for the rest of his journey.  This item was the Strange Flute.  The item gives Link the ability to meet one of three animal companions, which help you throughout the game (you actually need them to complete it, anyways).  Each animal has a different ability than the other, so they all have their uses depending on which Link receives.  So I’d like to ask the question: Would you like to see animal companions return in future Zelda games?  Beyond this point I’ll be talking a little more about what animal companions are, and what they do.  So if you’d like to give it a look, hit the jump to check it out!

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Unused Content from Legend of Zelda

The-Legend-of-Zelda-NESA recent video posted by Nintendo News Network takes a look at the unused content from Legend of Zelda. Going by a leaked prototype from the original game we get to see some of the early elements from the game that were altered or not included in the final product. They show some of the changed overworld screens, different looking sprites and significant changes to the dungeons from the complete game.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Life-Sized Ocarina of Time Hookshot Replica for Sale

hook Have you ever had the urge to scale a building, but lacked the tools to do so? Well fret no more because Roxanne Barrett of Etsy’s AmphigoryDesign has got just the thing for you– a life sized Ocarina of Time Hookshot replica! You can purchase a complete hookshot in a single chain or double chain design for $74.95 plus shipping, as well as an unpainted and unassembled version for $44.95 plus shipping. There are a limited quantity of these beauties available, so order yours before it’s too late (Disclaimer: Do not attempt to climb a building using this, it does not function as an actual hookshot)!

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Why is the Triforce on Game Boy Creator Gunpei Yokoi’s Grave?

grave1 The Japanese are often buried on family plots, and the central stone in these plots will bare the family’s crest or “kamon.” In the case of Gunpei Yokoi, his family’s kamon bears a striking resemblance to the Triforce from our very own Legend of Zelda. Its appearance on the Yokoi plot peaked gamers’ interests considering who Gunpei Yokoi was. Yokoi was the creator of the Game Boy and an early game developer for Nintendo; he formulated the Game & Watch system and games, and is even referred to as Shigeru Miyamoto’s mentor. For these reasons, fans speculate that the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda was a nod to Yokoi, but this hasn’t proved to be entirely accurate. To read more about the theory and the Triforce’s Japanese origins, hit the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Should the Picori Appear in More Zelda Games?

Minish.Cap.600.175539I’ve talked about Zelda on numerous occasions, whether it’s just to my friends or right here on Zelda Dungeon. But for some reason, until now, one thing I always seem to overlook is The Minish Cap. So after thinking for a second, I thought “Why not talk about the Picori”? So, with that said, the Picori have made an appearance in only one game- The Minish Cap. And as well as I fully understand exactly why that’s the case, I know a few others that would love to see them in other Zelda games. So the questions is, what about you…? Would you like to see the Picori in more Zelda games, or do you think they should be in just Minish Cap? I’ll be explaining a little more on what they are beyond this point, so if you’d like to read into it, hit the jump to check it out!

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Video Review of 2-D Zelda Rip-Offs

maxresdefault (3) Zelda rip-offs, imitations, and “inspired-by” games are nothing new to the series’ fanbase, we see new ones emerge every day on a wide range of consoles and gaming outlets. This trend of pulling ideas from Zelda games has been going on since the dawn of the series, so YouTube personality Boku No Eruption compiled a list of his favorite 2-D Legend of Zelda clones in an engaging video review. He debated the merits of these Zelda “inspired” games; he gives them credit when credit is due in terms of improved aspects, but doesn’t hold back judgement when they drop-the-ball.

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Former MCR Frontman Gerard Way Loves The Legend of Zelda

geyy Gerard Way, former lead-singer for the band My Chemical Romance, revealed to a UK publication that he loves The Legend of Zelda. Way was asked by Activision to help promote the upcoming Guitar Hero relaunch, so UK newspaper Metro had the opportunity to speak with Way about his experiences with video games. Although he began playing on an Atari 2600, once Nintendo came onto the scene he was a convert for life. Way admits he and his brother always loved The Legend of Zelda series, and he recently rediscovered the series while playing The Wind Waker HD with his daughter Bandit.

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Gossip Stone: Should The Zelda Series Have Character Customization?


The creators of the Zelda series have often stated that Link is so-named due to his role of being the link between the gamer and the gaming world. Even Shigeru Miyamoto has explained Link as being mute so that the gamer can feel like it is their story. Ever since the first title in the series, players have been able to rename Link to their own name. But what if the player was able to take this one step further by changing Link’s appearance to physically match their own?


Hit the jump to find out more!

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Piece of Heart: …So Does Season

11165827_1075087582519354_144673436_n Welcome to the eleventh installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “…So Does Season.” Similar to geography, the season during which a game takes place has a profound affect on the overall theme of the adventure. For instance, Winter usually denotes death and hopelessness, so the despair surrounding Queen Rutela’s death and the disappearance of her only heir was elevated in Twilight Princess by the temporary winter of the then-frozen Zora’s Domain (here we can see how geography and season act hand-in-hand).

Of course Spring, Summer, and Autumn are also host to their own emotional and physical associations. The season in a Zelda title can greatly reflect the mood of the game, and knowing how to spot these seasonal patterns will further aggrandize the game’s plot.

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Gossip Stone: Was Navi An Annoyance Or A Benefit?

Link_naviMany Zelda fans know the line “Hey, listen!” from Link’s fluttering companion, Navi, in Ocarina of Time. And of course, most fans know that she was one of the most annoying companions in video game history, while I know a few others who would argue against that. So this sparks a debate- during your playthrough(s) of Ocarina of Time, was Navi an utter annoyance, or did you see her as a benefit? Did absolutely any of her phrase loops get to you…? I’m sure all of you have your opinions on this particular fairy, so if you’d like to get a refresher on exactly who Navi is, and comment on what you thought of her, hit the jump to check out more!

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: Important Features of a Zelda Game

bit There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the Zelda formula is helping or hindering the growth of the series, but it’s indisputable that certain aspects are absolutely necessary for a game to be considered a Zelda game. Does the hero have to be part of a legendary prophesy? Would the games be the same if they were bereft of dungeons to explore and temples to overcome? How would the ambiance suffer if the games’ soundtracks weren’t as magnificent as they are? So many different things come together to create a Legend of Zelda game, it’s hard to pinpoint which exactly make the frame for one.

In this week’s Zelda Dungeon Talks various staff members will share their thoughts on the most important features of a Zelda game.

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Zelda Music Played During Hockey Game

GV I’m a fan of hockey, and a fan of Zelda. So when those two entirely different worlds collide, I can’t help feeling like my birthday has come several months early. And it just so happens that this collision took place just a few weeks ago when the Calgary Flames organist played the theme for Gerudo Valley during a game. If that’s not cool enough, later during that same game, the main Zelda theme itself was played. Clearly the organist is also a Zelda fan.

Go ahead and make the jump to see it for yourself!

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ZD Gallery: Reuniting with Mido

Reuniting with Mido Welcome to this week’s ZD Gallery feature! As it is Sunday, it’s time once again to show off an awesome fan and their equally awesome contribution to the Zelda franchise. This time around I thought it would be fun to take a step further than fan art and go with a fan made comic. This comic is titled Reuniting with Mido and was created by DeviantArt user G3no. The comic is so beautiful, both vibrant in color and since it’s based on a rather touching scene from Ocarina of Time. However G3no actually has some pretty mixed feelings about that moment.

Make the jump to check out our interview with him!

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