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Link Cosplay Accessories Available at Hot Topic

ht With Halloween just around the corner, Hot Topic has put a nearly complete Link costume up for order on its website. It has listed a The Legend of Zelda Costume which contains Link’s hat, tunic, belt, and chest strap for $34.50 plus shipping. And a Link Accessory Kit with Link’s hat and ears for $19.50 plus shipping. Additionally, it’s selling a 27 ” plastic Master Sword with a sheath for $19.50 plus shipping. And a 14 1/2″ by 19″ plastic Hylian Shield with wrist straps for $16.50 plus shipping.

Take a look at these invaluable cosplay accessories after the jump!

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Tri Force Heroes Gameplay Footage Reveals New Area

IMG_2289 Gaming publication, Polygon, recently got a chance to play through some of the co-op Zelda 3DS title Tri Force Heroes set for release on October 22nd. In their session, the players traversed a snowy new area called “Snowball Ravine,” and ended with an icy boss battle. The video gives us a peek at a new parka that improves traction on ice, a fire weapon that shoots bouncing fireballs, and some familiar Zelda sound bites. The trio of Heroes also solve quite a few puzzles using both their new items and the totem mechanic.

Take a look at the Snowball Ravine after the jump!

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Could We See a Release Date for Zelda Wii U Soon?

the-legend-of-zelda-wii-uAccording to some speculation from the folks over on Master Herald we might be getting the release date to Zelda Wii U very soon. In their recent article they mention that due to the upcoming release of Triforce Heroes, Nintendo can begin focusing solely on Zelda Wii U and with the previous promise that the game will in fact be released on the Wii U and not a new console, then we should see a release date from Nintendo in the near future. The article also touches upon the ways the game might be seen negatively from fans. In that the mix of hype and constant delays might let fans down or only prepare them for disappointment when the game is eventually released.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Think Geek’s Exclusive Legend of Zelda Polo Listed at Gamestop

zelda polos

It seems Game Stop’s partnership with ThinkGeek has spilled over into the Zelda realm as Game Stop has now listed the exclusive Legend of Zelda Polo on their website. This causal piece of attired debut on Think Geek for $29.99, and Game Stop is offering it at the same price. But while the placeholders are up on the site with a release date listed at 8/18/2015, the shirts are currently unavailable online (nor do they seem to have any inventory in stores.) Hit the jump for more info and the found out how you can purchase this great addition to your casual Friday wardrobe. Read more…

Professional Harp Cover of The Great Fairy’s Fountain

at The Great Fairy’s Fountain theme has been a part of the Zelda series since 1991, and Zelda fans have been covering the song with all sorts of instruments ever since. One very impressive cover was recently done by professional Harpist, Amy Turk. She fell in love with the Zelda series during her teenage years and has since transcribed a number of Ocarina of Time songs for the harp. Her solo arrangement of the Great Fairy’s Fountain was nearly ten years in the making, and it shows. This cover is the most beautiful and accurate one I’ve probably ever heard, check it out after the jump!

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Nintendo Fact Video: Rare and Obscure Zelda Titles

IMG_2100 While the Legend of Zelda series is generally spared from the overuse of its characters in copious amounts of spin-off games, it has spawned a few interesting (or disturbing) side games in its lifetime. Most of us are aware of Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland– but did you know a second Tingle based spin-off game was produced in Japan? Or that there was a third CDi Zelda game? YouTube gamer TheJWittz teamed up with Alex from Zelda Universe for a Nintendo Fact video on “Rare Zelda Games.” Most of the games on the list were news to me as the pair spotlights some of the most obscure sub-series titles.
Check out the video after the jump for a look at these rare Zelda gems!

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Zelda 3DS Carrying Case Returns to Club Nintendo Europe

spg Club Nintendo Europe just re-added “The Legend of Zelda Carry Case” to its Nintendo Stars program at the price of 4000 stars. The case is dark green with a gold Hylian symbol in the center, and can be used as a toiletry bag or pencil case or what-have-you. It also features a gold zipper with slider grips, one of which is stamped with a Heart Container symbol. If you have any leftover stars make sure to grab yours while supplies last and before the Stars program expires on September 30th. See the case and read a full item description after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: What Makes A Good Dungeon?

Hey everyone and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! This week we are going to be discussing what really makes a good dungeon. A lot of planning must go into making the dungeons in the Legend of Zelda games, and more often than not we are left with great results– although sometimes we have a dungeon that’s a little less than extraordinary.

I’ve got a few points to cover today so without further ado, let’s begin!

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Gossip Stone: What’s Your Favorite Mini-Boss?

Darknut ThumbnailIn most Zelda games, you’ll find a specific pattern repeated throughout every dungeon. One of these being the mini-boss of each dungeon and usually, they’re pretty easy to defeat (unless they have something more complicated to them). You can even find them outside of dungeons! There are tons of mini-bosses, sometimes some are brought from a previous installment to another. But the question here is: Which is your favorite? To read more into it, hit the jump to check it out!

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Rare Japanese Zelda I Board Game Unboxing

zelda board game japanese

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Legend of Zelda board game published by Milton Bradley back in 1988, but did you know that Japan had their own game? This rare and exciting piece of history is hard to come by, but Clyde Mandelin, better known as Tomato, has secured a copy for his Legends of Localization project, and shared the unboxing of the Japanese Zelda board game with his twitch streamers. Hit the jump to watch as he dives into the past, and gets a glimpse at what adventures the children of Japan were able to take as Link over 20 years ago. Read more…

Great Fairy’s Fountain Hip-Hop Remix

gff I’ve always thought that the scantily clad Great Fairies of Ocarina of Time didn’t quite match the serene and pure beauty of the Great Fairy Fountains, but that may have had everything to do with the Fountains’ theme. Composer Alan Gee took the Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme and turned it on its head by giving it a sick beat and remixing it hip-hop style! While the song still sounds traditionally peaceful, it gives the Fountain a more urban atmosphere– far more befitting of those video-vixen Fairies. Give the remix a listen after the jump.

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A Rather Twisted Summary of the Legend of Zelda Series

fff Have you ever tried explaining the events of the Legend of Zelda series to a friend who doesn’t like video games nor medieval adventures? If you haven’t, then the people over at YouTube channel, DailyYou have got you covered. In its most recent “Fairy Tale Friday” video, the channel pokes fun at some of the Zelda series’ odd happenings and sums up the bearers of the Triforce in brutally honest ways. Their telling of the story is riddled with innuendoes, memes, and comical analogies that would entertain even non-gamers.

If you’re ready to laugh at a rather crude retelling of our favorite legend, hit the jump!

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Hang ‘Em Hyrule: Legend Of Zelda Western In HD

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.32.40 AMLast month we shared with you a trailer of a Legend of Zelda inspired spaghetti western created by beatdownboogie. This month we have seen the release of the official seven minute tribute film that shows off Link, Zelda, and Ganon in all their silent and western styled glory. The costumes were created by Volante Designs and will be available for purchase if their crowdfunding goal is met, currently their campaign has just 15 days left.

Head past the break to see whats in store for the trio in this western style Legend of Zelda adventure!

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Changes Could Be Made To The Overworld?

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks! In the Legend Of Zelda series, the overworld plays a pretty important role, especially in the original and Zelda II. It usually acts as the main hub to get to all the different parts of Hyrule, but it sometimes has it’s own significant purpose (for example it holds all the statues you need to find in Twilight Princess) as well as a few small secrets here and there. But what the main focus is today is the overall layout of the overworld. A majority of the time, the overworld isn’t completely open, with some parts not being accessible with the current gear you have and that leaves you with a sort of semi-linear area to explore when you aren’t tackling dungeons. Another point I’d like to throw in here is that everything looks the same. There aren’t many differences in the design of the overworld which is something I hope they fix in Zelda U and I’m sure they will. So what do you think guys? What changes would you like to see made to the overworld?

In this week’s Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members will share with us what they believe should be changed in the overworld. Read more…

Easy Classic Zelda Fireplace Craft

Zelda-Fireplace (1)Now here is a type of craft you do not see much. Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home have created a tutorial on how to make a fireplace pin-up of The Legend of Zelda’s 8-bit fire sprites. The whole craft apparently only cost $2 to do, so I highly recommend anyone with a non-working fireplace to try this. It sure looks great.

Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures from, and a link to, the tutorial! Read more…