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A Princess and her Knight, or more than just that? Looking at Zelda/Link

No excuse neededStories of valiant knights, princes and other heroes who fight for their beloved ladies are some of the oldest and most beloved stories in human history. Perhaps even THE oldest, depending on your interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh. So it was to be expected that a concept as basic as fighting for those you care about eventually ended up in The Legend of Zelda, or at least have fans ascribe it to individual games. But is there any truth to this? Has anything been confirmed, implied, can things be extrapolated or is it just a bunch of hot air? Note that this contains spoilers for Hyrule Warriors, so be careful in case you have not yet finished the game. Read a game-by-game analysis after the break!

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Gossip Stone: Should the Four Sword Return?

Four-Swords-Adventures-Artwork As most Zelda fans know, Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures are not typical Zelda games. Neither contain an overworld, both are multiplayer, and wouldn’t you know Link splits into four. The emphasis on multiplayer mechanics in these games shifted focus away from compelling story lines which made them feel less welcome in the series. But, technology has come a long way since 2004 and we’ve yet to see another multiplayer Zelda. With the recent outcry for Vaati to return to the series, there is reason to cry for a return of the Four Sword.

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Gossip Stone: Should Vaati Be A DLC Character For Hyrule Warriors?

Zelda-Minish-Cap-Vaati-by_starfochThe Legend of Zelda has a variety of villains, each being unique in their very own way. Like Ganon, Ghirahim, Zant; heck, even Agahnim. However, there is one that’s often forgotten, and seems to slip by every Zelda game that releases thus far, that goes by the name of Vaati. Considering the DLC packs being released for Hyrule Warriors, what would you think of Vaati being playable? Would you support him being added to a future DLC pack? That’s what we’re here to talk about. And you can read more right after the jump.

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Four Swords Anniversary Edition Available Again for Four Days Only

800px-FS_25th_Anniversary_LogoAlthough a memorable and highly enjoyable event, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary celebrations were put to rest quite a while ago (three years in fact), to make way for newer and exciting prospects in the series. However, it appears that for the people at Nintendo, the event is still fresh in their minds as a special edition of one of the more obscure titles in the series has resurfaced on the eShop, albeit for a limited time only. Hit the jump to find out more.

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IGN – Zelda Timeline Let’s Play: Four Swords

IGN Four SwordIGN has been doing a series on the Zelda timeline which evaluates every game in the official timeline from Hyrule Historia. The discussions are accompanied by some gameplay, and include not just information about the game with regards to the timeline, but also contain interesting facts about the games’ development.

The most recent video was on Four Swords, so hit the jump to watch!

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The Frequency of Zelda Releases

ALBW release dateEver since The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past were ported over to the Game Boy Advance, with the original Zelda game making an appearance on Nintendo’s e-Reader, I have been intrigued and excited at the prospects of playing all of the Legend of Zelda games on nearly every console, be it portable or home-based.

We then received Ocarina of Time along with a Master Quest version as a pre-order bonus incentive for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It looked as if Nintendo was going to keep adding content to it’s back catalogue of Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda got updated translations; Zelda II got a “minorly-major” upgrade (which has since been removed for the 3DS) with the experience points remaining where they were when or if Link died on his quest (also, they removed the Water Dungeon shortcut); and A Link to the Past added the Four Sword Dungeon and enabled Link to do a whirlwind slash.

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Who are Four Swords’ Links and Vaati?

Who are Four Swords' Links and VaatiWelcome to the sole editorial on the characters of Four Swords. As I said at the end of my previous editorial, due to lack of character development (and characters, for that matter), it was difficult to spread across several editorials, so I compiled them into a single, detailed editorial. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Links (that’s right, there’s more than one in this game!), and Vaati that feature in this game. Unfortunately, I had to skip out on this incarnation of Zelda because she has very little presence in this game. It’d be like analysing Majora’s Mask’s Zelda (same one from Ocarina of Time, but she only appeared in a flashback).

Even though Four Swords was just a side-game packed in with a rerelease of A Link to the Past for the Game Boy Advance, the characters still have some development, and the manga adaptation of the game offers further insight into some of the characters; from that, we can learn more about these characters. Hit the jump to read more!

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Multiplayer in Zelda is a high hurdle

Towards the end of Wired’s interview with Eiji Aonuma, they questioned him about the potential for multiplayer in upcoming Zelda titles. We’ve only seen multiplayer twice in the franchise, with Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, both of which used a similar mechanic for that multiplayer experience.

Aonuma did say he’s thought about it since the release of Four Swords, but the actual implementation is something that’s plagued him for some time. Hit the jump for more!

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What do you Love about Four Swords?

My apologies to those who requested their favorite games to be reviewed next in this article series. But so far I have reviewed three Zelda games, all of which I absolutely adored (Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, and The Wind Waker). This week I really wanted to challenge myself, and see what I could come up with for one of my least favorite Zelda games: Four Swords, the multiplayer “sub-game” packaged with the Gameboy Advance’s release of A Link to the Past. I say “sub-game” because I have heard countless fans address it as such, and frankly, I agree. It’s short, it’s linear, it lacks great puzzles, and you can’t play it alone (unless of course you purchased the eShop version on your 3DS). But enough negativity! Remember, this article series is intended to talk about what we love about the Zelda series, despite its occasional disappointments.

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FBM – Overworld Themes Part 8: Four Swords

And so we reach the end of our journey, the last week of the Flute Boy’s Meadow Overworld series. This week, we come to the last category I detailed two months ago in the inaugural post for this series: Menu Overworlds. I had originally said these were “hardly worth the title ‘overworld'” and claimed I may not even give a post in attention to them, but in the end something changed my mind.

As I detailed before, there are only two games in the Zelda series that have a Menu overworld: Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. They receive that title because they do not have a large, interconnected overworld for Link to travel from place to place in. Instead, they have a menu screen. Still, at least one of these games still offers a good selection of overworld music, so jump on in to see what makes them worth it!

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Which Art Style is Your Favorite?

As Zelda fans, we have undoubtedly been subject to the greatest variety in art style and graphics in a single video game series. We’ve seen 2D, cel-shaded, 3D, 2D cel-shaded, realistic, impressionistic, and variations of those listed. People always have very different opinions on which one is the best and why. So that’s what I’m here to discuss. I shall explain each art style or graphics implemented by each game, and then you can simply pick which one is your favorite. Don’t let your opinion go unheard!

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Who’s Your Favorite Partner?

In almost every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time, Link has fought side by side with an invaluable partner, who grows with him and provides him with special abilities. In a way, each partner is really the protagonist of their respective game. The impact we feel from Link’s transformation from average boy to fabled hero falls a little short. Sure, Link grows in spirit and power dramatically by the end of each of his adventures, but his personality rarely goes through much of a metamorphosis. From beginning to end, he is kind, brave, bold, unflappable, athletic, and naturally gifted as a fighter. An effective protagonist needs a little more depth. And that’s exactly what we get from many of his sidekicks. Before we pick our favorites, let’s look back at the many companions that have aided Link on his adventures. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestral Medley

Recently, YouTube user KoopaKungFu submitted to the internet his tribute to the Legend of Zelda franchise, complete with his own arrangements of classic Zelda melodies and a very nice video dedicated to the legendary series. The games are shown in chronological order and entertaining gameplay clips perfectly accompany the music. This sensational fifteen minute long video simply cannot be missed. Your favorite tunes from each Zelda game from The Legend of Zelda to Skyward Sword are interpreted wonderfully and welded together in a stunning serenade to The Legend of Zelda. Make the jump to watch the video!

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Four Swords: Single or Multiplayer?

Whenever I get asked what my least favorite Zelda game is, I usually beat around the bush a bit, since well, there really isn’t any bad Zelda games out there. Only counting the major Zelda titles, along with the Four Swords games, my answer usually is Four Swords Adventures. Now don’t get me wrong, the game is still a lot of fun and it is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo GameCube. However, as a Zelda title, it’s near the bottom of the barrel for me.

The thing is, I really enjoyed the original Four Swords. Actually, I think that game is one of the best games ever to release for the Game Boy Advance. Its main problem was that you needed multiple game boy advances, multiple copies of the game, along with a 2-player or a 4-player link cable. Then of course you needed to actually get a couple of your friends in the same location to play. It was a hassle and because of this, so many Zelda fans never got to experience the true glory of 4-player Four Swords. A few years later, console fans got a chance to play Four Swords Adventures, but to me, something was missing and I think I know what it is. Jump inside to hear my mini-rant.

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The Future of Four Swords?

Four Swords: a strange creature in the realm of Zelda, but nonetheless, it is most definitely Zelda. So then, having had only two entries in the overall franchise, with an anniversary rerelease on the 3DS just last year, what does the future hold for this somewhat ambitious, yet tempered beast? Oddly, the timing of this, my first article, resonates with Axle’s article on the multiplayer of Zelda earlier this week. Having read through it myself, I find that he has already covered many points I was going to discuss, so I’ll make this brief. More or less, I thought to comment on the possibility, and potential, of a Four Swords game on either of Nintendo’s leading platforms from the end of 2012 onwards – the 3DS and the Wii-U. Hit the jump for a more in-depth analysis.

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