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HoH-no-textHarmony of Heroes is a fan made album honoring the music of the Super Smash Bros. series, featuring several Zelda arrangements. The album is the largest fan-arrangement album, including seven hours of music with over 101 tracks. It is a global effort, teaming up with many different groups and talented musicians. This incredible album features memorable Zelda tunes, so hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

zelda-hwMany fans are already creating cosplays based the character designs of Hyrule Warriors due to its recent release. A costume designer by the name of Li Kovacs recreates an amazing depiction of the character Zelda from Hyrule Warriors. If you’re a fellow cosplayer or enjoy costume designs, this video will blow you away.

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98eebd74ebf73fecddd8f14c5efd2825_largeIt’s always been a dream of owning all the masks in Majora’s Mask (might I add, owning them in real life).  Have you ever dreamed of owning them?  If so, Zelda fans, your prayers have been answered.  There’s a new Kickstarter Campaign going on right now, and it promises to deliver real-life replicas of every mask in Majora’s Mask; however, at an expensive cost. Check out more after the jump.


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Spirit Halloween Selling Blatant Link Knock-Off Costume

Jacob CarpenterSeptember 23rd, 2014 by Jacob Carpenter

woodland Ever wanted to dress up as a Woodland Warrior for Halloween? Well apparently “Woodland Warrior” means Link Knock-off to Spirit, a Halloween costume store. Now Link’s costume isn’t the most elaborate thing, but when you look at the picture it’s pretty clear that the Woodland Warrior fought for Hyrule.

Want to know just how accurate this costume is? Find out more after the jump!
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Screenshot_6Popular Nintendo advocate and Zelda fan Isaiah TriForce Johnson recently announced in an exclusive interview with Nintendo Life that he will be creating his own Youtube series called the Order of Time. The series is dedicated to expressing his very own alternative timeline theory.

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HThumbnailyrule Warriors has been a huge discussion topic amongst Zelda fans, with it being so close to it’s release date, with less than 3 weeks to go.  There’s been a lot of fan-art surfacing the internet as it starts to settle in to the Zelda community. DeviantArtist, AbyssWolf, took the liberty of taking Hyrule Warriors‘ characters, and transforming them into the gorgeous pixelated sprites AbyssWolf is known to make. Check it out after the jump!

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Link and Ravio Caps Available for Pre-Order

Michael FreemanSeptember 1st, 2014 by Michael Freeman

RavioHave you ever wanted to cosplay as Link or Ravio from A Link Between Worlds? Even if you don’t, it’s hard to deny the charm that their caps possess. Luckily enough, it seems as if NCSX Games and Toys has opened up pre-orders for both Link and Ravio’s caps.

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Link Amiibo Figure Now Available for Pre-order

Jessica CappsAugust 29th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

91Z0MesvuJL._SL1500_Since Nintendo’s showcase at E3 held back in June, Smash Bros. and Zelda fans alike have been teased with Nintendo’s latest accessory, Amiibos, in the form of interactive figurines. Link being no exception among other Nintendo characters, have just recently been made available for pre-order by retailers at GameStop and Amazon for a reasonable price of $12.99 USD.

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Ocarina of Time: The Musical

BrookeAugust 22nd, 2014 by Brooke

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 4.47.46 PMThere are several elements of the Zelda franchise, including multimedia projects and materials. However, musicals based on video games are considerably rare, and there is one based on Ocarina of Time available on YouTube. A group by the name of The League of Extraordinary Thespians uploaded a fan made musical based on the events of Ocarina of Time, all for a fundraiser for pediatric cancer.

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Zelda Surprise Bag at a Convention

Joe GajewskiAugust 18th, 2014 by Joe Gajewski

hyrule warriors trasureA popular Youtube channel, NintenDaan, posted a video yesterday of a “Zelda Surprise Bag” that they bought at a convention. They purchased it for 15 euros, however the bag stated that it was a 25 euro value. What did they find upon opening it?

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Jakks Pacific Zelda Figurine Now Available

Jessica CappsAugust 7th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

Jakks Link figure

As of of late, there’s been quite a handful of officially licensed Zelda merchandise, including figurines from various distributors such as Figma, Nendoroid, and others. Around February of last year, Jakks Pacific toy company made a deal with Nintendo to produce a new line of Nintendo merchandise, including an affordable 4-inch articulated figure of Link from Skyward Sword.

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Majora’s Mask “Milk Bar” Cover

BrookeAugust 4th, 2014 by Brooke

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.33.39 AM“Milk Bar” from Majora’s Mask is one of the most catchiest songs from the series, and a YouTube artist by the name of SadToyCats recently released an excellent cover of the song. He features guitar, piano, tambourine, and a rhythmic clapping to complete his catchy tune.

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Zelda Monopoly Now Available for Preorder

Jessica CappsAugust 4th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

Monopoly GameboardSlowly but surely, the Zelda franchise is gaining more popularity in merchandise. USAopoly in association with Hasbro, announced back in April that they would be releasing a Legend of Zelda themed Monopoly board in their line of products. This Hylian board game is set to be released on September 15. Currently, GameStop is among the first of retailers now accepting preorders with the exception of some exclusive preorder bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Deku_ShieldKickstart your Zelda adventures with a original Deku Shield! Brian Rice recently created a project that includes a wooden Deku shield, leather keychain, and a handcrafted Triforce bracelet made available on the website Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign has a modest goal of 300 USD but has now pledged over eight times that amount.

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72850_screenshots_2012-09-16_00003Those of you familiar with mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might be familiar with past versions of a Zelda themed mod called Relics of Hyrule. Recently, the Relics of Hyrule mod has been updated to version 5.23, this time featuring a few masks from Majora’s Mask shown in the trailer.

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Hyrule-WarriorsRecently, Tumblr user LovelyMidnaMage, has released a post stating his/her experience playing Hyrule Warriors at Japan Expo. LovelyMidnaMage’s post gave us an inside look at a few things. One is a look at a player’s reaction to the game, another being a lot of info about the game, a major one being co-op and more characters coming to the game.

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220px-OoT_HookshotZelda fan products are now branching off into 3D printed objects! On Etsy, user AmphigoryDesign creates an amazing Hookshot replica from Ocarina of Time through the complex technology of a three-dimensional printer.

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A Link Between Worlds Keychain Set Now Available

Jessica CappsJune 27th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

4543112872852-08As some of you might recall quite a few months ago, a set of Link Between Worlds key chains were made available for pre-order and expected to ship out this June. Fortunately, if you were unable to pre-order them before, or simply want to pick up the whole set, you can now order them without the wait.

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The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-WorldsWe love it when fans get together and do amazing artwork. From drawings to jewelry to carpentry, Zelda fans are talented in all kinds of fields. In the past we have seen many eye-popping, dramatic and accurate portrayals of some of our favorite characters, but now we get the opportunity to see a different kind of video from a YouTuber named AWE me.

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Majora Q&A Released

MaanavLinkJune 23rd, 2014 by MaanavLink

454192927_640Musician M. Bulteau has recently released a Q&A video on YouTube answering questions surrounding his current project, MajoraMajora will be an opera based on the events of Majora’s Mask, with a few major changes. A major change that is revealed in the Q&A is the exclusion of Link and focuses on Kafei.

Think this change is outrageous? Hit the jump to see the Q&A and see the reason why the change is made!

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Turn This Amazing 3D Zelda Art Into Jewelry

Jessica CappsJune 22nd, 2014 by Jessica Capps

tumblr_n2bukoRMUh1shn3yso2_500As many of you may know, the Zelda community is widely known for it’s vast interest in creating, replicating, and dedicating works of any and all things Zelda related. This time around, Tumblr user soahc5321 has shared with us his stunning 3D art through a number of familiar Zelda objects and symbols. Thanks to soahc5321′s profession as a jewelry designer, you can request a specialized order of any of his 3D art featured on his Tumblr.

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LOZ_OoT_3D_HeartPieceJust recently, Hi-Res Props released their project featuring Heart Container coasters and semi-transparent Rupees available from the website Kickstarter. These beautiful ornaments can be used for cosplaying, collections, decorations, or for its old-fashioned purpose! The incredible items look identical to the Pieces of Heart and rupees in the Zelda series and is a must-have for many players.

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Awesome Set of Zelda Keychains For Only $20

Colonel-MajoraJune 19th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledA store on Ali Express called the Guangzhou Anime Fun Trading Co., Ltd. has listed a set of 11 keychains based on swords and shields throughout the Zelda series. They are very cool, and only cost 20 USD. Items like this usually cost quite a bit more, so make sure to pick one up for yourself!

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Triforce lindsayanne pepperMany Legend of Zelda covers and arrangements are featured here on Zelda Dungeon, and LindsayAnne Pepper is a new discovery. Along with her beautiful Zelda orchestrations, she also arranges other video game instrumentations and original compositions.

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the-legend-of-zelda-wii-uA reddit user named ninemonkeys has edited a screenshot of Zelda Wii U’s Hyrule Field from the recent E3 trailer to be set at night, and the result is quite amazing. The shading and vista look rather authentic, and fans could very well expect the nighttime visuals of the actual game to look like this.

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Linked In T-shirt from Teespring

Josh TeichroebJune 4th, 2014 by Josh Teichroeb

Do you want to proudly show how big of a fan you are of The Legend of Zelda series? Are you looking for the perfect shirt to do so? Well, you’re in luck! Teespring has released yet another t-shirt showing the Triforce and the Master Sword with an epic looking text reading out “Linked In”. How does this sound good to you?

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Epona’s Song T-Shirt Released on Teespring

Josh TeichroebJune 2nd, 2014 by Josh Teichroeb


The lovely medley  on Ocarina of Time, Epona’s song called your horse to your aid many times when needed or even when you just needed to travel throughoutHyrule Field. Have you ever wanted your own shirt with this awesome song on it? Well Teespring has released a T-Shirt showing Link riding Epona and the ocarina notes above it.

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How to Make Chu Jelly

Josh TeichroebMay 31st, 2014 by Josh Teichroeb


Playing Zelda for long hours sure works up an appetite. Especially after seeing the chu jelly Link drinks over and over again so he can regenerate himself. After being so jealous of Link, do you ever think, “What does chu jelly taste like?” . Well, there is a video on how to make it yourself and eat it!  What are you waiting for?

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Waiting-for-the-Dawn-Artwork-2-300x300Rozen, an online composer, has released two fantastic remakes of some of Majora’s Mask‘s music. Rozen specializes in orchestral pieces, and he has done well to make these classic tunes feel truly epic.

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UntitledShinesparkers, the makers of the popular Metroid remix album, Harmony of a Hunter, have announced their newest music project, Harmony of Heroes. This new album will feature music from all 3 Super Smash Bros. games, including, of course, Zelda tunes. The first trailer was released awhile back, so the album itself should be up for download soon.

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How to Make Link’s Wooden Shield

DjinnApril 24th, 2014 by Djinn

98753YouTube member and craftsman HappyAtom has uploaded his latest video that goes over step-by-step instructions on how to recreate your own replica wooden shield from the Legend of Zelda. This is the latest video in a series, and the previous instructional videos covered making Link’s wooden sword and bomb (non-functional of course). He goes over the tools and materials you would need as well as provides the templates necessary for cutting the shape. Then he guides the viewer throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Hyrule Academy – The New Show From Radio Hyrule

Colonel-MajoraApril 23rd, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

HyruleAcademy_thumbRadio Hyrule, a popular site for broadcasting Zelda music, now has a new show called Hyrule Academy. The show is hosted by MC Gamer, the director of the Zeldathon, and is meant to educate listeners on the various secrets and lore of the Zelda universe.

Hit the jump to hear the first episode, and for some show details.

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Quick Sketching Princess Zelda

DevonApril 21st, 2014 by Devon

zelda_sketch Hey Zelda fans, ever wondered how Zelda is drawn and what detail goes into it? Well YouTube user QuickTimeEvents shows us how it’s done by sketching our favorite princess in only eight minutes. That does leave a question though which game did they choose to draw Zelda from? I am pleased to inform you that our artist chose the princess from the ever popular title, The Wind Waker!

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Zelda-Themed Cookie Cutters Available on Etsy

Colonel-MajoraApril 18th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Hylian_Shield_Artwork_(Skyward_Sword)Looking for a nice snack to go with your all-night Zelda marathon? Well, you can head over to Etsy and pick up some Zelda cookie cutters! They are rather simple things, but it is a great idea. There are a few to choose from, so take your pick of shapes.

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The Legend of Zelda Paper Cut Stop Motion

Mases HagopianApril 17th, 2014 by Mases Hagopian

Stop-MotionYouTube user Raff365 has recently created a paper cut stop-motion video of the early moments from The Legend of Zelda. The stop-motion video covers Link’s early adventure, acquiring the sword, defeating Octoroks, and entering the first dungeon. It lasts just over a minute and is rather simplistic, but it is certainly a job well done. Go ahead and make the jump to watch the video.

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