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ZD Gallery: Unsung Heroes

iPFnT4B Hello Zelda fans, and welcome to the newest installment of ZD Gallery, where every other Sunday we showcase an artist and the work they’ve created in tribute to the Zelda franchise. For today, allow us to introduce Ronan Lynam, a freelance illustrator and designer who’s passion is creating promotional and retail pieces of art for several different franchises. Naturally, since this is Zelda Dungeon, we zeroed in on his Zelda inspired creations and fell in love with his unique style.

Make the jump to see our interview with Lynam and to check out several of his creations based on some of the more unconventional characters of the Zelda series!

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Zelda Inspired Quilt

YuHz6v9 It’s bedtime, and between the Boogeyman in your closet and the monsters under your bed, to say the least, it’s dangerous to go alone. So take this! Well, check it out at least, as one of your fellow fans has created a beautiful Zelda inspired- and A Link to the Past themed- quilt. Make the jump for a close up!

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A Link to the Past Comic is a Best-Seller in Canada

page 9
It comes as no surprise that the the recently republished A Link to the Past comic was a big success within the Zelda community, but it also appears to be a big hit in Canada. Toronto based Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, placed Shotaro Ishinomori’s A Link to the Past comic on its Top 10 Fiction Best-Sellers List for the week of May 23rd. The comic took the number ten spot, but to be recognized by The Globe and Mail— Canada’s largest-circulation national newspaper with a readership of 985,000 people a week– is a great honor; it’s basically the equivalent of being a New York Times Best-Seller in the US!

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Unique Electronic Goddess Harp Tops off an Impressive Sheik Cosplay

shiek Every serious cosplayer knows that the costume is only half the battle. Often times it’s the quality of the props that make or break a good cosplay, and in the case of Sisa Cosplay’s Alyssa DiPaolo, her prop may just make her Sheik cosplay one of the best ones out there. Aside from an already beautiful Hyrule Warriors style Sheik costume, Dipaolo has constructed an electronic replica of Sheik’s lyre. With the use of triggers, the strings can play the different notes of an ocarina; true to Ocarina of Time once you play the first three notes of a song, the harp will automatically play out the rest for you!
See DiPaolo demonstrate her one-of-a-kind prop after the jump.

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Fan Made: Mini Aluminum Master Sword

Aluminum Master Sword We’ve seen some pretty cool fan made custom Master Swords, but not quite like this before. Here we have a fan who has melted down aluminum cans and molded from it a mini Master Sword replica. You just have to see it for yourself! If you’d like to see this process, go ahead an make the jump!

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Zelda Animator RwanLink Opens Official Website

my_new_family_by_rwanlink-d4h8unwYouTuber and Zelda animator RwanLink has released his own website, showcasing his old work, current projects, and news on future animations. RwanLink has been around for quite awhile, gracing us with his impressive animations, and now there is an easy and effective way t keep up with his work at any time.

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Fan Made light up Twilight Princess Bow

njNt5P4YouTube member and replica maker Scott Fisher recently uploaded a video showing off his electronic replica of Zelda’s bow of light from Twilight Princess and Smash Brothers. The main body of the bow is made from 3D printed plastic painted gold. With a switch on the handle the color of the light can be switched to yellow, red, purple, green, and blue. He then gives us a look at the inside to see the electronics that make it light up.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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How to Make A Wooden Hylian Shield

UntitledIn the past, we have covered creations by YouTube woodworker HappyAtom, as he makes some very cool and simple wooden Zelda creations, but now he is tackling something a bit more chalenging: Skyward Sword‘s Hylian Shield. He has thus far released the first part of the building process, and says that the second part will be out soon, so hit the jump to see the first video on making your own version of Link’s famous shield!

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Majora’s Mask Replica on Kickstarter

4f61b9c81c4673822aa0d1b70cece064_originalWith the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, merchandise has grown high in demand as more and more people want to get a hold on their very own Majora’s Mask. Kickstarter campaign by Christiane Gohring aims to create a silicone Majora’s Mask replica, complete with casting resin to maintain strength and resistance without the heavy weight. This project is about half-funded with several days remaining, so click the jump to hear more! Read more…

Zelda Easter Egg Found in Splatoon

splatoon Nintendo fans may as well call this the Year of the Squid because its most anticipated game happens to be the third-person ink shooting break-out hit Splatoon. With less than a week before its international May 29th release, the hype is reaching its peak. In the wake of this excitement, GameXplain has sweetened the deal for Zelda fans by finding a classic Zelda enemy displayed in Invader style street-art on one of Splatoon’s maps. An old school Octorok makes an appearance alongside a classic Blooper from the Mario series.
Hit the jump to check them out!

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Ink Rose Sketch Talk: Top 12 Zelda Sountracks

ink rose soundtracks
Art and Music. Could there be a more beautiful combination? Ink Rose, a YouTuber known for her beautiful drawings and in depth fan theories for several famous series, has compiled her 12 favorite music soundtracks from the entire Zelda franchise. But being an artist, she doesn’t just rattle off her favorites. For every entry, she shows a speed-draw of a character associated with the musical piece. Watch as she takes you on a journey through the music of Zelda, and creates a beautiful art piece representing her love for the series. Spoiler warnings, as she talk about major plot points from various games Read more…

Gossip Stone: Could We See A Completely Customizable 2D Zelda Creator?

imagesMario Maker, the Wii U title coming out this year, is an ingenious concept that many Mario fans have dreamed of for years. The idea of finally being able to make your own levels in your favorite action-platformer series is just awesome. But what about Zelda? The top-down, 2D titles are some of the most beloved in the series, and people constantly wish for Nintendo to add certain things they have ideas for into future games. Could Nintendo decide to make something similar to Mario Maker, but for the Zelda series? Could we finally get a chance at making our own Zelda adventures?

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ZD Gallery: Music of the Goddesses

Tom WinterWelcome to the ZD Gallery, where each week we feature an artist and their creation(s) in tribute to the Zelda franchise. This week, we’re veering off the path of fan art and tackling a different artistic area that is highly influential in the series. Music. Covers, more specifically, and today I’ve got the perfect candidate.

YouTube user Tom Winter not only plays his own music, but also has a plethora of videogame music videos- played on his acoustic guitar- on his channel, including a few Zelda favorites. Some are done simply by him playing his guitar, but Winter also has a couple covers composed almost a cappella style by overlapping a few tracks of different parts played on the guitar to create one song.

Make the jump to see his videos and to check out our interview with him!

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Life-Sized Ocarina of Time Hookshot Replica for Sale

hook Have you ever had the urge to scale a building, but lacked the tools to do so? Well fret no more because Roxanne Barrett of Etsy’s AmphigoryDesign has got just the thing for you– a life sized Ocarina of Time Hookshot replica! You can purchase a complete hookshot in a single chain or double chain design for $74.95 plus shipping, as well as an unpainted and unassembled version for $44.95 plus shipping. There are a limited quantity of these beauties available, so order yours before it’s too late (Disclaimer: Do not attempt to climb a building using this, it does not function as an actual hookshot)!

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