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Women of Legend: Skyward Sword’s Impa (Part One)
Protecting the mortal incarnation of the Goddess Hylia is a pretty big job, but one handled with the utmost grace in the capable hands of the very first Sheikah warrior– Impa, from Skyward Sword. Though she initially had a stern exterior and was very critical of Link, Impa turned out to be an extremely loyal and trusting individual with a heart of gold. It’s no secret that Impa is a flawed character, if she was perfect she wouldn’t be interesting, but the beauty of her appearance in Skyward Sword is that the players get to see her character develop over thousands of years. A selfless servant of the Goddess, Impa will do anything to make sure that Zelda stays safe and Demise stays sealed away. After the jump, get a glimpse at the motivations and carefully calculated actions that lead Impa to become the legendary Sheikah icon she is!

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Might We Expect if a New Race was Introduced in Zelda Wii U?

race Hyrule has provided refuge for a plethora of unique and important races throughout its history. We’ve met with Zoras, Gorons, Kokiri, Hylians, Deku, Picori, Koroks, Rito, Kikwi, Gerudo, Twili, and Sheikahs– just to name a few. No matter how long the list of races, each manages to be important to the game or games it appears in and fully developed both visually and culturally. Just when I think the Zelda series can’t possibly create another distinctly memorable race, one appears for me to marvel at. So at this point, it’s likely that we’ll meet more new races in future, perhaps even in Zelda Wii U.

But what other races could the Zelda series incorporate? The writing staff here at Zelda Dungeon was asked to consider if Zelda Wii U introduced a new race, what they would want that race, its culture, and its function to be like. They came up with a range of answers that focused on the new race’s purpose in-game, its appearance and traits, and what its history may contain. Hit the jump to read the staff’s thoughts, and feel free to join the discussion in the comments!

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A Link to the Past: Dark World Metal Cover

a_link_to_the_past_3 Music covers in the Zelda fandom are not hard to come by, but I love finding something where someone has put their own creative twist to it. Especially with a tune as awesome as the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past. YouTube user RichaabEB has done just that, giving the theme a rock edge that makes it sound like an action packed montage or an epic fight is taking place.

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The Sun’s Song is Directly Related to the Song of Time

sun Zelda Theorist RMFH decided to dig into the history of Sun’s Song to find out why its composers, Sharp and Flat, were able to create such a powerful set of notes. He found that the brothers were meant to study the powers of the Royal Family, and might’ve been given access to the Song of Time in order to further their research thus making the Sun’s Song a relative of the Song of Time, with one added bonus– the power of light. Watch RMFH’s video on the significance of the Sun’s Song after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Does a Zelda Game’s Appearance Affect its Reception?

COVER real There are an almost endless number of factors that contribute to the commercial appeal of a videogame– gameplay, functionality, developer, rating– but a game isn’t going to sell if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, at least in some capacity. We can judge by the turbulent behavior following the reveal of Wind Waker’s art style or Skyward Swords’ downgraded graphics that appearance does matter within the Zelda series. So let’s take a look at some of the varied Zelda visual styles and how they affected the games’ initial and later receptions after the jump!

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Zelda Universe Releases Act 2 Of Skyward Sword: The Movie

skyward-swordOur friends over at Zelda Universe have been working on their latest project, of turning all the cutscenes from Skyward Sword into a cohesive voice acted movie for all fans to enjoy, for some time now. We have already seen Act 1 come across our screens, and much like their original project that sparked this idea, Hyrule Warriors: The Movie, its pretty amazing. Now, they have just released Act 2 of Skyward Sword: The Movie, but before watching, if you missed out on watching Act 1, click the link above so you can get caught up! Join Link as he begins his journey to the surface to find Zelda and take his place as the Hero of Legend!

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An Evolution Of Link’s Death Animations And Game Over Screens Through The Zelda Series

Medal-Zelda-2-gameover-1041428The Legend of Zelda series will this year be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, with such a long and dare I say, much beloved series, many fans have had countless opportunities to play a lot of the games, and some fans all the titles in the franchise. There are also quite a few of us that have not only played all the titles in the series, but some more than once! With all this game playing I am sure that you have had the unfortunate experience of dying after a stupid move or a really epic battle, where the end result wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Throughout the series we have seen our poor hero die more times than many of us would probably like to remember. As we have all evolved as gamers throughout the history of the franchise, so have the games, and as such so have Link’s deaths and Game Over screens. MasterOfHyrule has recently uploaded a new video to YouTube where we can see the entire evolution of Link’s sad demise throughout the entire series, sticking to the main titles for the most part you can really see how these scenes have evolved over time. Jump in past the break and relive the dreaded moments before you see the words that have inspired screams from many of us Zelda fans… Game Over!

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Things Zelda U Could Learn from The Adventure of Link

5 things zelda u could learn from 2In a recent video by Zeltic, he pointed out five things that he believed Zelda U could learn from The Adventure of Link on the NES. It stated that the game should not have experience like in The Adventure of Link, as it would detract from its non linear gameplay. Other points were bringing back the raft and adding Dark Link. The remaining points were bringing back the jump and varied spells.


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GameStop Opens Pre-orders for Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid Figures

With pre-orders for the Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid figures popping up across the online shopping world, GameStop has decided to throw its hat into the ring as well. The figures are now available for pre-order on GameStop’s website at the price of $46.99, plus shipping. Another exciting bit of news is, according to GameStop’s website, the figures will be released on March 15th. For more details about the pre-order listing and pictures of the Nendoroid figure, hit the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Will the Expansive World-Map in Zelda Wii U Be a Bad Thing?

mapU Though the true nature of Zelda Wii U is still shrouded in mystery, we devout Hylians have been promised an open-world game with an enormous map. Many fans are more than ready to embrace an expansive and uninterrupted landscape in the upcoming title, but some have logical doubts as to whether the world map will truly enhance the gaming experience. The upside is of course, exploration. But at what point does exploration become tedious? And how can Nintendo make sure that this over-sized land doesn’t become a burden to traverse?

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Rozen Releases His Latest Album, “Time Once Lost”

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.10.30 AMFrom the musical goodness of composer and video game arranger that brought us the mini album “King of Light and Shadow” as well as “Fi’s Farewell” and “Midna’s Lament, Rozen releases a new album. This time dedicated Majora’s Mask, called “Time Once Lost”. This album contains a total of ten different tracks such as “In the streets of Clock Town” and “Astral Observatory”, the album is available for purchase right now on Loudr. With over thirty minutes of music to enjoy, its with checking out, click on the link and see what you think? How do you like some of Rozen’s previous music releases? What Zelda title would you like to see him tackle the music for next?

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Zelda Theory: Origin of ReDeads

ReDead_paralisando_y_apunto_de_atacar_a_Link ReDeads are a Zelda fan’s childhood nightmare. Most times, when we’re forced to face these terrifying zombie-like creatures, it’s hack and slash and then get the hell out of there. But haven’t you ever wondered what exactly a ReDead is? Are they the corpses of unfortunate Hylians, or are they something more sinister, born of dark magic? YouTube user and Zelda theorist ZeldaConqueror is certain that he has the answer. Make the jump to check out his video and see what he has to say!

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An In Depth Look at the Production and Success of The Legend of Zelda

zelda-nes The game that started it all, the reason why we all had the opportunity to become Zelda fanatics, The Legend of Zelda was a deliberately crafted masterpiece from the beginning of its production. The game was meant to counterbalance Mario’s gameplay style by being open-ended, story-focused, and require players to think critically. It was the first home console game to save players’ progress, it took inspiration from Miyamoto’s childhood as well as high fantasy novels, and it contained only six musical tracks (all now iconic).

Suffice to say, The Legend of Zelda’s gameplay and golden cartridge bewitched gamers the world over. Watch The Game TheoristsFurst delve into the rich history of the highest rated game of all time, The Legend of Zelda, after the jump!

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Marvelous Mabe Village Cover by Banjo Guy Ollie

maxresdefault To top off his 2015 year of covers, Youtube’s Banjo Guy Ollie produced a cover of Mabe Village from Link’s Awakening on– you guessed it– a banjo. He also employed a host of other instruments including a U-Bass, Bouzouki/Mandola, and Mandolin. The cover really does this great tune justice, and the banjo gives it a unique and rather cozy tone that fits the song’s role in the game perfectly. Banjo Guy Ollie’s version of Mabe Village is not to be missed, so take a listen after the jump!

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Theory: The Arbiter’s Grounds’ Dark Secret

imageOne of my favorite aspects of Twilight Princess is its appreciation for context. Just about every locale has a unique story to tell; the dungeons, especially, stand apart from those of most other Zelda games. Rather than serve as generic holy sites, each dungeon goes a long way toward giving Hyrule a lived-in feel. City in the Sky highlights an ancient civilization, while Snowpeak Ruins makes the player feel like a guest in someone’s home. That said, not having all of the answers can be fun. Much of the mythology surrounding the Arbiter’s Grounds has been shrouded in mystery, which, throughout the past nine years, has led to a ton of theory crafting. YouTuber Dr. Wily recently discussed his interpretation of the abandoned structure. Hit the jump to check it out!

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