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Twilight Princess HD Fan Project

Zelda tp hdIn a YouTube video by Tomoya Hamasaki, a HD render of Twilight Princess was shown with game play present. In this two and a half minute preview video it was demonstrated how Twilight Princess could look if it were on a console capable of a high definition display. We are shown areas such as Hyrule Field and Kakariko Village. All of the locations done looked very impressive and they will only get better as the project is worked on for a longer period of time.

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Sweet Paper Zelda Dioramas (One Has Sound!)

tumblr_n57g59U3fp1tb8qk1o1_1280A flickr user named Wuppes has created a number of awesome, framed Zelda dioramas out of paper. The use of layers inside the frames simulate a 3D effect, similar to what you see in the 3D Classic versions of NES games on 3DS. Wuppes has made a diorama of the Windfish Egg from Link’s Awakening, the full map from A Link to the Past, and from the same game, one of Link pulling the Master Sword. The Master Sword one even has sound effects!

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Short and Comprehensive Tri Force Heroes Overview

 The staff over at Pocket Gamer has been playing through an early copy of Tri Force Heroes and has amassed a short yet comprehensive guide to give an overview of the early stages of the game before you pick up your copy on October 23rd. The guide takes you through what the game is about, how to play without two friends readily available, how progress saves when playing with different groups, how much the game feels like a main series Zelda title, its balance of action and leisure, the ingame shops, online play quality, its competitive elements, and its overall impression. To see the list visit Pocket Gamer, or read a summary of it after the jump!

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The Legend Of Zelda Dungeon Theme Medley

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.10.45 PMThe Legend of Zelda series has long since inspired many artists and musicians over the years. Since 1986 the music behind this long standing franchise has motivated many to create spectacular covers of the music heard within the series. The YouTube channel PyjamaPants has one such artist, a singer and music teacher with a passion for video games and music. In her latest video posted on her YouTube channel she takes you through all of her most favorite 2D dungeon themes, in an acapella medley.

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Great Sea Cover with Lyrics and Tutorial

original It’s not very often that we hear Zelda cover songs with fan lyrics. It’s even less often than that when we find someone willing to make a tutorial and show their step by step creative process. YouTube user Josiah McDaniel has given his audience both of these with his cover of the Great Sea theme from The Wind Waker. Make the jump to check them out!

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HMK: Top 10 Emotional Moments in Zelda

Anju-KafeiZelda has a lot more deep-feels moments than one might expect getting into the series for the first time. Making the world you play in seems more and more important in many series as time goes on, but Zelda has always been one to touch a fan’s heart. YouTuber HMK, known partially for his discussions on his own, and already popular, Zelda theories, has made a list of his top 10 emotional moments in the Zelda series.

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New Tri Force Heroes Weapon and Screenshots

IMG_2662.JPG Today the official Japanese Legend of Zelda Twitter account graced us with more screenshots from Tri Force Heroes. These photos show Link sporting a new costume that will assist him with water related obstacles and attacks. The tweets also mention a new weapon, a Water Rod that allows Link to summon pillars of water, and the photos suggest this can be used to defeat Octoroks that attack from the water’s surface. With the game’s release less than a month away, the anticipation is really beginning to build. Get your dose of hype by checking out the pictures and official tweets after the jump!

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Beautiful Legend Of Zelda Cosplay

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.01.03 PMThe Legend of Zelda series inspires many fans across the world to show their appreciation for the series in various forms. From spectacular artwork, to moving song covers, to even videos about certain aspects of the games, whether they be about a specific character or even theories about the lore or characters themselves. Over time we have shared many of theses amazing creations done by dedicated individuals that want to share their love for the Zelda franchise with the world. One of my favorite ways people show their appreciation for the Zelda series is with cosplay, and I have come across a fantastic assortment of epic Zelda cosplay on SkyDoesGaming. They have arranged an inspiring library of images from cosplayers from around the world and although they are all pretty spectacular there are a few that simply took my breath away.

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Legend of Zelda Papercrafting

majorasmask Did you know that there is a website where you can download various Zelda themed models for papercrafting? In fact, Ninjatoes’ papercrafting website has twenty-three different models to craft and add to your collection of Zelda goodies. Make the jump to see some of these completed models, and even a fan’s speed through video of the crafting process.



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Impa Fan Art Speed Coloring

Impa Speed painting- or, in this case, speed coloring- is an awesome medium for artists with various styles to show off their artistic processes. Whether it’s digital painting or coloring with markers, it’s convenient for an artist’s audience to see a quick version of how their masterpieces come to life. For this speed coloring, YouTube user LemiaCrescent shows off her incredible eye for vibrant colors in her own rendition of Impa from Hyrule Warriors. Make the jump to check it out!

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Tri Force Heroes Theme Guitar Cover

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.37.55 AMThe game hasn’t even been released yet and we’re already seeing musical covers dedicated to the next Zelda title. As we’ve all noticed from the different trailers that have been gearing us up for this new installment, not only is the game concept different, but the music is different as well. How different? That’s still to be determined. Each Zelda game has recycled musical attributes from it’s predecessors- save for the first of course- and it’s too soon to tell if Tri Force Heroes is going to remain true to that tradition or steer us completely off course. However, I personally think that what we’ve heard so far sounds great and fun, and it looks like YouTube user Shady Cicada thinks so too. Make the jump to check out his musical tribute, with an awesome rock edge, to the much anticipated game!

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Zelda Theory Majora’s Darkest Secret

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_10We have shared many different Zelda theories with you over time and some of them have come from the very talented GameOverJesse. One of his latest Zelda theories takes us to the events in Majora’s Mask and tickles our brains with what secrets that dark, looming moon that hangs over Termina could hold. Could Majora never really have intended to destroy Termina but to deliver upon it a fate even more horrible? Why does the inside of the moon look like the way it does? Join GameOverJesse and guest, NintendoBoxYT in pondering these questions and a few more.

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Zelda’s Lullaby Cover

270px-ZeldaslullabyZelda’s Lullaby is possibly one of the most recurring songs in the Zelda series. Generally you hear the tune played during several pivotal moments in each title that pertain to Princess Zelda. For example you hear this song when Link and Zelda meet for the first time in A Link to the Past, in Ocarina of Time, Impa teaches Link the song on his fairy ocarina to allow him the ability to accomplish certain tasks. These are just a couple of examples where Zelda’s Lullaby can be heard, but there are many more. Nintendo Creators Program Member, ALBEDO has created a cover of this tune to help your day start off on the right note!

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Zelda Theory: Five Stages of Grief

MM The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is probably one of the deepest, most meaningful and, in some respects, maybe even the darkest game of the Zelda franchise despite it’s seemingly happy ending. There are several different theories circulating the game’s story, one of which we’ve all probably heard a few different opinions on, in which Link is cycling through the five stages of grief during his time in Termina. The concept has been tackled by a number of theorists, and sometimes its difficult to keep track of the real interpretation between Termina and the five stages of grief. However, we’re bringing back Vortex from her YouTube channel VortexxyGaming to not only allow her to spell out the theory for us, but to help us better understand whether it’s a valid theory or not. Make the jump to hear what Vortex has to say.

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The Paradox Of The Happy Mask Salesman

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.24.25 PMHave you ever felt like you are experiencing events that have happened before, like things are so familiar you know what is going to happen? That sensation is known as Deja Vu. Imagine if that feeling happened constantly over a ¬†short span of time, and when that span of time was over everything restarted in exactly the same way. This is essentially what happens to Link in Majora’s Mask. We can understand how it feels from his point of view and can get an idea of how it feels for the other people in the game as well — they should be unaware that events are happening over and over. There is one however who doesn’t seem to be effected by time: The Happy Mask Salesman. Why exactly is he different than other characters? Could he be centered around a plot mistake? Touching on themes about time travel mistakes is not uncommon as various forms of literature and entertainment have shown, and this is exactly what I intend to find out.

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