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Zelda-Themed Cookie Cutters Available on Etsy

Colonel-MajoraApril 18th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Hylian_Shield_Artwork_(Skyward_Sword)Looking for a nice snack to go with your all-night Zelda marathon? Well, you can head over to Etsy and pick up some Zelda cookie cutters! They are rather simple things, but it is a great idea. There are a few to choose from, so take your pick of shapes.

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Stop-MotionYouTube user Raff365 has recently created a paper cut stop-motion video of the early moments from The Legend of Zelda. The stop-motion video covers Link’s early adventure, acquiring the sword, defeating Octoroks, and entering the first dungeon. It lasts just over a minute and is rather simplistic, but it is certainly a job well done. Go ahead and make the jump to watch the video.

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Details on New Operation Moonfall Campaign

Colonel-MajoraMarch 31st, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledOperation Moonfall, the continuing campaign to get a 3D remake of Majora’s Mask, has just received a rather large update. The people running the Operation have given new opportunities for fans to get involved and show Nintendo that they are serious when they say that Majora’s Mask should have a remake.

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Awesome Light-Up Lego Mosaic of 8-Bit Link

Colonel-MajoraMarch 29th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledA New York artist named Julius von Brunk, known for creating intricate, game-related LEGO creations, has recently built a back-lit mosaic of Link with the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda. The set-up is similar to old Lite-Brite boards, and it turned out great.

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Amazing fan-made Zelda pillows on Etsy

JessicaMarch 22nd, 2014 by Jessica

il_570xN.557919250_56riOver at Tavington’s Crafty Corner on Etsy, you can find a variety of detailed cushy looking pillows that resemble various iconic Zelda items. Shop owner Donna Evans has made a hobby of sewing up various video game memorabilia. Some of which include several Zelda themed pillows ranging from Heart Containers, to Goddess Pearls and more. Needless to say, these pillows would look great on any couch or game room.

Hit the jump for a look at the rest of these amazing Zelda pillows!

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Awesome Fan-Made Link Papercraft

Colonel-MajoraMarch 21st, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

1A fan over at reddit has put together a papercraft creation of Link from Ocarina of Time, and it is awesome. The detail in the papercrafts concept image gives you an idea of how hard it would be to build, and this person did a great job.

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Two Awesome Majora’s Mask Replicas

Colonel-MajoraMarch 16th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

MM2A replica prop maker named Tobias Lungaard Larson has made some truly impressive models of Majora’s Mask from the Zelda game of the same name. Over the course of eight months, Tobius has created very detailed molds of the mask and has painted one in the original color scheme, and the other in what he calls a “dark” style.

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Link’s Awakening Hacked

MaanavLinkMarch 14th, 2014 by MaanavLink

Links-Awakening-1Over at Romhacking, Katage has released a new hack of Link’s Awakening DX. The rom features redesigned dungeons, edited difficulty, and a much more gradual progression of difficulty. This means new puzzles, more resources, and less backtracking which makes it as Katage himself states, “…balanced for those who have played the game once or twice, but the game is playable by newcomers as well, as the hack does not throw everything at the player at once.”

So hit the jump to see the full description along with more information on the hack and how you can get it yourself!

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Fan Makes 14 Karat Gold Zora Sapphire Ring

Colonel-MajoraMarch 11th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Zora's_SapphireA talented jewelry maker named mooredesign13 on deviantART has made a very impressive ring based on Ocarina of Time‘s Zora Sapphire. It is a solid 14 karat gold ring with inlaid sapphire and is accented with real pearls and a diamond at the center. It may have already been claimed, but it hard not to simply view the piece and appreciate the work put into it.

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256+3Zelda fans might appreciate one of the latest projects to appear on NexusMods, a fan made Crescent Island region from Oracle of Ages for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is still in beta but fans can download part one and the Crescent Island beta from NexusMods already. A video showing off some of the landscape and mobs found within has been posted on YouTube so that you can see it for yourself before you try it out.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Amazing Wood Burned Image of Link

DjinnMarch 10th, 2014 by Djinn

il_570xN.561654010_f0xaEtsy artist BTJPyro has recently posted his latest work: a wood-burn image of Link with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield in front of the Triforce. The piece is 11.75 x 11.75 inches and sells for $650. He also recorded the making of this carving and uploaded the video to YouTube if you would like to see how he made it.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.
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MirrorShieldJust like with all the fan art and creations that are made on a regular basis there are also many figurines, posters, replicas and other paraphernalia that fans of the series collect. It’s all well and good having a collection on display to show your friends and visitors, but occasionally it’s nice to have something that not only looks good but also has some practical use. Etsy seller ivanapepilina has several packpacks, bags and wallets on sale featuring designs from various game franchises. A lot of the designs are from various games in The Legend of Zelda series including a backpack modelled after the Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask.

Take the jump to see some of the designs.

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Cosplay Feature: Fantastic Hilda Recreation

Colonel-MajoraMarch 7th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledPopular cosplayer and Zelda fan Li Kovacs (PikminLink) has recently finished her newest impressive cosplay. This time, she is portraying A Link Between Worlds‘ Princess Hilda. She has currently posted a few very clear images to her deviantART gallery.

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Divide by Hero Part 1 cropBrawl in the Family, a Nintendo web comic by Matthew Taranto, recently began a new story arc featuring Link and Ganondorf. It’s a mash-up between the Mario and Zelda series in which Bowser and Ganondorf, each lamenting another defeat at the hands of their respective series’ heroes, agree to swap rivals. Any Zelda fan should appreciate the clever references throughout.

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UntitledA Minecraft map-maker named Kezsonaj is on the way to creating a full-scale remake of Ocarina of Time‘s world. Everything is set to be recreated – Hyrule Castle, Kakariko Village, all of the dungeons – every single area and structure that you can freely enter, and more. Plus, players will apparently be able to move between the two time periods that Ocarina of Time spans. This really seems like the Minecraft map that many Zelda fans have been waiting for, and you can get a preview of it in Kezsonaj’s new trailer!

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Violinist Taylor Davis is similar to Lindsey Stirling as she is well known for creating covers of songs from video games as well as themes from famous movies. Even her videos are closely identical as you may notice in this awesome music production showcasing Taylor’s incredible talent at playing well known Zelda themes. This video shows her playing the “Gerudo Valley Theme” on violin and it truly is an enjoyable listening experience. The video has also been well crafted to blend a virtual reality Zelda game into real world locations.

Take a look at this stunning Zelda composition after the jump!

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Realistic Guru-Guru Music Boxes For Sale

Tyler TagFebruary 23rd, 2014 by Tyler Tag

il_570xN.492716872_3mgq-516x387The Song of Storms is one of the well known songs in Zelda history, played by Guru-Guru inside the Kakariko Village windmill. This music box made by CuriosityProps is a must have. Straight from Kakariko Village, the music box is painted by an airbrush artist to look exactly like the one in the game! The music box is an excellent gift for any Zelda game lover and an amazing addition to any collection. Hit the jump to see more. Read more…

Hylian Court Playing Cards

Tyler TagFebruary 19th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

IVVzC1b Some fans attempt to incorporate their passions into their lives as much as possible. While there are many different varieties, a Zelda fan named Soren has created his own unique Zelda inspired playing cards. Swapping Triforce for spades, arrows for clubs, and rupees for diamonds, this deck becomes quite a special collectible. Hit the jump to view this awesome item. Read more…

Fan Art: Handmade Link Quilt

Tyler TagFebruary 17th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

xnxo4MZThese days, fans will do anything in order to be surrounded by the passions they love. A great example of this is how reddit user lifesquared showed his handmade Link quilt. Not only does it look warm, but it looks professionally done.

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98789465413Is the continued success of the series due to exploitation of nostalgia? This is the question that Jamin Warren of PBS Game Show has asked to the audience and he takes a look at the series as a whole and discusses what exactly keeps fans coming back.

Jump inside to check out what he had to say for yourself.

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Wonder Festival 2014 Featuring Link Figurines

JessicaFebruary 10th, 2014 by Jessica

tumblr_n0pj8fnOmW1qzp9weo3_1280In this year’s Winter Wonder Festival, not one, but two different figures have been revealed from Nendroid and Figma. This time around the Nendoroid figure will feature Link from The Wind Waker while the other figure from Figma will feature Link from A Link Between Worlds. Over the past few years, the distribution of Zelda figures has steadily become more popular. From mini figures to statues, there’s still more to come in the future.

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image 3Every collection that is submitted is unique in its own way, whether it’s an item, a first game, or who is collecting. This week’s Collection Spotlight features a brother and sister duo from my home state of Ohio. These two have banded together to collect the titles from everyone’s favorite video game series.

Filip and his sister have searched high and low, on the Internet, and at garage sales in order to build up a complete and beautiful collection consisting of games, guides, books and more. Hit the jump to read what makes this collection so unique.

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Colonel-Majora 2Hey, everyone! Colonel-Majora here, and the Voidcast is back to continue the never-ending argument of whether a Zelda movie should come to be. Last month, we got all kinds of ideas from a Roundtable discussion, but now I want to give my personal thoughts.

Listen to the segment after the jump!

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dZelda has yet another chance at having its own LEGO set based on fan designs. If you are unsure of what LEGO CUUSOO is, fans can submit ideas for new LEGO sets to the LEGO CUUSOO website and the most popular ideas are reviewed each season. One is then chosen to become a real Lego product. This time, among the reviewed ideas is a fun little set featuring Link getting in a fight with an Iron Knuckle. Of course, there is no guarantee, but the Iron Knuckle Encounter set could very well end up on store shelves.

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Collection Spotlight: The Homemade Hero

Tyler TagJanuary 31st, 2014 by Tyler Tag

image 6 Hello Zelda Dungeon. In today’s second Collection Spotlight, we see that collectors come in all shapes and types. Some collectors gather games, some collect guides, and some collect keychains and posters. Other collectors shy away from merchandise and seek to create their own props and costumes that they can identify as their own. Today’s Collection Spotlight features Nick, who wanted to be a real life Link. This collector shows us that Link can be created by searching autobody shops and hardware stores. Hit the jump to learn about this week’s unique collector horde as well as some great personal stories.

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UntitledA mod-maker on named NickNak has created a fantastic remake of Ocarina of Time‘s Death Mountain in Left 4 Dead 2. The full custom campaign includes Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, and the Fire Temple. There are items and infected that are re-textured to look like elements of Ocarina of Time, and there are even some custom features like rupees to use at the fully-functioning shop, and a boss fight with Volvagia in the Fire Temple! If any of you took advantage of Steam’s holiday sales and bought Left 4 Dead 2, this mod is definitely worth checking out.



BLw4FX8CAAE5uiKHey ZD, my name is Tyler and I’m starting a segment that I hope you like. “Collection Spotlight” is a chance for Zelda fans to show their passion for our beloved man in green through the things we have collected and to talk a little bit about ourselves.

For the first post, I will feature my own collection to give you a feel for how this is set up. At the end of the post, I will be asking for personal submissions so I can feature everyone’s collections. Hit the jump to dive into this first treasure trove.

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UntitledJames Farr, a YouTube animator, has just released the sequel to his Nintendo/Star Wars mash-up, Super Smash Wars. As in the previous installment, Link Skywalker plays a key role in the story, battling his way through the Nintendo universe to defeat the evil Lord Ganondarth. It is as funny to watch Link in his outer space escapades as it is entertaining to try and identify every possible reference to both Nintendo and Star Wars, so this is definitely worth watching.

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n3ds_game_card_case_zelda_big_2In addition to Club Nintendo’s recent update with their monthly video game rewards, they have also introduced yet another 3DS card case. Previously, Club Nintendo had a 3DS card case with various covers to change, whereas this one pertains to a specific reversible Zelda cover. While it only has one Zelda cover, it also includes two others, and can store up to 18 of your DS/3DS cartridges.

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ZeldaMotionZeldamotion is an ongoing effort to convert the Akira Himekawa Legend of Zelda manga books into an animated series. The final release will be professionally voiced and scored. It’s being created with the utmost love and respect for Nintendo and the Zelda franchise – by fans, for fans.

This is the description from the website of the upcoming animated series currently in production by Aeipathy Industries, based upon the manga books by Akira Himekawa. The series is known as “Zeldamotion”, the first of which will be based on A Link to the Past. After the company’s Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, many thought the project had come to an end. It was later revealed that the project was still alive and well. Aeipathy Industries has just revealed the release date for the first episode.

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Zelda Lore in a Minute

DjinnJanuary 11th, 2014 by Djinn

41211586The Zelda series consists of many sequels over a twenty year long history and definitely creates very deep and complex history with many twists and turns. The confusion caused by the lengthy history has created much debate between the fans for years before Nintendo finally released the official timeline a year ago. But all of this might still be confusing for a beginner to the series. Fortunately YouTube member Lore is here to help out anyone who might be a little confused with a minute long look into the lore of the series. The video might only be little over 60 seconds long but it does a pretty good job of covering everything from the creation of Hyrule and the Triforce to the founding of the kingdom and the split timelines.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Capture A little over a year ago, a channel on YouTube called BaruchFilms released a highly popular short film based on the Legend of Zelda, called ESCAPE. The director of the video has now released his announcement video for a feature-length adaptation of ESCAPE, called PRINCESS IN ANOTHER CASTLE.

For all the details, hit the jump and watch the announcement trailer!

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Hero of Time remix

MaanavLinkJanuary 3rd, 2014 by MaanavLink

JeeshJoshua Kershaw is a music artist who produces many original songs and many creative remixes. His latest remix is a Zelda one called Hero of Time, featuring different sounds from nearly every Zelda game, including the CD-i games. The song itself is amazing. Its bright sound and clever use of various sounds from the series makes for a brilliant track. The song is held up with a back track containing 8-bit synths and Zelda inspired songs, creating for a powerful track. So hit the jump to listen to what Joshua created!

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Zelda 2014 Wall Calender on Amazon

JessicaJanuary 2nd, 2014 by Jessica

the-legend-of-zelda-2014-calendarWith the start of the New Year, there’s plenty to plan for. New goals and activities, marking dates for the important things such as video game news and release dates. You might even mark them with important appointments or events! And what better calender to plan with than a Zelda themed calender? Officially licensed by Nintendo, this calendar features official artwork from the series.

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Hey! Listen! No really, you should give this album a listen. Over the past few years, Zelda music has grown more popular with fan interpretations, remixes, and even live symphony performances. This time around, since March of 2013, composer Ben Cohn released quite an amazing album strongly influenced by melodies heard throughout the Zelda series. Just about every song in the album has some kind of nostalgia your ears might be familiar with. However, as nostalgic and reminiscent as these songs may be, each song is reflects Cohn’s influence through his various interpretations.

If you’re a music lover, especially of the Zelda series, this album is a must to hear. Hit the jump to give these tunes a listen! Read more…