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Fan Made Crochet Zelda Doll With Progress Pictures

ZeldaDollFinalI am always impressed by people who can make things with their hands. Even more impressive is when people can make amazing gaming-themed things with their hands. Crocheting has a reputation for being something your grandmother does, but it lends itself surprisingly well to geeky pursuits. This crocheted Zelda doll from Imgur user Edoherty79 is a perfect example. Click through to see the progress pictures and the final result!

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3D Printed Master Sword

JGFxT4rI have seen quite a few fan and artists recreate objects from the Zelda series, but few are as interesting as reddit member esseff3d‘s 3D printed Master Sword. He goes over the step by step process, creating the model, printing out the various parts, and then assembles them into the final piece.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Fan Art- Hyrule’s New Threat

Mother MaiaMaiHave you ever been curious about the origins of Mother MaiaMai in A Link Between Worlds? There’s a reason she was sealed away in that cave you carelessly bombed open. In this illustration, created by Jesse Oldershaw (otherwise known as DaifukuKid), Mother MaiaMai’s true intentions are revealed.

Hit the jump to see this creative artwork.

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Adorable Phantom Hourglass 3D Acrylic Nail Art

mqdefaultZelda fans are always coming up with creative ways to wear their favorite franchise on their sleeves, but how about wearing it on their nails? Well, YouTube nail artist MaGa DollieLife has found a way. Though she’s not the first to do Zelda nail art, her art is unique in that she uses acrylic nail polish and the designs are 3D! MaGa DollieLife lays out the steps to creating a 3D acrylic nail art Triforce, Toon Link, and Ciela the fairy from Phantom Hourglass in her engaging DIY video.

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Hyrule Warriors Fan Comic

2232Many artists have shown their appreciation of the Zelda series over the years by making some of their own fanart and the occasional fan comic. This time we are taking a look at Setzeri’s Hyrule Warriors comics. These four panel comics are made in the Sunday comic strip style and feature the various characters from Hyrule Warriors only in more humorous situations.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Does Your Tree Need A Fairy?

NaviOrnamentHey, listen up! Christmas is almost upon us! If you haven’t done so it’s time to go out, grab yourself a tree, and starting hanging baubles on its branches. As someone who plays the Legend of Zelda games, you’ll know how great trees are: they talk in ye olde English, they send fairies to summon young boys to save the world, and if you help them out they sometimes give you giant emeralds! Perhaps your tree just doesn’t have the right sort of fairy to summon you to greatness! Take the jump to find out how to remedy the situation.

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Link Drawn in… What?

Crayon Link 2 There are many different mediums of art; digital, pencil, pen, watercolor, and very rarely crayons. When people think crayons, they tend to think of a messy coloring job done by a young child. Recently however, a wonderful drawing of Twilight Princess Link got a lot of attention. Why? Because it was drawn entirely with crayons! Reddit and Imgur user Dweebette is a completely self taught artist. When she posted her art on the /r/Zelda forum, I don’t think that many people expected to see this.

Hit the jump to see for yourself!

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Fan Creates a Stained Glass Hylian Shield

SGSWLLNThe Zelda games have inspired a lot of very beautiful fan art. And I reckon we’ve seen Zelda themes find their way into every single medium imaginable. To the left you can see the latest stained glass effort from Reddit member the3rdstarter!

This is not the first stained glass artwork from a Zelda fan, it follows on the heels of the stained glass Hylian Crest, and the incredible Wind Waker stained glass (amongst others). This latest effort comes from the design of the Hylian shield in Skyward Sword, and is just as beautiful as all the rest.

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Artists Create a Tron Style Legend of Zelda GIF

linkganon The twin Italian artists of Van Orton Design recently created an animated GIF of Link, Ganondorf, and Hyrule Castle. The piece is titled “The Legend of Zelda” and is a very unique and attention grabbing take on the rivalry between the Hero and the Prince of Darkness. The color scheme and rather geometric style make it reminiscent of Tron, and make it a worthwhile piece of artwork for any Zelda fan to view.

Hit the jump to take a look!

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Ocarina of Time: Fan Recreates the Temple of Time

Screenshot (9)As Ocarina of Time continues to triumph as a fan favorite since its release just over 15 years ago, one could only imagine how it might look if it met today’s standards. Visual effects artist Michael Eurek recently constructed an entirely revamped version of the Temple of Time. Hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

How to Draw Toon Link

Screenshot at Nov 16 10-43-56Toon Link is one of the most widely known variations of Link. From his childish yet heroic attitude or his strange facial expressions, Toon Link is one of the better known incarnations of Link in gaming media. Now you can learn to draw him using a video tutorial uploaded by YouTuber Cartooning4Kids, a simple drawing tutorial YouTube channel, though aimed at kids, provides some pretty useful tutorials for anyone. So get out your pad and pencil, and hit the jump to see the tutorial.

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It’s Dangerous to go Alone Time Lapse Painting

64467I am always a huge fan of Zelda themed artwork, and YouTube member Adam Scythe recently posted a time lapse video of a watercolor painting of a scene from The Legend of Zelda. The video is a little over three and a half minutes and covers almost two hours of work showing off his skills and recreating the famous scene from Legend of Zelda when the old man gave Link his first sword. The video shows you the whole process from early sketches to completed work.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Artist Creates Dreamworks-esque Zelda Illustration

untitled2-1Artist Cassio Yoshiyaki recently released an incredible illustration of Link and Zelda from The Wind Waker. This may be one of many Zelda fan drawings, but as you’ll see, it’s one that certainly stands out. Though these designs have a noticeable DreamWorks resemblance, they still maintain the iconic Wind Waker look. These are remarkable pieces of fan art from a very talented artist, so hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

Zelda U Fan Made Interface Mock-up

ZU At E3, we got a look at the next installment of the Zelda franchise, due out in 2015. We were shown a trailer where we saw Link, his horse (presumably Epona), and an enemy, but nothing else. More specifically though, we didn’t see any gameplay, or at least none from the player’s perspective. As a result, we don’t know how the interface will be set up. However, DeviantART user SoenkesAdventure made a mock-up of what the Zelda U interface might look like.

Hit the jump to see the mock-up interface!

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