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Ocarina of Time: Fan Recreates the Temple of Time

Jessica CappsNovember 22nd, 2014 by Jessica Capps

Screenshot (9)As Ocarina of Time continues to triumph as a fan favorite since its release just over 15 years ago, one could only imagine how it might look if it met today’s standards. Visual effects artist Michael Eurek recently constructed an entirely revamped version of the Temple of Time. Hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

How to Draw Toon Link

MaanavLinkNovember 19th, 2014 by MaanavLink

Screenshot at Nov 16 10-43-56Toon Link is one of the most widely known variations of Link. From his childish yet heroic attitude or his strange facial expressions, Toon Link is one of the better known incarnations of Link in gaming media. Now you can learn to draw him using a video tutorial uploaded by YouTuber Cartooning4Kids, a simple drawing tutorial YouTube channel, though aimed at kids, provides some pretty useful tutorials for anyone. So get out your pad and pencil, and hit the jump to see the tutorial.

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64467I am always a huge fan of Zelda themed artwork, and YouTube member Adam Scythe recently posted a time lapse video of a watercolor painting of a scene from The Legend of Zelda. The video is a little over three and a half minutes and covers almost two hours of work showing off his skills and recreating the famous scene from Legend of Zelda when the old man gave Link his first sword. The video shows you the whole process from early sketches to completed work.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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untitled2-1Artist Cassio Yoshiyaki recently released an incredible illustration of Link and Zelda from The Wind Waker. This may be one of many Zelda fan drawings, but as you’ll see, it’s one that certainly stands out. Though these designs have a noticeable DreamWorks resemblance, they still maintain the iconic Wind Waker look. These are remarkable pieces of fan art from a very talented artist, so hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

Zelda U Fan Made Interface Mock-up

SkyruleArcherOctober 12th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

ZU At E3, we got a look at the next installment of the Zelda franchise, due out in 2015. We were shown a trailer where we saw Link, his horse (presumably Epona), and an enemy, but nothing else. More specifically though, we didn’t see any gameplay, or at least none from the player’s perspective. As a result, we don’t know how the interface will be set up. However, DeviantART user SoenkesAdventure made a mock-up of what the Zelda U interface might look like.

Hit the jump to see the mock-up interface!

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Amazing Twilight Princess Whiteboard Art

Joe GajewskiOctober 7th, 2014 by Joe Gajewski

182671-WP_Wii_ZeldaTwilightPrincess_002_1024 The YouTuber Dweebette posted a video of her speed-drawing some incredible Twilight Princess art. You do not see a lot of whiteboard art these days, and she certainly does a great job. With only a few tools, and about two short hours, she makes something awesome.

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HThumbnailyrule Warriors has been a huge discussion topic amongst Zelda fans, with it being so close to it’s release date, with less than 3 weeks to go.  There’s been a lot of fan-art surfacing the internet as it starts to settle in to the Zelda community. DeviantArtist, AbyssWolf, took the liberty of taking Hyrule Warriors‘ characters, and transforming them into the gorgeous pixelated sprites AbyssWolf is known to make. Check it out after the jump!

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Zelda Artist Exposition: Woodland-Mel

LukeSaturnSeptember 13th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello all! Here again is a Zelda Artist Exposition—the series of artist-based features I created to recognize talented creators and share the joy of art. Please feel free and welcome to suggest artists to feature. Just let it be someone you think is quite special. The subject of today’s editorial is Woodland-Mel.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: bellhenge

LukeSaturnAugust 30th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everyone! Please do join me for another chapter of Zelda Artist Exposition. This editorial series is designed to shine a spotlight on Zelda fan artists and spread the pleasure of art to this corner of the internet. If any of you have suggestions of people to feature, just comment, and I will try to get to them. Today’s feature is somewhat of an up-and-comer: bellhenge.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: SeaboardBlue

LukeSaturnAugust 16th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everybody! This is another installment of Zelda Artist Exposition—the series where I feature a Zelda fan artist. The goal is to boost the recognition of their talents. Suggestions for features are always welcome; just leave a comment. The artist of the day is SeaboardBlue.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: Ry-Spirit

LukeSaturnAugust 2nd, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everyone. At Zelda Dungeon we sure are getting tons of news on Hyrule Warriors, which is as exciting for us as it is for you, but if you would like a break, here is another Zelda Artist Exposition. These features are designed to better spread the joy of art throughout the Zelda community and further support fan artists. Today’s feature is a rather popular artist on deviantART. He really does not need exposed at all, but I love his well-renowned work so I think he deserves a spot. Here is Ry-Spirit!

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Zelda Artist Exposition: yagaminoue

LukeSaturnJuly 21st, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everyone! Here we have—yet again—Zelda Artist Exposition! This series is designed to spread the joy of art and promote a sense of artistic community. I feature fantastic Zelda fan artists who I believe deserve more recognition. I keep a list going so if you have a suggestion please let me know. Just leave a comment detailing the artist you love and hopefully I will see it. Plus, remember to always be amicable in the comments. Today’s artist is the enigmatic yagaminoue.

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Etsy logoIf you follow our Facebook or Twitter pages, you have seen a lot of Zelda cosplay, collections and artwork. What you may not know is where to find some of those trinkets or where to buy a nice cosplay accessory for a reasonable price. Not all of us are able to create props and it can be a costume saver to find quality craftsmen who sell their creations. Hit the jump to check out an awesome Zelda prop for conventions or even for livening up your walls.

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Operation: Moonfall Posters For Sale Now

MaanavLinkJuly 14th, 2014 by MaanavLink

kickstarter-logoLast September a Kickstarter project had been started by Lyndon Willoughby to fund a poster series. This series is a collection of unofficial Operation Moonfall posters commemorating all the project had done for the fan base. Finally, after ten months of waiting, the posters are ready to be purchased.

Hit the jump to get the link to the online store, and to see some of the art being sold!  Read more…

Link’s Blacklist Round IV

KnowleeJuly 6th, 2014 by Knowlee

link's blacklist round 4 previewOver at GameArtHQ, they have recently updated their project called Link’s Blacklist with Round 4 of their submissions. This new update consists of over 50 new artworks from 40 different artists. With this batch of fanart it now brings the total of the project’s amount to nearly 200!

For those who are unfamiliar with this project, it is an ongoing artist community project that is headed by the owner of GameArtHQ, Reinhold Hoffmann, and its goal is to showcase every enemy and boss that Link encounters throughout the Zelda series in the form of art. This project has been going on for many years now and will quite possibly continue until all artwork for all of the Link’s enemies have been made.

To see some of the Round IV artworks for yourself, please click on the link below!

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Zelda Artist Exposition: StellaB

LukeSaturnJuly 5th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniWelcome everyone again to Zelda Artist Exposition. This feature series is dedicated to Zelda fan artwork—the purpose being to spread the joy of art and showcase artists worthy of more recognition. I am always open to suggestions so if any of you readers have an idea of an artist to feature, leave a comment telling me about them. I hope I can get to them eventually. Keeping with the Twilight Princess motif from the last exposition, today’s feature is StellaB.

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Majora's MaskOne of my favorite things about the holiday season was my chocolate advent calender – not that I knew that it was called that at the time – and even now, as an adult, sometimes I feel the urge to go out and buy one for myself for no other reason than because it’s enjoyable. There is now a Kickstarter project attempting to market themed advent calendars, starting with Majora’s Mask. Hit the jump to see what this fan cooked up!

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Turn This Amazing 3D Zelda Art Into Jewelry

Jessica CappsJune 22nd, 2014 by Jessica Capps

tumblr_n2bukoRMUh1shn3yso2_500As many of you may know, the Zelda community is widely known for it’s vast interest in creating, replicating, and dedicating works of any and all things Zelda related. This time around, Tumblr user soahc5321 has shared with us his stunning 3D art through a number of familiar Zelda objects and symbols. Thanks to soahc5321’s profession as a jewelry designer, you can request a specialized order of any of his 3D art featured on his Tumblr.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: LilSongstress

LukeSaturnJune 21st, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniWelcome everyone to Zelda Artist Exposition! Readers, you probably know the drill by now but if not I will explain the idea. This series of features was created to expose Zelda-centric artists who deserve more recognition or are just incredibly talented in general. If you have an artist you would like to see featured, I am all ears. All I ask is that they have at least three pieces of artwork relating to the Legend of Zelda series. Today’s featured artist is the lovely and creative LilSongstress.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: Fernosaur

LukeSaturnJune 8th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everyone. This is Zelda Artist Expostion. You all probably know the deal by now, but in case you do not, this is an editorial series that aims to expose fantastic or underappreciated Zelda fan artists. Your suggestions are always welcome so leave a comment if you would like to see a specific artist featured. I choose who I write about from a vast list I have compiled so I apologize if you do not see your suggestion for a while. The featured artist of today is Fernosaur!

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Sketch Dailies Does Zelda

LukeSaturnJune 1st, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniAre you guys ready for an even larger stream of Zelda artwork than I already spew at you? Recently, a popular Twitter page by the name of Sketch Dailies devoted a tag to our famed franchise, The Legend of Zelda. The site features themed artwork each day that people have drawn based on the suggestion of the account itself. The artists can tag their work for the opportunity for it to be posted on the page. Sketch Dailies operates with the goal of “daily character inspiration.” After the initial post by the account, Screenburn compiled a fantastic collection of Zelda art inspired by the Twitter post. Hit the jump to view the art.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: stephenb19

LukeSaturnMay 25th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

Snow is the Secret Ingredient Stephenb19Hello to all you Zelda fans out there! Although you have probably heard it far too many times, welcome everyone to another installment of Zelda Artist Exposition — the feature series where I shine a spotlight on a Zelda fan artist that I believe deserves more recognition. The goal of these is to spread the joy of art and Zelda as much as possible. In the traditional fashion, if you have an artist you would like me to feature, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list. The only criteria I require is that they must have at least three Zelda-related pieces of art and you must think they are wonderful. You might not see them presented for a long while since my list is rather long, but I try to catch all the requests possible. I encourage your suggestions so do not be shy. Today’s fantastic artist is the photographer and designer, stephenb19.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: finni

LukeSaturnMay 10th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

Dark Link finni smallHello, fellow Zelda Dungeoners, and welcome again to Zelda Artist Exposition! This little feature series aims to bring great artists from the Zelda fan artwork community to greater recognition. I search through deviantART, reddit, and blogs to find artists to feature and I’ve compiled quite the list to continue featuring. If you know an artist you think should be featured, leave a comment with the artist’s information. The only requirements are they have to have at least three Zelda-related art pieces and you must love what they do. Today is one of my personal favorite artists: finni of deviantART!

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How to Make Link’s Wooden Shield

DjinnApril 24th, 2014 by Djinn

98753YouTube member and craftsman HappyAtom has uploaded his latest video that goes over step-by-step instructions on how to recreate your own replica wooden shield from the Legend of Zelda. This is the latest video in a series, and the previous instructional videos covered making Link’s wooden sword and bomb (non-functional of course). He goes over the tools and materials you would need as well as provides the templates necessary for cutting the shape. Then he guides the viewer throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Zelda Artist Exposition: TixieLix

LukeSaturnApril 19th, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniHello everyone! Welcome to Zelda Artist Exposition, it has been a while since the last one (Internet and scheduling troubles got the better of me, sadly). For those who are unaware, Zelda Artist Exposition is an editorial/feature series where I show a different artist with each post. The purpose is to spread the love of art and gain recognition for these excellent artists. Suggestions are always welcome in the comments so if you know an artist who has a few Zelda pieces you really enjoy please let me know. Today’s feature is TixieLix of deviantART.

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UntitledLyndon Willoughby, designer of the original Operation Moonfall posters and coordinator of the new April/May campaigns has created two new silkscreen poster designs. They are not actually related to Operation Moonfall itself, but they are still awesome Majora’s Mask artworks.

Check out the posters after the jump! Read more…

Hylian Shield Guitar

RabbitMarch 27th, 2014 by Rabbit

shield-thumbAs if we haven’t all been privy to the wonderful world of Zelda music and Zelda fans remaking that music in all sorts of interesting and unique ways, we have recently found a new way to enjoy and emulate the music of our favorite series: a guitar fashioned to win Link’s own heart and just maybe replace his little ocarina. Hit the jump to see the magic for yourself!

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Zelda Artist Exposition: aquanut

LukeSaturnMarch 22nd, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniWelcome everyone once again to Zelda Artist Exposition — the feature series where I promote an artist I have found that I think is amazing and deserves more recognition. My list of artists to feature is long, but I am always looking for new additions as the list shrinks so please post a comment if you know of a Zelda fan artist you would like me to feature. Our feature today is aquanut of deviantART.

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Amazing Wood Burned Image of Link

DjinnMarch 10th, 2014 by Djinn

il_570xN.561654010_f0xaEtsy artist BTJPyro has recently posted his latest work: a wood-burn image of Link with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield in front of the Triforce. The piece is 11.75 x 11.75 inches and sells for $650. He also recorded the making of this carving and uploaded the video to YouTube if you would like to see how he made it.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.
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Link’s Friendlist

KnowleeMarch 3rd, 2014 by Knowlee

links friendlist previewGame-Art-HQ, the mastermind behind the famous Link’s Blacklist which was an art collaboration that consisted of artwork showcasing the enemies from The Legend of Zelda series, has now released a new collaboration of artworks. This time around however, instead of the showcasing the enemies, it is showing the friends and allies that Link encounters on his journey. This new collaboration is called Link’s Friendlist.

To see some of the artwork that has been submitted to this collection thus far, please take the jump below.

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BedZOUNA Reddit-user has posted a picture purportedly showing an image of Majora’s Mask they found drawn on a park sidewalk. Follow the jump to see the piece of Zelda-inspired graffiti in full. Read more…

Amazing realistic Deku Scrub painting

ParkerFebruary 25th, 2014 by Parker

Deku Scrub ThumbnailIn January, Zelda Dungeon reported on a collection of incredibly realistic Zelda artwork produced by online artist Nate Hallinan including hyper-detailed depictions of a Goron and a Skulltula. At the time, Hallinan was working on a realistic re-imagining of the forest-dwelling Deku Scrub as well, having already produced a series of preliminary sketches. He recently put the finishing touches on his Deku Scrub painting, and it can be seen in full after the jump.

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Fan Made Majora’s Mask

GuestFebruary 24th, 2014 by Guest

Preview There are so many artists that have made awesome versions of Majora’s Mask, yet this campaign for a Kickstarter by Camille Young is by far the most creative. Camille has created “Oni” masks, meaning devil or demon from Japanese literature. The masks resemble Majora’s Mask and are made from resin that she casted and carved herself! She has gathered a group of artists to paint their own wearable Majora’s Masks with their own style! The masks even have a black mesh in the corner of the eyes so that whoever is wearing the mask will be able to see. She is planning on selling blank and painted Oni masks by different artists on a Kickstarter that should be coming soon. Hit the jump to see final versions of the masks!

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Clay Miniblin

LukeSaturnFebruary 22nd, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniWho here hates Miniblins? I sure did in The Wind Waker. Truthfully, those annoying cretins gave me more trouble than Darknuts. I could dodge and weave all I wanted, but a horde of Miniblins could always land a blow. However annoying these creatures are, they still stand as a distinct trademark of the Adult timeline. Commemorating their wickedness, reddit user, bulletproofheart6, sculpted a complete clay model of a Miniblin. Hit the jump to view the carving!

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Outset Island Link Papercraft

Kevin DoughtyFebruary 21st, 2014 by Kevin Doughty

LinkI recently mentioned that there are far too many pieces of art by fans for us to cover all of them but occasionally something incredible is created that has to be talked about. Last time it was a cross-stitch map of Hyrule from A Link to the Past and this time it’s a papercraft model of Link from The Wind Waker in his Outset Island attire.

See some of the great pictures after the jump!

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