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Legend of Zelda Ukulele

zelda ukuleleOn GoNintendo a custom made Zelda ukulele was featured. Its designed like an ocarina and has a cool overall design, with a Triforce emblazoned on the head. In the post a video of the individual who designed it is shown and they are even playing it. Pmasterkim plays a few songs, such as the song of time and song of storms in the video for your musical delight.

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Operation Rainfall Artist Makes Prints for Fan-Made Legend of Link Game

208391-moonfallOperation Rainfall, the popular campaign to bring Majora’s Mask to the 3DS, is a thing of the past now, but looking back at it, there was a lot of great artists that created some awesome material to bring more attention to the Operation. One of them, Lyndon Willoughby, made easily some of the most notable contributions through the successful Kickstarter and distribution of Operation Moonfall printed posters. There were a few different ones, and they sold quite well. Nowadays, though, he has made some great new prints for Rose Colored Gaming, for sale separately, and included with orders of their fan game bundles. there were only 60 made, so get them now!

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Impa Fan Art Speed Coloring

Impa Speed painting- or, in this case, speed coloring- is an awesome medium for artists with various styles to show off their artistic processes. Whether it’s digital painting or coloring with markers, it’s convenient for an artist’s audience to see a quick version of how their masterpieces come to life. For this speed coloring, YouTube user LemiaCrescent shows off her incredible eye for vibrant colors in her own rendition of Impa from Hyrule Warriors. Make the jump to check it out!

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Zelda Dungeon Exclusive Interview with Legends of Localization Creator Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin

legends of localization

Do you remember your first Zelda game? For most of us born in the 80’s it was the original Zelda of Legend for the NES. We were dropped into a vast field with nothing but the game’s instruction manual to guide us. We went on an adventure through Hyrule, and took all in all of the lore as it was given us. But have you ever wondered just what might have been lost in translation? As children it probably didn’t occur to us that this wonderful game started in another country, but as we grew older and the world became smaller, some have started to wonder if maybe the old man really did tell Link “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”
Well, professional translator Clyde Mandelin has wondered that exact same thing, and has taken the Famicon version of The Legend of Zelda apart with a fine tooth comb. He has used his knowledge of the Japanese language and culture and applied it to the Japanese version of the game, comparing how he would translate the dialogue to how it was commercially localized. He calls this project Legends of Localization. Until now, this project has only been available online, but soon will be available to purchase in book form! Hit the jump to find out more, and read our exclusive interview with the man himself, Clyde Mandelin, as he talks about his journey into translating The Legend of Zelda for the Famicon and organizing his work into a wonderful book that is a must for any Zelda fan! Read more…

Time Lapse Painting of The Wind Waker

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.44.08 AMHere, at Zelda Dungeon we love to help show off and feature talented artists that have a love for the Zelda series and show it by creating some pretty spectacular artwork, this artist is definitely no exception. Halie Atisuto created a beautiful painting inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and to help show off how the piece came to be she has made a time-lapse video of the project. The video takes you from blank canvas through the evolution of the background and characters coming to life with her paintbrush, all the way to the finished painting. It is truly inspiring to watch these images appear as if by magic with the stroke of her brush and you can tell by watching that although the time flies in the video, this is a piece that took some time to complete. Head past the break and check out the wonder of this painting coming to life right before your eyes!

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Fan Created Bottled Poe Soul Necklace

Zelda-Bottled-Poe-Soul-NecklaceThe latest creation from artist and etsy vendor GeekOUTlet is an interesting twist on a popular Zelda concept. The bottled poe soul necklace which comes complete with faux smoke effect and glow in the dark paint. Each one is 1 1/4 inches tall and comes on a chain to be worn. The necklaces only cost $14 and come in red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Dark Link vs. Link Watercolor Time Lapse

234120179_water_colors_xlargeYouTuber Adam Scythe has made a recent time lapse of him painting an Ocarina of Time watercolor, featuring the Dark Link fight in the Water Temple. He did an awesome job, and it is not even close to his first Zelda painting, so he certainly has experience. His channel has a wide variety of art pieces, so make sure to check them out, too!

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Link Bottle Cap Art

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.14.47 AMThere are so many creative ways that many Zelda fans across the world show their appreciation for this much beloved series. The latest of these imaginative endeavors we’ve found to share with you comes from imgur, where an image of our green clad hero has been recreated using bottle caps. This very dedicated individual has used 750 different bottle caps to create the image of Link which you see inside the frame. Thats a lot of beverages! Makes you wonder; did they have help with all those beverages, or where they just really thirsty?

Source: imgur

Jurassic Cuccos T-Shirt

81980-210x210 Have you seen the new Jurassic World movie yet? Well, if not, I’m sure you’ve seen the #PrattKeeping meme that has been circulating the internet in which people mimic Chris Pratt’s defensive pose against three dinosaurs but with other animals. Kayden007 seems to have joined in on the fun, as our beloved Zelda series has a fearsome creature of it’s own. The surprisingly aggressive Cucco. And Kayden007’s T-shirt design features Link prattkeeping against three rather angry-looking Cuccos.

You can find this design over on Qwertee where designs need votes in order to be sold by the website. Currently, this design is at 357 votes, and Qwertee usually decides on the most voted for design for it’s t-shirt sale of the day. If you’re interested in adding this comical piece to your collection of Zelda duds, I suggest you head on over and place your vote!

Source: Qwertee

Custom Ganon Action Figure

Ganon-Boar-Twilight-Princess Marvel enthusiast Craig Warrack has quite an interesting passion. If you were to visit his YouTube channel, not only would you find several videos on reviewing brand action figures of either favorite heroes or favorite villains, but also videos showcasing the actions figures he’s created himself. Figures that, dare I say, might even be better than what you can buy at a toy store. Included in his collection of custom action figures- and quite recently finished- is none other than the King of Evil, Ganon!

Make the jump for the mechanics and to check out the process of Warrack’s stunning work!

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3D Printed Majora’s Mask

Mask3D printing has been around for a little while and there have been many stories of things that have been made using a 3D printer. We here at Zelda Dungeon have done several stories about 3D printed Zelda items such as the hookshot and Master Sword and now we have another amazing item. Imgur user esseff3d has made Majora’s Mask using a 3D printer and it looks very impressive.

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ZD Gallery: Shadow Folk

tumblr_nplricwlXE1rd2eazo4_500 Welcome back to ZD Gallery where every other week we feature an artist and their works of art that pay homage to our beloved Zelda series. This week, we are pleased to introduce Streaac, an active Zelda fan who’s been creating pieces for the franchise for the past year or so, including prints and even a couple comics that are still in the works.

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Zelda Oil Paintings

hWQt2Vk It takes some talent to paint something Zelda related and make it look as if it could actually be a screenshot from one of the games. That’s basically what reddit user benthunderbolt did with a few of his oil paintings that he shared with fellow Zelda fans over on Imgur. This one here is of the opening screen from Ocarina of Time. It’s so well done, and so identical to the real deal, I can almost see Link and Epona trotting over Hyrule field as if I were about to start playing!

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Reddit User Makes A Real Gleaming Rapier From Hyrule Warriors

gleaming_rapier_by_isaac77598-d84exh8Hyrule Warriors introduced several new weapons to the series that will likely never be used again in the main games, but that does not mean they are not still awesome. Zelda’s Gleaming Rapier has a very neat design, and reddit user Meitachi decided to try their hand at making a real version, and it looks pretty great.

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