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Gossip Stone: Should there be an Actual Economy in Zelda?

rfr In the fantasy world of Hyrule, not much concedes to the restrictions of reality. But with Zelda Wii U’s shift into open world gaming, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for a more real economy to present itself. Modern open world games are sometimes more realistic than what the Legend of Zelda is used to, and adapting the series to fit around a true economy is one way for it to be more realistic without damaging the integrity of its fantasy elements. Fluctuating item pricing and availability due to supply and demand or the socioeconomic state of a shop’s location could add more structure to the economy.

Though this may change the usual abundance of rupees in Hyrule, it could also allow for Link’s different interactions to improve his chances of earning money or paying lower prices.

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What Has Made The Legend Of Zelda Touch So Many Hearts For So Many Years

The-Legend-of-ZeldaThis past February marked the 29th year of The Legend of Zelda, but it seems as if only yesterday the franchise was celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and now we are encroaching upon its 30th! The Zelda series has seen numerous titles over the years, several remakes, a symphony, manga, and an official book detailing out the history and timeline of the worlds we have enjoyed. There really aren’t many other  franchise’s in gaming history that have seen so much love and acclaim. So what makes The Legend of Zelda series so impactful that it has continued to touch and inspire so many dedicated fans over almost 30 years? Why do we line up for hours or days, why do we spend all our hard earned rupees on anything Zelda related we can get our hands on, and why do so many of us spend so much time in our day dedicated to this passion or obsession? These are questions that I sometimes ask myself, even as I write this, these thoughts are still running around my mind, and honestly I’m not sure that I have all the answers. But if you would like to join me in pondering these questions and a few more, jump on in past the break!

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Art Styles Over the Ages – an Analysis

Wind Waker LinkThe art style of each Zelda game can turn into a hotly debated topic; while some think that Twilight Princess has a dark and mature visual tone, others see it as dark and drab. I believe that in these debates, the most important aspects of the art are lost, namely how well they mesh with or add to the rest of the game.
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The Women of Legend: Hilda

Tragic characters are not something we see much of in the Zelda series, especially not among the series’ villains. Ganondorf, Vaati, and all the one-off baddies are people we were happy to do away with, but then, A Link Between Worlds came along, and did something new. Not only did the real villain not reveal herself until the end, but she proved to be a truly relatable and tragic figure that we were sad to have to fight. Join me as I take a look at the ins and outs of one of the most well-designed and under-appreciated characters in the series: Princess Hilda.

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The Symphony of the Goddesses: Then, Now, and Later

homepageLogoI just got back home from Montreal, and between seeing the sights and eating smoked meat sandwiches, I had the chance to see a performance at the Master Quest edition of the Symphony of the Goddesses. Things have certainly changed a fair bit since I last saw it in 2012, and I thought I’d give my two cents on what was, is, and could be done with the show, for anyone still on the fence about grabbing some tickets.

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The Women of Legend: Ilia

Courage. It is the defining ability of the Hero. It is what we seek as we quest to save the world. In most Zelda titles, the only person who possesses any kind of courage is our hero Link. Most of the citizens of Hyrule are shown as cowards, shirking responsibility for the comfort of ignorance. But there are a few characters whose courage shines as bright as the sun they were born under. One such being is Ilia, a gentle and loving, yet fierce, inhabitant of Ordon village during the Era of Twilight. Join me as we take a stroll through Ilia’s story, and glance at just how much of a Hero she truly is.

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Piece of Heart: Heartaches and Sick Days

hs Welcome to the twelfth and final installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “It’s Never Just Heart Disease… And Rarely Just Illness.” We’re going to take a step away from the weather in setting, to look at the weather in one’s soul. A disease of the heart is almost always caused by emotional or social decay, and all illnesses in literature harbor underlying meditations on character or society.

Illnesses are rarely named in Zelda, though they’re usually caused by a curse or something of that sort. However, we’ve had antagonists die from shots through the heart, and we’ve even had a case of amnesia. So let’s pick apart the symptoms that our dear characters exhibit, and make informed literary diagnoses!

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What If The Latest Puzzle & Dragons Included A Special Zelda Edition

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.28.31 PMPuzzle & Dragons (Pazuru Ando Doragonzu in Japan) started life as a free-to-play mobile game released in 2012 by Gungho Online Entertainment. The title is a puzzle game with strong RPG elements where you have to battle monsters, solve puzzles, and survive numerous dungeons. Do some of these elements sound familiar? The game released to much fanfare with numerous collaborations over the years in Japan. Now we see it make the jump to dedicated gaming devices with its release of Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition for the 3DS. The two games are being released as one, already having landed on other countries shores and next week in the U.S. on May 22.

But what if instead we had Puzzle & Dragons: The Legend of Zelda Edition? Head past the jump to see what it might be like!

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Piece of Heart: …So Does Season

11165827_1075087582519354_144673436_n Welcome to the eleventh installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “…So Does Season.” Similar to geography, the season during which a game takes place has a profound affect on the overall theme of the adventure. For instance, Winter usually denotes death and hopelessness, so the despair surrounding Queen Rutela’s death and the disappearance of her only heir was elevated in Twilight Princess by the temporary winter of the then-frozen Zora’s Domain (here we can see how geography and season act hand-in-hand).

Of course Spring, Summer, and Autumn are also host to their own emotional and physical associations. The season in a Zelda title can greatly reflect the mood of the game, and knowing how to spot these seasonal patterns will further aggrandize the game’s plot.

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Piece of Heart: Geography Matters…

MMMap Welcome to the tenth installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “Geography Matters…” The gist of it is that certain environments breed certain types of people– culturally, psychologically, financially, historically, and otherwise. Aside from general settings, specific geographical monuments also have significance.

The effect of geography is easy to see in the Zelda series, one simply has to look at the different races that have developed throughout Hyrule. And hey, if it hadn’t been for the odd customs of the Gerudo Tribe, the Prince of Darkness may not have turned out so dark.

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Making Zelda Work on Handhelds

ArticleLessonsLearnedFromLA-Link'sAwakeningThe Legend of Zelda has a long and storied past with mobile systems; indeed, the marriage of the two dates as far back as the series’ fourth game, Link’s Awakening.  In this article, I take a look at the design of portable Zelda games by comparing Link’s Awakening, the oldest, and A Link Between Worlds, the youngest, side by side.

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Piece of Heart: Flights of Fancy

maxresdefault (1) Welcome to the ninth installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “Flights of Fancy”. This chapter could be wholly devoted to Skyward Sword since the name itself implies a departure from land, but instead we’ll examine literal, figurative, and ironic instances of flight that occur throughout the Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda has a great variety of aerial crafts; from loftwings, to warp tunes, to cuccos, to canons, to carpets, to feathers, to broomsticks, and everything in between! And while the mode of flight is important, whether or not it’s a bumpy ride makes all the difference.

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Piece of Heart: It’s All Political

unclesamLink Welcome to the eighth installment of Piece of Heart, where we look at The Legend of Zelda series through the eyes of a literary professor and examine how its literary elements enhance the gaming experience. This week’s lesson is titled “It’s All Politics”. While I don’t think that any Zelda game was created as an analogy for a real-world political situation, it does usually surround war and the dangers of a power-hungry government.

This lesson argues that no piece of literature is devoid of political bias, because every author has a personal political preference that is likely to present itself in that author’s works. Likewise, every person who has ever had a hand in creating a Zelda game has left his or her political footprint on it, it’s just a matter of spotting the tracks.

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Gossip Stone: How Involved Should the Monarchy be in a Zelda Game?

Portrait_chateau_hyrule_tww In most Legend of Zelda games, it’s given that Zelda is a princess and therefore a member of the ruling family. However, the rest of her lineage is rarely spoken of and almost never has a profound impact on the course of Link’s adventure. Sometimes Zelda has a brother, or the King makes an appearance, but usually the government just gets brushed under the rug. What if the monarchy had more of a hand in the direction of the games? What if laws were in place, orders were being given by the King, or the main conflict was a result of warring governments? More of a focus on the monarchy may be a nice change, a way to make Link’s plight less of a secret and more of a harrowing public ordeal.

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