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Good Level Design – Bridging the Gap Between 2D and 3D

a link between worlds new linkGreat levels make for a great game, but what are the elements of good level design? YouTube game analyst Sunder has a series titled LevelHead devoted to just this question. In his latest video he has teamed up with Todd Schlickbernd from Rated S Games to examine the level design in A Link Between Worlds. You can watch the video after the jump.

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First Look at Ocarina of Time 2D

cardYouTube member Mr Dinarius has recently posted a video showing off some of the gameplay of the fan project Ocarina of Time 2D. In the video we see the first few minutes of gameplay recreating the kokiri village and introduction in the style of A Link to the Past.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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A Link to the Past Gets a Fanmade Audio Patch

the-legend-of-zelda-a-link-to-the-past-22502-1280x800As if the original Link to the Past 16-bit soundtrack weren’t amazing enough to hear during your playthroughs of the SNES classic, some fans just couldn’t help but make the tracks even better than you remember. That’s right, this fanmade patch contains wonderfully orchestrated soundtrack to make your nostalgic adventure that much more enjoyable. You can hear the differences from the demo after jump. Read more…

Zeldamotion: A Link to the Past – Episode 1

zeldamotion-01-600x373Zeldamotion, a group wishing to bring the A Link to the Past manga to life through animation, has finally revealed their first episode! Charming voice-acting and smooth visuals make this look like the whole series will turn out great.

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Dorkly Bits: If The Legend of Zelda was actually about Zelda

imageWe’ve all thought at least once, some time or another, about “Why isn’t The Legend of Zelda actually ABOUT Zelda?  Where’d Link come into the name?”  Well, this Bit from Dorkly will show you exactly what it would be  be like if The Legend of Zelda, was actually all about Zelda.  See it after the jump!

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A Link Between Worlds and the Zelda Formula

ALBW Pic A Link Between Worlds is a game that’s equal parts entertaining and fascinating. Nintendo said they were trying to rewrite the so-called “Zelda Formula” with ALBW, but that begs the question: what exactly IS the Zelda Formula? Moreover, did the development team succeed in breaking it? Reviewers certainly thought so. However, when you take a closer look at both the game and the Zelda Formula, it becomes apparent that it is far more complicated than that.

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A Link to the Past Guide Update

Misery-MireOur A Link to the Past Walkthrough has received another upgrade, with both the Misery Mire and Turtle Rock chapters being completely redone with all new screenshots. With this update, it leaves just Ganon’s Tower and the final battle to complete, which I will be working on over the next few days. I wanted to knock out the A Link to the Past guide before I dive deep into our Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough. As always your thoughts and criticisms are much appreciated.

A Look Back at Introductions in Zelda

Intros in Zelda PicAs a longtime fan of the Zelda franchise, I have played through my fair share of Zelda introductions. Some have worked extraordinarily well, throwing you directly into the action while allowing you to learn the ropes. Others haven’t been as successful. I won’t look at each and every introduction to a Zelda game; instead, I will only look at opening acts that I feel are different enough (either in structure or quality) from others in the series to merit a mention.

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A Link to the Past Guide Receives Upgrade

Ice-PalaceWhile we are preparing for the release of Hyrule Warriors, we’ve had a renewed invigoration to help improve some of the game guides for the older Zelda games. In particular our A Link to the Past Walkthrough has long been in disarray, with half the guide being in an updated format, and the later chapters being in an archaic format that I wrote all the way back in 2003. This is the oldest piece of content from the website still remaining and it’s about to be completely updated.

I’ve recently updated three chapters, including Skull Woods, Gargoyle’s Domain, and the Ice Palace. We’ll continue working on this guide over the next few weeks.

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Link Almost Killed Zelda in A Link to the Past?

396326-the-legend-of-zelda-a-link-to-the-past-snes-screenshot-aboutCould it possibly be true that Link had almost killed Zelda? Well not too recently, an old Nintendo character guide had been dug-up, and under Zelda, it directly states that Link almost killed Zelda. On top of that, it was for one of the most idiotic reasons possible. It is for reasons like this that Link hadn’t been blessed with the Triforce of Wisdom, although courage didn’t suit him either in this situation.

Hit the jump below to see the scan of the page that answers the question; why did Link almost kill Zelda?
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Game Exchange: A Link to the Past’s Catfish

UntitledGaijin Gomba, host of the YouTube show Game Exchange: Culture Shock, has released a new episode about the catfish from A Link to the Past‘s Dark World. GG delves into the surprisingly deep roots of the real-life legends the catfish is based on.

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Sequelitis: A Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time

0Egoraptor, popular online animator, has made a new episode of his Sequelitis series, comparing A Link to the Past with Ocarina of Time. He examines many of the things that many Zelda fans never do. Honestly, he has probably signed himself up for some major backlash, since any argument against Ocarina of Time can be a dangerous venture, which he admits in the video itself, but he certainly makes some interesting arguments that one should hear before making any judgments.

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