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My Zelda Story: From A Link to the Past to A Link Between Worlds

The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-vs.-A-Link-to-the-Past-46 What is the Legend of Zelda to you? Is it simply a game that you enjoy to pass the time with, or is it something more meaningful? Have you been enjoying journeys through Hyrule for most of your life, or have you only recently tried your hand at your first adventure as Link, the hero in green? We all have our stories, playing these games, finding inspiration from them and always wishing for more adventures to enjoy on the latest Nintendo hardware.

For me The Legend of Zelda has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born into it more or less, and I have vague memories of watching family members playing A Link to the Past, and later on, Ocarina of Time as I grew up. But I was around 7 years old when I played my first Zelda game. My family wasn’t exactly wealthy as I was growing up and I have a lot of siblings. So when my parents found an SNES and a few games at a yard sale, my siblings and I were on cloud nine. A Link to the Past happened to be one of those games. It’s funny, the cartridge already had two save files that were pretty far into the game, and, as any normal person or gamer would do, I deleted those games so my siblings and I could have our own save files. However, for some reason, two of my brothers got so mad at me for deleting those games and making them start from the beginning. This is the moment that I first experienced Zelda for myself, and it’s a fond, silly memory. That said, though, my Zelda story is actually a rather short one. Even though 13 years or so followed that memory and I had played the majority of the Zelda games released over that time, I had never really considered how much the Zelda series meant to me then. At least, not until A Link Between Worlds was released.

Make the jump to hear my Zelda story. You can also check out Jon and Mark’s Zelda stories, and be sure to be on the look out for more of the staff’s Zelda journeys.

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ZD Top 5 – Dungeons & Palaces in A Link to the Past

trock A Link to the Past established many of the Zelda series’ staples and stabilized the gameplay style we’ve now seen time and time again in its progeny. Having been remade, ported, and given a spiritual successor in A Link Between Worlds, A Link to the Past remains a fan favorite among longtime Zelda players. One of the greatest things about the game is its diverse and challenging set of dungeons and palaces. Each one has a personality all its own, and for their time these dungeons were very inventive in terms of gameplay.

In honor of the wonderful dungeons and palaces A Link to the Past has to offer, the ZD staff has ranked their top 5 favorites– feel free to share your lists as well in the comments!

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AGDQ: A Link to the Past Race, Reverse Boss Order

maxresdefaultNow here is something you don’t see everyday. During the recently concluded Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 speedrun marathon, a race held for A Link to the Past demonstrated a way of playing you may not have seen before: beating every boss in the reverse order. This obviously involves a lot of glitches and wall clips, so expect the game to be broken beyond belief. The winner finished the race in 1:29:47. Also, an interview was held before the race with the runners, Andy and superskuj, so check that out for comments from the pros that are destroying this game in the best ways possible.

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Things Zelda Wii U Could Learn From A Link To The Past

what zelda u can learn from alttpIn a recent YouTube video by Zeltic, he listed five things that Zelda U could learn from A Link to the Past. The first point was to make the introduction sequence short and simple. The next point was to have the perfect difficulty that was not so hard that it made you want to throw the controller, but not so easy that you would breeze through it. He felt that the game should have lots of dungeons like A Link to the Past did. Another point was to have upgradable items such as the boomerang. His final point was to have a world that makes the player think in terms of where to go and how to get there.

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A Link to the Past: Dark World Metal Cover

a_link_to_the_past_3 Music covers in the Zelda fandom are not hard to come by, but I love finding something where someone has put their own creative twist to it. Especially with a tune as awesome as the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past. YouTube user RichaabEB has done just that, giving the theme a rock edge that makes it sound like an action packed montage or an epic fight is taking place.

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Nintendo Makes Its Debut On Tumblr With A Link To The Past GIF

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.14.22 AMWith so many social media sites, there are many different avenues for people and companies alike to help reach a much larger and expanded audience. One of the sites that continues to gain more and more steam is Tumblr, where users can upload images, news updates, GIFs, links, videos, and so much more, and now Nintendo had made its official Tumblr debut! Nintendo has now created an official Tumblr account and what did they decide to announce their presence with… why, A Link to the Past GIF, of course!  Included with the awesome little GIF is the tagline “POOF! We’re on Tumblr! Click the link below and check it out.

Source: Tumblr

New Dorkly Video “If Zelda Games Played Like Fallout”

What if instead of a fairy, Link had a Pip-Boy? Or if, rather than hearing Koji Kondo’s arrangements, players were treated to Three Dogs’ Galaxy News Radio? The comedic minds over at Dorkly asked themselves the same questions and have turned their answers into a hilarious fifty second parody of A Link to the Past intertwined with Fallout tropes. With a little bit of lock-picking, targeted combat, and a classic Fallout drink, life in Hyrule sure has changed for Link.

Watch Dorkly’s video after the jump to see the Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule meet Fallout’s Wasteland!

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Six Zelda Titles Made Japan’s Top Selling 3DS eShop Games Of 2015

30-minuten-aan-Zelda-Majoras-Mask-3D-gameplayThe numbers have now been released for the best-selling 3DS eShop games of 2015 in Japan. Excitingly we have six different Zelda titles make the list. From card software sales to the Virtual Console it looks like Zelda inspired quite a few fans around the Land of the Rising Sun last year. For 3Ds card software titles, Majora’s Mask 3D came in at #8, for Virtual Console titles, this is by far where Zelda dominated with five games coming landing in the Top 25. Link’s Awakening DX and Oracle of Seasons came in at #6 & 7, Oracle of Ages at # 9, the original The Legend of Zelda at #11, and rounding out the list, A Link to the Past at #18. What other Zelda titles do you think should have made the cut? To see the full list of games to make Japan;s top selling 3DS eShop titles of 2015, click on the link below.

Source: Japanese Nintendo (via: Nintendo Everything)

Marvelous Mabe Village Cover by Banjo Guy Ollie

maxresdefault To top off his 2015 year of covers, Youtube’s Banjo Guy Ollie produced a cover of Mabe Village from Link’s Awakening on– you guessed it– a banjo. He also employed a host of other instruments including a U-Bass, Bouzouki/Mandola, and Mandolin. The cover really does this great tune justice, and the banjo gives it a unique and rather cozy tone that fits the song’s role in the game perfectly. Banjo Guy Ollie’s version of Mabe Village is not to be missed, so take a listen after the jump!

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GameOver Jesse: Zelda Wii U and the Book of Mudora

maxresdefaultThe most recent theory-sparking element of Zelda Wii U footage we have seen is easily the little book Link was carrying in the November Nintendo Direct footage. YouTuber GameOver Jesse has brought his friends together to discuss this little book, and it’s possible connection to a well-known book from A Link to the Past. With help from RMFH, M. Productions, Two Button Crew, and Cessseeezy, Jesse looks at every bit of evidence possible to determine what significance this book has to the upcoming Wii U title.

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Eggbusters EX: A Link to the Past

Screen-Shot-2013-02-03-at-9.28.22-PM-300x213ThatOneShowFUN is at it again! Awhile back, a new episode of Eggbusters covered a popular wall-clipping glitch in the SNES classic, and since the video is quite long, and only one glitch was covered, clearly the glitch went rather well. A Link to the Past Any% speedrunners likely know this glitch rather well, as it allows you to beat the game in a good five minutes, but going beyond that and exploring the insides of walls can lead to a lot of fun glitches.

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Epic A Link to the Past Orchestral Medley

downloadIt seems that recreating Zelda music in creative new ways, no matter the series title, never gets old. YouTuber RebeccaETripp, known for making incredible orchestral medleys and songs from numerous games, has made made a medley for A Link to the Past. the 20-minute long medley has music from almost the entire game, and is well-worth a listen. You can also buy the medley off of her Bandcamp page for only a dollar!

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Sweet Paper Zelda Dioramas (One Has Sound!)

tumblr_n57g59U3fp1tb8qk1o1_1280A flickr user named Wuppes has created a number of awesome, framed Zelda dioramas out of paper. The use of layers inside the frames simulate a 3D effect, similar to what you see in the 3D Classic versions of NES games on 3DS. Wuppes has made a diorama of the Windfish Egg from Link’s Awakening, the full map from A Link to the Past, and from the same game, one of Link pulling the Master Sword. The Master Sword one even has sound effects!

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Deadlock: Ocarina of Time vs A Link to the Past

oot v alttpIn the latest installment of Deadlock MatPat and NateWantstoBattle decided to debate which Zelda title was better, Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past. MatPat decided to choose the side of A Link to the Past and Nate took the side of Ocarina of Time. In this video they explore the conventions and game play of the two games, comparing and contrasting the two. The video seems to raise some questions about Zelda games, for example should Zelda have become more linear in Ocarina of Time or should it have stayed non linear like the parts of A Link to the Past that were in the dark world?

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Should Zelda go Metroidvania? Pt. 2

20061128-the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess-ss07Of the Zelda fan base’s many questions regarding the future of the series, one arguably stands above the rest: should Zelda take on a Metroidvania-style system of progression? It’s a question worth pondering; the Zelda series has toed, and occasionally stepped on either side of, the line between linearity and difficulty progression. In my opinion, moving to a Metroidvania style of progression would improve a series that we already love.
This is part two of a two-part exploration of whether or not the Zelda series should adopt the main ideas of Metroidvania games.  This piece was done by a guest writer, the fantastic Spencer Hammersten.
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