Chapter 8 - Haunting
This part of the walkthrough covers the boarding of the Ghost Ship.

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- 8.1 Items, Treasures, and Upgrades
- 8.2 The Ghost Ship
- 8.3 Feelin' Zauzy
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8.1 Items, Treasures, and Upgrades

Items: Jolene's Letter, Quiver Upgrade #1, Quiver Upgrade #2, Treasure Map #10
Gems: Courage Gem #6, Wisdom Gem #8, Wisdom Gem #9
Heart Containers: #7
New Enemies: Jolene

 - Now that we find ourselves back in the sea, Linebeck makes a suggestion on where the Ghost Ship might be and tells Link to set sail towards the foggy area. After moving for only a split second, a ship will spot you and a woman named Jolene will call for Linebeck. Jolene will shoot out torpedoes towards your ship and will sail towards you. You can avoid this entire encounter if you quickly pull out your cyclone slate, but you’d be missing out on quite a bit. Eventually Jolene will catch up with you and board you ship.

 - Linebeck has gone hiding and Jolone storms onto the ship. After Link doesn’t tell her where Linebeck is, a battle begins.


Sword Swipe
Dash Attack
 - Jolene will either swipe at you or does a long dash attack. While she's gearing up for her dash attack, step out of the way to doge it, giving you the opportunity to retaliate. You can only hit her once each time this happens.
 - Repeat this process several times until you eventually begin locking blades. Rub the stylus on the touch screen to knock her sword to the ground.

 - Somewhat defeated, Jolone will send a last message towards Linebeck and then run back to her ship.

 - Once she is gone, walk over to the box at the top left of the screen and Linebeck will pop out of the box, almost like a Jack in the Box. As a reward for defeating Jolone, Linebeck will give link a blue rupee, worth all of 5 rupees. What a cheapskate. Now it is to time to ship out.

 - We can actually sail straight towards the fog and the ghost ship but there is quite a bit we can do before heading on over there. Our first stop is right back at Molida Island to visit Romanos. Back on the island, be sure to walk by the mailbox and you will get a letter from Jolene, if you didn’t already get Romanos letter before. The letter is not for Link at all but it does give away that Jolene’s baby sister is non other than the mermaid girl that is at Wayfarers. After making the mistake, the postman will give Link the letter, asking him to deliver it to Joanne.

New Item: Jolene's Letter Any mailbox after Jolene battle
 - This letter was intended for Jolene's sister, Joanne. The lazy postman wants you to give it to her, isn't that sweet?

 - Next you can head on over to Romanos house and talk to the young fellow. After telling you he has decided to follow in his father’s adventurous footsteps, Romanos will announce that he has created a shooting range to raise money for his trip. Since we now have a bow and arrow we can play the game. The game costs 20 rupees and is relatively simple to play.

 - You have 70 seconds to hit targets with unlimited arrows. Ghosts are worth 10 points but you can hit them consecutively and earn 10 points more each time, with a maximum of up to 50 points. If you shoot a girl target, you will lose 50 points. Only one girl appears on the screen at a time. So if there is a girl on screen, be assured the rest of the targets will be ghosts. The prizes are as follows...

Score Prizes
0 - 1290Nothing =(
1300 - 1690Treasure
1700 - 1990Quiver Upgrade #1, random ship parts
2000+Heart Container #7, random ship parts

 - This game isn't so difficult after you've practiced a bit. Just try avoiding the girls targets and make sure to get consecutive hits. Score between 1,700 and 1,990 points to get the Quiver upgrade, then 2000+ at any point to get a Heart Container.

New Item: Quiver Upgrade #1 Molida Island - Romanos' Shooting Range
 - Allows you to carry up to 30 arrows!

Heart Container #7 Molida Island - Romanos Shooting Range
 - Score over 2,000 points at Romanos Shooting Range to grab this Heart Container. You can't afford to hit any of the girl targets if you want to score this high...

 - Just keep playing around here until you’ve gotten the quiver upgrade and the heart container and then you can head out. There is still more to do on the island and our next stop is at the island shop. It is the hut that it closest to Romanos’ House. For sale is another Quiver upgrade! It is a costly, 1000 rupees. You may need to head on over to Mercay Island and exchange some treasures to pay for it. If you do choose to do that, the same quiver is also for sale at the Mercay shop.

 - Once we are all set to go, head on over to Linebeck and board the ship. As you probably have noticed, since beating the Temple of Courage, we now have surpassed 10 power gems, which means we can upgrade Leaf’s power. Sail on Spirit Island at the bottom left corner of the southwest quadrant.

 - Walk into the Spirit Shrine on Spirit Island and present the Power Gems. Leaf will fly over the spring and will be powered up by the 10 power gems you have gotten. Leaf has been powered up and Link’s sword now burns in flames, causing a strong attacking area and a more powerful swipe. Not much else to do on this island so run back over to Linebeck and set sail.

 - There is more to do before heading towards the fog, and our next stop is Mercay Island. Use the cyclone slate to warp on over close to Mercay and sail the rest of the way.

~ Mercay Island ~

 - Our first stop should be at the Treasure Teller’s hut to trade in any rare treasure you might have found to pad your wallet. Head on over to the Mercay Island shop to purchase the 2nd quiver if you have yet to do so, and then make your way to Oshus’ house in West Mercay.

New Item: Quiver Upgrade #2 Molida Island Shop or Mercay Island Shop
 - Allows you to carry up to 50 arrows!

 - If you recall there was a stone statue that cave you a hint of a secret near a tree by Oshus house. Move to the right, by the entrance of Oshus Storehouse and dig just below the nearby tree. A treasure map will pop up, so grab it.

New Item: Treasure Map #10 Mercay Island - West Side
 - Dig just below a tree near Oshus' Storehouse to find a Treasure Map. It shows the location of some treasure in the Northeast Quadrant!

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 - There still is more to do, but on the north side of the island. Make your way around the island as if you were going to the Temple of the Ocean King. Remember the Bomb Cavern we went through before? Head inside the cave once again and defeat the rats. Jump on over to the right and you will see an eye switch next to the treasure chest we opened before. Use the bow and arrow to hit it and it will create a bridge leading downwards to the rest of the cave.

 - Cross the bridge and you will run into a Zora Warrior. Use the boomerang to stun it in its back and then strike him in the back to defeat him. Exit the cave at the bottom. There is a stone tablet just to your left. Read it and it will tell you of a secret weak spot in the area. It tells you to shine a beam parallel with a line between the temple and Mercay Tavern.

 - You will also notice there is an eye switch on your left but it is a bit higher. Just head up the steps on the right to the higher ledge and then aim at the switch. Nail it with an arrow and one of those beam statues will pop up. Remember what the tablet just read. Bring up your map and draw a line between the Temple of the Ocean King and the Mercay Tavern. Remember, the Tavern is the large building within Mercay. Don’t mind this for now but continue right and around this higher area.

 - You will come across two treasure chests in the southern part of the higher level. Open them both to get a Big Green Rupee and a new Ship Part! Now return to the north part of the island and return to the strange beam statue. Strike at it to create a beam and then tap the statue and turn it so it is shining a light parallel to the line you just drew. It will be point northwest at a random area on the island.

 - Jump off the ledge to the north and follow where the beam is aiming at and you will see that it is pointing at a random wall. Something must be up with this wall, why not try to blow it open with a bomb. Place a bomb and it will do that just that, explode open an opening to a second bomb cavern on the island. Enter the cave.

 - Walk through the cave, down some steps, and you’ll come across a long bridge. About half way across, pull out your boomerang and trace a line down. When the screen extends a bit you will see a switch. Nail it with the boomerang and a treasure chest will appear on the right side of the bridge. Run on over it and open it up to get a courage gem.

Courage Gem #6 Mercay Island - Bomb Cavern #2
 - Hit a switch along the long bridge in the second bomb cavern. It will drop a treasure chest, containing a lovely green thing, at the end of the bridge.

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 - Now continue to the right and exit the cave at the end of the tunnel. You’ll be at the northeast small island on Mercay and you’ll here some calming music being played. Head to the left and up two sets of stairs and you will find a new character, Freedle.

 - After being very pleased to meet you, he will single you a song entitled, “Magic Box”. He just explains briefly about being able to trade ship parts and treasure with friends. This is completely optional and it is through the Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, perfect for those of you trying to complete your ship collection later in the game. If you aren’t trading with friends, you shouldn’t place any treasure or ship parts here because they have value to you in the game.

 - Continue to the right and you will come across a treasure chest. Open it up to get a wisdom gem.

Wisdom Gem #8 Mercay Island
 - Found on the tiny island at the northeast portion of Mercay. After going through the second bomb cavern, you will resurface back outside. There's a treasure chest at the peak of the island with a prize awaiting you.

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 - Rather than heading back through the Bomb Cavern again, there is actually a shortcut here. Head to the four south of this island and you will see a small switch. Step on it and it will create a bridge to the main part of Mercay Island. Awesome, now you don’t have to go the long way anymore. That’s all we have to do at Mercay for now, so run back over to Linebeck and set sail.

 - Back in the water, we have just a few stops before finally searching for the Ghost Ship. Use the cyclone slate for quick access to the northwest quadrant. Sail on over to Bannan Island and enter Wayfarers hut. Talk to the mermaid girl, Joanne and show her Jolene’s letter. After thanking you and reading the letter, Joanne will give you a Wisdom Gem!

Wisdom Gem #9 Bannon Island - Wayfarers House
 - Show mermaid Joanne, Jolene's letter. She will be happy to hear from her sister and thanks you for delivering it, giving you something just plain nifty.

View Wisdom Gems Guide

 - Exit the island and we have one more optional stop before paying the Ghost Ship a visit. Since we got Treasure Map #10, we can salvage sunken chest #10. Its location is just southeast of the Isle of Gust.
#10 - Northwest Quadrant -
Southwest of Isle of Gust
Ship part
5 green rupees, 1 blue rupee, and 1 red rupee

 - Now that we’ve done all we could do thus far, set sail for the fog in the west part of the northwest quadrant.

 - As you get close, the engine just halts. Link rushes to the engine room to find Linebeck trying to fix it. The influence of the Ghost Ship is preventing the ship from sailing. He assures Link that he can get it working and tells Link to take the helm. The Spirits will pop out and guide you towards the Ghost Ship. They will flutter making a ringing noise. Link wants to travel in the direction where they are ringing the most.

 - The Ghost Ship is generally located north of the last boulders on the sea chart. Linebeck’s ship will be moving straight at all times, just keep sailing in the direction where they are ringing the most. Turn left and right and if the Spirit Fairies start making a louder noise, it means that is the right direction. When you are facing the right direction, some sparkles will come out of the fairies. Just follow your ears and eyes and you will eventually make it to the Ghost Ship.

8.2 The Ghost Ship

Items: Yellow Potion, Ghost Key
Heart Container: #8
New Enemies: Skulltula, Poe, Reapling

 - Upon boarding good old Linebeck actually boards the ship with you but stays close to his precious boat. If at anytime you want to leave the Ghost Ship, you can talk with Linebeck and board the ship. Not much can be found on the surface of the Ghost Ship other than a few keese to the north. Head down the ladder on the left.

 - Head south and you will run into some rats and a new enemy, a skulltula.


 - By far, one of the easiest enemies in the game. Just look for their shadow, which will grow larger as they come to the floor. Just about any weapon will defeat them, but a simple sword swipe works just fine.

 - There is a treasure chest across the platform to the right. Jump across the gap and open the chest to get a treasure. Now jump back to the left. You cannot progress further to the right so head back to the stairs and go left. The door will shut behind you and a new flock of enemies will appear. These ghost like creatures are known as poes.


 - These annoying enemies will disappear and reappear in other parts of the room. Their only attack is a weak, blue fireball, which cannot be blocked. Fortunately, as long as you stay close, it won't have a chance to shoot them. Just strike it once it appears.

 - After you defeat the three poes in this room, the flames will go off above and to the left. Head passed the area to the left and you will find a girl sitting on the floor scared. Talk to her and you can hear her crying. Apparently she knows of the legendary Link and after you say that is indeed who you are, she introduces herself as the youngest daughter of the great House of Cubus. She goes on to talk about how her and her sisters were picked up and locked away into the Ghost Ship ever since. She asks Link to take on the burden of saving her other three sisters, and of course our hero is ecstatic about the idea. Before leaving, she mentions something about evil reaplings.

 - Head back to the right and then up. Break some pots and defeat the skulltula to find a set of spikes on the floor. The switch you need to hit is just above, around those barrels. Use the boomerang and carefully aim a path around the barrels making sure it does not hit anything on the way.

 - The spikes will lower so head to the right. There is a large blue rotating flame in this area as well as another poe. Just try and voice them and make your way to the right. You will see another set of spikes and a switch above. To make things easier, trace another boomerang path around to hit the switch. Be sure to toss the boomerang when the spikes are lowered. Now the spikes will be lowered permanently. Kill the skulltula and make your way around where the spikes were.

 - Kill the skulltula that is hanging and jump your way across a few platforms. You’ll see a set of raised spikes with a treasure chest on the other side. Head down and follow the path heading right, defeating the rats and a skulltula that appear. You’ll see some spikes that fall and rise. Time them and quickly run passed. Strike at the switch and it will lower the blocks above and to the left.

 - Open the chest to get the triangle crystal. Lift it up and walk to the left. Jump over to the platform at the left. Then head up the narrow wooden planks and place it on the triangle shaped pedestal. Doing so will lower the blue fire that blocked the path before. Head back to the treasure chest and then head up to find the second Cubus sister. Talk to her and then agree to take her back to her sister. She will follow you, so navigate your way back to the first Cubus sister. If she gets hit, she will get scared and bend over crying. Just defeat the enemy nearby and talk to her and she will follow you. Don’t run too far ahead of her or she will get scared and bend over and cry once again. Once you bring her to her sister they will have a mini reunion and then ask to find their next sister.

 - Retrace your steps back to the right side of the floor. There is a set of steps at the bottom here. Since we hit that switch earlier, it has lowered the flames that covered the stairs. Head down the steps, deeper into the Ghost Ship.

 - Take a step to the right and a reapling appears on the other side of the room. He will patrol the area much like a phantom in the temple of the ocean king.


 - These ghosts patrol the area much like Phantoms do. They can be much harder because they can hover through solid walls. A hit from a Reapling isn't instant death or loss of time like the Phantoms, but they do take a ridiculous 2 Hearts for every hit. Alike their counterpart however, they are harmless if you hide in a safe zone.

 - Keep in eye on the map while on this floor to see where the reapling’s vision is it. Always know where the nearest safe zone is located in case you are spotted. For now just head right, attacking any skulltulas that fall from the ceiling. When the spikes are done quickly dash across. Near the safe zone is a skull locked door. We don’t have the key for it, so just continue to the left.

 - Another spiked area is found here, so when the spikes are down, quickly dash across. Keep a close eye on the reaper that is here and when he is on the lower part of this passage, quickly run left along the upper part all the way to the end of the hall.

 - Just down a bit will be a safe zone with the third Cubus sister. After explaining to her what is going on, she introduced herself as the second daughter of the House of Cubus. She doesn’t know of Tetra but asks if you could escort her to safety. Sure thing, but before you start heading back, strike the switch just to your left to lower the spikes at your right.

 - Walk towards the spikes and the Cubus sister interrupts you, telling you to pick the treasure chest on the left. Don’t take her advice is what is in the chest are 10 Rupoor. Getting this will drain 10 rupees from your wallet. Worst than that, opening the left chest will also spawn a second reaper at the bottom part of the screen. Instead, open the chest on the right to find some yellow potion. If your potion spots are full, you will get a big red rupee, which is worth 200 rupees.

New Item: Yellow Potion Ghost Ship
 - Much like the red and purple potion, but it restores your health completely!

 - Now the journey back to the other Cubus sisters begins. Be careful as any skulltula that falls near this sister will scare her off and she will cover herself. Maneuver passed the several skulltulas and the huge reapling that is patrolling to get to the center of the room. Since we hit the switch by the Cubus sister, the spikes that surrounded this treasure chest are now gone. Open it up to get a round crystal. Carry it up the stairs to get back on the floor with the other sisters. Toss it in the square pedestal and the blue fire to your left will come down, allowing an easier path to the other sisters. Reunite the Cubus sister with her two siblings and after some small talk, they will ask to save their one remaining sister.

 - Head back around this floor and back down to the floor with the reapling. If you were curious enough to open the left treasure chest earlier, another reapling will be patrolling the area just to your left.

 - Run past this area to the far left to find some steps that lead down even deeper in the ghost ship. The statue will tell you of one treasure chest in this area, but no need to pay the 20 rupees. Head right and defeat the poe and skulltula that are found in this area. Read the signs to find some information about some steel drums. Don’t mind it for now and just head to the right.

 - A door will close behind you and you still be stuck in a room with some more skulltulas. You can use the spin attack when facing multiple skulltulas in one area. Remember though, they won’t really attack you and can only get hurt if you run into them. Defeat five of them and the door will reopen and the blue flames will vanish.

 - There is an orb just to your left. Don’t worry about it for now and just make your way all the around this path. Some blue flames will block you off but you’ll also run into a treasure chest, which holds a purple potion. Once again, if your potions are full, you’ll find a big green rupee instead.

 - Return to the center portion of the room and in the center safe zone you will find a stone tablet. Read it and it gives you an order of 2, 4, 5, 1, 3. It hints that this is the under that things need to be pulled. Of course, they are referring to the levers at the bottom part of the floor.

 - Run over to the levers and pull them in a certain order. The order isn’t that exact one on the tablet. From left to right, the correct order is as follow, 4, 1, 5, 2, 3. Doing so will lower the spikes on the northern part of the middle area. Run on over and enter the middle area.

 - Lift some of the steel drums and find that there is a switch at the left. Step on it and it will lower the blue flames on the left. Now run on over to the top-left part of the room and find several more steel drums. You might notice that one of them is shaking. Lift it up and toss it to the side and the 4th Cubus sister will be revealed. After talking to her, she will follow you and you can begin making your way all the way back to her sisters.

 - Navigate back through the three floors of the Ghost Ship and reunite the sister with her three siblings. The sisters start toying with Link, saying they are going to play with him, the same way that they played with Tetra! You’ll then appear all the way back at the top floor of the ship and the girls say they are going to play some Dead Man’s Volley. They’ll fly up into the air and transform into monsters.

Temple Boss: Diabolical Cubus Sisters Ghost Ship
Defense Power:
 - 2 hits to each sister.
 - Normal.
  Energy Ball.

 - After reuniting the four Cubus daughters, the four Sisters reveal their true forms and turn into four hideous flying ghosts. Once the battle begins three of the four sisters who are flying in the air above will shoot out large lasers out at Link. The fourth sister will toss large balls of crackling energy at Link. Simply walk around the ship, dodging the lasers and try to stand underneath the fourth sister. Once she drops an energy ball, strike at it with your sword and it will send the energy right back at her. If you miss the energy ball, it will hit the ship and split into many smaller balls that cannot be reflected. It takes two energy balls to defeat each of the four sisters. Each time you hit a sister, they will group together and then spread apart once again. The sister that is deflecting the ball will change.

 - After one of the sisters has been defeated and only three remain the battle changes slightly. This is probably the toughest part of the battle as everything seems to just move a lot faster. Only two of the three will now shoot lasers at your while the third delivers the energy ball. Reflect it back at the sister just as before, but this time she will reflect it back and forth amongst her sisters and eventually it will come back at Link much faster. Reflect it a second time and it will hit one of the sisters. Repeat this until the second sister has been defeated. Also, once you have defeated the first sister and only three remain, they will periodically throw smaller balls out at you that cannot be reflected. If Link strikes at them it splits into smaller balls and it can harm Link. It is best to just move out of the way.

 - The battle continues on with two sisters and is actually easier since you know they can only hit it back and forth to each other. Repeat the same process as before, volleying the energy ball back at the sisters. Eventually you'll be down to just one of the Cubus sisters. She fly’s much closer to Link and will shoot multiple energy balls at the same time. Two of them consist of the smaller balls that cannot be deflected while the other one is the one you need to deflect. Stand right under her and once you see which one is the large one that you can deflect, run towards it and deflect it. You can use the spin attack to assure that you deflect it back at the last remaining sister. Usually the last sister reflects the energy ball back several times, so just keep volleying with her until it hits her. Repeat this process until you hit the final sister three times to finish the fight.
 - Four ghost sisters, each shooting stuff at you. Only one of them at a time will shoot energy orbs instead of lasers. Reflect these back at them by slashing them with your sword.
 - They will swap out who shoots these, as well as play ping pong with you (bouncing it back and forth). Just continue to strike it back at them to harm them.
 - Occasionally, they will shoot smaller energy orbs. Avoid these, because they will harm you.

 - Falling down to the floor, the last Cubus sister says you are a good at playing, but then laughs at off as she vanishes. As she speeds off, she leaves Link with the Ghost Key!

New Item: Ghost Key Ghost Ship
 - This key is used to open the big locked door in the second basement of the Ghost Ship.

 - A large treasure chest and a blue warp portal will appear. Open the chest to get another heart container!

Heart Container #8 Ghost Ship
 - Found in the large treasure chest after defeating the Diabolical Cubus Sisters.

 - Step into the blue portal and you will be taken back to where you reunited the four sisters. Head to the right side of the ship and make your way down the stairs. Back on this floor, head to the right and then up to the locked door. Use the Ghost Key you just got and the large ghost door will come down. Head up the long steps.

 - A cut scene begins to play and Link seems very surprised at what he sees. The camera turns as Link moves forward and what we see is a stone solid statue that is Tetra! Ciela seems really worried just as Linebeck shows up. He tells you the fog has cleared up a bit and then asks if Link has found treasure. Ciela yells at Linebeck for being more worried about his precious treasure than Tetra. Then Linebeck goes on to start knocking on the statue, saying she is a bit pale and something is wrong with her.

 - All of a sudden we get a really surprised visit from Oshus. How the heck did this old man come all the way to this Ghost Ship? Anyway, he goes on to tell Link that he has the power of the hero and that he must tell the rest of the story. Oshus explains that he is not really Oshus, but he is the Ocean King, and these seas are part of his domain.

 - He goes on to show a slideshow, explaining the truth about who he is and what happened. Bellum attacked him and his true self was sealed deep within the temple on Mercay Island. His life force is still being drained deep within the temple. Bellum used his power to spread his evil over the seas, imprisoning the Spirit of Power and Wisdom. Ciela, the Spirit of Courage, was able to split herself into two, which is why her memory was lost. Using his last power, Oshus cloned himself and now resides on Mercay Island. He used the Sand of Hours to created the Phantom Hourglass so he can travel into the Temple of the Ocean King and keeps a watch on Bellum, waiting for his chance at revenge.

 - Bellum wanted more than just the life force of the Ocean King, so he created the Ghost Ship. Traveling the seas, luring people on for treasure and then capturing them, stealing their life force. Oshus senses that Tetra is still alive and Link must defeat Bellum to bring her back.

 - He goes on to say that there is an island north of the Isle of Gust, Zauz’s Island, which we’ve already visited. He tells you to find Zauz and he will tell you more about the great evil and how to defeat it. Linebeck jumps into, rather angry because there is no treasure. Oshus tells him that if he helps Link, he will grant him one wish. Then with some epic sounding music, Linebeck jumps up and is ready to sail on. Anchors aweigh!


8.3 Feelin' Zauzy

 - Back on the ship, Tetra’s stone statue appears standing on the side. Just talk to Linebeck and set sail. The fog will clear, so set your route towards Zauz’s Island.

 - Upon arriving, just head straight for the lone hut and speak with Zauz. He says he knew you would arrive and talks about his relation to the Ocean King. He goes on to talk about weaponry and in particular, the Phantom Sword. Ciela, thinking Zauz has the Phantom Sword, asks to borrow it. Zauz says he no longer has it and then him and Ciela get in a comical scuffle over the sword. He explains that you need Aquanine, Azurine, and Crimsonine. These three metals can be forged together to create the Phantom Sword. He explains that three tribes have the three metals and that you must get more sea charts to navigate the rest of the sea. He then says you must draw this symbol on the door to progress further in the temple of the Ocean King. Walk over to the picture and jot down the image. It is the picture of the triforce!

 - Leave the hut and head back over to Linebeck and board the ship. Use the Cyclone Slate to quickly travel to the southwest quadrant and set sail for Mercay Island.

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- 8.3 Feelin' Zauzy
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