Chapter 7 - Courageous
This section of the walkthrough covers the rest of Molida Island as well as the Temple of Courage.

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- 7.1 Crest
- 7.2 Temple of Courage
- 7.3 Spirit of Courage
Chapter 8 - Haunting
Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
Chapter 11 - Chilly
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Chapter 13 - A'mazing
Chapter 14 - Ancient
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7.1 Crest

Gems: Wisdom Gem #6

 - You will now safely dock at Molida Island. You can pay a visit to Romanos and his mother if you’d like, but we want to head straight for that sun door. The secret hideout should still be marked on your map but if you have deleted it, you just need to dig a hole right under a palm tree that is just north of the second hut. Drop down and run over to the locked door with a sun emblem. Tap at it to use the key and follow the path out of the cave.

Wisdom Gem #6 Molida Island - In The Dirt
 - At the exit from the Molida Island Cave to the north, you will see a soft soil spot just to the left. Dig it up and drop down the hole that will lead back into the same cave. Open the chest you find right above you!

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 - Jump off the ledge at the bottom and then exit the cave once again to the north. Head down the steps on the left and follow along the path. Defeat several miniblins on your way until you find a stone statue. Strike at it and it gives you a hint of a secret by a tree by Oshus Storehouse. Don’t mind this for now, as we will get to it later.

 - Continue moving along to the right and up some steps. You will run into several yellow chuchu’s and a couple of crows as well. Defeat them just as we have before. Cross the bridge and you will come to a giant castle like area. Read the stone tablet on the side and it says the door will only open when statue focus their light gaze on it.

 - Make your way to the right a bit and battle with some more crows until you come to a very odd looking statue. Strike it with your sword and a beam will come shooting out of the statues head. Strike at it again and it will move to an overhead view where you can turn the statue. Use the map on the top screen as a reference and turn the statue so that the light is flashing right on the door of the temple above.

 - Follow along the grass to the left and you will come to two massive Zora Warriors. This could give you quite some trouble but you just need to keep your distance and be patient. Wait for your opportunity and then toss the boomerang so it nails the warrior in the back to stun it. Then strike it at its backside repeatedly until it has been defeated. Then do the same thing for the second Zora Warrior and once both are defeated, another odd-looking statue will appear in the center of this area. Just like before strike at it to activate it and then rotate it so it is facing the entrance door.

 - Jump off the ledge on the left and then climb the short stairs once again. Walk along the left side of the ledge here and when the ledge starts to angle, pull out your boomerang. There is another statue at a higher platform on the other side. Trace your boomerang to hit the third statue and it is already facing in the right direction. With all three lights now shining on the door, the massive door will animate and then open up.

 - Run on over and enter the Temple of Courage.

7.2 Temple of Courage

Items: Bow & Arrow
Gems: Power Gem #9, Power Gem #10, Wisdom Gem #7, Courage Gem #5
New Enemies: Moldorm, Shell Beast, Green ChuChu, Pols Voice, Beamos

 - Take a step forward and Ciela will jump in and say the obvious, saying the spirit of courage is in the Temple of Courage. Just by looking at the map above you can see how massive this dungeon is. Luckily for us, there really is only three floors so it’s not all that bad.

 - Replenish your health on the left from the jars and then head up. Head up and you will find a rolling log with spikes in it. Once it starts moving upwards follow it up and then quickly hide against the opening on the right. Wait for the log to go back and then continue upwards. There is another log above, use a similar method to get past it. This third log is moving left to right but if you look to the north a bit, you will find a little passage with a treasure chest. Link can place a bomb against the wall to get to the treasure. Be careful, as the log will push the bomb if it hasn’t exploded yet. Once the log roles to the right, place a bomb to blow a hole in the wall. Open up the chest to get a random treasure.

 - When the log begins moving to the right, follow behind it until you reach the safe area under it. Continue south and you will see another spiky enemy. If you walk directly above it, it will quickly spin upwards towards Link. In order to get by this enemy, Link needs to trigger it by moving above it. Then while it is retracting to its original space, quickly run through the area towards the bottom.

 - Press the switch that is around the corner and it will open the door to the left. This gives quicker access to the entrance to the left. Head up the steps towards a chest that contains a small key. Jump off the platform to the right and dodge the spiked log to get to the locked door. Open it up and head around the corner.

 - Don’t mind the stone statue here and just head south until the door closes behind you. We have some new foes in this area, Moldorms.


 - These long, worm-like creatures move quite quickly as well as randomly around the room. They're only vulnerable at their red tail (eeeew!)
 - To defeat them, simply chase after their rear end and slash it with your sword three times. Alternatively, you can use your Boomerang from a distance, but that takes a good deal of timing to pull off.

 - Once they are both defeated, the door below will open up, head down the steps. Break the pots and then walk onto the moving platform to the left. It will take you to another platform within the room. You will encounter another new enemy here, a shell beast.

Shell Beast

 - These peculiar enemies simply zip towards you. With your current arsenal of weapons, you can't defeat them...
 - The only way to get rid of them at the moment is to swipe at them with your sword or other weapons until you knock them off a ledge or into a pit.

 - Once he is done with step onto the moving platform on your left. As you are moving, attach your boomerang and trace a line to the switch that you will pass by. This will lower some red blocks that we will encounter in a bit. Continue along the platform until you see another moving platform below. Transfer over and take it to the left. Arrive at a stationary platform and climb up the stairs.

 - There are several green slimes in this room. Remember, they will split apart after they are attacked. There is also another unbeatable enemy here, a winder. These are made up of circular black and red orbs and will wind around the room against a wall. If Link touches it, he will be electrocuted. Unfortunately, Link cannot defeat this enemy so just try to avoid it. Head around the narrow areas and past the red blocks that are down.

 - There are two stone tablets here. You can read the one on the left to get a clue on a future enemy we will face in the temple. The one on the right can be read to find an important secret about the temple. Up, Down, Right, and Left. It is a secret in the temple that will apply to several puzzles. Be sure to jot it down onto your map.

 - Place a bomb against the wall in between the statues and it will blow open a whole. Open the chest on the left to get another ship part! There is also a chest on the right side of the room, open it up to get a power gem.

Power Gem #9 Temple of Courage - 1F
 - Blow open a whole in the wall in between the two stone tablets. There's two treasure chests inside the whole, and the one on the right holds a Power Gem.

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 - Before you leave this area, be sure to check out the map that is displayed on the wall. It gives you a clue on a path that you must take later in the dungeon. Be sure to jot down the secret route onto the B1 portion of your dungeon map.

 - Head back down and to the right. Use some bombs to blow up the blocks that are in your way. We have an old foe here, but he is a different color. A green chuchu roams these halls.

Green Chuchu

 - This variety of ChuChu is able to collapse into a puddle, unable to be harmed. They'll then repeatedly pop up and attack quickly before becoming liquid again.
 - Wait for them to appear and either strike them with your sword, or use the Boomerang from a distance to stun them. After that, you should have plenty of time to "dish their tish."

 - Defeat several of these green chuchu’s in the room until you come across a switch on the floor. Step on it and it will open a door to the right which provides easy access to the beginning of the temple. Climb the steps here and you will come across yet another new enemy to fight off.

Pols Voice

 - These giant rabbit looking creatures make their appearance for the first time in over 20 years! They're extremely easy to defeat in this partciular game.
 - In order to weaken them, simply yell or blow into the Nintendo DS microphone to shrink this enemy down. After that, slash it before it starts dashing and hoping after you rather quickly.

 - Pick up the small key that the pols voice leaves you and then head back down the stairs. Head up a bit and there is another platform with a small blue pedestal and a stone tablet. Read the tablet to find out some information about crystals, which related to that pedestal to your right. Head to the top of the screen and use your small key you just received on the locked door above. Make your way up to the second floor.

 - This is one of the tougher rooms in this dungeon. It is filled with winders, which cannot be defeated and another invincible enemy, beamos.


Laser Beam
 - These stone statues don't move, but their eye will rotate slowly around, shooting you from afar with a painful laser if it sees you.
 - Its beams can't be blocked and the statue itself can't be defeated. Just avoid it and hide behind other things until its gaze passes.

 - There are four levers in this room, on the four sides of the room. You can’t just pull them in any random order though. They need to be pulled in a specific order. If you recall what a tablet said earlier in the dungeon, up, down, right, and left. Make your way around the room, pulling the switches and avoiding the beamos and winders. Make sure to watch where the beamos eye is looking. When it is moving towards the other direction, quickly run by so it doesn’t see you. Once you have pulled all four levers, a treasure chest appears in the center of the screen. Run on over and open it to get the Square Crystal! Carry it back down the stairs to get back to the first floor.

 - Walk on over to the higher platform with the square pedestal and the stone tablet. Place the square crystal onto the pedestal and a door will open up. Make your way through the door and down the steps back to the basement.

 - Tap the statue and it will give you some advice on what you need to do. Hopefully you found the map against the wall and traced the correct path that you need to take here. There are hidden platform that are not visible over the black areas. Just stick to the path that you copied down from your map and you should be fine. There are a few shell beasts on your way that you can just strike until they fall off the edge.

 - About half way along the path when you are heading to the left and are directly under the starting platform, you can actually head south a bit. Use your boomerang and toss it ahead to increase your vision but you will see that there is a treasure chest below. Head on over to it and open it up to get a big green rupee! Head back to the main passage and continue onwards. Come to the end and there is a large treasure chest with a statue next to it. Open the treasure chest to get the Bow and Arrow!

New Item: Bow & Arrow Temple of Courage - B1
 - Shoot at enemies or switches from a distance. Equip it, hold the stylus down to aim, then release to shoot! Your arrows aren't unlimited, so be wary of how many you have left.

 - Right away we have to make use of the bow and arrow. Equip it and you will notice an eye statue in the top left corner. Strike it with an arrow and a bridge will appear taking you to another platform.

 - Cross the bridge and defeat the lone moldorm here. You can use your new bow against this enemy. One arrow at its weak spot will do the trick. You will notice that there is a weird looking thing on the right side of this platform. Strike at it and it will rotate 90 degrees. Looking at it you will see that it is an orb with an arrow through it. Make the orb face to the right and shoot an arrow into the orb. It will bounce of the orb and bounce of another orb before hitting a crystal orb, which changes the colored blocks are lowered.

 - Now we can head up the stairs on the far left. The blue blocks should now be lowered and two more moldorms greet you here. Use the sword or arrows to defeat them. Climb up the small steps and strike the stone statue. It tells you that you need to use the same crystal we used earlier in the dungeon on the pedestal to the right.

 - Head down the steps and continue towards the right. At the far right there is a small gap but on the other side lies another one of those eye switches. Shoot an arrow into the eye and the door on the right will open up. Back in this familiar room, head on over to the first pedestal we were at and lift up the square crystal. Carry it back to the other pedestal and drop it in place to see another door in this room open up.

 - Head up the stairs behind the door and you will come to a room filled with octoroks. There are some on the same platform you are at and three more one the other side of the gap. You need to defeat the three ones on the other side using the arrows. All the ones on your side can be defeated with either the arrows or by stunning them with your boomerang and finishing them with your sword. Once they are all done away with, a small bridge will appear above. Cross it to move along further in this room.

 - The statue here will just tell you how many treasure are left on this floor. Useless information so just keep moving along and jump onto the moving platform. You’ll notice there is another eye switch here and that there are several keese in this area. Reach the bottom left platform and continue moving along to the next moving platform that heads to the right. Use the arrows to shoot the eye switch we just saw.

 - Continue along to the right and you will see another platform moving up and down. Get on to that one but it takes you nowhere for now. Once it reaches the bottom walk onto the next platform on the right. It is a good idea to use either the boomerang or the bow here because there are just a ton of keese that will knock you off the platform if they hit you. Before transferring over to the next platform, pull out your bow and aim above. The screen will move a bit and you will another eye switch in a symmetric location to the previous one. Nail it with an arrow and a treasure chest will appear on the platform we just past. Switch over to the next moving platform and make your way towards the chest. Open it up to get a power gem!

Power Gem #10 Temple of Courage - 2F
 - Hit the two eye switches in the room with all the moving platforms. A treasure chest will drop on the middle platform that holds the booty!

View Power Gems Guide

 - Get back on the platform and make your way to the far right. There are two blade traps here that you must time in order to pass. Once you make it past, there is a beamos in this small corridor with two areas you can jump across below. Jump across the one below and follow it along until you see a breakable block. Use a bomb to explode the block and then quickly run back to the left because a blade trap is found here.

 - Head back up to the beamos and now jump down to the area on the right side. When the blade trap is on the right side, quickly push the block down preventing the blade from going to the left. Head across the hole towards the beamos and back down the other side to get on the left of the block. Now all you need to do is just keep pushing it to the right and it will just trap the blade in the corner of the room and allow you to head up through a new area.

 - Head up and you will see a small treasure chest. Open it up to get a piece of treasure. Break the pots for some hearts and then head down the stairs.

 - There are two winders in this room so just try and avoid them as you make your way to the left. Jump over the small gap and step on the switch. This will open up the door that leads to easy access to the beginning of the temple. Head down the steps below.

 - Take the moving platform to the right to get to a stationary platform in the corner of the room. Pull out your boomerang and jump onto the moving platform heading up. There are six torches in this area but only one of them is lit. Trace a path with your boomerang to the lit torch and then through all five of the other torches. This will light all six of them and lower some spikes to your north. Ride the platform up and jump to the next area.

 - Defeat the one shell blade by knocking it off the ledge and crack the pots for some arrows. The red blocks will be in your way here but you will notice that there is another one of those orb arrows to your left. Use your boomerang to strike it twice to turn it facing towards the left. Then use an arrow and shoot into the orb to hit the switch that will lower the red blocks.

 - You can head up but before heading back up the stairs you will notice an eye switch on your left with more orb arrows. Head back down to the orb arrow we say earlier and use your boomerang to face it upwards. Shoot an arrow into it and watch it travel amongst a few orbs and it will hit the eye switch dropping a treasure on the platform you are on. Open it up to find a wisdom gem.

Wisdom Gem #7 Temple of Courage - B1
 - On the far right platform, hit the arrow orb so its facing upwards. Next, shoot an arrow into it, which will hit an eye switch that creates a treasure chest.

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 - Now we can head back up the stairs and the first thing we find is a pols voice. Yell into the mic and it will collapse into a small creature, which can be defeated with one sword strike. The enemy will leave a small key for you so grab it and then immediately use it at the locked door on the right. Follow along and head back up to the second floor.

 - This room is quite unusual. The statue will tell you how to move the floating platform on your left. Step onto it and in order to get the platform to move you must trace its path on the map. There are four pillars in this room, which can be seen on your map. You have to follow the advice of the stone statue we saw earlier. Up, Down, Right, and Left. Each of the four pillars has an eye switch on it. Travel around the room and hit the switches in the correct order and a treasure chest will appears at the top right corner of the room. Ride on over there and open it up to get the boss key. Then walk back onto the platform and ride it the bottom left of the room and use the key on the large lock. Head up the steps to prepare to fight the temple boss.

 - Read the stone tablet and it will create a blue portal back to the first room of the temple. Smash all the pots for some extra hearts and arrows. Before heading up the steps head around to the back of the room and you see a treasure chest behind a cracked wall. Use a bomb to blow up the wall and then open the chest to get a courage gem!

Courage Gem #5 Temple of Courage - 3F
 - On the third floor of the temple, in the room just before you fight the boss, there's a cracked portion of wall behind the staircase. Use a Bomb to blow open a hole and open the chest inside the secret chamber.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - Once you are ready for battle, head up the stairs to fight Crayk, Bane of Courage.

Temple Boss: Crayk, Bane of Courage Temple of Courage
Defense Power:
 - Multiple hits to defeat!
 - Normal.
  Grab & Shake.

 - Walk forward once you enter and like always, you will be trapped within the boss chamber. A first person view mode of the boss will appear on the bottom screen as he approaches Link. He will then disappear on the top screen and thus beginning the battle. This is a much different boss battle than one is accustomed to in the Zelda World. You control Link on the bottom screen but you cannon see Crayk. The top screen shows the first person view of Crayk. You can actually see what Crayk sees as he is stalking his prey.

 - Crayk’s main form of attack is when he gets close to Link. He picks you up and shakes you. A sign will pop up on the bottom screen telling you to rub. Just run your stylus back and forth quickly in order to shake yourself free from his claws. Link’s health will drain more the longer he is in Crayk’s grasps.

 - There are also little crayklings that are all around the boss arena. They crawl around the floor and really don’t have any attacks at all. They will only hurt Link if they come into contact with each other. Link can defeat these enemies if he’d like but new ones keep popping up so just keep your attention on Crayk himself.

 - In order to defeat this first phase of Crayk, Link must use the combination of the bottom and top screens on the DS. When you can see yourself through Crayk’s first person vision. Equip your bow and aim right at the camera, which in this case is Crayk’s vision. Line up the bow perfectly and then shoot an arrow. This will make Crayk visible and stun him for a few seconds. Run on over to him and mash at his large body with your sword, slowly cracking it’s shell back.

 - Be careful and try not to get too close when you are striking Crayk down, as Link will take damage if he touches Crayk. After stunning him several times and striking at him with your sword, his shell on his back will shatter, leaving just its skinny body.

 - He no longer is invisible and this portion of the battle is considerably easier. All you need to do is strike him right in the face and he will cover up trying to protect himself. When doing so, he will not move for a few seconds which gives you some time to quickly run around him and strike him in its blue weak spot. It does not take many hits at all to defeat this Crayk. Just keep repeating this process until he is finished.
 - Run away from the giant crab of doom. If it grabs you, you'll have to shake the stylus back and forth to wiggle free before it slowly kills you.
 - It will go invisible repeatedly. Use the top screen to figure out where Crayk is at, then shoot an arrow straight into its vision to stun it. Slash away at its shell. Repeat.
 - Once its shell is gone, slash it to make it cringe, then run around and smack it in the blue tender spot.

 - Once he has been defeated, his body will split into pieces of sand and Link will put out his Phantom Hourglass. He will add two minutes of sand into the timepiece. The green emblem will light up and a white fairy will pop out, one that resembles Ciela. Ciela is first to notice this and states that some feels weird. The fairy just sort of flies around and Link looks rather confused at what appears to be the Spirit of Courage.

 - A treasure chest will appear as well as a blue warp. Open up the treasure chest to get the sixth heart container!

Heart Container #6 Temple of Courage
 - After defeating the boss of the Temple of Courage, Crayk, a treasure chest will appear container a full heart container.

 - Step into the blue portal and you will appear back just outside of the Temple.

7.3 Spirit of Courage

 - You want to make your way back to Linebeck at the dock so backtrack through most of the island and through the cave. Once you are on the other side of the cave, head on over to the dock. The mailbox will stop you if you walk by it with a letter for Romanos. He will give you a short message about something he is working on and encourages you to stop by. He will give you a opening gift of a ship part. Nothing else too important so continue onward toward the ship. Once you arrive you will be greeted by Linebeck and Oshus.

 - Ciela comes out and is happy to see her grandpa. After some small talk Oshus will tell Ciela that she is no ordinary fair. He breaks the news that Ciela is a sprite and Link, Linebeck, and Ciela seem rather shocked. He goes on to say that the spirit that Link saved in the Temple of Courage holds the power of Ciela. Oshus tells Ciela that it is time for her to return to her original form. Link pulls out the spirit and a pretty elaborate scence happens and the two fairies will fuse together.

 - Once together Leaf and Neri will come out and all three Spirit fairies will have a little chitchat. Oshus tells Ciela to focus and she hears the sound of Tetra's plea for Link’s help. Oshus tells Ciela that her vision is the ability to sense evil. After some more small talk Link will head off to the ship with all three fairies. Before setting sail, Lineback turns around and has a word for Oshus. “Old man… Who… who are you, really?” Oshus mysteriously says that he will explain when the time is right. Linebeck returns to the ship and they set sail.

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- 7.1 Crest
- 7.2 Temple of Courage
- 7.3 Spirit of Courage
Chapter 8 - Haunting
Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
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