Chapter 6 - Treasures
This section of the walkthrough covers the Temple of the Ocean King, Part 5 as well as some sidequests with the Salvage Arm.

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~ Chapter 6 - Treasures ~
- 6.1 Back To Mercay
- 6.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 3
- 6.3 Wonders Under The Sea
Chapter 7 - Courageous
Chapter 8 - Haunting
Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
Chapter 11 - Chilly
Chapter 12 - Gems
Chapter 13 - A'mazing
Chapter 14 - Ancient
Chapter 15 - Time's End

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6.1 Back To Mercay

Gems: Power Gem #6, Power Gem #7

 - There are a few things we can do prior to entering the Temple of the Ocean King again. Once you dock, the shipyard is the first building we should enter. You can customize your ship with all the different ship parts you have accumulated thus far. Remember, if you attach similar types of parts, it will increase your ships defense.

 - Since we are back in town, why not pay Oshus a visit and see what he has to say about our most recent accomplishments. After praising you for rescuing the Spirit of Wisdom he says that he has found something in his storehouse. He then gives you a Power Gem!

Power Gem #6 Mercay Island - Oshus's House
 - After saving the Spirit of Wisdom from the Temple of Wind, speak with Oshus anytime to receive a Power Gem.

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 - Oshus finished up with some information about the spirits. Exit his house and head back to the right side of town. You can stop by the town shop and purchase the power gem that was for sale here if you have yet to get it. You can also buy a treasure or a potion if you feel like doing so. Once we are ready to go, we can now make our way to the Temple of the Ocean King.

 - Head north and defeat the crows and chuchuís that are always in this area. Before heading left youíll see those two blocks that are in the way of the stair pathway. You can now blow them up with bombs so you no longer have to go the long way when heading to the Temple. Head left a screen.

 - Before entering the temple, there is a secret area in this section.
Power Gem #7 Mercay Island - Bomb Cavern #1
 - North of the entrance to the Temple of the Ocean King, there is a cracked part of the wall. Use a bomb to create an entrance to a secret cave.
 - Once inside, kill al the Rats and tap the statue if you'd like to hear its taunt. Work your way right, jumping across all the platforms until you find a treasure chest containing a Power Gem.

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 - Exit the cavern and make your way towards the Temple of the Ocean King.

6.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 3

Gems: Power Gem #8
New Enemies: Phantom Eye

 - Head straight through the door above and the Hourglass will flip. We have to travel through the same few floors that we had done before, but this time there are a lot of shortcuts because we have the bombs. On this floor you can just head straight and down the staircase ahead.

 - In this room the locked door is at the top right and the key is at the top left. In between them are some blocks that can be blown away with a few bombs. So quickly run up along the right side towards the locked door. Place a bomb or two to get rid of the blocks and step on the switch right next to them. This will unlock the door that blocks the small key. Be sure not to be seen by the phantom and run and grab the key. Once you got it, run back to the locked door and head down a floor.

 - We have to do a bit more in this room. There are the two switches in the top-right portion of the map. First, just run straight down and the first switch is just to your left. Strike at it and then run to the left. From the fire, head straight up and you will find the other switch. Strike the switch and a small key will fall on the other side of the room. If you get spotted by the phantom, just run to the safe zone in the corner of the room.

 - Now run back to where the first switch was. Just below it you will see a cracked wall. Toss a bomb and open up a hole. When the bottom phantom is roaming around the bottom part of the room, quickly run over and step on the switch and it will lower the spikes to your left. Stand on the switch and toss the boomerang over and grab the small key.

 - Now run over to the bottom right corner and smash the pot that is found here. Stand in the safe zone that is created until the phantom begins to walk north a bit. Then run to your left and cross the blue blocks that are down. Strike the switch to your right to lower the red blocks and raise the blue blocks. Run to your left and use the small key on the locked door. Before heading down the steps, you can head to your left and find a wall with a crack in it. Place a bomb to explode part of the wall and you will find a yellow pot which contains 30 seconds of time. Then head back to the stairs and progress down to the next floor.

 - This floor doesnít really have many shortcuts, so you have to through the long process of collecting all three of the force gems. The first one is located in a treasure chest at the top-left portion of the map. Be sure to also break the yellow pot at the some of the screen for some extra time. Avoid the two phantoms and carry this to the large purple block area near the top right corner of the screen. Toss it into one of the three triangles and then head to the right.

 - There are a few blocks here that can be blown away with the bombs. Do so and you will reach a yellow pot that contains 30 seconds of time. Then head down a bit but before jumping off the edge, use the boomerang to knock the switch on the right so the spikes remain lowered. Run down to the bottom right corner and open the chest for the next force gem.

 - Just toss this one to the side for now and pull out your shovel. Just to your left you will find a soft soil spot. Dig it up with the shovel to get to the higher platform. There is a red pot here which you can smash to create a small safe zone. There are two switches that Link can stand on which will create two secret holes in the ground. Time it so that the phantom at the bottom right will stand over one of the switches when you step on it. He will go tumbling to the floor below and toss the small key up in desperation. Now run back to the force gem we tossed to the side and take it and put it in another one of the triangles.

 - Next run and grab the small key that the phantom left for you. Take it with you to the bottom left of the map and use it on the locked door. This chest holds the third force gem. Carry it over to the third triangle and the door above will open up for you.

 - Head through it to get back to this safe floor where time will not count down in the hourglass. Ciela and Neri will jump in saying the door above can be opened with the power of Neri. Tap the ďDoor of WisdomĒ and Neri will light it up in colorful blue to open it. Before heading through, explore the left side of the room to find another yellow jar which contains 30 seconds of time. You should have at least 8minutes of time left in the hourglass. If you have much less then that, you may consider leaving the temple and reentering it to try and run through it quicker because you might not have enough time the rest of the way through. Once you are ready, head through the door of wisdom and down to the next floor.

 - Take a step down and Neri will give explanation of a new enemy in this area, Phantom Eyes. They act as extra eyes for Phantoms. If one of them sees you, it is just as if a regular Phantom sees you. The alarm will alert and all the phantoms in the room will run towards your location. The phantom eyes can be seen on your map.

Phantom Eye

 - These obnoxious enemies will call all of the nearby Phantoms to attack you if you're seen. While they only take one hit to defeat, if they do sound the alarm, you'll have to run back to a safe zone to get them to leave you alone. Also, if they touch you, they'll hover around and can't be harmed until you shake them off with your stylus.
 - There are three good ways to defeat them. Run up and attack them head on, stun them from around a corner using the Boomerang, or shooting them with an Arrow while they're still out of range.

 - In addition to phantom eyes, there are also gust jars all over the place on this floor. There is a switch on the other side of the room that will turn off the gust jars, but we will get to that later. Run to your right and then down to a safe zone. Below there is wind blocking your way and there is also a phantom eye just around the corner. Walk right next to the wind and pull out your boomerang. Trace a line down and to the right to find a switch. Hit it and it will turn off the wind. Trace another line, but this time to the left to hit the phantom eye. Once it is stunned, run up to it and strike it once with your sword to defeat it.

 - To get some more time, use your boomerang to nail a yellow pot that is on a ledge at the far bottom right corner. Continue to your left and you will find a phantom patrolling around a square area. Follow behind him or wait until he is on the other side and then quickly bolt upwards. There are some spikes that prevent you from reaching a key so head to the left. You canít go left anymore, so then turn north. Carefully dispose of the phantom eye using the boomerang and your sword. If you get caught, just run to the top-left corner and smash a red pot to create a safe zone. If you do get caught, the phantom eye will also summon a phantom from another floor, giving you even more to worry about.

 - Keep your eye out on the phantom eye that is around the bottom left corner of the room. When the eye is near the bottom left of the room, run to the next safe zone on the left. From there you can use your boomerang to stun the eye and then your sword to defeat him. After defeating all three of the phantom eyes in this room, a treasure chest will appear at the safe zone on the far right of the screen.

 - With all the phantom eyes out of the way, why not get rid of all the gust jars too? Head to the bottom left of the room and you will see a switch on a higher ledge. Just below the ledge is a soft soil spot which Link can dig up using his shovel. Strike the switch and all the gust jars in the room will turn off. Before jumping off the ledge head to the far top left portion of the ledge and equip your boomerang. Aim around the wall above and to the yellow pot that sits at a higher ledge. Hit it and it will retrieve 30 more seconds.

 - Jump off the ledge to the left and then head up a bit back to the safe zone on the left. Then head to the right a bit and you will notice a part in the wall above looks quite awkward. Use a bomb to blast it open and then run inside and hit the switch. This will lower the spikes where the small key is. Be careful as the explosion that you make might trigger phantoms in the room to run over. If they do, just sprint to the safe zone at your left.

 - What we need to do next is get the small key. Just maneuver around the one or two phantoms on this floor and get to the small key. Luckily itís located in a safe zone, in case you get caught.

 - Once the pathway is safe, quickly run to the safe zone on the right which holds the treasure chest that appeared. Open it up to get another power gem.

Power Gem #8 Temple of the Ocean King - B4
 - After defeating all of the Phantom Eyes on this floor, a treasure chest appears at the far right safe zone, containing a Power Gem.

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 - We can finally leave this floor and our destination is the staircase at the bottom of the screen. Dodge the phantoms here and use the small key on the locked door. Then head down the stairs.

 - Wait for the spikes on your left to go down and quickly run across. Run to the end all the way on the left and equip your boomerang. Trace a line to the switch at the left but be sure that the spikes are down when you release your boomerang. Hitting the switch will lower the sets of spikes along the bottom. Run all the way to the right and you will find a yellow jar that has some extra time in it. There are also regular jars that you can use to replenish your health.

 - Now run back to the far left and head up. The door will close behind you and the room fills with four yellow chuchuís. You can defeat them pretty easily by stunning them with your boomerang and then finishing them off with the sword. Two doors will open up and spikes will lower on the left. First go to the lowered spikes and break the yellow pot for 15 seconds of time. Then head through the passage to your right until you come to another area where the door closes behind you.

 - Defeat the four miniblins here and two more doors will open. Another set of spikes will lower on the right. Run over there and slash at the yellow pot for 15 more seconds. Then head through the door at the top.

 - A gust jar is in your way on the left. Head to the edge on the right and equip your boomerang. Hit the switch across the gap and the gust will settle and a treasure chest will appear. Open up the chest to get some red potion! Then head to your left and you will see a staircase. There is an area to the left but we canít quite do anything there just yet, so head down the steps.

 - Take a step forward and Neri gives you some words of encouragement. This floor has a ton of things happening with gust jars, two phantom eyes, and two phantoms. The first thing we want to do is get rid of that phantom eye on the right side. When the phantom patrolling the area makes its way to the left side of the room use your boomerang to stun the eye. Slash at it with your sword to defeat it. Run to the safe zone here and it has a large stone pillar. Read it and it gives you a weird message about it being the second tablet. Letís mark a 2 on our map to remember this location.

 - Next run to the pillar just below and it just tells you that there are four tablets. Run to the bottom right of the room and hit the switch with your sword. It will lower some spikes to your left. Run to the area with the spikes and read the statue here to find out this is the 4th tablet. Letís mark a 4 on our map to remember this tablet as well.

 - Just to your left there is a switch you can step on which shuts off a gust jar. This gives you access to the center red door. Tapping on it will say that you need to draw a crest. We donít know it just yet, so exit this area. We canít head left because of the gust jar in the way so move along the bottom part of the room to get to the left side of the screen. Be careful of the phantoms that patrol this area. Avoid the phantom eye here and head up to find another switch you can step on. Do so and it gives you access to the safe zone by the crest door.

 - From here you can use your boomerang to stun and defeat the eye phantom that patrols the bottom left area. Doing so will lower a set of spikes on the left side of the screen. There is a stone pillar in the middle safe zone on the left, but donít read it because it is a cursed pillar and it will trigger two new phantom eyes in the room. Run to the far left side of the room and cross the spikes that are now fallen. Break the yellow pot to add 30 seconds of time. Now with the phantom eyes out of the way place a bomb near the blocks that are covering the bottom-left safe zone. After the explosion, tap the statue to find that this is the third tablet. Mark it on your map.

 - Now run to the top left part of the map. You can break the red jar to create a safe zone. There is a soft soil spot to the right and a few blocks just above it. First, use the shovel to dig out a geyser. Before you toss a bomb into the geyser, be sure to note the odd timing with this geyser. It doesnít constantly blow air from the ground. When air is stopped toss a bomb into where the geyser appears. Then by the time the bomb is ready to explode the geyser will come up and the bomb will blow away the blocks. Ride the geyser up and hit the switch to lower the spikes near the top left safe zone.

 - Quickly run over to the sage zone and read the pillar here. The tablet will say that the crest both begins and ends here. Pull out your map and write a number 1 at this location. Since we have all four of the pillars written down now, trace them in order, 1,2,3,4. After 4, trace a line back to 1 because it both begins and ends there. Look at the shape you have drawn, it is an hourglass!

 - Run to the red door in the middle of the room that asked you to draw a crest. In one stroke, draw the hourglass in the same order you drew it on your map. The hourglass logo will appear on the door and it will open up. Head through the door and you will come to another safe room where time has stopped.

 - Head up and the two torches will light up. Head up the steps and tap the portrait that is on the north wall. It shows a somewhat familiar map and says you need to press the sacred crest against the sea chart to transfer it. The map looks familiar since it is the southwest quadrant, just flipped upside down. It then says that the Temple of Courage will open to the holder of the Sun Key.

 - Click the Sea Chart button at the bottom right and then click the southwest quadrant. This part is a bit tricky, what you need to do is close your Nintendo DS. Yes, actually close it and the green symbol that is on the top screen will get transferred over to the southwest sea chart that is on the bottom screen. Talk about a tricky puzzle. Ciela will jump in and congratulate you on solving the puzzle. The crest is in the middle of the sea and Ciela suggest heading to Linebeck to see what he thinks. A blue portal appears on the left so head through it to get back to the entrance of the Temple of Ocean King. Back in the entrance chamber, just exit the temple.

6.3 Wonders Under The Sea

Items: Treasure Map #9, Bomb Bag #2, Salvage Arm, Sun Key
New Enemies: Giant Eye Plant

 - Head back to east Mercay Village and one thing you might notice right away. There is a man standing outside the hut top right of Mercay Village. Talk to him and he will tell you that the Treasure Teller is now open. Head inside the hut and talk to the goofy looking treasure teller. You can trade in either ship parts or treasure pieces. Each game is different and the ship parts and treasure vary in value. There are a few of them that have a set value, but everything is 50, 150, 800, or 1500 rupees. I think itís a good idea to hold onto some of the ship parts especially if you are trying to collect them all. Sell any and everything youíd like and then leave the hut with some extra rupees.

 - On your way to Linebeck, walk by the mailbox and the postman will come and give you a delivery. Itís a message from Eddo at Cannon Island. He mentions that he has been working on a Salvage Arm for a long time and itís finally ready. The salvage arm allows ships to pull treasure from the seafloor.

 - That is about all there is to it, so run over to Linebeck. The man standing on the dock will call you over. He just gives you some more information about the Salvage Arm. Talk to him again and say that you do have the salvage arm and he will offer to sell you a treasure map for 50 rupees.

New Item: Treasure Map #9 Mercay Island - Docks
 - You can get this from the man by the docks for an easy 50 Rupees. It shows the location of some treasure in the Southwest Quadrant!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Head on over and show Linebeck what you found. After letting him know of the mark on your sea chart he asks if you are ready to set sail. Say yes and get aboard the ship.

 - The first thing we can do at sea is set sail towards Beedleís Ship. If youíve purchased items from him before he should have a new item that should have your interest. The second Bomb Bag. It is an expensive 1000 rupees to buy it is well worth it. It's wise to buy a ship part and a piece of treasure at this point as well.

New Item: Bomb Bag #2 Southwest Quadrant - Beedle's Shop Ship
 - Allows you to carry up to 30 bombs at once!

 - Your next stop is for the salvage arm so set sail for Cannon Island. Once you arrive on shore, just head straight for Eddoís Garage. You can talk to the assistant in the first room and he will just say that the salvage arm is ready. We donít need to go through the entire island this time around as the front door is now open. Head into Eddoís room and have a chat with him.

 - After some short chit chat of Link admiring Eddoís work, Eddo wants Link to shout at how much he wants the Salvage Arm. At this point you need to literally yell into the Nintendo DS microphone. Alternately you can just blow into it. After your shouting is over, Eddo will set a price for you depending on how loud the shout was. You can always decline the price and shout once again if you think you can get louder. The Salvage Arm can be purchased for as low as 200 rupees.

New Item: Salvage Arm Cannon Island - Eddo's Garage
 - This addition to Linebeck's ship will allow you to salvage treasure from the bottom of the sea!

 - Exit the garage and make your way back towards Linebeck and set sail once again. Our next destination is the green symbol that is in the center part of this map. Sail over it and click the menu button, and then the salvage arm.

 - Youíll get some quick instructions from Linebeck on how to properly use the salvage arm. It really is quite easy. The bar on the bottom can be moved left or right and doing so will also move your salvage arm. There are also small up and down arrows on the bar. Pressing them will increase or decrease the salvage arm speed as it is lowering or rising when underwater. Once you start using the arm, you will notice that there are many rocks and octomines under water and your salvage arm also has its own health bar. If you damage the salvage arm too much and run out of health, you will have to take it to the ship yard on Mercay Island.

 - Once the salvage arm reaches the bottom, be sure to grab onto the chest. Once you do grab it, youíll have to carry it back up to the surface, going through the same troubles. If you miss some rupees or items on the way down and you want to be sure to get them, just click the escape button in the bottom left corner. Remember that the chain on the arm cannot be damaged but only the red hook. Also, if your salvage arm does get damaged but not completely broken, it still is a good idea to take it to the Mercay Island Shipyard as it is much less to repair a damaged one than a broken one.

 - Once you finally bring up the chest that was underneath the green crest. Link will open it up to get the Sun Key!

New Item: Sun Key Southwest Quadrant - Sunken Treasure
 - This special key allows you to open locked doors that have a sun emblem on them.

 - Now that we have the Salvage Arm, we can finally start salvaging up those treasures that we found through the 9 treasure charts we have received. Although this is optional and we can actually make our way straight to Molida Island if weíd like to.

 - Listed below is the nine treasure maps that we got and their corresponding sunken treasure locations. The chart below shows the location, what is in the sunken chest, and any bonus rupees you can get as well. Note that we cannot reach the sunken treasure chest number 4 just yet because it lies on the other side of Bannan Island.
#1 - Southwest Quadrant -
Southwest of Molida Island
Ship part
9 green rupees
#2 - Southwest Quadrant -
Northeast of Mercay Island
Sand of Hours (1 minute)
12 green rupees, 1 red rupee, 1 big green rupee
#3 - Southwest Quadrant -
Southwest of Isle of Gust
Ship part
23 green rupees, 1 big green rupee
#5 - Southwest Quadrant -
North of Molida Island
Ship part
5 green rupees, 1 red rupee, 1 big green rupee
#6 - Northwest Quadrant -
West of Bannon Island
12 green rupees, 1 big green rupee
#7 - Northwest Quadrant -
East of Isle of Gust
Ship part
5 green rupees, 1 red rupee
#8 - Southwest Quadrant -
Southeast of Mercay Island
Sand of Hours (1 minute)
21 green rupees
#9 - Southwest Quadrant -
West of Cannon Island
Sand of Hours (1 minute)
5 green rupees, 1 red rupee

 - Once you have gotten eight of the sunken chests you can continue the quest on towards Molida Island.

 - As you come close to Molida Island, you will be confronted by a new enemy, a Giant Eye Plant.

Giant Eye Plant

 - Just as the name suggest, it's a giant version of the Eye Plant. These massive things shoot green blobs at you which can be deflected using your canon. Keep on the move and shoot at the eye on top when its open.
 - It's a good idea to trace a long route so you don't have to worry about setting another course while battling this thing. Five shots will slaughter it.

 - Once the vile creature has been defeated, you'll dock at Molida Island.

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~ Chapter 6 - Treasures ~
- 6.1 Back To Mercay
- 6.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 3
- 6.3 Wonders Under The Sea
Chapter 7 - Courageous
Chapter 8 - Haunting
Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
Chapter 11 - Chilly
Chapter 12 - Gems
Chapter 13 - A'mazing
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