Chapter 5 - Windy Wonderland
This section of the walkthrough covers the Isle of Gust and the Temple of Wind.

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~ Chapter 5 - Windy Wonderland ~
- 5.1 Isle of Gust
- 5.2 Temple of Wind
- 5.3 Bannan Island Revisted
Chapter 6 - Treasures
Chapter 7 - Courageous
Chapter 8 - Haunting
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5.1 Isle of Gust

Gems: Courage Gem #3, Wisdom Gem #3, Power Gem #4
Treasure Maps: Treasure Map #7, Treasure Map #8
Enemies: Sandworm

 - Once you arrive on the island, head up a bit and you will immediately find out why they call this the Isle of Gust. Winds will be blowing Link to his left every so often. When the winds blow, be sure to try and move towards the right to fight off the wind. Head up the steps here and youíll run into some miniblins. Defeat them and head down the stairs to your right. A few red chuchuís in this area that can easily be defeated. Get to the higher platform and youíll see some wood blocking your way. Just go to the top part of this area and once the wind stops blowing jump across the small gap to the right.

 - Continue across a few more platforms like this, jumping from platform to platform when the wind settles. There are many miniblins and red chuchuís in this area but they are easily defeated. Youíll eventually head up and come to a sign that says, there is strong wind to the left. That will come in handy in just minute.

 - For now, just head down the steps and fight off a few more miniblins. Youíll notice a cracked wall near the top and a few bomb flowers. Lift a bomb flower and toss it towards the crack. Careful as the wind will blow any bombs that are thrown.

 - Enter the cave and youíll find a few things of interest. There is a journal on the table. Tap it to find out this is another one of Wayfarerís hideouts. It talks about small islands that are around this island and more talk about the mermaid. Tapping the map next to the journal will show where the two hidden islands are at and also points to where Wayfarer has headed. None of this is of much use anymore since we already know this.

 - There is also a treasure chest in the room. Open it up to get a courage gem.

Courage Gem #3 Isle of Gust - Wayfarer's 3rd Hideout
 - Found in a treasure chest within Wayfarer's Hideout. The hideout is hidden beyond a cracked wall which can be blown away with a bomb.

View Courage Gems Guide.

 - Exit the cave and head back up the steps towards the sign to your right. We need to use the wind to help us jump over to the next ledge. Without the wind, the platform is to far, but if you time your jump while the wind is blowing, it will carry Link further allowing him to reach the platform. Do so again to reach the next platform.

 - Jump down here to fight off more miniblins. Bring our your shovel and dig up all the soft soil spots to find a bunch of red rupees. The steps to the left donít take you anywhere important so just enter the cave here.

 - Defeat the miniblins here and then head to the right. If you walk around the room you will run into a few jars that are gusting air out. Thereís nothing on the other side so just jump down into the pit. There is a ton of miniblins in this room, so take your time and defeat them all to make a treasure chest appear. Open it up for a treasure map. There is a chest below as well, open that one up for a wisdom gem.

New Item: Treasure Map #7 Isle of Gust - Cavern
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southwest quadrant of the Great Sea!

Wisdom Gem #3 Isle of Gust - Cavern
 - The chest is found in the center of a room filled with tons of miniblins.

View Wisdom Gems Guide.

 - Head to the bottom right and exit the cave. Back outside, defeat a few red chuchuís and then walk into the large geysers that will carry you upwards. Head to the right and you will find some bushes that surround a soft soil spot. Dig it up and a big green rupee will pop out!

 - Head back up and you need to use the wind the guide your jump to the left here once again. Do so and then fight off a few miniblins. Head down a couple set of stairs and you will come to an area with two red chuchuís. Defeat them and then head up on the right side.

 - There is a stone tablet with a map and several gust jars. Read the tablet to find out how to make the temple entrance stop gusting. Check out the map afterwards and it places an X at the top-left part of the map. Be sure to note that and this is our next destination.

 - Head back down and to the left to find a geyser coming out of the ground. Walk into it and it will carry you up to the higher ledge. There are a few red chuchuís and a closed door here. Not much we can do right now so just head down along the left side.

 - Jump off the ledge and you will see a bunch of soft soil spots and geysers along with a few miniblins. Link can use his shovel to dig up the geysers and also use his shovel to cover up geysers to make them stop gusting air. Defeat all the miniblins and then head all the way to the left. Dig up the geyser here and ride it up to the higher platform. Open the chest that is found here to get a power gem.

Power Gem #4 Isle of Gust - Northwest Quadrant
 - Use the shovel to dig up a geyser which allows you to reach a higher platform with a treasure chest. Open the chest for the power gem.

View Power Gems Guide.

 - Jump off the ledge and dig up the geyser just above. Ride it up to a higher platform that has a few red chuchuís. Defeat them with your sword and head up a screen.

 - There is a geyser on the right, but it leads nowhere. Instead, dig up the geyser on the left side and ride that one to the higher platform. Head down the steps and around to another geyser. This geyser also leads to nowhere but it is in your way. Use the shovel to cover it up with dirt allowing you to pass it heading to the left. Make your way up another geyser and then down the steps to find another soft soil spot. Dig it up to find a big green rupee.

 - Head to the right and there are a ton of geysers here. Ride the first up to the higher platform where we marked on our map. You will see a stone tablet and a map. The tablet says that Link must blow on the secret windmills to open the path. Check the map and it shows you the locations of the windmills. Be sure to mark it on your map.

 - Jump back down and cover up all the geysers. Make your way passed and follow along the path that leads to a set of stairs. Head up them and slash at the stone statue. It will give you some advice saying that the creatures in the sand are sensitive to sound. Walking with as little noise as possible will keep them at bay.


 - Perhaps some of the most annoying enemies in the entire game, especially before you get the bombs. They dwell in sandish areas and are triggered towards sound. Walking very slowly will keep them at bay but if you run, they will come charging underground towards you.
 - If caught, rub the stylus on the screen quickly to shake free. Their one weakness are bombs. Just toss one near them and it will gobble it up and soon explode.

 - These sandworms are some of the most annoying creatures in the whole game. Link must walk very slowly in the sand without making any noise. If he does make noise or runs the sandworm will start digging underground towards Link. In this situation run away and get to a safe area out of the sand. If a sandworm does devour Link, youíll have to rub the stylus back and fourth to break free.

 - The worms can only be defeated with the use of bombs. Just tossing a bomb or a bomb flower near a sandworm will do the trick. They will be attracted to the noise and gobble up the bomb. The bomb will explode, defeating the sandworm. This will only temporarily eliminate the sandworm, as there seems to be an infinite number of them underground. Until a new one comes up in this area, Link can run around freely. Keep in mind that there are other sandworms in other areas of the sand.

 - Until a new one comes up in this area, Link can run around freely. Keep in mind that there are other sandworms in other areas of the sand.

 - Creep or run your way to the right, depending on how risky you like to be. There is a safe spot with a stone state here. Tapping the statue will give you the tip of feeding bombs to the sandworms. You can pick up bomb flowers and toss them into the sand to temporarily rid this are of sandworms.

 - Make your way to the right and there is another safe platform at the top right corner. What we need to do is creep or run our way to the three marked platforms with windmills. The first windmill is located just south from here. There are several sandworms here so walking slowly is your best bet. Once you reach the platform with the windmill, walk up to it and simply blow into the Nintendo DS microphone to make the windmill spin.

 - Before heading on over to the other two windmills, creep slowly down from here and Link will find a treasure chest. Open it to get a treasure map!

New Item: Treasure Map #8 Island of Gust - Northwest Quadrant
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southwest quadrant of the Great Sea!

 - Now make your way to the two remaining windmills and blow in the microphone to make them twirl. Once all three windmills are blowing, two doors will open up and the gust jars by the entrance of the Temple will stop blowing. Now head through either of the two open doors and jump down to the lower platform. Enter the Temple of Wind.

5.2 Temple of Wind

Items: Bombs
Gems: Courage Gem #4, Power Gem #5
New Enemies: Rock Chuchu
Heart Containes: Heart Container #4

 - Temple of Wind is filled with just that, wind. Like the rest of the island there are all sorts of geysers and gust jars found in this temple. In the first room, straight ahead are two sets of gust jars. Be sure to figure out the patterns and then quickly dash across the there an opening.

 - There is a lone bomb flower here and as you can see on the other side there is a whole line of bomb flowers. The solution seems rather obvious. Lift up the bomb flower and toss it to the other side to complete the row of flowers. Doing so will trigger all the bombs at the same time which will hit the two switches on the sides. This will create two small bridges for Link to cross.

 - Two red chuchuís are waiting for you right here, eliminate them and then head to the right. You will notice a movable block and then some gust jars. Move the block to the right so it blocks the air that is shooting out, allowing Link to pass. Hit the switch over here and the second gust far will subside.

 - Continue up the stairs and across the bridge. Go down the steps and you will be greeted by two red chuchuís. Get rid of them and you will see two doors here. The one above is locked, but just just tapping on it can open the one below. Do so and then step on the switch on the other side. This will open up a door that leads to the entrance of the temple.

 - Climb up the steps and make your way right across this narrow platform. Be careful of the gust jars that can blow you off as well as the flying keese that are in this area. Jump over the few ledges here and eventually head down the steps at the end.

 - Break some pots and then head up as the door closes behind you. Four ropes are found here and shouldnít give you too much of a problem. Defeat them with a few sword attacks and then two doors will open up. Head through the one on the left and you will find some rupees and hearts to replenish your health.

 - Push the block on the left to the left one space and fight off any of the ropes that are found in this room. Heading up you will find two geysers, but blocks prevent you from progressing further as well as a locked door. For now, just head to the left.

 - There is a gust jar here and a stone statue. The stone statue will tell you of how many treasure chests are on this floor. You donít really need this information so donít bother paying the rupees. The dilemma here is trying to get across the platform. Itís too far to just jump across, so why not use the gust jar. Push the gust jar along a path that is on the floor until it makes its way to the green tiles on the floor. Use the power of the gust to launch Link over the large gap and jump to the other side.

 - Step on the switch here to open the door below. This creates easy access to the entrance of the temple. Head down the stairs.

 - Take a step down and the door shuts behind you, but where are the enemies. If you glance at your map, you will be able to see them.

Rock ChuChu

Burst from Rock
 - These bouncy little fellas are often found underneath rocks, and will jump up to attack you if you get close.
 - They are invulnerable with their rocky exterior, so you'll have to use Bombs or Bomb Flowers to weaken them. After this point, they're just a regular ChuChu.

 - These guys are not too difficult at all. Just be careful when lifting a rock because a chuchu might be underneath. If you get close to a rock with a chuchu, it will begin moving. Just lift one of the bomb flowers and toss it at the chuchu to break its rock shield. After that, it is nothing more than a regular red chuchu.

 - Once they are all defeated, two doors will open up. Follow through the door on the right and up the stairs. Three more chuchuís wait for you here, strike at them and head down the steps on the right.

 - Wander around the room and defeat a few miniblins that are all over the place. In the center of the room there is a switch next to a stone tablet. Read the tablet and it gives you a hint on what we are going to have to do. "When two wings flutter, the door will swing open." The tablet is referring to the two windmills that are just to the left. We will get to them in a bit. Step on the switch and a door will open up at the south part of this room.

 - Make your way to the door and climb the steps. Head down the steps on the right side here, which will eventually lead to a treasure chest. Open it to get a piece of treasure. Head back left and up the steps. You will notice a movable block on the lower platform as well as several geysers. For now, just walk into the geyser and it will float you across several geysers and you will eventually land on a high platform with a treasure chest. Open it up to get a Courage Gem.

Courage Gem #4 Temple of Wind - B1
 - Ride a few geysers to a higher platform near the center of the room which holds a chest. Open it up for the courage gem.

View Courage Gems Guide.

 - Jump off the ledge and make your way around, back to the geysers on the bottom. This time, donít jump into the geysers but just jump down to the lower platform. Push the block up two and to the right two spaces and it will cover one of the geysers. Walk into the bottom geyser and it will push Link so he is standing on top of the block. Walk to the right to get back down to the lower platform. Follow the path to find a staircase. Make your way down to the second basement.

 - Right away you will notice there is an unlit torch, a few bomb flowers, a cracked wall, a few pots, and a stone statue. First things first, replenish your health with some hearts that are under the pot. You can tap on the statue, but all it does is point out where the two treasure chests are for 20 rupees. Lift one of the bomb flowers and toss it at the cracked wall to open up a passage.

 - There are several soft soil spots where geysers are below, but donít mind them right now. Either creep or run quickly to the center platform. You must be careful since there are sandworms all over the place. Climb the steps and tap the stone tablet for a small hint about the sandworms. What really is important is the map on the wall. It shows you four Xís on the map, which correspond to where geysers are buried under ground. Sneak over to each of the four geysers, dig them out and they will light a torch in their corner. After all four torches have been lit up two doors will open up.

Power Gem #5 Temple of Wind - B2
 - At the far left against the wall there is a treasure chest. Open it up to get a power gem.

View Power Gems Guide

 - Just north of treasure chest lays a cracked wall. There are no bomb flowers that can reach here, but we will have an item that can blow this up rather shortly. Mark it on your map.

 - First stop, head through the locked door that opened up at the top of the screen. There are some breakable blocks and two bomb flowers. Toss a bomb flower at the blocks to create a passage. Head up the steps.

 - We are actually in a room we previously were in, just on a higher ledge. The stone statue next to Link will offer to tell how many treasure chests are on this floor. Anyway, walk across the platform and you will come across a gust jar. Just across is a windmill. Naturally, you need to push the gust jar so it is blowing at the windmill. Just push it onto the green tile and the first windmill will move. Great, we only have one more to go.

 - Backtrack through the staircase at the top and get back to the large sand room with the sandworms. Now walk or run over the platform at the bottom left where the other locked door had opened up. Head up the steps here and you will be taken to the other side of the windmill room.

 - Get rid of the loan red chuchu here and carefully walk across the platform to get to another gust jar. Pull it onto the green tile and the second windmill will begin to turn. A small key will drop on the lower platform. Jump off and grab the key.

 - The locked door for this key is back on the floor below in the sand. Head to the bottom of the room and jump through the geysers once again. Make your way to the staircase at the bottom right of the screen.

 - The door can be seen on the map, so just head straight to the top-right corner. Use the small key and you will find a large treasure chest on a platform here. Open it up to get your own Bombs!

New Item: Bombs Temple of Wind - B2
 - Link's classic explosive item. Bombs can be used to defeat certain enemies, trigger switches, or blow up certain rocks or walls. When Link gets the bombs, his bomb bag can only hold up to 10 bombs.

 - With the bombs comes the basic bomb bag that lets Link carry up to ten bombs. No longer does he have to rely on bomb flowers in order to blow things up.

 - Now that we have the bombs, there are a few things we can do in this room. Run quickly to safety at the north area near the door. If you head through this door and go all the way to the left, you will be able to see a big green rupee, but you cannot reach it from here. Rather, it looks like there is a door at the bottom. Head back down and what you need to do here is place a bomb against the wall just to the left of the door you just came from. The bomb should be placed in between the door and where the closest geyser is to the left. This will reveal a secret passage and you can then access the big green rupee. Head back down a screen.

 - Now remember that cracked wall in this same room. Well, that is our next spot to go. Make your way to the left side of the room and place a bomb near the cracked wall to explode open a passage.

 - In this next room there is a geyser but Link cannot quite head up them because of a block that are in your way. Once again, pull out the bombs and toss them up the geyser. They will float up there and eventually explode to break the block. Be sure to break the pots on the left and you could be awarded with some bombs. Now head up the geyser and then up a set of stairs here.

 - We are back in this huge room but now at a new location. Head right and defeat two red chuchuís that are in your way. You will notice a line of bomb flowers at the top and a switch at the end of the line. Just below is a locked door. Hitting the switch will open the door, but only for a small amount of time. Head back left to the geyser here and toss a bomb into it. Then run back to the right and once the bomb explodes it will explode all the other bombs and eventually hit the switch. Head through the open door and continue making your way to the right.

 - There are two rock chuchuís here next to a stone tablet. Use the bombs to break the rock and then defeat the red chuchuís. Read the tablet and it gives you a hint about fake walls. Progress to the right and there are some pots and another rock chuchu. After that is taken care of, you will notice just to your left that there is a green tile against the wall. Place a bomb here and it will break open a passageway. Defeat the red chuchuís here and make your way up the steps that are found at the end of the path.

 - Defeat the few rock chuchuís here and then you will notice something different about the wall above. There is a green tile that is slightly visible on the other side of the wall. Place a bomb here to explode open another passageway.

 - Head to the left and you will see another puzzle with several bomb flowers, two switches, and a locked door. The trick is that you nee to hit both switches at the same time. Place two bomb flowers on the two green switches and it they will explode causing all the surrounding bomb flowers to explode, which will trigger both switches at the same time. The door will open, so run on over to the large treasure chest and open it to get the Boss Key!

 - Jump off the ledge to the left and just toss the boss key on the ground. There are two geysers here and there are two blocks as well at the top of the geysers. Like before, toss bombs up the geysers to explode the two blocks. Then go and grab the boss key once again and ride the geysers up. Toss the boss key into the lock and it will allow you to head up.

 - Here in the boss chamber hallway wind will be blowing Link back, but just keeping pushing on, riding up the geysers here. Read the stone tablet and it will create a blue morph point to the entrance of the temple. Break the pots for some hearts and bombs. Once you are read, head on up to fight the boss Cyclok, Stirrir of Winds.

 - Once you enter, you will be in an outdoor environment with Cyclok, who looks like a giant octorok will appear on the top screen. Ciela will jump in letting you know that Cyclok can summon cyclones.

Temple Boss: Cyclok, Master of Wind Temple of Wind
Defense Power:
 - 1 Bomb to weaken, multiple hits to defeat!
 - Normal.

 - The cyclones that Cyclok provides us with are exactly what we need to defeat him. There are three spots where cyclones are located on the bottom screen but only one of them is available at a time. When Cyclokís shadow moves over the cyclone. Toss a bomb into the cyclone and it will be sent up into the air, blasting away at Cyclok and sending him tumbling to the ground. At that point run up to him and strike him repeatedly with your sword. He will eventually regain consciousness and fly up to the air once again.

 - Cyclok will also summon smaller cyclones that will move around on the surface. These ones can pull Link into the air but they can also pull bombs into the air. Use these as well when trying to nail Cyclok with a bomb.

 - Periodically, Cyclok will drop to the surface and quickly dash towards Link. You cannot harm Cyclok when he does do this, so just dodge his attack. Once he is back in the air, continue tossing bombs into the cyclones trying to hit Cyclok.

 - If you do run low on health or bombs, there are jars all around the area that contain extra hearts and some bombs. There are also bomb flowers that can be used, but they are a bit more difficult since they are timed from once you lift them up, so it is best to just stick with regular bombs. If you hit Cyclok continuously every time he falls to the ground, it should take about five bomb shots to defeat him.

 - When he swipes at you, move out of the way to avoid it. Don't touch the whirlwinds he creates, but throw Bombs into them instead. Time it well and send a Bomb hurtling up to explode on him. After a few hits, he falls, allowing you to slash away. He'll go back up, repeat.

 - Once defeated, he will burst into sand and Link will pull out the Phantom Hourglass. A short cut scene will show Link acquiring two minutes of sand.

 - The same embedded blue symbol appears on a circular rock and out of it comes a fairy. This blue fairies name is Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. Neri thanks you for defeating Cyclok and freeing her. Ciela jumps into the conversation and the fairies go on about the Ocean King. After agreeing to help out and a cute little scene, Neri has officially joined Link on his quest.

 - A treasure chest will appear as well as a blue portal. Open up the chest to get another heart container!

Heart Container #5 Temple of Wind
 - After defeating the boss of the Temple of Wind, Cyclok, a treasure chest will appear container a full heart container.

 - Exit the temple by stepping into the blue portal.

5.3 Bannan Island Revisted

Items: Bomb Bag Upgrade #1
Gems: Wisdom Gem #4, Wisdom Gem #5
Heart Containers: Heart Container #5
 - You will be taken back outside to the Isle of Gust. From here, we just want to head back towards Linebeckís ship. Simply head down a screen and up the stairs on the right. Jump off the cliff at the bottom and then climb the steep set of steps at the bottom left. Jump off the ledge and then make your way to Linebeck. Talk to him and board the ship.

 - Before heading back to the Temple of the Ocean King like Linebeck suggested, we can continue on with a few side quests. Sail back up north towards Bannan Island. Once you arrive head straight towards the cave near the center of the island. If you do most of the fishing side quest you should get a delivery from the postman containing a ship part. Enter the cave.

 - Head straight up and youíll find a stone tablet next to a cracked wall. Now that we have the bombs, we can break open this wall. Do so and travel through the rest of the cave destroying the keese and pots that are found in the area to get to the end of the line. We are back outside but now on the other side of the island. Talk to the man sitting at the booth here and you will find out he is running a Cannon Game. Who honestly sets up a game in this location?

 - The game costs 20 rupees to play and Salvatore, the man running the game, lights up when he realizes you want to play. He goes through a puppet show explaining the rules. Blue targets can be hit one time only and are worth 100 points while the red targets can be hit multiple times and are worth 20 points.

 - Once you start the game you will be on the ship and it will sail by itself. Just float around the sea hitting the red targets as many times as you can and be sure to hit every one of the blue targets. Once the game is over, you can get an assortment of prizes based on your score.

1500 or lessEither a green or blue rupee.
1500 to 1980Green, blue or red rupee, or a random treasure.
2000 to 2480Red rupee, big green rupee, or ship part.
2500+Bomb Bag Upgrade (first time only)
After that, big green rupee or ship part.

New Item: Bomb Bag Upgrade #1 Bannan Island - Cannan Game
 - Score over 2500 points on the cannan shooting game on Bannan Island to get the bomb bag upgrade..

 - Once you are done playing the Cannon game and have gotten the Bomb Bag Upgrade, you will get yet another gift, just not at the moment. Sometime down the line, Salvatore will send you a letter in the mail. Within the letter, Link will get another Wisdom Gem!

Wisdom Gem #4 Any Post Box
 - After you play the cannan game for awhile, Salvatore will send you a letter in the mail. Within the letter, there will be a wisdom gem attached.

View Wisdom Gems Guide.

 - You can now leave this island, so head back through the cave and then to Linebeck to set sail.

 - Continue on over to Mercay Island. Remember, if you met with the golden frog south of Mercay Island, you can just open up your slate and draw the X with a line connecting the bottom parts. A whirlwind will carry you off to the southwest quadrant.

 - Before making your way back to Mercay Island and the Temple of the Ocean King, we can make a pit stop at the Isle of Ember and visit Astrid. Sail south and dock at the island. Head over to Astridís hut and talk to her. After hearing that you ventured through the Temple of Wind and saved the Spirit of Wisdom, Astrid will award you with a Wisdom Gem! She will then tell you your next destination is the Temple of the Ocean King.

Wisdom Gem #5 Isle of Ember - Astrid's House
 - Once you defeat the Temple of Wind, head over and speak with Astrid to get this wisdom gem.

View Wisdom Gems Guide.

 - Head back over to Linebeck and set sail for Mercay Island and the Temple of the Ocean King!

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