.:The Minish Cap Fairy Fountains:.

There are three Great Fairy Fountains that Link can encounter during his quest. While none of these fairy fountains are necessary for Link to complete his journey, they are here to aid Link by upgrading his Bomb Bag, Wallet, and Quiver.
Great Mayfly Fairy
Location - Mt. Crenel
Reward - Larger Bomb Bag
Description - While scaling Crenel Wall head to the far right side of the wall and you will see a piece of land. Use your bombs to blow open a hole in the wall here. Head up and throw a bomb into the water here. A fairy will appear and asked if you threw a golden bomb, a silver bomb, or neither. Be honest and answer neither and the Great Mayfly Fairy will reward you with a larger bomb bag.
Great Butterfly Fairy
Location - Minish Woods
Reward - Larger Wallet
Description - Once you have the Cane of Pacci head to the far northeast corner of Eastern Hills and use it on the small hole. Get to the higher platform and head east into the Minish Woods. The lone tree here holds the Great Butterfly Fairy. Talk to the pond and throw in all your rupees. The Great Butterfly Fairy will appear and reward you with a bigger wallet for being so generous.
Great Dragonfly Fairy
Location - Royal Valley
Reward - Larger Quiver
Description - Once you enter royal valley head down the stairs and immedately to the right there is a cave that can be bombed. Do so and head inside to the pond. The Great Dragonfly Fairy will ask you several questions.

1)The first Element you found was the Fire Element, was it not? (No)
2)Your grandfather's name is Smee, isn't it? (No)
3)Melari of Mount Crenel has seven apprentices, does he not? (Yes)
4)The Blabber Nut gives one the ability to understand the Minish, does it not? (No)
5)The robe of the current king of Hyrule, Daltus, is white, is it not? (No)

Answer all five questions and the Great Fairy will reward Links knowledge by giving him a larger quiver.