Chapter 3 - Melting Winter's Heart
This section of the walkthrough covers the north section of Termina, including the Snowhead Temple.
3.1 Item Collection #2

Items: Large Quiver
Masks: Kamaro's Mask
Heart Pieces: #5, #6, #7, #9, #10, #23
 - Our next objective is the mountains, but first, let's snag some more stuff, shall we?

~ Southern Swamp ~

 - First of all, there's a contest at the Swamp Tourist Center that ends when the poison goes away. Bringing the big guy pictures will give you different rewards. To get [HEART PIECE #23], bring him a picture of either the Deku King or Tingle, his son, at the entrance to Southern Swamp (only Swamp pictures count). The latter is much easier in my opinion.

~ Clock Town ~

 - On either the First and Second Night between 6:00 PM and 12:00 PM, go to the Postman's House in West Clock Town. Speak with him to test your timing skills.

Mini-Game: Perfect Timing
- Bunny Hood (or stop watch)  
- Heart Piece #5 (1st time)
- Stop the timer at exactly 10 seconds.
- 2 Rupees

 - After the timer starts, the goal is to hit A at exactly 10 seconds. I suggest turning off the sound, it's off beat with the timer.

 - You can run and snag a stop watch (in the real world =P) or simply bob your head or tap the controller to the beat. I like the tapping myself.

 - If you have the Bunny Hood, you can use that to see the timer for the entire duration of the game.

 - When you have completed this task, he will award you with [HEART PIECE #5].

~ Termina Field ~

 - Next, go to Termina Field through the North exit. At 12:00 AM on any Night, a pale dude will be dancing atop one of the mushrooms in the snowy area to the northwest of the north entrance to Clock Town.
 - Go over and talk to him for a very interesting conversation. Play the Song of Healing to put his soul to rest and receive Kamaro's Mask.

New Mask: Kamaro's Mask

 - This mask holds the spirit of the charismatic dancer; use it to share his dance with the world!

~ Clock Town ~

 - From 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM on any Night, the Rosa Sisters are dancing in West Clock Town trying to figure out a spiffy new dance before the Carnival of Time. Let's go over there and share the joy of Kamaro's weird jig, shall we? In doing so, they will bow to you and gift you with [HEART PIECE #6].

 - Next we're going to tackle the Shooting Gallery, but you'll need lots of Rupees to do so. Collect 200 if you can.
 - A good way to do so is to use the Bunny Hood and start off near the yellow cap Bomber and run towards the Shooting Gallery along the wall. You will walk along the tops of signs and the like until you reach a secret area. Open the chest here to get 100 Rupees.
 - There's also 100 Rupees to left when you enter the Sewers (behind the yellow cap kid). Blow up the wall with either the Blast Mask or Bombs to snag a free 100 Rupees.

 - Go to the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town during the Day and play his game for 20 Rupees a try.

Mini-Game: Town Shooting Gallery
- Hero's Bow
- Rupees
- Large/Largest Quiver
- Heart Piece #7
- Shoot red Octoroks.
- Avoid blue ones.
- 20 Rupees

 - Your goal is to hit all the red Octoroks without hitting any of the blue ones. It'll just take practice to memorize where they all are.

 - The only real tip I can give you is to go from left to right or vice versa. Bring lots of Rupees.

 - If you get a score of 40+, you will get the Large Quiver. If you get a perfect score of 50, you'll receive [HEART PIECE #7].

New Item: Large Quiver

 - Allows you to carry up to 40 Arrows at a time.

 - If you'd like another Heart Piece, go to North Clock Town and bring lots of Rupees. There's a fenced in area near the Fairy Fountain; use the nearby flower to get there and fall down the hole.

Mini-Game: Deku Playground
- Deku Mask
- Rupees
- Heart Piece #9
- Collect all the Rupees in the room within the time limit.
- 10 Rupees

 - This game is simply a race to collect all the Rupees. It can be very disorienting because you have to account for all the moving platforms.

 - If you manage to get all of them, you will have earned back your money and then some.

 - If you beat your high score (time) once each day, on the Final Day, they'll
reward you with [HEART PIECE #9]!

 - There's another mini-game deal in town called the Honey & Darling's Shop. You will need a Bomb Bag and Quiver before you can do it though.

Mini-Game: Honey & Darling's Shop
- Bomb Bag
- Hero's Bow & Quiver
- Rupees
- Heart Piece #10
- Stay on the platform.
- Blow up / Hit all the targets within the time limit.
- 10 Rupees

 - The games change each day, and they are random which ones they will be. Each of them consist of standing on a spinning, raising platform in the middle of the room that goes faster as you go. If you fall off, you lose. The games are the following...

Target Shooting:

 Stand in the middle and shoot the targets with arrows.
Bomb Baskets:  Stand near the middle and throw the bombs when you're lined up with the baskets.
Bombchu Gallery:  By far, the hardest. Lay these things down and they'll go along the floors and walls until they blow up and/or hit something. Stand near the edge and time it well. This can be really hard because you not only have to account for lining yourself up with the targets, but the raising platform will have to be considered as well.

 - If you win them each day, on the last day you'll receive [HEART PIECE #10]! This is really hard, and I'm too lazy to do so myself, so don't feel bad if you can't do it either.

 - Well, that's pretty much it for now. Put your remaining Rupees in the Bank and play the Song of Time.
3.2 Winter Wonderland

Items: Map of Snowhead
Heart Pieces: #17
~ Clock Town ~

 - Alright, we're heading to the Snowhead next. We'll need Bombs for this journey however.
 - If you don't have them, go to the Bomb Shop and purchase a Bomb Bag for 40 Rupees. If you'd like the upgrade of that, save the old lady in North Clock Town at 12:00 AM on the First Night, then buy the Big Bomb Bag on the Second Day for 90 Rupees.

 - When you're ready, exit via North Clock Town.

~ Termina Field ~

 - You should be in Northern Termina Field in the snowy area. Slash some bushes to fill up on Arrows and Bombs.

 - If you'd like a Heart Piece, go down into the snowy area below the mushroom shaped rocks and find a hole in the ground a little to the left.
 - Inside are two Dodongos. To defeat them, you have to either throw 6 Bombs at them relentlessly, or stab them in the tail about 12 times. They will try to breathe fire at you, so keep out of their way if that happens.
 - When they have died, a chest will appear with [HEART PIECE #17] inside.

 - If you'd like some free money, play the song on the wall while standing in front of it.

 - When you're ready, go up the ramp in the snowy area up against the wall. You'll find a wall of ice that will freeze you if you touch it. Well, that's lame now isn't it?
 - Z target the icy stalactite hanging above it. Tatl will wish to point out that you could pierce right through it with two shots of some kind of weapon... Whip out your trusty bow and prove her point.
 - The chunk of ice will fall down and smash it all to bits. The resounding puzzle noise will inform you of the new area you can now enter.

~ Road to Mountain Village ~

 - This area is slippery and there are several Blue Tektites under the snow. Use vertical slashes to defeat them.
 - Go up and around the next corner. In this next area, you'll see the way to proceed is blocked off by three gigantic snowballs. If you stand near them, Tatl will tell you to blast through them. Use Bombs or the Blast Mask to do just that.
 - Continue on ahead and take the north exit to get out of this place.

~ Mountain Village ~

 - How is this a "Village"? It's just one house... Anyway, go straight ahead to find an Owl Statue being buried in the snow. Slash at it to wake it up.
 - There isn't much else we can do here yet, so go through the right exit.

~ Road to Goron Village ~

 - In this area, there are a couple Blue Tektites as well as some White Wolfos. To kill the latter, just keep stabbing at them, or jump back when they try and hit you, then stab them from behind.
 - Go across the first two bridges. You'll see Tingle here. Shoot him down with your bow and buy his Map of Snowhead for 20 Rupees.
 - Continue onto the next area.
3.3 The Goron Hero

Items: Lens of Truth
Masks: Goron Mask
~ Goron Village ~

 - Talk to the Gorons around town if you like. Everything's frozen over right now so most of them are all indoors.
 - Go to the opposite side of the village. You'll see a floating island out in the distance. Right before that, Kaepora Gaebora (the owl) is perched atop the nearby pillar. Walk up to him.

 - After a short conversation, the owl will begin to fly around an odd path, dropping feathers as he goes. These will land on invisible, icy platforms.
 - Jump from feather to feather to get to the floating island. Be sure to hurry, because they disappear after awhile. Enter the shrine.

 - Open the huge chest to receive the Lens of Truth.

New Item: Lens of Truth

 - Use this item to see through illusions and reveal what's hidden. It will slowly drain your Magic though. You can use it in short bursts to conserve Magic if need be.

 - Set it to a (C) button and the fun begins. Blow up all the giant boulders in here and use your Lens of Truth to find two chests, one with 20 Rupees and the other with 50. There's also an invisible Skulltula, so be warned.

 - Back outside, use the Lens of Truth to get back to land. Now it all makes sense, eh?
 - When you get there, you'll notice a... well, a dead Goron floating there. Speak with him while using the Lens and he'll ask you to follow him.
 - Basically, just follow his shadow. Everytime he stops and sits there, you have to be standing next to him using the Lens in order to proceed.
 - When you get to the end, do that to enter the next area.

~ Road to Goron Village ~

 - Follow him through this area too. Just ignore the enemies.

~ Mountain Village ~

 - The Goron will attempt to lead you up the giant wall above the small lake here. With your Lens, you'll see there are actually invisible ladders all odd...

 - Jump across the spinning icebergs to get to the platform on the other side. The smaller ones circle the larger, so use them to get there.
 - Start climbing the ladder, which is a little maze. The correct path is shown on the left. it's right, left, right.
 - At the top, stand next to him while using the Lens, then enter the grave.

~ Goron Graveyard ~

 - Use your Lens one last time to speak with the spirit. It seems this Goron is named Darmani, the great Goron Hero. He tried to go tackle the Snowhead Temple on his own and got blown off into the valley. Yipes! Better not fall off yourself then, huh?
 - After speaking with him, he's no longer invisible. Strange. Anyway, he wants you to 'heal his sorrows' so play the Song of Healing and witness a sad little movie with Darmani crying because he could not save his people. At the end, he is willing to pass on his burden to you. =(
 - As expected, you receive the Goron Mask, which will allow you to change to the very form of Darmani! Everyone will think you're him... creepy...

New Mask: Goron Mask

 - This mask has the power to transform you into a rock rolling shape of Darmani, the Goron Hero!

 - Put on the Goron Mask and read the grave for more instructions on how to use it.

 - The Goron outside mentions that there is a hot spring beneath the grave. Stand behind it and pull it back as a Goron. This will allow the area to fill up with steaming hot water.
 - Snag some in a Bottle. This stuff won't stay hot long so let's run. Exit the cave.
3.4 Lullaby

Masks: Don Gero Mask
Songs: Lullaby Intro, Goron Lullaby
~ Mountain Village ~

 - Outside the cave, take off your Goron Mask and jump off the ledge into the water below. Now quickly run towards Goron Village.

~ Road to Goron Village ~

 - Go to the giant chunk of ice covering the hole on the last island. Stand next to it and pour out your Hot Spring Water. This will melt it.

 - Inside, there is another Hot Spring so you can get more water close by.

~ Goron Village ~

 - If you haven't been to the Goron Shrine in Goron Village yet, do it now. To get in, either talk to the Goron right at the entrance to Goron Village, or stand in front of the door below and use your Goron Slam (A + B).

~ Goron Shrine ~

 - Inside, it seems that the baby Goron is crying so hard that all the fires have been blown out. Speak to him while wearing the Goron Mask to learn that he misses his dad. That's all we need, so leave.

~ Road to Goron Village ~

 - Go back to our new found Hot Spring, snag some water and smash the giant snowballs around this last island before Goron Village. In one of them is the Goron Elder.
 - Use the Hot Spring Water to release him from his icy predicament and speak with him twice while wearing the Goron Mask.
 - At hearing that his son misses him, he will teach you the Lullaby Intro because he can't remember the rest.

Incomplete Song: Lullaby Intro

 - Play this for the Goron Elder's son at the Goron Shrine.

~ Goron Shrine ~

 - Head up to the top into the little alcove and stand right in front of the crying baby. Play the Lullaby Intro for him to learn the second half of the song as well as put him and all the other Gorons to sleep.

New Song: Goron Lullaby

 - This mystical song has the power to make your eyes heavy and fall into a deep slumber.

 - Well, now that the kid's asleep, the torches are lit once again. Take off the Goron Mask and whip out a Deku Stick. Light it, then run out and quickly run along the right side of the torches all the way down, and finally, light the last three on the small platform below.
 - This will light the chandelier above and cause it to start spinning. Stand near the beginning at the entrance to the little room that leads to the baby. This rug is slippery for some reason.
 - Curl into a ball and start spinning in the direction of the chandelier. When you get fully charged, you'll break one of the five jars above. Use the process of elimination until you find the Rock Sirloin (it looks like one of those giant pieces of meat off the Flinstones).

 - This giant piece of rock is too heavy to carry around normally, so, with the Goron Mask, carry it above your head and take it all the way back to Mountain Village. Walk around all the enemies that get in your way.

~ Mountain Village ~

 - When you get there, go up to the Goron with the funny green mask that's atop the small ledge. He'll inform you that he is too famished and cold to make it down. Throw him the Rock Sirloin to give him the energy he needs to return home and bless you with the Don Gero Mask.

New Mask: Don Gero Mask

 - Wear this to conduct the frog choir! The Frogs in Termina will gather at Mountain Village in the Spring when you speak to them.

 - We'll use that in a side quest much later.

 - Go through the exit next to the Owl Statue on your right.

~ Road to Snowhead ~

 - Curl up and roll. Once your spikes are out, you should be fine. Roll across each of the gaps and just try to stay in the middle. Hit all of the giant snowballs if you can, cause they have Magic Jars in them so you don't have to stop halfway.
 - When you get to the end, just continue on through.

~ Snowhead ~

 - First off, smack the Owl Statue with your sword to wake it up.
 - Alike all the Temples, we only need the final Owl Statue and the Song for this area to get into the Temple. Soar back to Clock Town, put your Rupees in the Bank and play the Song of Time.

 - When you return, slash the snowballs here and put the Fairy in a Bottle just in case.

 - So, as you can see, you can't make much progress due to the wind. Darmani died because he was trying to get through anyway and got blown off. Use the Lens of Truth to see that a gigantic, invisible Goron is the source.
 - While wearing the Goron Mask, play the Goron Lullaby to put him to rest, allowing you to proceed.

 - There's two methods of scaling this mountain: Using the Goron Mask to go slowly, punching your way through the rolling snowballs, or running around quickly with the Bunny Hood. I prefer the latter, but I suppose the first option is better...
 - In any case, head around the left side, avoiding all the enemies. You'll come to a skinny ramp that leads up and around the exterior of Snowhead itself.
 - Either avoid the snowballs as they come, Fire Punch them (Goron Mask), or simply allow them to hit you if you don't care. If you're really daring, you can use the Blast Mask to blow them up right before they hit you.
 - When you get to the top, you'll find the entrance.
3.5 Snowhead Temple

Items: Fire Arrow
Mask: Goht's Remains
Stray Fairies: 15
 - You'll need Bombs and Arrows for this dungeon, so come prepared. I also suggest ensuring that time is slowed (Inverted Song of Time).

 - When you first enter, you'll be surrounded by some White Boes in very short order. Use a Goron Slam (A + B) to take them out quickly. When they're dead, smash the ice stalagmites ahead of you with anything you like.
 - This large stone is too heavy to push normally, so wear the Goron Mask and get a'movin'.
 - In this next area, a White Wolfos will appear, kill it (from behind) if you like or just ignore it. There are three doors, but we can only enter the dark blue one on your right for now.

 - In this next room, you'll see a lot of Freezards blowing across the gap. Don't worry about them as they don't cause much of a problem.

 #1 This one is trapped in a bubble within the pillar holding up the second half of the bridge. It's easier to see from down below.

 #2 The second Stray Fairy is in a bubble under the ledge leading to the stairs on the far side of the room. Shoot it and use the Great Fairy Mask.

 - Climb back up the ladder if you're down below and face towards the partial bridge. Use the slippery ground here to start rolling towards it. If you start around the time the first Freezard is done blowing, you should be fine.
 - Hold A until you've cleared the bridge, then take off your Goron Mask. Jump across here and take the stairs up a level.

 - There's a new enemy in this room called a Real Bombchu. It can be killed by simply walking into it with your shield raised. Open the large chest to find the dungeon map. Snag Stray Fairy #10 if you like, I'll get it later.
 - There's nothing else we can do in here for now, so go back down the stairs and through the blue door this time.

 - Welcome to the Main Room of this dungeon. As you can see, it's huge, and yes, it does suck to fall down.
 - Run straight across this platform and enter the yellow door.

 - In this small room, put on your Goron Mask and pull out the two large stones from the wall on your left. If you'd like a Stray Fairy later, push/pull it all the way as far as it can go along this snowy path. At the end, it'll fall into a hole and create a chest you can snag later.
 - Now, enter the cubby hole you have revealed and open the chest for a Small Key.

 - We're back in the Main Room. We can go downstairs, but we'll do that later.
 - We need to get back to the starting room, so head over to the red door and shoot an arrow through the torch at the ice to melt it. This will create a shortcut.
  - Alternatively, you can go back through the bridge room with the Freezards.

 - Back in the first room, ignore the White Wolfos and use your key on the locked (light blue) door.

 - This large room has two White Wolfos in it, but they don't attack you unless you get close or Z target them. Open the chest in here to find the Compass.
 - There are three Stray Fairies here, but we'll have to come back for them later.
 - Use a Bomb or the Blast Mask to blast through the cracked wall here to reveal a set of stairs.

 - In this room, there's lots of small pillars covered in ice. Above them, however, are more loose stalactites on the ceiling. Shoot arrows to pave your way.

 #3 Climb onto the first three little pillars. Straight ahead, in the wall, you'll notice an icy patch that looks funny.
 - Use the Lens of Truth if you like to see that it's a hidden cubby in the wall. Jump in and open the chest to snag your prize.

 - Work your way to the opposite side of the room along the pillars to get to the platform with the giant snowball on it. Fire Punch it while wearing the Goron Mask to reveal a chest containing a Small Key.
 - With that in hand, jump down and use it on the locked door.

 - In this room, some White Boes will fall from above into the snowy area below.

 #4 Kill the White Boes here and stand near the center of the snowy area below. Look up while wearing the Great Fairy Mask and using the Lens of Truth. Shoot the center of the dark area to pop a bubble.

 - In this puzzle, you have to hit the switches while wearing the Goron Mask (A + B) in the right order to get through the door ahead.
 - First, push the yellow one up high, down.
 - Take off your Mask and jump across to the next platform using the second yellow one, which is now raised. Now, put the Goron Mask back on and slam down on the green one up here.
 - Slam the second yellow one (you used to get over to this platform) down this time, then quickly, take off the Goron Mask one last time quickly get on the small green one down here in the snowy area to jump up to the second platform.
 - The door will no longer be blocked, so you can go through.

 - Roll across this bridge to the other side. Straight ahead is a set of stairs, but it's blocked by ice for now. Roll along the wall to the right. If you fall, just use the ladder to get back.
 - When you get to the other side, once again, roll across to the opposite side and enter the door here.

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Fire Arrows
 - Shoots an icy blast at you.

 - This skinny, blue guy with one dopey eye will teleport around the room attempting to freeze you from afar. When you get close, he will disappear.

 - Because you have limited time, it's easiest to just use the Goron Mask for this whole battle. Face towards him and wait for him to stop glowing, then roll towards him and quickly take your shot.

 - Because you have limited time, it's easiest to just use the Goron Mask for this whole battle. Face towards him and wait for him to stop glowing, then roll towards him and quickly take your shot.

 - Another method to damage him is to use Arrows, which is also pretty effective, but does less damage.
 - Use the Goron Mask to roll around when he starts appearing or use arrows. The real one is solid, as well as a red dot on your Map.

 - After he's been defeated, open the chest to find the Fire Arrows!

New Item: Fire Arrow

 - Charge up your Arrows with Fire, then burn and melt just about anything. Pretty awesome really.

 - As you've probably already guessed, several areas have essentially opened up to us.

 #5 Go to the lowest level of the main room, the Basement. Here, you'll find a large switch in the lava. Wear the Goron Mask and step on it to cause a chest to appear in another lava puddle. Snag it, then head back up the stairs.

 - Go to the First Floor (where all the colored doors are) and shoot Fire Arrows at the green doors (and red if you haven't melted it yet). Go through either of the green doors (they both lead to the same room).

 #6 Kill the three Freezards in this room to make a chest appear.

 - If you fall down at any point, melt the flowers below and use them to get back up.
 - You'll notice there's three unlit torches. Stand on one of the pillars between them and light them all before they go out. This will cause the door in the middle of the room to open. Enter it.

 - Out in the little cubby, hit the Goron Switch to make the giant stone pillar in the middle of the main room raise up to the top floor. If you'd like to put it back for whatever reason, there's another switch one level down that will do so.

 #7 Go back to the entrance room and enter the light blue room with the two stalagmites next to it. Inside is the room with the Wolfos and frozen stuff we ignored earlier.
 - In this room, right near the cracked wall we blew up earlier to reveal the stairs is a crate atop one of the pillars.
 - Throw a Bomb at it to blow it up, then use the Great Fairy Mask to reel it in.

 #8 Right next to you is a frozen switch. Melt it, kill the White Wolfos, then step on the switch to make a chest appear on a ledge.
 - Melt the nearby frozen block. Now, if you look at it from your MAP PERSPECTIVE, push the block UP, RIGHT, then DOWN.
 - Jump onto the ledge and open the chest.

 #9 If you moved the "double blocks" in an earlier room into a little slot, there is another Stray Fairy you can get now.
 - Push the block LEFT, UP, LEFT. Jump onto the second platform and enter the door.
 - In this familiar room, if you placed the double blocks in the right place (where it fell into a slot), you can use them to jump to the other side. Open the chest when you get there to claim your prize.

 - Head back to the entrance room and enter the dark blue door that leads to the room with the three Freezards and the bridge you had to roll across.
 - Kill the three enemies to make a chest appear. Use a Fire Arrow on the giant lump of ice to melt it, then proceed to open the chest for a Small Key.
 - Jump across to the small ledge and go up the stairs where we found the map earlier.

 #10 This one is directly on your right, just floating there.

 - Kill the Real Bombchu if you like, then stand on the small platform in the center of the room. Shoot the Freezard on the upper level with a Fire Arrow. Now, shoot the frozen eye switch directly behind it. This will cause the platform to rise temporarily.

 #11 In the upper level of this room, use your Lens of Truth to see tiny hidden platforms. Use them to reach a cubby above the stairs with a hidden chest containing another Stray Fairy.

 - Go through the door on the upper level of this room.

 - We're back in the main room, across the way from the Mini-boss room we tackled earlier. Go to the area on your right and melt the ice blocking the stairs, then take them up.

 - On this level, we have a more complicated snow berm on the side. This time, there is now net-like thing to catch us if we mess up. So, go to your right, being extremely careful not to fall down.
 - Use your key on the locked door.

 - This room has several Eenos (snowball throwing clumps of snow with eyes?).

 #12 In the south portion of this room are three blue stalactites in front of a little invisible cubby that's pretty obvious due to the snow hanging from its ledge. Use the Lens of Truth, Great Fairy Mask and Hero's Bow to pop the bubble hidden in the center.

 - Kill the Eenos if you like, then melt the ice covering the stairs and take them up once more.

 - This room actually has two Dinofols. I suggest killing them as a Goron because you'll do much more damage.

 #13 Kill the first Dinofol.

 #14 Kill the second.

 - Exit the room through the other door.

 - We're back in the main room. Walk across the giant platform that is now raised and enter the room for another Mini-boss battle.
(If you've already been knocking out chunks of the giant pillar, you can fall onto the top of it, go through the snowball route, up the stairs, roll across, then use the flower to get to the Mini-boss door.)

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe (Again)
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Boss Key
 - Shoots an icy blast at you.

 - This battle is exactly the same as the first. The only difference is that now the room is larger. Use your compass (he's the red dot) to your advantage and take him out with your polished skills.
 - Use the Goron Mask to roll around when he starts appearing or use arrows. The real one is solid, as well as a red dot on your Map.

 - After he's been defeated, enter the second door on the far side of the room.

 - Here, open the chest to receive the Boss Key. Exit through the next door.

 - We're back in the Main Room. We can't yet access the top level of the temple yet, so we'll have to do a little redecorating. I know it's a pain, but bear with me.
 - Go to the second floor (the place with the snow along the wall and the brown net-like thing to catch you). Put on your Goron Mask and Fire Punch the two blue looking (ice) cylinders out of the main pillar.
 - Now head up to the third floor and roll over to the right side carefully. Punch these two out as well.

 #15 In the main room, there is a small hidden cubby that holds a chest containing the last Stray Fairy. You can see where it is by the patch of ice hanging off the ledge (or use your Lens of Truth).
 - To get to it, you'll have to jump from a higher level, by using the Goron Mask, Bunny Hood or Deku Mask to roll, jump, spin or fly (using the flower on the top floor) towards it. If you're lucky, you'll land in there.
 - The best way in my opinion is to stand on top of the pillar in the center of the room after you've punched out the ice cylinders, and spin towards the cubby with the Deku Mask. You will just make it, no problem.
 - Once you get it, you can salvage some ascending by using the flower there to fly to the third floor on your left.

 - Go to the fourth floor. Because you punched out the ice cylinders earlier, the main pillar is now low enough to reveal the snowball covered bridge. Either Fire Punch or Goron Roll through them and head up the stairs.

 - For the very last stretch, Goron Roll across the gap and enter the Boss Room.

Temple Boss: Masked Mechanical Monster, GOHT
"Hurry! Chase after it. Even if it
means throwing your own body
into it, do it so it'll stop!"
- Heart Container
- Goht's Remains
 - Rams into you like a bull (if you're in front of it).
 - Far ahead of you... stands still and fires homing, electric bolts at you.
 - Hit it in the legs... Shoots a homing, electric bolt at you.
 - Rocks fly out from behind it.
 - Rocks fall from the ceiling.
 - Causes stalctites to fall from the ceiling and stick out of the ground in your way.
 - Bombs get thrown behind it.

 - As you enter, you'll notice that the dreaded demon of Snowhead is actually frozen itself? *Sigh* Sadly, shoot it with a Fire Arrow to commence a joke of a boss battle.

 - Quickly put on the Goron Mask and begin rolling after it. All you have to do is swerve back and forth as you follow it, restore your magic via the jars along the path that replenish themselves, and hit Goht with your spikes.

 - It IS possible to damage it by hitting it in the legs, but not very successful. The better method is to roll along-side it, then, when you get to a jump, use it to fling yourself up and land on its back. This will stun it, giving you tons of time to punish it properly.

 - Alternatively, you can roll after it, take off the Goron Mask, and shoot it with Fire Arrows. Don't think you can just stay in one spot and wait for him, because he'll turn around and snipe you from afar.

 - The exception to that is the entrance to this room, in that little slot, he is powerless to attack you, so you can wait for him and shoot him repeatedly.

 - All of its attacks are nothing to worry about. Just keep your distance, zig zag a bunch, and go in for the kill. Before long, this pathetic boss will bite the dust.
 - Roll after it. Use the jumps to land on its back, stunning it. proceed to demolish it.
 - You can also take off your Goron Mask, shoot it with Fire Arrows, and repeat.

 - After Goht decides to burry himself (to return later in the game... just kidding...) go over and snag the Heart Container. Enter the glowing light to receive Goht's Remains.

New Remains: Goht's Remains

 - Proof that you've killed the boss and have freed this Guardian. With it, you can return to this temple and kill the boss again.

 - You will once again witness a short clip revealing more of the story behind the four Giants. Or should I say, Guardians.
3.6 Post Temple Collection #2

Items: Powder Keg, Empty Bottle #2
Upgrades: Magic Meter, Razor Sword, Gilded Sword
~ Mountain Village ~

 - Because you defeated Goht, the snow has now melted and Goron Village is saved. Hooray! You will appear in the Mountain Village in front of the small lake.
 - If you were collecting the Stray Fairies in the Temple, you should head back to Snowhead to collect your reward.

~ Snowhead ~

 - Once there, walk along the bottom of Snowhead and enter the cave you find. The Great Fairy of Wisdom will give you another nifty enhancement.

Upgrade: Magic Meter

 - You now have twice as much Magic. This will certainly come in handy.

 - The next thing I will cover is getting the second Bottle, as well as getting your new sword! We need Goht defeated to do so, but we also need quite a bit of time... So...

 - Put your Rupees in the Bank, play the Song of Time and defeat Goht again. I know it's a pain, but it'll make sense later. After you've done so, return to Goron Village, that is now melted.

~ Goron Village ~

 - In the northern part of the village, the Powder Keg Maker has a shop that was frozen over before. You can melt it with your Fire Arrows, but you'll need it to be spring later anyway for this.
 - Go there and speak with the giant Goron inside while wearing the Goron Mask. He will give you a 'test' in the form of a Powder Keg with a very long wick, and tell you to blow the boulder in front of the Goron Racetrack.

 - Pick up the Powder Keg he gives you and throw it up each ledge, roll up it, repeat, until you get out of here. Take it to the entrance of Goron Village.

~ Road to Goron Village ~

 - Take it across all the bridges, then turn right and throw it up all the ledges, roll up, repeat, until you get to the top. Place it in front of the giant silver boulder.
 - At long last, either wait for it to explode or shoot it with an Arrow.
 - After it explodes, the Goron Elder's Son will run on in there. Before we follow him in there, let's return to Goron Village.

~ Goron Village ~

 - Speak with the Powder Keg Maker again before you forget and he'll give you a Keg for free. You'll also be able to use them whenever you want from now on!

New Item: Powder Keg

 - Wear your Goron Mask and lay these puppies down. You may want to wear ear plugs, cause they create quite the explosion!
 - Use these to blow up large boulders and cracked areas in which normal Bombs just don't do the job. You can purchase them at the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for 50 Rupees.

 - Head back to the Road to Goron Village and enter the cave we blew up earlier.

~ Goron Racetrack ~

 - Inside, (IT MUST BE SPRING, GOHT DEFEATED,) lots of Gorons have gathered for a little friendly competition in which they roll through a race course.
 - The prize for this endeavor is a Bottle filled with the one and only, Gold Dust.

Mini-Game: Goron Racetrack
- Goron Mask
- Spring (Goht Defeated)
- Magic Meter Upgrade (advised!)  
- Empty Bottle #2 (1st time)
- Gold Dust
- You get hit, you blink.
- Get hit while blinking, you fall.
- Use green jars whenever possible.
- Free

 - This game is pretty simple, and your opponents will get stupid and slow if you slow down yourself or get knocked down, so don't worry TOO much about how fast you go. It takes everyone several tries, so don't feel too bad if you don't make it the first... ten... times...

 - There's two play styles for this: Avoid other Gorons at all costs, or ram into them then avoid while you're blinking. A mixture of the two is what will guarantee you success.

 - You'll use a lot of Magic for this, so I strongly suggest you have gotten the Magic Meter Upgrade from the Great Fairy of the Snowhead Temple.

 - The very end is the most crucial part. It's a long, drawn out area that pretty much goes straight. You'll only win if you are on the inside (right side) and can knock your competitors away when they get close.
 - Use the Goron Mask. Avoid other Gorons. Watch your Magic Meter. Cut corners as much as possible. At the end, stay on the inside edge and ram anyone that tries to cut ahead.

 - When you finally come in first, you will receive a bottle full of Gold Dust!

New Item: Empty Bottle #2

 - Set it to (C) and use it to swipe and hold stuff to be used later.

 - If you don't have 100 Rupees, go around and collect that much, then head to the Mountain Village.

~ Mountain Village ~

 - If it's still the First Day, you can now acquire a new sword. Go to the Mountain Smithy (only building in this area), and speak with the short, lazy guy.
 - Pay him 100 Rupees and they'll take your sword and begin working on it.
 - Play the Song of Double Time until it's the Second Day and speak with them to receive your newly polished Razor Sword.

Upgrade: Razor Sword

 - By far, the coolest looking of all the swords in this game. This bad daddy does twice the damage of your Kokiri Sword!
 - Unfortunately, it's only as good as the money you put into it, and after 100 sword slashes, it will revert back back to its old form. =(

 - If you won at the Goron Racetrack earlier, have the Gold Dust in one of your Bottles, and it's still only the Second Day, you can give your Razor Sword back to the Smithies and have them forge your Sword one more time.
 - Play the Song of Double Time twice more and return to claim your new, awesome weapon.

Upgrade: Gilded Sword

 - Your Kokiri Sword will now do twice as much damage, and never dull!
 - This is the second best Sword in the game, and it's most certainly worth the trouble you went through to get it.

 - With that said and done, go back to Clock Town, put your remaining Rupees in the Bank and call it a (third) Night... Okay, bad pun...