NOTE: This Walkthrough will cover, each and every Heart Piece, Item, Boss, and everything else.
Now that you have all seven crystals, you can break the barrier to Ganons Tower. From turtle rock head left a screen. Continue going left killing the enemies accross the bridge and head left a screen. You will see Ganons Tower. Walk to the middle of it and the power of the 7 maidens will break the barrier revealing the entrance to the tower. Head into the tower.
Just to clarify, there is more than one way to go through this level. The way in this walkthrough is just on of the possible ways. From the entrance head down one of the stairs here and then head down the stairs at the top-left of the screen.
Kill the two enemies in here first and then dash into the torch on the right so the key will fall down. Grab it and head left a screen.
Smash the moles around the blocks here and then push the middle block to reveal a star. Step on it to open the door and make the holes disappear. Lift the jar at the bottom-right of the screen to get another key and thenhead left a screen.
In this room hookshot your way down across the gabs. Go through the locked door on the right. Run and step on the star here to move the holes to make it easier to get the treasure chest without getting hit. Run and open the chest to get the Dungeon Map. Head back left a screen.
Now you must head down a screen, but before going down you need the orb to be on red. You can do this by throwing your boomerang up and then run below the blocks and angleing it so it hits the orb. Or you can use a bomb to do so. Before doing anything, go and lift the jar at the bottom-right to get another small key.
In order to be able to head right a screen, you must perfectly time a bomb so it only hits one orb. Before it goes off you must run to either the top-right or bottom-right. Now head through the locked door on the right. Hit the orb and then try to avoid all the spikes and go through the portal.
In this room you can use the magic cape to be safe. Head left and you will notice one block that isnt attached to the rest. Push it left to make a treasure chest appear on the left. Hookshot to it and open it to get another small key. Head through the locked door. In this room of warps, take the left warp first and the next two warps wont give you a real choice of which one to take. In this next room there are two warps you can can but take the left one. Now take the warp at the very bottom-left to get out of this room.
Head all the way right and go through the portal at the top right. Go through the portal just above this one to get back to that room once again and head right a screen. Head up the pathway and take the right side this time. You will see two pots here, lift only the top one. Now head back but this time up the left pathway. To the right of the door you will there is a torch accross the gap. Use your firerod to lite the roch and then hookshot down to the pot under you. When the torch is lit it will reveal the actual path that is not visible without the torch. Make your way to the door it leads to.
Lift all the pots and kill the anti-fairies to fill up on all your goodies. Open the chest at the bottom-right to get some arrows and then place a bomb on the ground next to the treasure chest where it appears to be cracked. Fall down.
The Armos Knights are back. This time the battle is on ice. It only takes one silver arrow to each on and they are down. After they are killed the door above and to the left will open.
Head up and you will see three treasures. The front one has the Big key. The other two contain some bombs and some arrows. Head down and left a screen. Dash into the wall above to reveal a hole. Go through to get to a fairy fountain. Afterwards head back down and down the stairs here.
Push the block to the right and then go and open the chest to get the Red Mail. Afterwards head up a screen. Head right through the locked door.
Open the two chests for some bombs and arrows. Lift the pot at the bottom-left and place a block on it to keep the door on the right open. Head right a screen.
This room is very annoying as there are anti-fairies, wallmasters, moving tiles, and every time you use your sword two fireballs are shot into the room. Afterwards kill the antifairy for some hearts and open the chest to get a small key and then head right a screen.
Go through this room and kill all the enemies first. Quickly lite all the torches to open the door at the bottom and then go through.
Bust out your Cane of Somaria. Place a block and through it over tha railing on the right and let it move until it is by the orb. Use the Cane again and the block will spark and vanish. The spark it makes will hit the switch. Do the same method once again but this tim when you are on the other side of the blocks. Now head left a screen.
Open the top-right, bottom-right, and bottmo-left treasures first to get some rupees and some arrows. Once you open the top-left one it will trigger a swithc which will make a bunch of holes on the ground. The top-left treasure chest holds the compass. After grabbing it, use the magic mirror to get to the entrance of the dungeon. Head down the stairs. This time take the middle way and head up the stairs.
The magic cape could be used to make this room a bit easier. Kill the two enemies here first and then push the block at the top-left to open the door. Make your way down towards the door and head down a screen. In this room you must kill the two enemies to open the door on the right. You can move the block to keep the spikes from hitting you. After killing the two enemies head right a screen.
Kill the two enemies here and head up a screen. It looks like you are nearing the boss but you still have a ways to go actually. Head down the stairs and head up. Using the magic cape could be wise here as well. Press one of the orbs and head up. Lift the middle block here and press the switch once. Head back up the stairs at the bottom and through the door at the top-right of the screen. Avoid the balls that are shot at you and head right and then up a screen.
Kill the four enemies here to open the door and head left. Kill the three enemies to open the door and head down. Kill the three enemies here to open the door and head down once again. Two more enemies here. Kill them and head down a screen. Kill the two enemies here and head left a screen. Head left a screen and fight your old pales the Lanmoles. They arent as difficult as before now that you have updgraded your sword and tunic. Twp hits with the golden sword should do the trick. Head up a screen.
Lift all the pots for some items and head up the stairs. You can use ether in room so it will show you the correct pathway. Head down a screen. Dash accross this room to the right and head up a screen. Kill the four wizrobes here and head up a screen. Kill the enemies here and head right a screen. There are four torches here. All need to be lit to open the door at the bottom-right. Lift all the pots first and then use your firerod quickly to light the torches. Walk fast towards the door and head right a screen.
Lift the two pots to get a full magic container and a heart. Head to the bottom-left of the screen and walk towards the stairs. The mirror shield will reflect the beams. Head up the stairs and quickly get your lantern out. Once you get up the stairs run and lite the bottom-right torch first, followed by the bottom-left, then the top-left, and then the top-right with the firerod. It is smart to switch to your magic cape when you are going to go near the moving fireballs. Head up a screen and kill the two enemies to get a small key. Open the two chests to get some bombs and then go left through the locked door.
Run and place a bomb against the bottom wall. You can either place it all the way against the wall so the moving platforms wont effect it or you can time it so you dont have to get hurt. Afterwards head down a screen. Hit the orbs and kill the anti-fairy. Get to the treasure chest and open it to get a small key. Now head down through the locked door at the bottom.
Another old friend in Moldrom is here. Two shots with the Golden Sword should take care of him and will create a treasure chest to the platform at the bottom where you can hookshot to. In case you fall, just like before you can walk to the top-right of the screen and walk back up the stairs and fight Moldrom again. When you come back he will be back to full health though. After killing him hookshot to the treasure chest and open it for some rupees and then make your way left, pushing the blocks, and head left a screen. This room is very annoying with the bumpers, spikes, enemies, ice, and moving platforms. DO what you got to do and head up the stairs at the top.
You are really getting close now. Head left and up the locked door on the left. Agahnim is there waiting for you. This time he is a little more difficult because he has made two duplicates og himself. You can easily tell which one is his becayse his shadow is darker than the other two. Use the same method of using his own magic against him to defeat him. Be careful when he goes up top to the center of the lightening as it is damaging. Six shots should take care of him.
After he is defeated, you will see Ganon come out of his body.
Ganon will turn into a large bat and fly away to the Pyramid of Power.
Afterwards Link plays the flute and the bird comes and grabs him and quickly flies him to the Pyramid as well.
Ganons Bat comes and flies full speed into the Pyramid of Power creating a large hole.
Link then arrives and discovers the large hole and is almost ready for the final battle that lies ahead of him.