NOTE: This Walkthrough will cover, each and every Heart Piece, Item, Boss, and everything else.
Once you are outside of the Dark Palace. Head back left and through the maze again. Continue making your way around the area until you have reached the exit at the bottom left. Head down a screen and then left a screen. Head left a bit and then down. Now that you have the hammer you can pound on the stakes. Pound your way through with the hammer, and then head left a screen. You will notice that you will pass by Links house in the Dark World. It is now a Bomb Shop here in the Dark World and isnt neeed until later on. Head left another screen.
Head down, and left a screen. Head all the way to the bottom and left of this screen.Go in between the curcle of bushes and use your mirror. Now in the Light World enter the cave that is now reachable. Lift the pots and grab the quarter heart container. Exit the cave and go through the teleporter you left with the mirror. Head up and you will notice a bunch of bushes. Just above it there are a few trees. cut down the bushes and go up between the trees and head up a screen.
Head up and talk with the animal looking thing that is sitting on the rock. He'll tell you a story of how he use to play his flute and then he will give you a shovel. Use the mirror and go the the Light World.
If you try and talk with the boy playing the flute he will vanish. Head up and left from where he is and pull out the shovel you just recieved. Dig a hole where it shows in the picture to reveal the flute. Head back to the Dark World and talk to the animal looking guy. He says he can no longer play it and lets you have it, and then he transforms into a tree.
Head back to the the Light World. Back in the light world, head down a screen, and back up a screen but this time on the left side. Head left and into Kakariko Village. Make your way up a screen into the main part of the village. Walk into the first house to the left and play the flute for the old man and he will wake up. He is the flute boys father. He hints what has happened and tells Link to play the flute in front of the bird statue in the center of the village.
Once outside, head up the path just to the left of the house you just were in. Head up until you sww the statue. Play the flute while standing on the S symbol and looking up at the statue. A bird will come out of the statue. Now each time Link uses the Flute in the Light World, the bird will come and take Link, and he can travel to eight different locations in the land. Head to the very top-left of Kakariko Village. Head up until you are into the Lost Woods. Head directly right and exit the Lost Woods from the exit at the bottom. Pound the stack, lift the rock and go through the teleporter into the Dark World.
Head up, left, down, and then down a screen to get to the Village of Outcasts. Head all the way to the bottom and then right a little bit. Go to the building that use to be the Shop in the Light World. It is the building that you need to place a bomb to get into. Once inside, walk down the stairs and open up the treasure chest for 300 rupees. Leave the building.
Head all the way right. You will see a building that has stakes in front of it that you can pound. Dont bother going into that building, but go into the one just above it. Walk around and open the chest for another 300 rupees. Exit the building and head up a screen. Head right three screens now to where the graveyard once was in the Light World. Go to the top of the screen here and climb the latter. Use your mirror here to go to the Light World.
Back in the Light World go into the cave. Lift the pots and place a bomb at the top of the cave to reveal a hole. Grab the quarter heart container and exit the cave. Dont jump off the cliff here, but go back through the portal that you left. Just to the right of the stairs you will see a rock. Run into it and 20 rupees will pop out. Afterwards, use your mirror just above where the rock was to go to the Dark World. There is a grave here.
Go just under the grave and dash into it to open it up. Head up and open the chest for the Magic Cape. Exit the grave and go back into the Dark World using the portal. Head left three screen again, and then down a screen into the Village of Outcasts. Head along the right side of the Village until there is an opening where Link can head right. When there is, head right a screen. Use the mirror here to go the the Light World.
Head up the steps here and then right. Pound the stake and then jump down into the hole. Head up a screen. Sprinkle some magic powder on the bowl. After the bat casts a spell on you and vanishes, if you look just above your magic powder, you will that there is a 1/2. This meens you will only use up 1/2 the amount of magic when it is used. Head down, left a screen, and out of the cave.
In the Light World, use the flute and go to location 2. Buy some Green Potion from the shop if you do not have any in your bottle. Exit the shop and use the flute once again. This time travel to location 1 on Death Mountain. Make your way right, up, and left, to the huge stairs. Climb up, head right, and go through the portal. Once in the Dark World, head directly down and jump down through the part that you can and go into the cave. Pound the stakes and switch to the Magic Cape. Use it and quickly walk or run through the spiked area. Lift the block at the end of the tunnel. Lift the pots for some hearts, and then open the chest for the Cane of Byrna. Use the Green Potion and go back through the Spikes. You can use either the Magic Cape of the Cane of Byrna here. Exit the cave.
Use the mirror to get to the Light World, and then use the the flute and go to Location 3 at Kakariko Village. Head back into the Lost woods throught he top-left of Kakariko Village. Head right and down and out of the Lost Woods. Head down and pound the stakes here. Lift the rock and go through the teleporter into the Dark World. Make your way around and back into the Village of Outcasts. The building at the top-left of the Village of Outcasts is the Treasure Chest Game. Play it over and over until you win a quarter heart container. Afterwards, leave the building.
Head to the top-right of the Village of Outcasts. Head up a screen, right a screen, and up two screens. Use your mirror here to get to the Light World. You will notice a tree that seems to be dying. It is the same tree the lumberjacks where cutting down earliar. Run into the tree from the bottom using your Pegasus Boots. All the leaves will fall off revealing a hole. Fall down the hole.
Head up the stairs. If you need fairies there are fairies at the top. If not, head right a screen and grab the quarter heart container. Fall down and exit the cave.
Use the flute and travel to Links house which is location 4. Head up a screen, and then left a bit and up across the bridge. Head up under the wall that leads to the castle grounds and you will be teleported into the Dark World. Head right and down a screen. Pound the stakes here and head down a screen. Jump into the water and swim down a little bit and yo will a little circular area of shallow water where you can stand. Go on there and use your mirror. Grab the quarter heart container and then head back through the portal into the dark world. Now that Link has gotten a lot of rupees because of the 600 that he found in the Village of Outcasts. Now is a good time to go back to the Pond of Happiness and finish upgrading your bombs and arrows. You can upgrade until you have 50 bombs and 70 arrows. Head up and swim up the little river at the top-right. Follow the river until you get to a ladder. Climb the ladder. Pound the stakes once again and then head left a screen.
Head left a screen, down two screens, and left two screens. Head all the way to the left here. You see a bunch of stakes that lead to a wall at the bottom left. Just above the stakes all the way at the left, use the magic mirror. You will be on the platform. Head let a screen and read the statue with the Book of Mudora. Link will hold up the Magic Sword and he will recieve Bombos. Head back right a screen and go through the teleporter. Head right a screen and pull out your mirror once again. Use it to go to the Light World.
Go into the building here and move the blocks to head up a screen. Pull the switch at the top-right to let water go through. Leave the building and head back through the portal to get back to the Dark World.
Enter the same building in the Dark World now to enter into Swamp Palace.