NOTE: This Walkthrough will cover, each and every Heart Piece, Item, Boss, and everything else.
From the top of the pyramid head down two sets of stairs and then head all the way to the right. You will see a heart container there. Jump down the pyramid where there is an opening and head around to pick up the quarter heart container. Jump down once again, off of the pyramid, and head right a screen.
Head up two screens and right a screen. Lift the rock all the way on the right and head right a screen. Make your way around and head up a screen. Head all the way to the left and you will see a circle of rocks. Pick up the skull rock and throw it into the circle. He will give you the Quake Medallion if you go away. Get the medallion and head back down a screen. Head left two screens and down three screens.
Head right a screen and up a screen. Once you enter this area head right until you see a tree. Just above it is an arrow. Follow the arrow up. To get by that small area you have to go up, left, and up again. Continue following the next arrow up. Now head all the way left. Go left under the green area and head up. The first opening you see in the green area on the right, go through it. Just under that passage and to the right is another opening. Go through it. This maze is a bit complicated, but just follow the instructions. Head all the way right, then all the way down, then all the way right again, and then all the way down again. All the way right once more, then all the way up, then all the way right, then down again, then right again. Up and right to get out of that mess. You will notice a monkey following you. Pay him the 10 rupees.
He will follow you since you payed him the rupees. Be careful and try not getting hit, or Kiki will run back to the maze area. Head right through the next opening, and up through the opening. Make your way right and up to the building there. The door is locked and Kiki will offer to open it for you for a price of 100 rupees. Accept it and watch him open up the door. Now head into the dungeon.
From the entrance head right, step on the switch and go through the door that opens up. Kill the enemy, lift the jars and head down the stairs. You can kill the anti-fairy if you need to, but otherwise just go through the portal here. Place a bomb on the bottom wall to reveal a passage.
Head along the path and place a bomb to blow up the wall at the top-right corner. Head up a screen. There are three Goryia's here. Two blue ones, and a red one. THey move in the opposite direction as Link. Watch the red one as if you look directly at it it will spit a fireball at you. You can corner the blue ones and strike them with your sword. For the red one, you have to shoot arrows at it. The way to do this is to shoot an arrow where he isn't and then move in the oppoiste direction so he will walk into the arrow. Afterwards head up a screen.
Just head up through this room. Be careful of the moving spikes and the enemies. Avoid or kill them and then head up the stairs at the end. Kill the enemies and lift the jars for some items, and then open the chest for the Dungeon Map. You can place bombs on both the left and right side of this room.
The right side has a couple fairies and the left side leads to a key. Once you collect the key and fairies, use your mirror to go to the entrance of the dungeon. From the entrance, head left and step on the switch and go through the door that opens. Kill the enemies and lift the pots for some items. Then head down the stairs.
There are three jars here. Lift all three of them. THe bottom left one will have a switch. Step on it and a chest will be revealed at the bottom right. Open it for another small key. Use the mirror again to morph to the entrance of the dungeon. Head up a screen. Lift all the pots for some items and then go through the locked door at the top.
Avoid the turtles and head left and up. Bomb the crack in the floor and then fall down. Head up and through the locked door here. Grab the Boss Key from the chest and then jump down to the right.
Lift the pot and step on the switch. A chest will appear that contains a small key. Be careful of all the enemies in the room. Once you get the small key use your mirror and morph back to the entrance to the dungeon. Head up two screens from here.
Back in this big room again, this time head right and up. Push the block so it falls off to the right, and then head up through the door. Open the treasure chest for a small key and then jump down and head up the stairs. Make your way along the path to the locked door at the top left of the screen. Be sure to be ready before entering this room. In the room lift the jars and dash up. You must do this quickly since the floor tiles will go away if you take to much time. Head through the locked door on the left.
This room is another one of those maze rooms. THere are no lanterns in here so you are going to have to manuver in the dark. There are a few enemies in the romo that spit fire out at you. Avoid the fire and strike them with your sword to kill them. Making your way through the maze, at the top-left of the screen, there is a treasure chest. Inside is some bombs. After getting them, Make your way through the maze heading down.
From the treasure chest with the bombs head down as far as you can, and then head right, down, and back against the wall on the left side. Head down and take the right and make your way to the bottom of the screen. Head all the way to the bottom right and there is another treasure chest there. Open it up for another small key.
From the small key, head left. Head up and then all the way right. Follow the path along the wall on the right side. When you get to a dead end look at the wall and you will notice a place in the wall that can be bombed. Place a bomb and move back. Head through the opening and open the Big Chest for the Hammer. Head back through the opening and go back through the maze and exit the door in which you first entered the maze. Head through the door on the right side of the screen. You will see some turtles in this room. Now that you have the hammer you can defeat them. Just hit the hammer in their area and they will flip over. When they are flipped you can hit them with your sword.
After killing the four turtles, open up the treasure for the Compass. Head through one of the staircases.
You will be taken to a room that has many rupees and a few anti-fairies. Get all the rupees and fill any empty bottles here with fairies from the anti-fairies. You cannot get to the area in the middle just yet. There are two treasures at the bottom-right and bottom-left. One contains a small key while the other contains some arrows. After getting all that you can, head back through one of the staircases.
Head down through the locked door here. Lift the pot on the left and open the chest there for some rupees. The statue on the left can me moved. Move it and then head down through the door. Head left a bit and jump down to the lower platform. Kill all the enemies here. Hit the switch on the bottom so that the blue blocks go down. Head right a screen through the door that now can be accessed because of the blocks.
Go to the top of this room and lift the six blocks. There is a switch at the top-right. Move the block closest to the switch onto it to keep the door open. Head up the stairs and through the door. Kill the three enemies here and head up a screen. Hit the switch and avoid the moving spike to get to the right side of the room.
Something looks a bit fishy about the statue here. Shoot an arrow at its eye to make the wall expand to the right. Head to the right and go down the stairs.
Once you are downstairs, bust out your hammer and pound on the moles and then kill the two turtles that are around. Move to the left. Use your boomerang or bow and arrow to hit the switch so you can head left. Go through the locked door on the left. Kill the turtle here and exit down. Lite the torches here and then use your hammer to kill all of the turtles. Exit to the right.
Lite the torches if you need to and then move the block at the top right and head through the portal. Kill the four turtles here and head up. Go through the door to enter the boss room.
The first stage of the boss is pretty simle to follow. Use your hammer and smash on his face. You can also use bombs here. After several hits, the mask will come off revealing his weakness. Be careful of its swinging tail and the fireballs that he throws.
Now that his mask is gone, you can strike him in the face with your sword. You can also arrows if you dont like getting close to him. After several hits, he will be defeated.
Once he is gone, grab the the full heart container here.
Also grab your first crystal. You will be able to talk to the the first maiden who is inside of the crystal. She will tell you where the rest of the girls are located. Afterwards you will be taken to the entrance of the dungeon.