The Legend of Zelda Dungeons
Biographies of all of the dungeons can be found here.

Dungeon List

Dungeon One - Eagle
 - This dungeon has its name due to the fact that the map is shaped like an eagle. The two key items to obtain here are the Bow and Boomerang. The boss, Aquamentus, is fairly easy. For a first dungeon, this one is rather easy. It consists of easy enemies and not much running around is required.

Dungeon Two - Moon
 - The second dungeon is filled with Ropes (snake-like creatures) and has a very blue theme. The key item here is the Magic Boomerang, and you should stock up in Bombs before entering this dungeon, since the boss, Dodongo, can only be defeated with them.

Dungeon Three - Manji
 - The key item here is the Raft, which is needed to access dungeon four. This dungeon introduces a new enemy, the Darknut. These guys can be pretty hard opponents at times. The dungeon's boss, Manhandla, may also require bombs to defeat.

Dungeon Four - Snake
 - You will need the Raft to access this dungeon. This is the first dungeon where you will need to use the Candle in order to view each room properly. The key item to find here is the Stepladder. The boss, Gleeok, is a dragon-looking creature with two heads.

Dungeon Five - Lizard
 - The "secret" dungeon. I say this because you must pass through a small maze to find it. Again, you will need your Candle to light up rooms. This dungeon also introduces a few new enemies like the Gibdo and Pols Voice. The key item to find here is the Whistle, which is needed to destroy the boss, Digdogger.

Dungeon Six - Dragon
 - A new and deadly enemy is introduced here, the Wizzrobe. The main item here is the Magic Wand, and it'll help counter the Wizzrobes. Gohma is guarding a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link must use Arrows to defeat it.

Dungeon Seven - Demon
 - An upgrade to the Candle is found in this dungeon, the Red Candle. The guardian is also Aquamentus, but it is no stronger than it was when we last fought it. The Red Candle can be used as many times as needed in a room unlike the Blue Candle.

Dungeon Eight - Lion
 - A dungeon that serves as one last challenge before Link is ready to enter Ganon's lair. The treasure found here is the Book of Magic, and the Magical Key. Without the Magical Key, it would be near impossible for Link to get through Spectacle Rock on Death Mountain.

Dungeon Nine - Spectacle Rock
 - This is the final dungeon in the game, and the biggest. The Red Ring and Silver Arrows are hidden inside of this massive dungeon. It's filled with hostile enemies and lava pits. This is also Ganon's lair, and he is holding Princess Zelda hostage in the depths of this place.