“It’s Dangerous To Go Alone” A Zelda Inspired Marriage Proposal

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.45.48 PMIts hard to find the right player #2, the person that will heal you when you need it most, or the person that will beat you to a pulp but yet still love you anyway. It would seem as if in Chattanooga, Tennessee Josh Spurgin has found that special someone to make sure that all his video game adventures are played with the missing piece of his heart container. Josh and his girlfriend spend their time playing many video games including The Legend of Zelda, so when it came time to pop the question Josh felt inspired to write a song based on their many gaming adventures as his marriage proposal. The special song was captured on video during an open mic night at Granfalloon Coffee Shop, and definitely captures the “it’s dangerous to go alone” quote in a whole new light… I hope she says yes!

To hear this heartfelt marriage proposal, head past the break.

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Theory: Downfall Timeline

14_Ganon06_LargeYouTuber VortexxyGaming has created a video explaining her theory and thoughts on the Downfall Timeline detailed in Hyrule Historia. The timeline is known at this point for being subject to a lot of dispute, with many fans outright denying it being possible, but VortexxyGaming believes it, and has some ideas on how it happened.

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Gossip Stone: At What Point on the Timeline Should a Future Zelda Game Take Place?

hyrule_historia_preview-81Nintendo has made many very dramatic decisions regarding their more popular series, but few trump the decision to reveal their three-path timeline in Hyrule Historia. Fans from all over started supporting, denying, and theorizing on the newly made-official timeline, and while several series-wide questions were answered, many more arose, one of which being where future Zelda games may fall. With Zelda titles so often appearing earlier and earlier in the series history, and three seperate branches in the later half, who knows where new games may fall?

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Zelda Theory: Cuccos are Immortal

maxresdefaultAn ordinary domestic Cucco may appear a gentle and harmless creature…That is, until a button mashing temptation to hack and slash kicks in. As many players are well aware, an enraged Cucco often guarantees a game over. YouTube game theorist Dr. Willy recently revealed the eye opening truth of a Cucco’s wrath and the endurance that only their immorality can withstand.

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Summer Games Done Quick Begins! Prizes Announced!

panel-22510310-image-309316a7a4a4b066-320Summer Games Done Quick, the annual summertime speedrunning marathon run by SpeedDemosArchive, has started! The runs are well underway and donations are continually rolling in, all in support of Doctors Without Borders. Of course, it would not be a Games Done Quick marathon without lots of fun donation incentives, and plenty of great prizes to win. Hit the jump for the stream, an updated schedule of times for Zelda speedruns, and a list of prizes to be won during those runs!

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“Did You Get All That”? Weekly News Recap

kaeporagaeboraHere we are, back again for another edition of our Weekly News Recap. Did you miss something from the last week, or are you curious about what is being talked about most at Zelda Dungeon? Let I, Kaepora Gaebora guide you through all the most important and talked about posts and news from the last week. We will journey together back in time to visit some of the best moments here at Zelda Dungeon in the last week. So lets not delay, we may begin our journey, but first I must ask…

Did you get all that? If you are sure, follow my feathers past the break.

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Tri Force Heroes Will Be Playable At This Years Gamescom

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.44.55 AMEvery year in Cologne, Germany the worlds largest computer and video game event is held called gamescom. The event is open to both private and trade visitors and boasts an impressive amount of space that will be dedicated to showing off the latest and greatest that independent and indie developers have to offer. Nintendo has just announced their lineup for this years gamescom, and Tri Force Heroes will be among the titles there. This is a great opportunity for European fans to get their hands on the upcoming Zelda title and see what they think. Nintendo has several other titles that will be featured this year, including a few that have already released.

To see the full list of games, head past the break.

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Hang ‘Em Hyrule Western Style Zelda Mini-Series Trailer

IMG_1538 Ever wonder what the Legend of Zelda would be like had the whole series been made in a cheesy Western style like the Hidden Village? You’ll only have to wonder for a little while longer, because we’ll soon be seeing a Spaghetti Western style Legend of Zelda tribute series from Youtube’s beatdownboogie. For a little taste of the bearers of the Triforce as cowboys and cowgirls, check out the trailer for the aptly named Hang ‘Em Hyrule film series after the jump!

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Beedle’s Bazaar

Beedle/TerryWelcome back to what has now become our Saturday ritual at Zelda Dungeon, Beedle’s Bazaar. Where Beedle and I show off some of our favorite Zelda goodies that we have found in the last week, and of course, help you unburden yourself of all your rupees (trust me, I spend mine too)! I hope you have all been saving some rupees in the last week because we have some pretty spectacular things to show you. From two different items to help you get some much needed rest in true Zelda style, to the perfect way to show off your love of Zelda games and music at the same time, you are sure to want to spend some of your hard earned rupees.

Head past the break to check out what we have for you this week!

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Nintendo Wants Zelda U To Give Fans The “Best Zelda Experience”

Zelda002E3 came and went this year with no new information about Zelda for the Wii U. During an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime tried to quell fans fears by sharing that although they chose not to show off any new footage it was only because they wanted to focus on what would release in the near future. Im not sure that it had the desired effect, as most fans are still quite skeptical as to when we will actually see the title’s release. Their has even been some speculation that it won’t be releasing for the Wii U at all, but on the upcoming NX console. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo, Scott Moffit sat down with iDigitalTimes to discuss a few things about a couple of heavily requested titles and Zelda U was one of them. Although no specifics about the release date of the game was given, it would seem as if Zelda U is not just at the forefront of fans minds but Nintendo as well.

Head past the break to find out what he said.

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Gossip Stone: Should Heavily Themed Dungeons Remain a Part of the Zelda Series?

wt In games like Ocarina of Time, designating a specific element to each dungeon made perfect sense because each corresponded to a Sage of said element. In many Zelda games a similar pattern is followed, either by having the player collect element specific items within the temples or placing them in provinces that bear the same elemental traits as the dungeon residing in it. This made receiving and using specific weapons in each temple viable, but with a new age of nonlinear open world Zelda games dawning, can and should this gimmick remain a staple of the series?

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ZD Top 5 – Masks in Majora’s Mask

Get-Fierce-Deity's-Mask-on-Majora's-Mask-Step-1Bullet11 Majora’s Mask has turned into the fan-favorite Zelda game in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Even though I’m not one who reveres the game to the extent of seeing it as a sacred item, I can respect both its gameplay and plot themes. Take for instance one of the game’s primary mechanics, the masks in Majora’s Mask are incredibly creative and well-implemented. Therefore, on this week’s ZD Top, we had our staff members count down their favorite masks with one small catch: no transformation masks.

As per usual, feel free to leave your personal lists in the comments!

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Dragon Roost Island Cover With Marimba Flair

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.49.08 AMJust a few days ago we shared with you a creative cover of Midna’s Lament, with a marimba and guitar duo by the YouTube channel New Games Plus, and now we have another imaginative cover to share. This time the cover is for one of my favorite songs from The Wind Waker, the Dragon Roost Island Theme. This time, not only did they use a marimba and a guitar, but a woodblock, shaker, castanets, bass guitar and their hands too! The group behind this musically eclectic cover is the YouTube channel, MartOzz and this isn’t the only Zelda inspired song they have covered!

Head past the break to check out their latest song.

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Ocarina Of Time Dominates Wii U eShop Charts For Third Week In A Row

Ocarina of Time LogoThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released on the Wii U eShop in North America on July 2nd, and has been dominating the charts ever since. The title has now seen its third week in a row of landing in the number one spot on the Wii U eShop sales chart. To land in the top spot Ocarina of Time has had to beat out several other classic Nintendo titles as well as the hot new release, Splatoon. This is pretty spectacular considering this title originally launched on the N64 back in November of 1998, thats almost 17 years ago! For me that is exactly what has always made The Legend of Zelda series so amazing, the games have truly stood up to the test of time. Do you think we will see Ocarina of Time in the top spot next week?

To see the full list of top games, head past the break.

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