Halo Developer 343 Designs Realistic Link

halo_spartans Kyle Hefley from 343 Industries has shared with the gaming community his adaptation of a realistic looking adult Link. He is presented as middle aged and experienced, with his attire being that of Twilight Princess Link (personally my favourite version of Link). However that seems to be where the similarities end, the green tunic and fairy seem to be the biggest clue that this is indeed Link. If I were shown this design without the tunic or fairy present I would find it difficult to recognize him. Hefley has done a fine job and I like that he has attempted to capture the Zelda spirit, but the design just does not have that Legend of Zelda feel for me personally.
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Clock Town (Downtown Parody)

clock townA YouTuber by the name of Laura Intravia created a very light hearted Majora’s Mask parody of “Downtown” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It referenced things such as the dance from the old Japanese SNES commercials and Ben drowned which is a cult classic. It was good to see the amount of effort put into the music video and that they put lots of references in. Intravia managed to get a good amount of people to help with the production and used some in game footage which was a very nice touch. The video is done to a high quality and the resources present were used well.
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Gossip Stone: Is Nintendo Making Enough Improvements in Twilight Princess HD?

CTpLg5DUEAIgvVOJust as we are getting ready for more possible news from the Game Awards, the hype from the newest Nintendo Direct seems to have died down a fair bit at this point, making room for theorists to hop on YouTube and various forums, and discuss what they might expect from Zelda Wii U, Tri Force Heroes‘ DLC, and of course, Twilight Princess HD. That being said, we have hear almost as much negativity about what we saw of Twilight Princess HD‘s trailer as we have of positivity. The graphical update is not what man of the fans thought they would get, and that is causing some strife here and there. Should more have been done? Could Nintendo have easily redone the graphics like they did in The Wind Waker HD?

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Lorerunner Analyzes Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask

imageSince 2012, Lorerunner — formerly Archengeia — has been my favorite YouTube personality. With his minimalist approach to production, he excels through pure commentary. The guy’s insightful interpretations, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm, often have me revisiting particular games with a fresh perspective. Throughout the past several months, he has been exploring the underlying themes of each individual Zelda title. This past week in particular has seen the release of ruminations on both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Each discussion clocks in at nearly an hour and a half, but they’re definitely worth listening to. Theory crafters and lore aficionados, especially, should find a lot to love. Check out both videos after the jump.

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Possible New Zelda U Content Teased For The Game Awards Show

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.45.25 AMThe Game Awards Show 2015 will air in just a few days, celebrating the best the video game industry had to offer this year. Nintendo has already confirmed that they will be in attendance, and during a Q&A session on Periscope, Geoff Keighley teased Nintendo fans about a couple of things. Among other things that were discussed Keighley mentioned that Nintendo has some new stuff to show off, and considering that they previewed gameplay footage for Zelda U at last years Game Awards Show, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they decided to do the same thing this year! The other topic that was briefly mentioned was a possible tribute for the late Satoru Iwata, although no specifics were mentioned Geoff hinted that in some way the late Nintendo President and CEO would be honored. All we can do over the next few days is keep our fingers crossed and hope we see some new Zelda U content, dare we even begin to hope for a proper title too? What are your thoughts? What would you like to see from Nintendo at The Game Awards Show?

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Game Theory: How Much Are Rupees Worth?

Matthew-Patrick-Game-Theory-Polybius-MK-Ultra-the-CIAs-Brainwashing-Arcade-GameThis is a question that has lingered in the minds of fans for a very long time. The value of these odd little gems of various colors that Link shoves into his magic pockets is obvious based on their colors, but only in Hyrule. A while back, MatPat over on Game Theory determined the value of every individual rupee Link collects. He is actually joined by PeanutButterGamer, in a collaboration celebrating his yearly Zelda Month video series. How much do you think each rupee is worth?

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Zelda Theory: Where Does Demise Really Come From?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.47.26 AMDemise is very well known to most Zelda fans but do we really know his “real” backstory? Where did he really come from, why is he willing to launch an army upon innocent people and cause much death and destruction, all to just possess the Triforce? His story seems very reminiscent to another character that we are also very familiar with, Ganondorf. Hyrule Historia even uses Demise’s flaming red hair to draw a connection between the two. But what about his sword, doesn’t that look familiar too? In one of GameOver Jesse’s latest video, he and his guests try to draw a few parallels in some of the stories found within a few of the Zelda titles that could answer some of these questions. Jump on in past the break to check out one of his latest theories.

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More Wolf Link Amiibo Images

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.12.41 AMWith the announcement of Twilight Princess HD, many of us fans are dying to get our hands on that spectacular new amiibo! I personally made sure that I got my hands on a pre-order the instant they were available, now my only problem is waiting the VERY long time until the game and amiibo are released. To tied myself, and any of you that are in the same predicament we have secured a few more Wolf Link amiibo images for us all to drool over. The images were taken during the VIECC Vienna Comic Con recently, so jump on in past the break to check them out.

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Custom Zelda Movie Posters in the Style of Studio Ghibli

maxresdefaultMatt Vince, a talented artist and video game fan, has made some awesome Zelda movie posters in the style of famous anime production studio, Studio Ghibli. Fans of Ghibli films will recognize the unique visual style of Vince’s posters, and Zelda fans will recognize some iconic locations in Hyrule, as well as instantly recognizable characters.

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Wiki Giveaway Still Going Strong – Free Link Plush Doll

Link-PlushIn celebration of 4-years online and 5,000 articles, the Zelda Dungeon Wiki is hosting our annual giveaway. As of this post we have given away eight Link plushies, and we will continue giving them away throughout the month of December. We are giving away plushies to all new editors of the Wiki that make notable contributions. Editing the Wiki won’t just give you a chance, or put you in a drawing to win a plushie. It will almost guarantee that you will win a plushie as we are giving away up to 50 of these plushies. Make the jump for all the details.

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Top 10 Zelda Clones from WatchMojo

hyyyy It’s no surprise that our influential video game series has garnered some imitators over the years, but you may be surprised just how many games are Zeldas in disguise. What if I told you the Binding of Isaac was a Zelda clone? How about Star Fox Adventures? Darksiders? Okami? That’s exactly what WatchMojo is going to tell you in its Top 10 Zelda Clones video. Some of the games you’ve no doubt heard of, others maybe not. But in any case they all borrow assets from the Legend of Zelda whether they may be items, puzzles, gameplay mechanics, visuals, plot development, or all of the above.

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Free Nintendo Power T-Shirts from Nintendo World Store

IMG_41102 Starting tomorrow, November 28th, all Nintendo World Stores will be offering a free Nintendo Power T-shirt to anyone who spends $25 or more in store. There are two shirts, both bear the classic Nintendo Power logo on the front, but one is grey with an 8-bit Mario on the back and the words “YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!” while the other is black with an 8-bit Link on the back accompanied by the phrase “IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE!” This offer stands only while supplies last, so if you’re eager to snatch one of these shirts up be sure to get to your nearest Nintendo World Store early– before they’re gone.

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Nintendo Badge Arcade Gets A Majora’s Mask 3D Update

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.40.27 AMThe latest app to customize the Home Screen of your 3DS has just received its second batch of Zelda inspired badges. Currently available for the Nintendo Badge Arcade is a set of six new panels all themed after Majora’s Mask 3D. With several masks, bottles, and many other badges to acquire this set might be a little heavy on the rupees for us Zelda fans! Let us know how you fair in trying to secure yourself some of the latest badges. Drop a comment below.

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ZD Top – Top 5 Nintendo Power-Ups that Should be in Zelda

Metroid Prime SamusThough we here at ZeldaDungeon obviously love Zelda, our passion is not confined merely within this great series. There’s always room for growth in anything, and Zelda is no exception. In this Thanksgiving Day installment of the ZD Top 5, we look at power-ups that have made appearances in other Nintendo titles that we think should be brought over to Hyrule.
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