Zelda Dungeon Talks: Is The Adventure Of Link Worth Remaking?

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks! Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link. Definitely not the most popular Zelda game out there. The sequel to the original game The Legend Of Zelda is a very different kind of Zelda game compared to the ones we know and love. You know those little side scrolling sequences in the dungeons of the original game? Yeah well that basically the entirety of Zelda II except for the overworld, which is top town like the original. This game also had RPG elements as you could level up to upgrade your sword, get more health etc. So as you can tell, this game is quite significantly different to the others in the series. It’s the only Zelda game of its kind so is it worth remaking? Would Zelda fans really appreciate an improved side scrolling Zelda? To be completely honest I would buy it straight away!

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Rumor: Twilight Princess Icon Found In Wii U eShop

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.59.18 AMTwitter user NWPlayer123, an individual known for data mining games such as Splatoon recently posted about a conversation that she had with another individual about something odd they found in the Wii U eShop. Supposedly a title ID for Twilight Princess was found within the Wii U eShop, although at this time it is unclear whether this could be just a re-release of the original game or a new HD version supposedly only the icon was recovered. There has been no official statement from Nintendo on the matter so we will keep you up to date on future developments. What are your thoughts, would you like to see Twilight Princess return? If so, would you prefer a re-release of the original or an HD version? I personally would love to see this title re-released in HD! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter (via: Nintendo Everything)

Select French Retailers Giving Out Tri Force Heroes Poster With Pre-Order

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.35.14 AMNintendo of France recently announced that select retailers in France will be offering a free collectible Tri Force Heroes poster with pre-order. The special posters will be numbered and are sure to be limited, currently there is no word on which retailers will be offering this free poster and so far this offer is only available in France. We will keep you posted o whether you not you might be seeing this offered in your neck of the woods!



Source: Twitter

Symphony Of The Goddesses Master Quest Tour Dates Added For 2016

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.28.39 AMLast week we shared with you that the Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest would be preforming on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The performance is set for tonight and will include an all new segment from the upcoming title Tri Force Heroes. Now, we have also learned that new tour dates have been added for 2016 in the Americas and Europe. The third installment of the symphony will include the latest addition from Tri Force Heroes that will be debuting in part tonight.

“We’re thrilled to continue to bring the ultimate Zelda music experience to the best fans in the world and introduce them to new music from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The connection that fans feel with The Legend of Zelda franchise is so strong, and we’re fortunate to be able to deliver a truly magnificent experience to them time and time again.”

                            – Jason Michael Paul

Head on past the break to see the list of new tour dates and cities for 2016.

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North American Tri Force Heroes Commercial

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.19.37 AM“Its dangerous to go alone, so don’t…”. Nintendo of America has just released a new commercial for Tri Force Heroes. In the thirty-second spot we see our trio of heroes solving their way through puzzles, battling bosses, and showing off that teamwork and not just costumes will be an essential part of this game. Tri Force Heroes releases in exactly 10 days! Will you be adventuring alone?

Head past the break to check out the latest commercial.

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Progress on fan game Zelda Maker

zelda maker In Dream Mix’s latest YouTube video he has given an update on the progress that has been made in his Zelda maker. He demonstrates creating rocks, water, bushes, stairs and many other parts of terrain. He shows off items such as the boomerang and fire rod, demonstrating that the rod can burn bushes. He shows Link using bombs and Link retrieving rupees with his boomerang. He also shows the various enemies that are in the maker, they are all able to be damaged by Links attacks.

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More Tri Force Heroes Gameplay Footage

th game play In one of Arekkz Gaming’s latest videos he has demonstrated some more Tri Force Heroes game play with friends. Hosting games is demonstrated and the video begins with them receiving the bow. They need to activate switches and platforms in high places and need to use the totem to access those high areas. The video is quite chaotic and full of the three friends having fun while exploring the landscape and going through through a boss battle. They fight an electric based ChuChu miniboss using arrows and gain some treasure by doing so. They later play with bombs which is quite dangerous for all of them. The video ends with them battling the boss Margoma which they defeat by stunning with bombs and then using the totem to reach its weak point to attack it.

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Thomandy Perfoms Piano Cover of Fi’s Lament

FiFarewellFi’s Lament is among the Zelda series’ most heart-wrenching tunes. Regardless of how fans responded to Fi’s characterization throughout most of Skyward Sword, the piece itself makes for one of the game’s standout moments.

Longtime YouTube artist Thomandy recently put together a piano cover of the serene theme. Give it a listen after the jump!

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Tri Force Heroes Official GuideBook To release In Japan

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.22.10 AMTri Force Heroes launches in Japan on October 22nd, and alongside the game will release an official guidebook. Very similarly to the ones that will release in North America, this book will cover all 32 levels from the 8 different areas, all the bosses, the 9 different weapons, and so much more. There will even be information about exactly what you will need to make all the different costumes available. The guidebook is being released by Nintendo Dream and is available on Amazon Japan, it is currently listed at 1296 yen (approximately $11).



Source: Amazon Japan (via: Perfectly Nintendo)

Gossip Stone: Should a Future Game Have a Major Focus on the Sheikah?

260px-Impa_OoTThe Sheikah have been subject to near-endless theories ever since their introduction in Ocarina of Time so many years ago. Thankfully, Hyrule Historia and Skyward Sword gave us a few pointers as to their original motives and such. Still, though, there is not much of anything to go on. That being said, could we see them get an origin story, and should that even happen?

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Easter Eggs in Tri Force Heroes

tfh When you finally get your hands on Tri Force Heroes come the end of October, be sure to keep an eye out for some Easter eggs, as it seems that a few people have already found some that Nintendo has sprinkled in. We have two to share with you guys after the jump, and keep in mind that there will be minor spoilers if you venture further.

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North American Tri Force Heroes Site Launches

triforce-heroes-artConsidering that Tri Force Heroes is less than two weeks away from its release, it was only a matter of time before the game’s North American site went online. The page includes not only a rundown of the 3DS title’s new features, but also some screenshots and that all-too-familiar introductory video from Princess Styla.

Although the site doesn’t boast any new details, it’s a terrific hub for the game’s most important information. If you haven’t quite caught up with the news that’s been trickling out for Tri Force Heroes, then definitely check this out!

Source: Nintendo (via NintendoEverything)

Special Tri Force Heroes Costume Available Exclusively Through Local Play

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 11.45.23 AMWith the launch of Tri Force Heroes just two weeks away, it seems as if the upcoming Zelda game is all anyone can talk about! We have been seeing so much Tri Force Heroes news as of late, that the anticipation might soon drive us all Cucco! Now we have learned that in a recent interview with the Japanese website 4Gamer, Eiji Aonuma and Hiromasa Shikata have shared some new news about an exclusive custom that is only available through local gameplay. According to the pair they wanted to reward those that were playing the game locally with friends, so they decided to offer a special item called “proof of friendship”. The item will be awarded for each friend you play with locally. The collected items can then be combined to create a very special costume, however at this time it is unknown how many “proof of friendship’s” you will need to create the new costume.

Head on past the break to check out a translated excerpt from the interview.

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