Kakariko Village Jazz Cover

Kakariko_Village_(Ocarina_of_Time)Most Legend of Zelda fans have a location in the game to relax or unwind, and for many of us that place is Kakariko Village. YouTube musician insaneintherainmusic created a multi-instrument arrangement of this theme, capturing the quiet and calm atmosphere with a jazz style. This cover features typical jazz instruments such as a piano, tenor saxophone, bass, and drums, and even vocals—with lyrics! Hit the jump to take a look! Read more…

Majora’s Mask Replica on Kickstarter

4f61b9c81c4673822aa0d1b70cece064_originalWith the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, merchandise has grown high in demand as more and more people want to get a hold on their very own Majora’s Mask. Kickstarter campaign by Christiane Gohring aims to create a silicone Majora’s Mask replica, complete with casting resin to maintain strength and resistance without the heavy weight. This project is about half-funded with several days remaining, so click the jump to hear more! Read more…

New Zelda T-shirts Spotted On The Yetee

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.00.22 AMFor those of you that are unfamiliar with the Yetee, its an awesome website that selects designs that have been submitted from around the world and then offers the limited edition design on a T-shirt for only 24hours! The prices are amazing and its possible because they only print what is actually purchased. For today’s shirts they have selected two different artists designs to feature, and the designs were both inspired by The Legend of Zelda! They are both available in several T-shirt sizes as well as a tank top option. Remember this is a very limited time offer so if you like the designs, act fast!

Head past the break for more details.

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What Other Classic Zelda Content Would You Like to See Remade in a New Game?

468px-Boss_RushHyrule Warriors did many things that hardcore Zelda fans were not used to, most of which regarding the actual gameplay, but one thing many approved of was taking the original series bosses from The Legend of Zelda, and remaking them into awesome, high-definition creatures. They stayed quite true to their original forms, while feeling very new, and of course, they looked great. Should Nintendo do this with more of their classic Zelda content? If so, what else from the old games other than bosses could be remade/upgraded in a new modern Zelda game?

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“Did You Get All That?” Weekly News Recap

kaeporagaeboraWelcome back and thank you for joining me on our second installment of our Weekly News Recap where I, Kaepora Gaebora take you through all the news and most talked about articles of the last week. For those of you that missed our first adventure please check it out here. Now before we begin our journey back in time, let me remind you that we will be reviewing not only any Zelda news that might have happened in the previous week but also the things that you were most passionate about. So please remember to be good little boys and girls so that I may share your wise words from the comments each week. Now that we are all caught up with what our journey will consist of, lets get started. No more dallying, so I must ask… “Did you get all that?”

If  your answer is yes, join me past the break.

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Zelda Universe Presents: Hyrule Warriors: The Movie Act 2

hyrule warriors movie

Zelda Universe’s Hyrule Warriors: The Movie is back with Act II, and this time we pick up during the timeline split to continue our adventure. If this is your first time seeing the Hyrule Warriors Movie, let me give you a little background. Zelda Universe has hired actors to portray Hyrule Warriors as a voice acted movie, giving more depth and life to its unique storyline. If you have yet to see Act I, you can check it out here. Once you’ve done that and got caught up, hit the jump to check out Act II. Read more…

Dragon Roost Island Cover Duo

wind-waker-HD1In what has now officially become my weekend of “An ode to The Wind Waker“, we will now see the latest cover from the YouTube channel, SadToyCats. The YouTube channel is a music project based out of New York and has taken on the Dragon Roost Island theme for their latest cover. I love the musical arrangement they created and the fact that you have a little bit of gameplay intermixed to really evoke the feel of your surroundings at Dragon Roost Island.

Head past the jump and hear it for yourselves!

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Zelda Easter Egg Found in Splatoon

splatoon Nintendo fans may as well call this the Year of the Squid because its most anticipated game happens to be the third-person ink shooting break-out hit Splatoon. With less than a week before its international May 29th release, the hype is reaching its peak. In the wake of this excitement, GameXplain has sweetened the deal for Zelda fans by finding a classic Zelda enemy displayed in Invader style street-art on one of Splatoon’s maps. An old school Octorok makes an appearance alongside a classic Blooper from the Mario series.
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Unsung Heroes Of The Legend Of Zelda

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.52.45 PMThere are many brave souls that we encounter throughout The Legend of Zelda series but only one who gets the most fanfare and appreciation for all his trials and tribulations. What about those other characters, that if not for them our green-clad hero would never have achieved his goals; are they not heroes too? What makes a true hero? If you look up the definition of hero you will find that it says: “a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” So would that not mean that there are many heroes in the Zelda series? As for most things within the world of the Zelda franchise, we will all have different characters that tugged on our heart strings most, or some that we might have related to better, and some that brought us the most joy and  even encouraged us to overcome the many obstacles in the games. So who are your unsung heroes of The Legend of Zelda?

Join me as I share with you a few of my favorites past the break!

Image Source: tumblr

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The Women of Legend: Ilia


Courage. It is the defining ability of the Hero. It is what we seek as we quest to save the world. In most Zelda titles, the only person who possesses any kind of courage is our hero Link. Most of the citizens of Hyrule are shown as cowards, shirking responsibility for the comfort of ignorance. But there are a few characters whose courage shines as bright as the sun they were born under. One such being is Ilia, a gentle and loving, yet fierce, inhabitant of Ordon village during the Era of Twilight. Join me as we take a stroll through Ilia’s story, and glance at just how much of a Hero she truly is.

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ABSometimes things aren’t always what they seem, even the Lens of Truth has its limitations. Most Zelda games have some sort of plot twist changing the way you view what’s going on and sometimes affecting your goal. Not too long ago I posted about a video showing the ‘true’ ending to Majora’s Mask but now we have the other end of the game: the beginning. YouTuber The Alien Banana has created a short animation showing the true reason the moon was wanting to fall.

See the video after the jump.

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Unique Outset Island Theme Drum Cover

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.00.27 PMContinuing with what apparently has now become my Ode to The Wind Waker that I started yesterday with sharing an Acoustic Cover of the Dragon Roost Island theme, we now go to Outset Island. The home of our green-clad hero, his sister, and Grandma is where we find ourselves beginning our adventure today. Depending on how much time you spend here, this song might have seared itself into your brain with its peppy little tune but I guarantee you have never heard it like this. YouTube Channel Harmon Stager has uploaded a video with a very unique take on the Outset Island theme by recording a Drum Cover.

Head past the jump and see what you think.

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Fifty Zelda Facts in Under Five Minutes

Want to become an expert on random Zelda trivia? Well, then this is just the thing for you. In a recent video, YouTube user Darknebolian and guest narrator Tearid rattled off fifty fun Legend of Zelda facts in less than five minutes. Long-time Zelda fanatics will recognize most of these, but there were even a few that caught me off guard. To take a look at the fact-packed video, hit the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Do you want more Zelda products from USAopoly?

Zelda, Monopoly, Zelda Monopoly, USAopoly, Zelda Game, Zelda Merchandise A while back USAopoly struck a deal with Nintendo to license out Zelda and Mario games. Surprisingly, the products that came out of it didn’t seem to just be quick cash grabs but actually well thought out products. They have created a few Zelda products already that have turned out to be quite nice collector’s items. I myself am not a huge Monopoly fan, but I couldn’t get over how impressive Zelda Monopoly was. With a few Zelda puzzles already in stores and a treasure-chest styled Yahtzee game on the way, I find myself wondering what other fun games could come out of this partnership.

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Original Majora’s Mask Any% Speedrun World Record Broken

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.58.21 PMThe original Majora’s Mask is now not to be left out of the Any% Speedrun World Records this week. Just a few days ago we shared with you that the Any% Speedrun World Record for Majora’s Mask 3D had been broken not just once but twice in one day, and now we also have to add the original Majora’s Mask to the list. The very same day we told you about Majora’s Mask 3D, FullGrownGaming took first place on the original Majora’s Mask with a time of 1:27:03, beating the previous first place run by six seconds! The now 1st place run seemed to be almost neck and neck with the previous record holder and it wasn’t until the final moments of the boss battle that first place was solidified. Which just goes to show you that in Speedruns every mili-second counts!

To check out the 1st place run by FullGrownGaming, head past the break.

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