Gossip Stone: What Control Style is Best For a Zelda Game?

Snes_controlIt has been made quite clear that the newest upcoming Zelda title will be using the Wii U Gamepad as it’s primary control system, possibly with the option of a pro controller, and maybe even a Gamecube controller setting. This is interesting, because it really was not all that long ago that Miyamoto was telling the world that Skyward Sword‘s motion controls were the new go-to style of controls in the series. Was this a good decision? There are a few options for control styles, but Wwat do you thing is the best for Zelda?

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Wii_Remote_ImageWhen Skyward Sword came out and I started playing, I was very pleased with the finally realized ability to truly take full control of Link’s sword. I don’t care what anyone said, the 1:1 controls were very fluid and responsive, and since loads of people used them just fine, it must have worked. We were properly able to see that the Wii Remote Plus functioned wonderfully for Link’s newest adventure. That being said, there is certainly good reason for people to want the old controls back. While the many gimmicks and entertaining functionality of motion controls were very innovative, sometimes, it feels good to just sit back, relax and enjoy the simplicity of button mashing.

Personally, I have always put the iconic idea of a simple button-covered controller at the top of my preferred control list. I always like to see Nintendo innovate with new and interesting control schemes, but using nothing more than buttons removes the need to tie the game itself to the controller style. Instead of having to say, “How can this controller be used to make new, cool, gimmicky puzzles and combat situations?”, the developers can just think of the game on its own and make it more focused on what the character can do, not what the player can do, and this leaves more creative freedom.

zelda_27625.nphdNowadays, though, I think Nintendo has hit the peak for controlling Link: duel-screens. After the N64-to-3DS remakes, and after The Wind Waker HD, it is quite clear that simple, traditional buttons, with an easily accessible touch-screen, is the seemingly perfect control layout for the series. It can eliminate pause transitions, it lets you view your map and gameplay simultaneously, and more. I have given the Gamepad flack in the past, but at least for Zelda, it really is, in my eyes, the most seamless available tool for moving Link forward in his latest journeys.

What do you guys think? What is the best way to control your character in a Zelda game? A control scheme that has been used before, or maybe something new? Leave a comment below!

Link’s Awakening glitch that allows you to the beat game in 10 minutes

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.03.59 PMIt seems as if there will always be those that will spend the time and energy to try and find ways to manipulate “glitches” in games, to beat bosses quickly, “screen warp” to jump into other areas, or even beat games in record time. A+Start, a YouTube channel has a series that does just that, called “Son of a Glitch”. The series is featured regularly and teaches you some very useful and not so useful glitches, and in this episode the focus is on Link’s Awakening.

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Minuet of Forest Cover on Harp and Piano

downloadEveryone loves to see high-quality covers of famous Zelda songs, but sometimes, we get to hear a great fan cover of one of the songs you actually play in the games. The skilled musicians on the scarcitude . YouTube channel have covered Ocarina of Time‘s Minuet of Forest on Harp and Piano, and they did a beautiful job.

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Majora’s Mask Medley on Ocarina and Piano

legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-3d-skull-kid-e1420298876508YouTuber Jimmy Wong, accompanied by skilled Ocarina player Heather Scott, has released a medley of some of the lesser-covered songs from Majora’s Mask. One can appreciate fans that look at the songs in Zelda titles that do not recieve as much love, and decide to show everyone how great they are in videos like this. The pair did a great job on the video, and it is well-worth a listen.

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The Legend of Zelda watercolor prints found on Etsy

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.49.48 AMFor my part I am always looking for artwork that has been inspired by my favorite games or anime, and today I found just what I was looking for! EpicShoppe on Etsy has a few fantastic pieces of watercolor by an artist in Poland named Franek Dolas, inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. The shop mainly focuses on anime but has a few prints from a few games that you are surely going to want to check out, and with over 900 items to choose from, there is a lot to look at!

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A Lasagne Between Worlds: Garfield Creator Jim Davis Mentions Zelda in Latest Interview

Game-Map-02Garfield creator Jim Davis has been talking video games in his most recent interview with Venture Beat. Admitting his partial hiatus from the gaming world, Davis talks about his new project Garfield: Survival of the Fattest, an upcoming mobile game that looks to be in the same vein as the likes of The Simpsons: Tapped Out or FarmVille. It is doubtful that this game has much taken from the Zelda formula, but make the link to check out the interview in which Davis talks about the franchise!

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Ocarina of Time Hyrule Field Theme Acapella

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.00.44 PMYouTube user “Mr Dooves” (under the channel name Triforcefilms) has recently collaborated with acapella musician Jaron Davis to cover Ocarina of Time’s iconic “Hyrule Field Theme.” This tune is one of the most memorable and familiar songs from the game, symbolizing adventure as Link steps into that vast overworld hub for the first time.
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Ganon the Animation

95956Animator Alexis Morand recently posted an amazing new video featuring animated adventures of the Gerudo king titled Ganon. In the video we see some popular scenes from various parts of the series such as Koholint Island, Lost Woods, and Death Mountain only from the perspective of Ganondorf in the place of Link. He wanders from familiar scene to familiar scene to a musical score from James O’Connor Moneley.

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amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits launches April 30

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.10.51 AMFor those of you that are unfamiliar with amiibo Tap, it is a Wii U app that gives you access to thirty different Virtual Console games with just the “Tap” of an amiibo. Each amiibo will unlock three minute snippets of  random NES or SNES games, and The Legend of Zelda is nicely represented in this fun little app with three different titles being featured! amiibo Tap launches as a free download on April 30th.

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16 things wrong with A Link to the Past

Angry CuccosJosh M, owner of the channel Really Freakin’ Clever is taking a look at yet another Zelda game and the things he calls tongue-in-cheek “wrong” with it. Starting way back in april of 2013 with the video 64 Things Wrong with Ocarina of Time, he turned the affectionate parody into an entire series. Normally the channel does longer videos, but because Josh will be moving soon he could not make the full 64 things wrong with A Link to the Past. So instead he cut it down to a quarter of the normal length,  also because ALttP is a 16-bit game.

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ZD Gallery: Din’s Fire

Din's Fire Happy Sunday, Zelda fans! It is time for this week’s ZD Gallery feature. Just to recap, since this is a new series to Zelda Dungeon, the ZD Gallery is where we pick an artist among us Zelda fans out there that has created something to show their love for the franchise and, not only shine a spotlight on their work, but the artist themselves. For this week’s installment, we were able to chat a little with an artist known on Tumblr as Nox Zaiden, who created this beautiful piece titled Din’s Fire.

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Phantom Hourglass Style Game “Oceanhorn” Moves to PC

Oceanhorn-wallpaper-GOTY In 2012 the heavily Zelda-inspired game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas released in the app store, but now its adventure and JRPG elements have made it popular enough to be picked up by Steam. It is available for purchase in the Steam Store for $14.99 and has received very positive reviews. Oceanhorn is an adventure game set in a world that blends fantasy and technology, its story surrounds an ancient sea monster that tirelessly tries to hunt down the player; Siliconera spoke with the game’s Creative Director, Heikki Repo about his inspiration, the move to PC, and the chance for a console release of the game.

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Brendan Milos Majora’s Mask Artwork – Green ChuChu

ZeldaMajorasMask_EnemyGreenChuChuBrendan Milos has continued his journey of creating artwork for many of the enemies of Majora’s Mask. This is part of a fan project to create artwork for all of the Majora’s Mask Enemies that appear in the game.

This time around he tackles an enemy Green ChuChu. The Green ChuChu is quite similar to the Red ChuChu, except this time it holds a magic jar inside and usually appears in places where magic is in high demand. They are found throughout Termina Field, but also appear in the Great Bay Temple and the Stone Tower Temple. You can see a thumbnail version of the image to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to see the full sized image, along with where you can find some of Brendan’s other pieces of enemy artwork. Additionally, after the jump you’ll find a Let’s Paint time lapse video of Brendan creating this piece of artwork.

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Dark World Theme Played on Unconventional Instruments

Dark World We’ve been featuring a lot of different musical covers here on Zelda Dungeon, but I don’t think we’ve ever heard anything quite like this before. Imagine what the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past would sound like played on instruments that you may not have considered instruments before. Like maybe a 3D printer, or what about an old floppy drive? I know, some of you guys are wondering what the heck a floppy drive is, or wondering how it’s possible to play music on machinery that is used for something entirely different. Trust me, you just have to hear it to understand.

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Brendan Milos Majora’s Mask Artwork – Octorok

OctorokBrendan Milos has continued his journey of creating artwork for many of the enemies of Majora’s Mask. This is part of a fan project to create artwork for all of the Majora’s Mask Enemies that appear in the game.

This time around he tackles an enemy Octorok, a creature that has appeared in almost every single Legend of Zelda to date. While the Octorok was a land enemy in the first four titles, it transitioned to being a water-based enemy in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. It’s not all-to-common in Majora’s Mask, but it does appear in several of the different regions, including within the Great Bay Temple and at Ikana Canyon. They are often frozen with an Ice Arrow, creating a platform to jump onto. You can see a thumbnail version of the image to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to see the full sized image, along with where you can find some of Brendan’s other pieces of enemy artwork. Additionally, after the jump you’ll find a Let’s Paint time lapse video of Brendan creating this piece of artwork.

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