My Zelda Story: Late By A Generation Or Two

Zelda_Logo.svgWhat is the Legend of Zelda to you? Is it simply a game that you enjoy to pass the time with, or is it something more meaningful? Have you been enjoying journeys through Hyrule for most of your life, or have you only recently tried you hand at your first adventure as Link, the hero in green? We all have our stories, playing these games, finding inspiration from them and always wishing for more adventures to enjoy on the latest Nintendo hardware.

Mine happens to be one that starts a good decade into the lifespan of the series. But strangely enough, even though I started playing well into the Game Boy Advance/Gamecube era of Zelda, I kind of experienced things the way that many fans did who were around at the start of the series – struggling through a strange new kind of game with top-down, open-world gameplay, only to see things change along the way as 3D graphics, different control schemes, and new complex storylines come along. Plus, there was a whole lot to experience beyond the games themselves. It has certainly been interesting, so if you want to see how my perspective of the series has changed over the years, hit the jump.

Oh, and expect more Zelda Stories from our other writers in the coming weeks. Like I said, everyone’s got one!

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Women of Legend: Skyward Sword’s Impa (Part One)
Protecting the mortal incarnation of the Goddess Hylia is a pretty big job, but one handled with the utmost grace in the capable hands of the very first Sheikah warrior– Impa, from Skyward Sword. Though she initially had a stern exterior and was very critical of Link, Impa turned out to be an extremely loyal and trusting individual with a heart of gold. It’s no secret that Impa is a flawed character, if she was perfect she wouldn’t be interesting, but the beauty of her appearance in Skyward Sword is that the players get to see her character develop over thousands of years. A selfless servant of the Goddess, Impa will do anything to make sure that Zelda stays safe and Demise stays sealed away. After the jump, get a glimpse at the motivations and carefully calculated actions that lead Impa to become the legendary Sheikah icon she is!

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ZD Top 5 – Villages

South_Clock_TownIn the grand scheme of the Zelda-verse, there are exceptionally few settlements exceeding ten people in population; the job of census-taker in Hyrule must be a cushy one. Thank goodness, then, that population was in no way a requirement for this list. To qualify, a settlement had to just feel like a village in the very professional opinion of our ZD Staff. As always, feel free to leave your own lists in the comments below; our staff had a good time with this, and we’d all love to know what you think.
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Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Might We Expect if a New Race was Introduced in Zelda Wii U?

race Hyrule has provided refuge for a plethora of unique and important races throughout its history. We’ve met with Zoras, Gorons, Kokiri, Hylians, Deku, Picori, Koroks, Rito, Kikwi, Gerudo, Twili, and Sheikahs– just to name a few. No matter how long the list of races, each manages to be important to the game or games it appears in and fully developed both visually and culturally. Just when I think the Zelda series can’t possibly create another distinctly memorable race, one appears for me to marvel at. So at this point, it’s likely that we’ll meet more new races in future, perhaps even in Zelda Wii U.

But what other races could the Zelda series incorporate? The writing staff here at Zelda Dungeon was asked to consider if Zelda Wii U introduced a new race, what they would want that race, its culture, and its function to be like. They came up with a range of answers that focused on the new race’s purpose in-game, its appearance and traits, and what its history may contain. Hit the jump to read the staff’s thoughts, and feel free to join the discussion in the comments!

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Gossip Stone: Should Zelda Incorporate a Measure of Karma/Consequence?

Fallout-3-8Recent linearity in Zelda titles has pushed fans to wanting a lot more choice in how they explore the world and go through their journeys. A Link Between Worlds has made good use of that idea, with dungeons you can go through in any order, and Zelda Wii U looks like it will be a totally open experience. But what about things other than exploration and dungeons? A lot of popular games now are implementing a system of consequences and overall outcomes based on the player’s choices and actions. Could this be a new convention for Zelda? Could “karma” be something that benefits a Zelda title’s overall experience?

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ZD Top 5 – Items Appearing in Only One Game

TingleTunerThe Zelda series is well known for its dependable set of items showing up in virtually every game — bombs, bow, and so forth. But what about those items that only ever appeared in one game?

This week, we asked Zelda Dungeon staff to rank their top 5 items that appear in only one game.

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Are Some Of The Aspects Of The Series That Have Always Bothered You The Most?

While the Legend of Zelda series is an excellent series of games, these games are certainly not flawless. There is always something for one of us fans to complain about, no matter how small or how large the problem may be. Tedious dungeons, time wasting enemies, a lack of difficulty settings, each of these things are just a few of many flaws in the series. Now of course the good greatly outweighs the bad in the series, but it still has some issues.

In this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members will share with us what annoys them most in the series and why. Feel free to leave your own response in the comments section. Read more…

Gossip Stone: Is Zelda the Kind of Game That Could Use Virtual Reality Well?

dk2-productNintendo has often stood as the beacon of innovation in the gaming industry, perfecting certain hardware, games and control schemes that other companies do not get to first. These days, though, a big new fad is virtual reality, something that Nintendo has not dabbled in in years. Prosperous days are coming for Oculus VR and other up-and-coming VR visor creators, who are now partnering with the big gaming companies to bring us new experiences, and with Nintendo’s NX just over the horizon, there are rumors that the Big N will be one of those partners. If such deals are made, could Zelda be a series that gets involved in virtual reality? We have come a long way since the Virtual Boy, so maybe Nintendo can surprise us with some real VR greatness, with the help of their biggest adventure series.

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Gossip Stone: Which Items From Previous Zelda Games Should Be Featured In Zelda U?

gal_05Hey everybody and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! This time around I’m going to be talking about which items from previous Zelda games should return in Zelda U. This is not including the bombs because I can pretty much guarantee that they will be in the next game. Im also not including the sail cloth or the bow because we know for certain that they are in the game. So with all that being said, let’s get into it!

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ZD Top 5 – Fire-Themed Dungeons

Oracle of Seasons logoThe developers of our beloved Zelda games tend to revisit a lot of the same ideas when theming dungeons. Among the most frequently seen is the fire dungeon. From lesser known locales like the Sword and Shield Maze from Oracle of Seasons to more popular destinations like the Goron Mines, our staff of writers created some incredibly varied lists for this weeks ZD Top 5. As always, feel free to leave your own lists in the comment.

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Major Changes Ahead for Zelda Dungeon


I’m pleased to announce some big changes are on the horizon here at Zelda Dungeon and within the online Zelda community as a whole. Earlier this month I acquired the website, Zelda Informer, and it is now under the same umbrella company as Zelda Dungeon. We will be partnering up to bring you the best Legend of Zelda coverage on the net. Several major changes will be happening here at Zelda Dungeon in the coming months and future announcements will be made as these changes get implemented.

Effective immediately, the Zelda Dungeon front page is going to go through a significant overhaul. We will no longer be covering day to day Zelda News, along with other fan features. All of our efforts for this will be over at the Zelda Informer website. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Zelda Informer has been around for nearly a decade and is the leading Zelda website for day to day news, editorials, articles, and great exclusive features.

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AGDQ: A Link to the Past Race, Reverse Boss Order

maxresdefaultNow here is something you don’t see everyday. During the recently concluded Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 speedrun marathon, a race held for A Link to the Past demonstrated a way of playing you may not have seen before: beating every boss in the reverse order. This obviously involves a lot of glitches and wall clips, so expect the game to be broken beyond belief. The winner finished the race in 1:29:47. Also, an interview was held before the race with the runners, Andy and superskuj, so check that out for comments from the pros that are destroying this game in the best ways possible.

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New Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS Theme Released In Japan

hyrule-warriors-legends1With Hyrule Warriors Legends having just been released in Japan, they now not only have an awesome new game to play but they have also released a new theme for the game! Featured in the Japanese 3DS Theme Shop, fans can now get a new theme to decorate their home screens featuring all the characters from the title. Displayed along the top screen is the assortment of heroes found in the game and along the bottom screen, not to be left out are all the villains. The music and sound that the system makes as you slide through options and folders on your Home Screen will all be very recognizable if you have spent anytime listening to or playing the original title on the Wii U. Jump in past the break and check out a video of the latest theme and see what you think.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends Gameplay Video Part 4

hyrule-warriors-legends-boxart-656x600In the past week or so Koei Tecmo has been releasing special gameplay videos of Hyrule Warriors Legends featuring producer, Yosuke Hayashi and voice actress, Ruriko Aoki. During the course of these gameplay videos we have been able to see many different aspect of the game, we have seen part of the game played through as Link, Toon Link, as well as even caught some of Linkle’s backstory. In the latest gameplay video that has been released we get to see the pair play the game side by side, both using different characters and each playing through the same area. Could this possibly mean that Hyrule Warriors Legends won’t offer us any co-op options?

Check out the gameplay video and see what you think.

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New Trailer Shows Off Wolf Link Amiibo Functions And Much More!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.21.34 PMThere has been so much new information coming out abut Twilight Princess HD as of late that I feel as if every few moments I am squealing like a child! This time the squeal came the moment I saw this new trailer uploaded onto the Nintendo Deutschland YouTube account. The new trailer shows off some pretty awesome things about the upcoming Twilight Princess HD. Not only do we get confirmation on the recent rumor about the Wolf Link amiibo unlocking a new dungeon (here called, the “Cave of Shadows”), we also see how Midna and Wolf Link will have to battle their way through enemies, as well as learn about what the other amiibo will offer our hero. Will your hand have the courage to seek power? Jump in past the break to find out!

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