The First Review of Hyrule Warriors from Famitsu

Davis RojasAugust 10th, 2014 by Davis Rojas

Adventure-ModeIt’s no secret that Dynasty Warriors is one of Japan’s hottest sellers while Zelda has been struggling to keep ground there for a long time. Now the two series are getting together for a crossover extravaganza. But how exactly does the game fare in the eyes of Japanese gamers?

To see the results of the Famitsu review, follow after the jump.


Thanks to the wonderful translators at Nintendo Everything, we have been able to enjoy a stream of translated new each week from magazine Famitsu. As the Hyrule Warriors time in the magazine comes to a close, the game is now in the hands of four reviewers. So what did they have to say?

“Seriously. It’s “Warriors” and “Zelda”. You got the action of “Warriors” and the charming worlds of “Zelda”, and it sounds too fun! The foundation of the gameplay is definitely “Warriors”-based, and although there is a lack of puzzle-solving, the two works are fused together so nicely and truly became a top-quality means of entertainment. In Adventure Mode, you move around and solve puzzles in the style of the original 8-bit Zelda. In Hyrule Warriors, you will enjoy a great combination of both freshness and nostalgia, and that is a very good thing.”
-Yoshida: 9

While not destroying the world of Zelda, the action has been modeled after the “Warriors” series and it is exhilarating. You will be firmly placed in the battle, which is also good. Fans will smile at the small details which can be found here and there, and it is good. The soundtrack is arranged in a familiar “Warriors”-series style, and the feeling is very uplifting. I also feel great during each mission because the checkpoint system treats you very kindly if you fail.
-Jigoro: 9

“The Legend of Zelda” has a history and is receiving a secondary creation, and the final product is a winning combination. Deriving from the “Warriors” series, you are a lone commanding officer and are seeing the perspective of two armies battling, and you feel the scale that I think extends to the power of a country like Hyrule. As it is a transition from established puzzle solving system into chaotic action, I accepted Hyrule Warriors as a fresh interpretation. Since both products are separately masterpieces, I was expecting their combination to be more than a masterpiece.
-Namuko: 9

The peculiar puzzle elements of Zelda are basically non-existent, but the tempo of the action is great and can be enjoyed comfortably. You are dropped in the system of “Warriors” but in the world of “Zelda”, and it’s so amazing that there is no discomfort in this combination. The game feels easier than Dynasty Warriors” or “Samurai Warriors” so it is easy to play. When locking on with z-targeting, for example, it helps make the boss encounters considerably like the Zelda series. The smiles of Zelda fans are going to be numerous!
-Bunbunmaru: 9

Together, these reviews made for a final score of 36/40.

As was expected, this game is looking to be satisfying fans of both Zelda and Dynasty Warriors all around. It will be providing the world, characters, and aesthetic elements of all that is Zelda, but the extravagant battles of the Dynasty Warriors franchise possibly lacking a lot of the tedious nature of games thanks to Nintendo, “easing” on players.

However; don’t expect American reviewers to be as generous to this game; as the Dynasty Warriors series has not had particularly glowing reception here in the states.

So what do you think of these scores? Do you feel even more excited to see more on Hyrule Warriors in the coming weeks? The game will be out in Japan on August 14, and you can bet clips will be uploaded for all the world to see.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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  • ERTugrul14


  • VladNorris

    Not surprised. Famitsu is softer with the big names and softer in general than it used to be years ago.
    Also, if IGN or anyone of the sort calls it crap it won’t be surprising either. They’re particularly harsh with the Musou games.

    So I’ll rely on what I see myself to give this game my own score.

    • Sheik

      Usually the best review is your own review.

    • Riley Hayman

      Same here. Reviews are just a single person’s, or small group’s, opinion; not my own.

  • Sheik

    I guess they created the adventure mode to make up for the puzzle solving.

  • Shootdatrupee!…

    I’m seeing a lot of people mistaking this game for Zelda U.
    Can’t be a good thing.

    • Sheik

      I know right

  • Anon

    … Still not getting it, because we were promised over 50 characters.

    Instead, we got one or two characters from each respective game, TP SS or OOT, and that’s just downright disappointing.

    No Vaati? No Medli? No Daphnes? Seriously, Nintendo?

    • Sheik

      I think they will introduce more characters, but the official Japanese website has changed, it used to say “coming soon” with the characters but now it is not.

      • Anon

        You “think” they will? What makes you certain, as you’ve said, the website stopped updating, odds are, we’re not getting anymore, and that’s just pathetic, disappointing.

        • Hero of space and time

          …… They never said anything about, “being certain.”

        • Sheik

          I should explain myself better they will introduce more characters but only after the game is released in Japan. They have given Legend of Zelda characters to make the game interesting increasing the pre order market. “and that’s just pathetic, and disappointing” Nintendo loves to torture its fans.

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      1. Nintendo is just supervising. This is KT’s project. Bash them. And don’t give me the ‘if Nintendo really wanted more characters they would’ve had KT put more in’, that’s really not how it works.
      2. Of course they haven’t revealed all the characters. It’s not illogical to hold characters back for a surprise, and for to sake of letting your consumers actually discovering a thing or two. The most recent dynasty warriors game had >80 characters. You want to bet with me they showed off every one of those before release?

      • Damagedlink

        They had more than 80 characters?! WOW! I guess we’re getting a lot more characters than I thought (not saying that there will be 80, but there has to be a lot more than what we have now).

    • Riley Hayman

      Where were we promised over 50 characters? Not arguing, I just never saw that, and I’ve been keeping pretty up to date with Hyrule Warriors news.

      And we did get confirmation there would be unlockable characters in adventure mode. I’m not sure if they meant ‘new’ unlockable characters, but the characters they already revealed seem to be storyline related, and it doesn’t make sense to me that you could unlock them in any other way than playing the story. Plus, in the direct, Yosuke Hayashi’s translator said “now I’d like to spend a little bit of time introducing you to ‘some’ of the playable characters in the game.” I’m not sure if the translation’s grammar was 100% correct, but if so, we will definitely be getting more characters.

      • Matthew

        We weren’t promised 50 characters however it was promised everyone’s favourite characters would be playable but that’s technically a lie until they make my favourite playable

        • Zachary Morris

          I’m sure Skull Kid will be unlockable.

          • Matthew

            I hope so for Koei and Nintendos sake otherwise their building can go burn down

          • Shootdatrupee!…

            And once again you people are preparing to bash a company for a product THEY DIDN’T EVEN MAKE.

        • Riley Hayman

          I don’t think literally ‘everyone’s’ favorite character would be playable. Who knows, someone’s favorite might be Jiro the Carpenter from Oot.

          • Matthew

   1:54 – 2:03, developer states “YOU WILL be able to PLAY as YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER”

          • Riley Hayman

            I’m aware he said that. All I meant was if one of your favorite characters is a small side character like a carpenter, it would be pretty unreasonable to take the quote literally at that point.

          • Matthew

            Im taking it as a promise

          • Shootdatrupee!…

            That is so stupid on literally so many levels. I hope you won’t be disappointed, but you’re almost certainly going to be.

    • TWD Forever

      …They haven’t revealed all the characters yet, I’m sure of that.

  • Hero of space and time

    …. They aren’t even trying anymore with the news! WE DON’T WANT REVIEWS OF HYRULE WARRIORS! In fact, a lot of us want the Hyrule warriors news to stop!

    • Riley Hayman

      To each his own I guess. I’m primarily a Nintendo fan, and I’ve never played or seen any Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games, but I might be more hyped for this than Smash Bros.

      • Sheik

        Same here at least all the characters you can play are all Legend of Zelda characters except the original characters of Hyrule Warriors. With Super Smash Bro’s only a small bit of game is Legend of Zelda.

    • Sheik

      Some of it is interesting but if they put too much information in, the news become boring especially if they repeat the news.

      • Hero of space and time

        This is why I have a problem with this tidal wave of almost seemingly endless
        floods of news— They are putting in too much! On top of that, the articles we enjoy end up drifting away as the news rages in…

        • Sheik

          When you have endless news, the interesting facts get lost in the tide.

    • Dubiono

      This game comes out in a week. Get used to it until the game’s out here in America.

  • Zachary Morris

    Are most Legend of Zelda games known for getting perfect 40/40 on Famitsu? A Link Between Worlds, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Ocarina of TIme, A Link to the Past…

    So 36/40 doesn’t really seem that good when you stack it up.

    And yes, I know this is not a Legend of Zelda game.

    • Nintenderp

      Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. That’s it.

      36/40 is still really good with all that stacked up. Just because all four of them gave it a 9 instead of a 10 doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It means the opposite.

  • kk

    This comment section seems copy pasted out of youtube.
    “9/10 is not a good score bcuz itz not a 10/10!”
    “Retardified Romani isn’t playable screw you no buy! They told me EVERYONE’s favorite character would be playable! Liars!”

    “Who the heck asked for ZELDA news on a ZELDA NEWS SITE?! NO ONE!”
    Worse than a baby screaming in the middle of the night. God awful.

  • Luigimansion

    Considering that this is a spin off game I can see that it wouldn’t have the same ratings as a pure 100% Zelda game. But I know they didn’t and much from other game that we’re more cartoon animated like WW, ALTTP, and the Minish cap. But I think the reason they didn’t add any of them is because the cartoon graphics probably wouldn’t translate as well!

    • Anon

      I really would like to believe that instead of because everyone is a fan of OoT, TP, and SS.

  • ganaham

    Seeing that Dynasty Warriors is popular in Japan and Zelda isn’t, I’m hoping that this helps Zelda sell better.

    • Giordan

      actually Zelda is pretty popular in Japan.

      • ganaham

        The article says Zelda is struggling.

        • Giordan

          How did Ocarina of Time get a 40/40 from Famitsu?

          • ganaham

            Dunno. Cause its good?

          • Giordan

            Subjectively, it’s good.

          • Shootdatrupee!…

            Zelda ‘struggles’ in Japan because it is not popular amongst Japanese masses. Zelda sales in Japan are, to say the least, pathetic.
            A Link Between Worlds, for example, has ~450k copies sold in Japan, and it’s been almost a year. Compare that to PokemonXY(~5M) or recently released Youkai Watch 2(~2M), its…not too good.
            When Wind Waker came out in Japan, the pitiful Japanese sales would’ve meant the end of the series had western audiences not salvaged the situation.

          • Cia

            Subjectively my ass. OOT is the greatest game *ever* made according to most surveys and top lists in existence. Anyone denying this lives in denial.

          • Giordan

            Nope. I know people who prefer MM.
            Just because it has a lot of acclaim doesn’t mean it’s objectively good.

  • Kieroni

    With the crossover, it may bring more fans to Zelda. ^^ I would like to play it someday, but other games come first. Sorry HW.

    • michkori

      Unless Zelda U is able to incorporate the battle mechanics while keeping or increasing the difficulty or cutting it out (for casual and bro gamers) i doubt we get many new fans of the series. But ya never know.

  • The Satellite

    “The game feels easier than ‘Dynasty Warriors’ or ‘Samurai Warriors’ so it is easy to play.”

    This makes me a little nervous. Were difficulty settings confirmed? I feel like they were mentioned but never outright confirmed? I hope it’s not as easy as it appeared to be in trailers and stuff. I’m sure it’ll still be fun, but I’d like at least a LITTLE challenge. :/

    • Riley Hayman

      It was said in the Direct that weapon drops would be better the tougher the battle. That sounds pretty much like confirmation of difficulty settings to me.

  • Weenie’n’TheButt

    Any specific reason Zelda isn’t as popular there? I figure it’s because of the open-ended nature of the games, while the Japanese mentality generally favors order, organization, and tradition – I’m sure there are better words – which you can see in the popularity of bullet hell (Touhou Project), rhythm games (getting perfects on Project DIVA), and JRPGS over there. I might be wrong, though. Maybe it’s not “Japanese” enough?

  • Locke64

    “As was expected, this game is looking to be satisfying fans of both Zelda and Dynasty Warriors all around”

    I still think it’s going to be dissatisfying to both sets of fans. The gameplay isn’t going to be fun for Zelda fans, and DW fans won’t appreciate all the Zelda fanservice so it won’t offer them anything that another DW game doesn’t.

    I’m still going to get it just for the Zelda fanservice, but I don’t expect to have a lot of fun with it.

    • MaGoria

      “I still think it’s going to be dissatisfying to both sets of fans.”

      Agreed. Also there is a new DW game coming out this september, which has online possibility and HW does not. So don´t see any reason why a DW fan would get this game.

      • Giordan

        Because they like the gameplay and don’t give a shit about online?

        • MaGoria

          It´s like there´s much of a difference in the gameplay and you don´t have to play online. It´s very difficult to believe that a DW fan would choose this game instead of a new DW game.

          • Giordan

            I love Dynasty Warriors, but I’m also a Zelda fan, so… you get my drift.

          • PhaseHawk

            The thing is:
            I get your idea and well shit I love DW and the complete Warriors series. But is HW another thing to talk about. It has a bit mor substance than normal Warrior games, wich are mostly all just slash through everything or rush through to the boss and speedrun dat shit xD
            Im pretty hyped for HW cause its a bit different in gameplay and even its easier cause big N, it don´t bug me. I have the awesome OST and these freakin good lookin colours everywhere.
            Plus a story that is not pretty old exept for some new char additions.

    • Giordan

      What if you’re a fan of both?

    • Mangachick14

      Why won’t a Zelda fan enjoy it? If you’re expecting Zelda gameplay–which I’m not sure why anyone would, considering nintendo nor anyone else has been trying to pass HW off as a full-fledged Zelda game–then maybe not. But I didn’t realize identifying yourself as a Zelda fan meant you were unable to enjoy other styles of gameplay.

    • Riley Hayman

      “The gameplay isn’t going to be fun for Zelda fans…”
      That’s like saying Zelda fans can only like Zelda games, and don’t have fun playing other games. I, for one, have never played a Dynasty Warriors game, and I know it won’t have Zelda gameplay, but this is the game I’m most hyped for in 2014… and 2015 until we gut Zelda U.

  • Drew

    60 bucks? No.

    • Giordan

      Chrono Trigger was $99 back in 1995.

      • Drew

        For something I want just a little bit isn’t worth it.

  • sonicrox2009

    It’s unfortunate to see that people are still endlessly whining about this title. I’ve seen people bash it because it didn’t get a perfect 10/10. I’ve seen people bash this because their “favorite character” didn’t get in. By the way, when they said, “Play as all your favorite characters”, it’s a figure of speech, no company alive can cater to every single person’s needs and wants. Well, I’m done ranting, just thought I’d get that off of my chest.

  • Milky Bacons

    I’d buy Hyrule Warriors it if it was $20-40. $60? No. Well, maybe, but no.

  • Sundet

    Ive never understood the DW series its never really appealed to me, so personally i sorta hate them for making this game. :p That said im not gonna buy it… maybe if it drops under 10euro or they release a free demo or something ill give it a try. ^^

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