Zelda’s Lullaby Violin/Piano Cover

Colonel-MajoraFebruary 22nd, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledLarge-scale music events and fan projects often steal the spotlight on Zelda website news pages, but sometimes, one has to appreciate the short, sweet song covers that seem to pop up every day on YouTube. Here, we have a violin/piano cover of a classic theme: Zelda’s Lullaby.

Watch the video after the jump!


I always appreciate short videos like this, solely meant to remind everyone of the endless styles and variations Zelda music can take on and still sound fantastic. Zelda’s Lullaby is a great choice, but I always thought that nearly any song in the series can be beautifully covered with only a violin and piano. It seems this woman has only just started her channel, and already has three great Zelda covers, so hopefully she keeps them coming.

What song might you like to see her cover next? Leave a comment!

Source: YouTube

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  • AmazingLink13

    I would LOVE to have that violin.

    • Philip Kunhardt

      Yeah, I’ve never seen a see-through violin before! I wonder how that effects the sound?

      • AmazingLink13

        I doubt that being see-through would affect the sound quality, but it all depends on what the instrument is made out of.

  • VladNorris

    Technically that’s a keyboard, not a piano. The sound itself gives an effect you don’t see in the Piano.
    Nevertheless, I love it. This is one of those themes that I find to be timeless.

  • Unstoppable TEO

    it is really good. i could hear it all day.

    • Ghirahim

      You would fall asleep, it is a lullaby after all.

      • Unstoppable TEO

        yeah, let me do some changes: i could hear it all night till i fall asleep haha

  • True

    dgHSVJHAJcefvgwbhnjm…..sorry I fell asleep on my keyboard……
    Anyways, I love it! :D

  • awesome zelda

    Awesome cover but what kind of violin was she using? it doesn’t look like the traditional ones or any I’ve seen!

    • mush

      it’s an “el-violin”

  • Essence Of The Triforce

    I always found this song to be touching, and this cover of it captures the essence of it amazingly!

    • Hero of Time


  • Karlo Truta

    you guys didn’t know if zelda skyward sword main theme is played on reverse its zelda lullaby :D

    • StationaryBomb

      • Karlo Truta

        what the heck should hat mean?

    • UltimateTankOP

      I’ve heard Hilda’s theme is actually what you get if you flip the sheet music for Zelda’s Lullaby upside-down. No idea if this is true, though.

      • Karlo Truta
        • princess zelda
      • TheMightyDekuWarrior

        You may already know this, but Lorule Castle is Hyrule Castle in reverse. I’m liking this reverse thing in music they’re doing! It just goes to show that Zelda music is not only good while playing normal, but backwards too.

  • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

    So bootiful ;-;

  • NintendoGeek

    Oh wow… that was actually very beautiful. It captured the innocence and beauty of who we love and know as the lovely Princess Zelda :)

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Nyan Cat on Ocarina and this makes an insane melody, man.

  • EponaRocks

    Nice! xD

  • Link58

    It was just plain amazing

  • The pirate Tetra

    So beautiful! I made up my own short version of song of storms on my clarinet but my class didn’t know what song it was. ( It wasn’t that great anyways!) I’m trying to create Zelda’s lullaby now but I can’t reach the high note!

    • Thyploson

      Try playing the same notes than the ones on the piano. I was able to play it that way.

      • The pirate Tetra

        Oh okay thanks!

  • HomingCucco