Majora’s Mask-Themed Car in Forza Motorsport 5

Tyler TagFebruary 20th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

Majora's Mask themed carYou’ve met with a terribly awesome car, haven’t you? Over at the Forza Motorsport, a car buff meets Zelda fan, BusierDonkey, created a Majora’s Mask inspired design for the Forza Motorsport 5. Hit the jump to check out what could be Link’s next sweet ride.




I would love to own this car. Driving down an unlit street at night, the only thing visible would be those ominous glowing eye-lights. We’ve seen Link travel by boat, train, turtle, and mine cart. How about a sequel with a possessed sports car? What are your thoughts? Can you see Link speeding across the overworld in this sweet ride? Discuss it below.

Source: Forza Motorsport forums,

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  • Hero of Time


    • The Doctor


      For those of you who didn’t get the reference:

      • Zoltier853

        I’ve seen that before. That video is so funny!

      • Zoltier853

        They also made More Bad Lip Reading NFL.

        • The Doctor

          Yeah, they’re both awesome, but the original is the best, in my opinion.

          • Zoltier853

            I think the sequel is funnier.

          • The Doctor

            0:47 and 1:15 are my favorite parts in the remake.

          • Masterwarrior

            now time for NHL bad lip readong XDDDD

          • Masterwarrior

            reading lol

          • YoshiFan101

            YES! do you watch hockey?????

  • chris

    Fitting decals for a Cobra.

    I approve

  • KittehCatten

    I shall start with simple things:

  • Liera Antionette

    That is awesome. I dunno if I’d drive it cause when I was younger the friggen Gibdo at the music man freaked me out, but hell…I’d drive it if it was given to me. The decal and colors are amazing.

  • Knots

    Wait, is this actually drivable in Forza?

    • CChaplin

      Yup, it’s user-generated content so they don’t have to license it or anything.

      • Knots

        Cool. I would want it if I had an Xbox One.

  • hollander

    Woow, that’s really, super fan art, a majora car, damn awesome.

  • itsameluigi1290

    You shouldn’t have driven that.

    • LordSlayaton

      The car is in control, you are just a puppet.

      • itsameluigi1290



        • LordSlayaton

          Lol, I know that movie!

          • itsameluigi1290

            Nice!… unfortunately I only watched the one with Lindsay Lohan. -_-; I MUST FIND THE CLASSIC HERBIE FILMMMM

  • XTC

    OK, that is just too cool. Well done though. Does come standard with a Navi Tracker GPS system?

    • Mykel

      Noooooooooo! Why would you want to track Navi?!?! We want a an AntiNavi Insecticide in that car!
      Besides, it’d be called a “Navi-gator”.

      • XTC

        Hahaha. And it would be shaped like an alligator and it sustains itself by eating Navi. Got it. (Navi’s Trackers was a game. Not sure if you got that part, but don’t want to be rude about bringing it up.)

  • Whacked88

    Majora’s Mask car in FM 5, Majora’s Mask 3D confirmed.

    • XTC

      Shigeru Miyamoto could take a purple shit and everyone would be like, “MM3D Confirmed OMGLOLzWTFBBQ?!!!1!!”

  • The Fierce Diety


  • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla

    Believe in your cars, believe.

  • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla

    Tael: [At midnight on the Third Day] Tatl!

    Tatl: Tael!

    Tael: Swamp. Mountain. Ocean. Canyon… hurry, the four cars that are there… drive them to here!

    Skull Kid: [Smacks Tael] Don’t speak outside the majora’s mask car, stupid fairy!

    • Mykel

      Navi: That’s it! I’m not going to let you drive over my brother, anymore.
      Skull Kid: Well, whatever. If it’s something you think can be driven, then just try to drive it!

  • NintendoGeek

    The “eyes” are giving me the creeps…

    • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla


  • viccie211

    The Legend of Zelda: Holy Highway. I’m still waiting Nintendo ;)

  • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla

    When a car is used by another, it can be called nothing but a puppetcar . This one has nearly served its purpose, and it is nearly useless.

  • StationaryBomb


    Anyways I would race with that car all the time, strike fear into the competition muahahaha.

  • Link58

    I WANT THAT CAR. I would love my parents to get me that for graduation.

    • zeldafever98

      lol i would love to see you try to get a date with that thing XD!!!

      • Mykel

        Hey, hey, hey girls! Why don’t you come for a ride and I’ll take you to the moon.

  • DestroyerOfClockTown

    New dream car….

  • The pirate Tetra

    The awesomeness is over whelming!

  • Dylan Betz

    Should be a Muscle car but that would be the coolest car to have and own.

  • Pokewarrior2000

    MM5D confirmed.

    That is one badash car right there!

  • Elliptical Catten


    • YoshiFan101

      what was your username before?

      • Elliptical Catten


  • zeldafever98

    not gonna lie, it looks kinda stupid..

  • VladNorris

    I don’t give a damn this is unrelated. Please, spread this to everyone you can. Make this resonate, as this injustice can’t be left unpunished.

    • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

      Holy crap.

    • Elliptical Catten

      what the literal kitten dump is contained in that link.

    • Ghirahim

      Thank you for making me aware of this. I will try to make sure it gets in the newspaper.

    • zeldamonsuperwholock origami

      I have, thank you.

    • LinktIn

      Thats not even an easy mistake to make! Isn’t there a common practice to look before shooting? :/

    • YoshiFan101

      thats terrible! unless it was a Wii remote designed to look like a gun then that officer should go to jail and rot

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      Want to bludgeon him to death with a wii remote…

  • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

    Wow. This looks actually really freaky o_o

  • asdfg

    Next thing you know, they will be making a Majora’s Mask-themed toilet paper.

    • LoZfan82

      Yeah, the Deku Scrub’s title deed. “P-paper pleeease!”

      • Mykel

        Perfect. Now you can wipe your ass with Majora comfort! (Major)

  • NightmareXIV

    This is cool, but hell no to having a zelda game with cars in it.

    • Biggie

      Remind you of anything? (Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts)

    • RubyDragonCat


  • ZeldaFan70096

    Majora YEAH!

  • Vink

    Where is Teh Xbox? Usually he comes on these types of articles and starts trolling.

  • Biggie

    If it’s faster than the goron rolling, I’m buying!

  • zeldamonsuperwholock origami

    If and when the much anticipated mm3d comes out, will there be a huge party?

    • LinktIn

      Um, yes! Everyone, and I mean everyone will be invited :D

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    This, except… in Majora’s Mask car. LOL

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      Majora’s Dark Remix but also PBG style, as well:

      They see me destroyin’, they cryin’.
      Patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me hoverin’ dirty.
      Tryin’ to catch me hoverin’ dirteh.
      Tryin’ to catch me hoverin’ dirteh.
      Tryin’ to catch me hoverin’ dirteh.
      But I’m just… REGULAR DIRTEH.

    • The Doctor

      Haha, where did you find this video?

      • TheMightyDekuWarrior

        Youtube, the place where all hilarious videos come from.

  • Mykel

    I can actually picture the Happy Mask Salesman driving in this, going door-to-door, and when it honks, we hear Majora’s Wrath scream. That ought to get them slowpoke drivers out of your lane!

  • Mykel

    I wonder: When you drive this car, does it decrease your life span by three days?

    • The pirate Tetra

      I hope not! LOL

  • Cubemaster

    Imagine if you could own that thing! This looks so awesome, and also so creepy. Honestly I would be slightly unsettled if I owned it, and everyone who saw it would probably be extremely creeped out.

  • YoshiFan101

    I wouldn’t have noticed this was based on Majora if you guys didn’t say it was. it just looks like a car with eyes imo

  • FluteGirl

    Absolutely no cars in Zelda. It just wouldn’t work out.

  • Farore’s Chosen

    That is the coolest and freakiest car I’ve ever seen. I want to see this be the car that scares the crap outta the characters in the CARS movies! :3

  • Yepper (the kindly waffle)

    I!!!!! WANT!!!!!! THAT!!!!!! :O :O :O

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