Majora’s Mask Birthday Takes the Cake

RabbitFebruary 19th, 2014 by Rabbit

Majora's Mask Replica ThumbnailThemed parties are generally a hit or miss, but when it comes to Zelda-themed festivities, you’ll find everyone brings their “A” game. Whether it’s presents, outfits or food that’s so cool you might not actually eat it, Zelda fans throw some awesome events. Hit the jump to see what a talented baker put together for her nephew’s 18th birthday.




The pictures aren’t of the best quality, unfortunately, but you can still see what needs seeing. The candles out the side of the cake was a nice touch, though I couldn’t say whether or not that was just to preserve the image. If you look closely, you can actually see how the frosting was layered, which gives me hope that we lay people could put together something at least presentable when it comes to depicting Majora’s Mask. Would you like a cake like this for your big day, or is there a different character that you think would make the best cake topper? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Hero of Time

    I want a cake like this! :P

  • Kaz

    <3 it

  • True

    This is awesome! If you can’t fight him, just eat him!

    • Essence Of The Triforce

      Link, the Hero Of Chow!

  • UltimateTankOP

    Dear Link

    Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you.

    Yours truly
    Princess Zelda

    • XTC

      I don’t know if I would trust Zelda if she made that cake. That’s BEN’s cake.

      • StationaryBomb

        *about to eat a slice* (Looks) BEN smiling as usual… *Slowly puts down cake* (GTFO!)

        Little did Link know BEN was crying on the inside for he could not eat being in a state of being frozen solid forever…

        • XTC

          Haha, don’t try to make me feel bad for that evil jerk! :P

          • Masterwarrior


        • Hero of Scotland

          So, BEN kills because he couldn’t eat a slice of cake?
          Best plot twist ever: BEN is Kirby.

          • StationaryBomb

            So Kirby eats BEN and now Kirby is forever stuck as a statue unable to eat. Saddest days of the rest of his life XD

          • jaboopy

            oh god no.

    • jaboopy

      ………….zelda cant convene with link unless it’s urgent because he’s a commoner, and she’s the princess, so 2 things. 1: IT COULD BE A TRAP! and 2: THE CAKE IS PROBABLY A LIE!!

  • Nikki

    That is pretty cool! I would probably want a different character though, or even the triforce itself on my cake.

    • KittehCatten

      my friend had an airhead 8-bit triforce on topple his cake.

  • XTC

    You’ve suffered a terrible cake, haven’t you?

    I shall consume! Consume everything!

  • The Doctor

    I know someone who had a Hylian Shield cake, and another who had a Master Sword cake. They were both awesome!

  • DawnofaNewDay

    you shouldn’t have done that… without sending me a slice

  • itsameluigi1290


    • XTC

      Normally that kind of stuff bothers me, but I actually laughed a bit when I read that one. haha

  • Elijah Mowatt-Larssen

    I would love to have that!

  • Kevin

    Woah! I just had a birthday party with the same theme just a few days ago!

  • The Fierce Diety

    You have met with a terrible cake, haven’t you? *BA DUM CHING!*

    • jaboopy

      but, but, the cake is amazing. *snapping noise is heard* *sword flies out from nowhere and stabs you* me: WTF WAS THAT?!!??!?!?! Majora: AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

  • StationaryBomb

    I love that cake! I’m sure the candles were placed in a way to preserve the image but the ring of fire is sweet!

    On a side note: 3 new followers! Thank you “UltimateTankOP”, “Ghirahim”, and “Yepper (the kindly waffle)”. Your fellowship is admired and I thank you for your continued reading of my comments!

    • KittehCatten

      Yepper is a good guy.

    • Ghirahim

      You say the same thing every time you get new followers.

      • StationaryBomb

        Hey now that’s not a way to be cheap its true words, I respect all of you :)

    • LordSlayaton

      You pay way to much attention to followers. It doesn’t matter, or do anything. People read yr comments, whether or not they follow you. This isn’t youtube, nobody has payed attention or cared about it for years.

      • Speck

        I didn’t even know there were followers…

        • EponaRocks

          Me neither….aren’t followers an instagram thing or twitter or whatever?????

      • EponaRocks

        Followers??? You can get followers on Disqus???????

    • jaboopy

      dude, why are you putting this here? XD

    • Fishman

      Well, small fry, I would have preferred to have the cake sit upright, and have all the candles in the middle of the back.

  • EponaRocks

    Oh now that’s epic!! Personally I would have this image or similar on a cake though (below) with golden triforces around the outside vertical edge of the cake because how awesome would that look?

    • LordSlayaton

      You would need a 3d printer for that image on a cake. I’m amazed at he cake.

      • jaboopy

        no, he could just use that nifty edible paper+ink, copy it onto it, and slap it onto the cake.

  • EponaRocks

    been searching on google and found these: (sorry if they are a bit small!!)

    • Heroine of Time


      I wish someone would make me a Zelda cake! D:

      • itsameluigi1290

        I got a Shadow the Hedgehog cake once. The cake makers printed out a pic of Shadow off the comic book cover. :D

        • jaboopy

          been wondering where you went!

          • itsameluigi1290

            Yeah, I usually only comment if I have something funny to say. Lately though, there hasn’t been many opportunities to make any funny comments. :P

  • Yepper (the kindly waffle)

    Majoras mask cake is sweeeet. MM is my favorite game, cant wait for the [*****HD WII U*****]
    remake :D

    • Masterwarrior

      there is no HD wii U remake, that was a hoax

      • Yepper (the kindly waffle)

        if your talking about the trailer, then yes it is a hoax, but i was just pointing out that a HD remake would be better than 3ds, thus all the **** around the word “HD”

        • Masterwarrior

          yea, i guess……..though there is no hope for an HD remake of MM, 3ds, maybe…..but i wouldn’t get my hopes up yet

  • NintendoGeek

    I’d consume it… consume everything… I need to stop with puns… forever.

    • EponaRocks

      Yes. It’s dangerous to say too many puns! Sorry….hypocritical and self-contradictory and stupid….sorry….:C:C:C And it’s not even funny. :(:(:(:(

  • The pirate Tetra

    Its making me hungry……. :)

    • EponaRocks

      Same….. :)

  • Dylan Betz

    They need to remake Majoras Mask just as they did Ocarina Of Time.

    • DrPitch

      The best, imho, would be a MM remake packaged with a brand new title featuring Termina

      • jaboopy

        it would be. but 1 question, what’s IMHO?

    • Masterwarrior

      ikr, it would be the best

    • ZeldaFan70096

      OMG yes someone else who wants a Majora’s Mask remake as much as I do :D

  • DrPitch

    It’s dangerous to go alone, bake this! Ok beside that stupid pun, I’d say it’s a very beautiful and accurate work… wouldn’t have been able to cut through it :

    • jaboopy

      i wouldnt be able to muster up the COURAGE. (plz excuse the pun)

  • Link58

    Icould not eat that cake it looks way to good.

  • Henry Perno

    You’ve met with an excellent fate, haven’t you?

    • True

      What if BEN was on the cake instead….O-0

      • jaboopy


    • Joe

      More like. You’ve met with an excellent cake, haven’t you?

  • hollander

    Holy cake

  • ZeldaFan70096

    uh if I were him I wouldn’t put it in my mouth… Majora, you know?
    The end is near.

  • A Link to the Future

    Hey, small fry, legend says you could eat that cake with the power of the golden Triumph Forks! That’s the rumor anyways… (Been loving the Zelda references in these comments, so I thought I would throw Windwaker in here:)

    • KittehCatten


  • DestroyerOfClockTown

    I wonder if it still whispers dark secrets…

  • Biggie

    That pesky imp, he wouldn’t give me a piece!

  • YoshiFan101

    I never thought I would want to eat Majora.

  • LordSlayaton

    Wow. The flavor of that cake must be truly Possesing.

    • jaboopy


  • MaiamaiHunt

    Press A to take a slice! Press A again to throw it (not recommended)!

    • Omega

      no, you should press B or swing the remote (depending in console, no refunds

  • Omega

    For anyone who isn’t all that handy, it doesn’t really matter if it’s not spot on, the idea that you went through the trouble of trying is usually enough for someone

  • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla

    Majora’s Mask: When a cake is used by another, it can be called nothing but a cakepuppet . This one has nearly served its purpose, and it is nearly useless.

    Tael: [At midnight on the Third Day] Tatl!

    Tatl: Tael!

    Tael: Swamp. Mountain. Ocean. Canyon… hurry, the four cakes that are there… bring them here!

    Skull Kid: [Smacks Tael] Don’t speak out of line, stupid fairy!

    Happy Mask Salesman: Believe in your cakes, believe.

    • jaboopy


  • zeldamonsuperwholock origami


  • jaboopy

    majora is a shape-shifter, kinda, so this could be how he’s gonna invade our universe…………………………….THECAKEISALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!