Hylian Court Playing Cards

Tyler TagFebruary 19th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

IVVzC1b Some fans attempt to incorporate their passions into their lives as much as possible. While there are many different varieties, a Zelda fan named Soren has created his own unique Zelda inspired playing cards. Swapping Triforce for spades, arrows for clubs, and rupees for diamonds, this deck becomes quite a special collectible. Hit the jump to view this awesome item.

There is a balance of capturing the essence of these iconic characters, while also exercising creativity. The four suits (Triforce, Arrows, Hearts and Rupees) are the most important artifacts of the Zelda series, and the card back design reflects the unique Zelda mythology and game plot points. These cards are also printed on high quality cardstock. The entire deck is now up for sale at Storenvy. Not only is the deck available for sale, but there are many alternate character designs available as “Bonus Cards” that you can add to your deck.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.22.08 PM

You can also buy prints, phone cases, cards and t-shirts with this design here and here.

What do you think? Do you like this design? Would you love playing with this deck? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  • Nikki

    I like the designs, but as for a deck that I would play with-probably not. It would probably end up as a collector’s item for me-so I sure won’t be getting that.

  • True

    These are amazing!

  • Karlo Truta

    zant looks cool :D

  • The pirate Tetra

    I would love to have a pack of cards like that but i probably won’t get it though.

    • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla

      Linebeck wants them but then he looked for his wallet!


      • The pirate Tetra

        Okay ;)

        • Linebeck’s-Girlfriend-Skyla


  • The pirate Tetra

    My favorite card is the one with Midna on it!

    • True

      What about Tingle?

      • Tyler

        he is a bonus card

  • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

    Still much prefer the Fangamer Zelda playing cards…. they simply did a better job of emulating the appearance of the Hoyle style cards that pretty much everyone has used and seen in their lives.

    I’ve got two of those decks currently, one for playing the other for keepsakes.

    • Karlo Truta

      sorry but this is complitly out of a place comment but which is your favorite zelda game??

      • Omega

        pardon me sir, YOU are completely off topic, Maverickk is not

  • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

    Why haven’t they made some cool card game like pokemon for zelda? That would be so sweet.

    • True

      We all know what Navi’s attacks would be…..

    • Nikki

      Twilight Princess has trading cards though-I’ve got some that I picked up from Hot Topic.

      • http://gamextc.us/ XTC

        Thanks for mentioning it I was going to say something about the TP cards.

        • Nikki

          You’re welcome.

    • RubyDragonCat

      Because…Pokemon just makes a better card game, it’s about collecting creatures and battling with them. Easily converted to cards. A Zelda TCG would be cool, but can you honestly think of a way it would be done? I can’t.

  • http://gamextc.us/ XTC

    There have been cards out for a hot minute actually from Nintendo… Those are still dope though.


    • JSBailey

      I own those, and love them. This deck on this topic…..doesn’t look too apealing.

  • hollander

    I only see the high ones, and no three or four.

  • Omega

    I don’t really like these actually, it’s just not, idk

  • Irishdragon5

    This suggests that link loses to ganondorf. I’m afraid that it is the other way around.

  • StationaryBomb

    They are ok, I wouldn’t buy them but they would be fun to play with.

  • Link58

    I would totally buy those.

  • KittehCatten


  • KittehCatten

    I do not approve.
    But they are awesome. Whoever made this is skilled. Once again, they are awesome.
    But I do not approve.

  • Essence Of The Triforce

    Ah, I notice Ruto isn’t naked…

  • http://theyoshifansite.webs.com/ YoshiFan101

    why isn’t tingle a king?