Collection Spotlight: Small But Impressive

Tyler TagFebruary 13th, 2014 by Tyler Tag

UntitledHopefully this week’s Collection Spotlight proves that the size of a collection is not what makes a collection impressive. A collection is not measured by how many books and games someone has. 14 year old Seth is a shining example of a passionate and driven collector. While his collection might appear small to some, it still retains every bit of individualism and uniqueness which marks it as a very impressive horde.

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My name is Seth, and I am a 14-year-old from California. The first Zelda game I played was Phantom Hourglass when I was only eight years old. I was not that into Zelda at the time because I saw it as just another insignificant game. That view quickly changed after I got Twilight Princess. I loved Twilight Princess so much that I was fueled with the desire to play every single game in the Zelda series.

I started collecting when I was 10. I got a Club Nintendo account and used my coins to get some Zelda posters. Once that began, I tried to get my hands on anything Zelda related. One of my proudest finds was an A Link to the Past game cartridge that I found at a garage sale for only 50 cents!

This is all I have now, but I am FAR from fulfilling my collecting goals.



  • A Link to the Past
  • Twilight Princess
  • Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit Tracks
  • Skyward Sword Special Edition (Gold Wii Remote)
  • The Wind Waker HD Special Edition (Ganondorf Figure)
  • A Link Between Worlds (Not Pictured)


  • Hyrule Historia
  • Legend of Zelda Prima Strategy Guide Treasure Box Set



  • Nintendo 3DS XL A Link Between Worlds Special Edition
  • Club Nintendo The Wind Waker HD Posters (Not Pictured)
  • Ocarina
  • Zelda themed Playing Cards


  • Triforce made out of LEGOs
  • Link hat made by my sister

Favorite Item:
My favorite item would have to be my Ocarina. I got it for my 11th birthday and could play all my favorite Zelda songs within a week. One night during a family camping trip later on that year, I took out my Ocarina as we were eating s’mores. As I played, the music echoed off of the hills and the sounds gave everyone goosebumps. It was truly one of the most memorable moments I have relating to Zelda.

Future Additions:
I someday hope to make my own Master Sword. I have been obsessed with blacksmithing ever since I finished Phantom Hourglass.

Weekly Collection Selection:
As you can tell from the first Collection Spotlight, I am a pretty avid Zelda collector. This is a result of constantly scouring eBay and other sites to seek out the next additions to my collection.

I started the Collection Spotlight for Zelda enthusiasts who wanted to show off their passion and love for Zelda through the things they collect. I want to extend that community by sharing a web link or two which may help collectors, whether they are greenhorns or veterans, grow their collections.

Inspired by Seth’s desire to one day own a replica Master Sword, this week I am featuring a “Dark Link” inspired Master Sword. Collecting for me started getting serious when my own Master Sword arrived in the mail. This is just one of many swords available, but I just included this unique sword to act as a jumping off point for further searching. Some may like the Dark Link sword, while others want the traditional blue. Others may desire the two swords with the shield, while others are captivated by Demise’s sword (yes, that exists).

The sword is complete with the Triforce seal engraved on both sides. The guard is made of hard durable plastic with wing-like extensions. There is also a red gem decorated with gold finish at the center of the guard. From the guard, the handle features strong hard plastic with crossover grip. This item also comes with a beautiful wooden plaque to hang the Twilight Princess-esque Master Sword. Untitled

In closing I ask, would you like to see your collection spotlighted on the website? Do you want to share how you got into Zelda and show off the items you are proud of owning?

Send me an email at [email protected] Include some pictures, a little background of who you are, how you got into Zelda, your first Zelda game, a listing of the items you have now, what you hope to own in the future, and your favorite item.

Please do not be frightened or discouraged when you see these showcases. I’m receiving emails from collectors who are hesitant to have their collections featured even though they are quite good.

Also feel free to comment on whatever you like. A personal favorite of mine was Seth’s LEGO Triforce, how about you? What type of items would you like to see in the Collection Selection? List it below and I will attempt to find it for sale!

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  • hollander

    What makes the collector, is it’s spirit,
    PH was my first too,
    I’m no a big collector, I’m dutch, being provident is written in my DNA,
    whyyyy??!! not cool,
    but btw nice collection.

    • The pirate Tetra

      TP was my first.

      • Starmonkie

        same here

      • hollander

        there is a downvoting *** around a lot of people suddenly
        have a downvote…

        • Ghirahim

          … it better not be Yepper.

          • hollander

            I think it’s he, typical a nasty way to ** people.

    • kokirikorok

      Windwaker here

      • hollander


        • kokirikorok

          was my first lol

          • hollander

            I’m following you

    • jorden1506

      Lol I’m dutch too but fuck it I spend my money all the time for my collection :P trying to expand it constantly (just started this year) :P
      By the way my first Zelda game was Skyward Sword.

      • DestroyerOfClockTown

        Ocarina was mine. My claim to fame was that I was playing it before I could read. I had to get my mom to come in and read the dialogue for me.

        • Essence Of The Triforce

          Mine too!

      • hollander

        veel nederlanders hiero

    • Xsoraxkh Jada

      Ahaha I’ m Dutch too but i Do have a big collection ^^ sorry bad picture quality.

      • The pirate Tetra

        Thats a lot of figurines! ( I wish I had that many!)

      • kokirikorok

        Aaahh those figures! <3

      • hollander


    • Unstoppable TEO

      my first game was MC but didn’t know English back then haha… However i love that game and i had it finished again not long ago…

      • hollander

        MC looks like ST and PH a bit, and the bosses can be pretty hard
        like Gleerok, and that lava, or that Mazaal. and his hands.

        • Unstoppable TEO

          i had some trouble dealing with them, since i was only 6-7 :)

          • hollander

            Nobody beats the gyorg pair without losing lives.

  • kokirikorok

    Here is (most of) mine! Missing my copies of Skyward Sword, GameCube Collection, Minish cap, Links Awakening DX, Oracle of Ages and Seasons as they were lent out.

    • The pirate Tetra

      Nice collection! :)

    • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

      Nice collection, you even have the cartoon show lol xD

      • kokirikorok

        Haha thanks! The show isn’t very good, in case you were curious :P

        • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

          Oh trust me, I’ve seen. I’ve seen it all e-o

    • XTC

      That is really great. Nice collection.

    • The Doctor

      Me when I saw this amazing collection:

      “Oops, sorry everyone! I didn’t mean to drool on the keyboard.”

  • Nikki

    I would love to have the playing cards sometime for part of my collection! Most of the stuff I get is bought- I’m not talented enough to do anything homemade.

  • Aaron James Pasquino

    My collection is still pretty small… I’ve been a Zelda fan all my life but I’ve just now been able to start collecting. This is most of mine here. Isn’t that impressive, but it makes me happy. xD

    • The pirate Tetra

      Even though you think its small its still really cool! It’s good that it makes you happy too! :)

      • Hylianaura

        Don’t forget me. I have:
        Crystal Armour Case (OOT 3D)
        some posters and guide books
        An Ocarina (broken by mistake)
        Letters (Not really relevant, but still.)
        Games (I wont count, I am too lazy)
        Heart Potion bottles and recipe
        Fierce Deity Mask (homemade)
        Magic Powder (Plus Uber-cool pouches for them)
        Twilight Princess Pumpkin Soup recepie
        Red Candle
        Is that decent?

        • The Legend of Link

          That is a pretty huge collection.

          • Hylianaura

            Is that so? Thanks. I love cosplay, despite not being human (don’t ask if you know what’s good for you) and took up that collection. Do you want those recepies? Just search Feast Of Fiction in the Youtube search bar. :)

          • kokirikorok

            I wanna ask! What are you! Kokiri?

    • Essence Of The Triforce

      I intend to collect soon!

  • XTC

    These are always so impressive. I wish I had the funds to support my desires. Haha

  • Starmonkie

    can i has collection spotlight pls?

  • Wes762

    I started playing Zelda with Phantom Hourglass when I was 8 and didn’t think highly of it- we must be twins XD except my 2nd Zelda that also got me into the series was Spirit Tracks- and my sister doesn’t knit.

  • UltimateTankOP

    What kind of madman sells A Link to the Past for 50 cents?!

    • Ghirahim

      I have absolutely no idea, but I’m pretty confident they weren’t a Zelda fan. Unless they had 2 copies.

    • guest

      It’s often people who are very unfamiliar with gaming who sell good games for almost nothing at their garage sales. They probably just found their kids’ old games lying in the attic or something and figured “yeah, sure, 50 cents sounds about right”.

      It’s happened to me a couple of times…I once found Final Fantasy for the NES for 25 cents. Not that it’s a rare game, but a quarter for it was a steal.

    • The Legend of Link

      I know. Once I found an Age of Empires 3 Collector’s Edition in mint condition for five dollars.

  • OcarinaPlayerOfTime

    I forgot there was a Zelda card game, it looks cool though

  • BigGerudoNose

    Really want that guidebook collection…

  • Hero of Time

    Well, there is nothing good at today’s Nintendo Direct! Well nothing Zelda related.

    • Hero of TIme surperior

      But a lenged zelda of 2 is in nes remix 2

      • Hero of Time

        I said nothing good in the Nintendo Direct that they announced.

      • Hero of Time

        And you spelled ”Time” wrong in your name.

  • The Legend of Link

    There wasn’t a Pokemon OR Zelda game announced yesterday.

    • kokirikorok

      Pokemon Link? Or was that announced already?

      • The Legend of Link

        Do you mean Pokemon Battle Trozei, because I was talking about main series.

        • kokirikorok

          We just got X and Y in October lol, we’re not going to get any news on Z (or gen3sequelsplz) until early summer at best, then maybe some hype for another 6-8 months. Just look at how they’ve all release in the past.

          • The Legend of Link

            But, after Pkmn BW2 were released in October X and Y were announced in early January. It was a possibility for Pkmn Z to be announced.

  • npatoray24

    Im currently away at college, so i only have a few zelda things with me, but when i get home in may id love to show you my collection!

  • Seth12

    Hey thanks Tyler! seeing as how it will be a long time till i make a master sword i bought the dar link sword on ebay right now maybe i can send you a better picture of it on my wall.

  • Kravik

    I have every Zelda game to date in their original box. (Except the CD-i’s and the LCD’s .. )

    Is this uncommon? When I think of a Zelda collection, I at least expect it to have all the games, but I rarely see that.. How come?

  • NightmareXIV

    I have the sword that was mentioned.

  • NightmareXIV

    I really would love the PRIMA guides collection not for reading neccisarily, but because I want to collect them.

  • scottmog

    Not to sure why this is impressive.

    • Derek Tombrello

      I think it’s impressive because it’s Zelda. Period. And I am sure that Seth is impressed with it, too. Like Tyler said… Seth’s passion and personal experiences are more important than the size of his collection.

      • Tyler

        Thank you Derek

      • scottmog

        I think the problem is with my huge collection and other collections that are much larger then mine. I’ve seen plenty of collections and they are so much more vast. Its like my 12.5 quarter mile car, suddently alot of other cars that I used to think were fast no longer feel fast to me.

        Again what is impressive to you is not always impressive to me. Its an opinionated non-factual statement.

        • Derek Tombrello

          Have you submitted your collection? I would very much like to see yours. Maybe I am just easily impressed, but I enjoy seeing anything that I don’t have.

          To paraphrase: It’s always nice to be nice… until it’s time to not be nice. :-)

          • scottmog

            Well lets just say this, I’m 30 years old with a ton of disposable income. Along with my wife and I having good jobs we are also apartments managers which means we pay nothing for rent and utilities.

            I was though surprised that the owner of this collection was only 14 years old. Not bad at all.

  • Derek Tombrello

    As a collector of not only Zelda memorabilia, but playing cards as well, the Zelda cards are awesome! I’ve never seen such a thing.

  • Tripelz_d

    I think I may be interested in sharing my collection…

  • GilesGames

    This is my collection! I plan on emailing you soon

    • The Legend of Link

      Apoligize for having the Phillips games. APOLIGIZE.
      (Just kidding)

      • Gilesgames

        I actually like those games lol sorry (might make a video about that at some point)

        • Stephen Allen

          You, sir, are the ultimate in collecting Zelda.

          • GilesGames

            Aw thanks man

  • person

    legos cool

  • person

    oh sorry for spaming as weee i was just kidding

  • LittleGreen

    This is small? This loads compared to anything I have…

  • True

    I have these collectible Link and Ganondorf figures from 1998, Hyrule Historia, all of the Akira H. mangas, most video games, and thats it. :D

  • JamesBond007

    I recognize Zelda playing cards. You can get them here:

  • Farore’s Chosen

    I…need that sword
    the link hat is cute

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