Clay Miniblin

LukeSaturnFebruary 22nd, 2014 by LukeSaturn

SuniWho here hates Miniblins? I sure did in The Wind Waker. Truthfully, those annoying cretins gave me more trouble than Darknuts. I could dodge and weave all I wanted, but a horde of Miniblins could always land a blow. However annoying these creatures are, they still stand as a distinct trademark of the Adult timeline. Commemorating their wickedness, reddit user, bulletproofheart6, sculpted a complete clay model of a Miniblin. Hit the jump to view the carving!

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

This creepy statue is sure a site to behold. Visit the image gallery for more angles of the sculpture.

Source: reddit

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  • Hero of Time

    How do people do these things?

    • Hero of Scotland

      It’s rather easy, you just have to take your time.

      • Essence Of The Triforce

        Yeah, just a LOT of patience.

        • Hero of Scotland

          Have you worked with clay before?
          In my experiences, painting was the most frusrating part.

          • Essence Of The Triforce

            I’ve never painted before, but I have toyed around with bake able clay. Not really an actual, serious project.

          • Zoltier853

            We just finished clay sculptures in art last Friday at school.

  • VikzeLink

    My profile picture! Neyh neyh! Hehehehehehe!

    • The pirate Tetra

      Nooo! the sound, it hurts my ears!

  • hollander

    There is also so much of those miniblins.
    TWW, and pirate hideout.

  • nrgpro

    did you really have to remind me of my child hood nightmares.

  • Karlo Truta

    wow im just good at gaming in zelda games but not in doing this xD

    • Essence Of The Triforce


  • Essence Of The Triforce

    Too many arts to appreciate-t-t-t-t——*fizzle*

  • UltimateTankOP

    It’s so satisfying to get the skull hammer and smash these things into oblivion.

    • Zoltier853

      It looks funny to squish them with it and see their flattened bodies.

    • The Doctor

      The Hurricane Spin is great to use too.

  • TwiliTetra

    Miniblins are especially annoying in Hero Mode.
    This is pretty dang awesome! I can’t decide which I like more, the model of Link or this… They’re both so cool!

  • True

    Oh my god, when I was younger I was scared of them. So, I tried to avoid the room where they were in….and when I accidentally ended up in there I had to turn the volume down and run, in the game that is, lol

  • Andrew Albers

    i always found those guys easy to kill

  • Cubemaster

    They would be far less annoying if it wasn’t for the sounds they make.

    • The pirate Tetra

      I know right!

  • DestroyerOfClockTown

    Nyeh nyeh! nyeh! nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh! nyeh nyeh!! nyeh nyeh! nyeh

  • OcarinaofWind12

    Didet didet! Didet Didet Didet Didet!!!

  • YoshiFan101

    that thing should brush its teeth and clean its ears

    • YoshiFan101

      oh and this was my 600th comment!

      • YoshiFan101

        what a weird 600th comment…

  • K2L

    They remind me of those fiery imps from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. =P

  • Linkage727

    im making a clay mia from skywardsword at school. The clay is actually wet paper and…Something else i forgot. I get to paint it on Wednesday.

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      I wanna see it when it’s done!

  • LordSlayaton


  • LordSlayaton
  • XTC

    Would kill.

  • The Legend of Link

    This is awesome, but it does not look like regular clay.

  • StationaryBomb

    Those miniblins are one, very annoying, two always land a hit no matter what I do, CLIMB WALLS!?!?!?!?!, and are overall ugly. Anyways nice piece of art, there seems to be a large jump in arts and crafts nowadays.

    • Elliptical Catten

      I always called them Nunnas

      • StationaryBomb

        They always said sounds like “delen len elen dlen” stuff like that so I called them Delens XD

        • Tanktup

          So did peanutbuttergamer

  • Kargaroc

    Would love to see more of these!

  • Reincarnation_of_Link

    grrrr hated those little devil rats T____T

  • Jojam


  • Biggie

    Ever since I saw that PBG video, I can’t help but call them de-lins.

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