Announcing the Zelda Dungeon Twitch Team

BrianFebruary 22nd, 2014 by Brian

Twitch-tv-logo(1)You don’t have to wait until Zelda Dungeon’s 2014 Marathon to watch high quality live-streamed Zelda material! Beginning today, the newly created Zelda Dungeon Twitch Team will be streaming any and all Zelda-related content to our official channel on This team currently consists of Mases, the creator and owner of Dungeon Gaming Enterptises, Blake, one of the site’s wiki editors, and myself, Brian, an editorial and news writer. Hit the jump for more details.

The fun all starts this weekend, with myself streaming a 100% run of The Legend of Zelda tomorrow and Monday. The streaming will continue on into the week, with Blake playing The Adventure of Link on Tuesday, and it doesn’t end there! The Zelda Dungeon Twitch Team will be streaming as frequently as possible year-round for your enjoyment. So click this link to go right to our Twitch channel, and hit the follow button to be notified whenever we’re streaming. You’ll be see our schedule, so when we’re streaming live, you can hop into the chat, say hello, and enjoy some Zelda!

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  • Nikki

    Cool! I’m following so I can get notified whenever it’s being streamed! (: However, my computer and twitch don’t get along, so I miss a lot with streaming because it goes to “loading video” and then I miss some of it, or else I have to reload the page because the video freezes on me and I still miss some and the chat sometimes doesn’t connect either, so I can’t chat. ): Hope to be able to join in and watch some of the streams at least!

  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    Sweet! I’m making a Twitch account now!

  • Midnafan

    Live online Pokemon competition vs live Zelda marathons vs homework…. why must weekend decisions be so difficult!!!!

  • BigHairyFart

    Someone should do a Twitch Plays The Legend of Zelda.

    • LordSlayaton

      NO! NO NO NO HELL NO! That twitch plays Pokemon should not exist. So many people just waiting time doing nothing, contributing nothing to themselves or anyone else. Absolute insanity, and it nearly brought down the entire twitch network.

      • lizalfos

        But the point of it is that it’s a social experiment. As a game it’s obviously terrible, but as a social experiment it’s genius. Seeing how people collaborate on a mass level, with minor contributions each, watching them fight trolls and such. The fact that they got through Rock Tunnel is amazing.

        • BigHairyFart

          I think the fact that they evolved the pidgey without the democracy system is more impressive than anything else they’ve done.

        • LordSlayaton

          I wouldn’t say it’s any collaboration. It’s more like thousands of people mashing their keys until theyhave completed every possible combination and then some, like a giant network of computers. It’s just a giant waste of hundreds of people’s time.

          • lizalfos

            There is a huge amount of collaboration. Tthre are a bunch of people working towards a common goal. They manage to organise themselves enough to do specific tasks they set at times, like buy such and such item or move a certain Pokemon to the front. They’re tiny tasks, obviously, but it’s collaboration on a massive scale nonetheless.
            A random collection of moves happening thousands of times over has a preposterously small chance of making progress, yet they’ve gotten probably a third of the way through. It’s extremely interesting from a sociological point of view.

          • lizalfos

            Actually I just checked back and discovered they have guys on level 50 and a Laprass. The fact that they have a Laprass means that they were organised enough to have only 5 Pokemon in their party when they did Silph Co. It’s amazing, their progressing way faster than anyone would’ve guessed. The trolls don’t own the Internet after all! The whole thing shows how people working toward a common goal, even when they can’t co-ordinate themselves properly, and being fought by trolls, they still stumble ever closer to the finish line. Wow.

          • LordSlayaton

            I wouldn’t say anybody is working towards a common goal. Rather, they just spam the chat with stuff that may or may not work. Thousands of people each trying to get it to progress in the game will make some progress, but with the amount of chaos it turns into chaos. That and the thousands of people trying to get it to go backwards or stay put. It is pretty much a computer trying everything possible with a 0.00001 bias, which can lead to a lot.

          • lizalfos

            But they do collaborate, sometimes you can go on there and see large groups of people coordinating themselves to do specific things. And anyway that .00001 bias IS collaboration. I don’t see how you can say they’re not working towards a common goal and then say there’s a collective bias towards one thing. Also I’m sure that if you did the math, you’d discover that to have almost beaten it in 12 days the bias would have to be stronger than that.

          • LordSlayaton

            Sometimes you see bits of collaboration, but that effort is completely nulled by the massive anarchy players on there. The bias is what comes from all of the people moving forward, minus all of the people moving backwards and trying to stay put, then subtract even more from the fact that most everyone is working separately, using different methods. However that 0.00001 to 0.00000001 bias has done a lot because of the sheer amount of people on there making the equation run hundreds of times a second.

          • lizalfos

            Still collaboration. Relevantly, there is now a RNG plays Pokemon
            See, this one is just retarded. It’s running at 500% speed and has made literally 0 progress in the 8 hours I’ve been watching it, which is about 2 days in real time. It released his starter and was left with Magikarp lvl 7 and had to be reset. Now it’s only caught 3 Pokemon and is out of PP and stuck in a cave (although he does have a lvl 80 Pokemon because it just grinds at blistering speed to no end).
            Meanwhile Twitch Plays is now at 8 badges. and moving (slowly) forward. It’s this distinction that highlights exactly what I’m talking about. It might only amount to a tiny bias (I still disagree with your numbers but that’s hardly my point), but it’s still VERY distinct from what a random number generator could ever cough up, and that distinction stems from a bias resulting from a common goal being worked towards.

    • Bastion

      Eh, Pokémon was fine being turn based and all, but there is no way that thousands of people could manage to beat Zelda.

  • Link hendrix


    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      One of those times when the music overpowers the voice.

  • Linkhendrix
  • Hygens

    Will you guys be streaming other Zelda stuff beyond the official games at some point? Like some more of the Zelda Classic quests like you did with Lost Isle? You guys should totally check out Randomizer Modern for Zelda Classic as well. It’s basically Zelda 1 with a ton more dungeons and with all the items randomized each time you play.

    • The Satellite

      I agree, more Zelda Classic could be neat. I’d recommend Isle of Rebirth, which was just released about a week ago, it’s a new quest that’s been in development for quite some time, is quite in-depth and expansive, and really fun. And difficult, but if it ends up being too much, there’s an option to decrease the difficulty too.

  • LordSlayaton

    I didn’t know masses owned all the Dungeon sites, or that are from an enterprise.

    • Linkfan99

      Enterprise just means business or company. So the fact that there are multiple websites owned by the same person means it’s a *business*, or enterprise.

      • LordSlayaton

        I know that. I just didn’t know that masses created all of the dungeon sites, or that this had a company base.

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    So I got on here and the advertisement comes on full volume, and I literally fall out of my chair! Scared the bloody hell out of me, why Zelda Dungeon, WHY?! BETRAYAL!

    And the worst thing was, Spongebob wouldn’t answer the walky talky!

    • Hero of Time


      • TheMightyDekuWarrior

        Spongebob: WOoaaaAAAAAAAAHH!

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I’ll be sure to check this out!

  • hollander

    I’m gonna follow it, if I have time,
    which I have, but not 100%.

  • StationaryBomb


  • XTC

    When do the CD-i streams begin ;)

  • The Fierce Diety

    hmm . . .

    • The Doctor

      With the new Disqus, you can’t even see the downvotes.

  • HomingCucco

    Twitch huh?

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