How Majora’s Mask leads into Twilight Princess

TylerDecember 19th, 2013 by Tyler

20131212-082938.jpgA couple of years ago, Nintendo came out with their book Hyrule Historia which included Nintendo’s official Zelda timeline. There has always been controversy, but I have been trying to see how each game’s events and characters lead into the next game in the timeline.

While looking through the timeline, I saw that Ocarina of Time led to Majora’s Mask which led to Twilight Princess. I had always thought in my head that Ocarina of Time could have just led straight into Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask was nothing more than a fabulous sidequest. But as I got to thinking about in-game events and characters in Majora’s Mask, I came to the conclusion that Majora’s Mask is required for the storyline of Twilight Princess. Hit the jump to see why.

mapThe first thing I noticed was how similar the maps of Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess are. Majora’s Mask has the central town in the center, the wooded area in the south, the desert in the east, the snow covered mountains in the north, and the ocean on the west shore. This is essentially the same map as what is found in the Wii version ofTwilight Princess. Hyrule City is in the center, the woods in the south, the desert to the east, the mountains to the north, and Zora’s Domain to the northwest. This is just the physical setup for where the land of Twilight Princess came from.

Now that the area is layed out, it is time to go deeper into this idea. When I first played Twilight Princess I was lost as to where the Twili Tribe came from, and then even more confused when Nintendo released its timeline. Where did the Twili Tribe come from? Well, it’s explained in Majora’s Mask. In the beginning of Majora’s Mask, you are stopped by the Happy Mask Salesman and told the story of the Majora’s Mask, which at the time I thought had no relevance to the Twili Tribe. But he continues to say the mask was from a dark tribe that was lost, but it held amazing and dark powers. Which, oddly enough, is a very good description of the Twili Tribe. Many of the tribe which are of a darker decent wear masks which are powerful and dark.

majorasmaskfusedNot only does the mask explain the Twili Tribe, but it also makes a reappearance in Twilight Princess. If this mask was created by the Twili Tribe, other masks made by this tribe would have very similar artistic styles. The mask that Midna wears throughout the game has a very similar artistic style to Majora’s Mask. This led me to believe that the Twili Tribe was responsible for the making of Majora’s Mask. This can also be seen through the Fused Shadow. Majora’s Mask could have been destroyed and its power reincarnated as this new mask, and Midna’s form while wearing the Fused Shadow resembles Majora when the mask is being fought on the moon in Majora’s Mask.

majoramidnaIn many occasions throughout Majora’s Mask there is a reference to things happening years ago, such as the soldier in Ikana Canyon that can only be seen with the Lens of Truth who says that he has been waving his arms and sitting for years. This means that Termina has a history and past events which have previously happened before Link entered Termina, which also debunks the theory that Link is dead. Since Termina has a history, this would explain the multiple places and objects in Twilight Princess that are not explained, such as the gate to the Twilight Realm and the City in the Sky. Both would be in the history of Termina in Majora’s Mask, and the City in the Sky could be the remains of a destroyed Stone Tower Temple whose gravity was flipped and there in an upside down state until it deteriorated and fell up and became the City in the Sky.

linksOcarina of Time Link is also said to have been the warrior in Twilight Princess that teaches Link sword techniques. And there are some techniques that are introduced that are very similar to the attack style of Link in Majora’s Mask, these upgraded and more complicated attack are due in part to the higher animation style of Majora’s Mask. These attacks were introduced in Majora’s Mask and it would be the only time that Link would have learned these moves in order to know them for when he teaches them in Twilight Princess. The Link from Ocarina of Time had to go through Termina and grow up and then become the skeleton warrior in order to know the moves he does.

I found this very interesting, but it makes sense now that Nintendo has released their timeline. What do you think? Does this solve a mystery in the timeline, or do you disagree with the links between the two? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Goldie

    I agree with the theory of the mask and with the map and to think that the city in the sky is actually the stone tower would be very cool but I think the city in the sky originated from skyloft in skyward sword. The only thing is that I wonder how the oocca came to be?

    • DekuNut

      Maybe when the Skyloftians moved to the earth they abandoned their loftwings in the sky?

  • Christopher Payne

    i agree that they made the original mask, but that is not to say its the same mask as the original, for it retains some qualities, it differs in many others, such as the twili masks are smooth and rounded, majora’s mask is sharp and pointed, plus even the twili lack the power to create it, seeing as how it is the reincarnation of the sun god, this would require them to trap the evil gods spirit and force it into the mask, which even they lack the ability to do, which midna herself comments on, so there is a possibility they made a mask full of dark magic, but it had to have been physically adjusted by the sun god majora’s will.
    then you lack the aptitude to realize that the hyrule in TP is quite frankly HYRULE, and termina is a separate plain of existance linked to hyrule by link, that link was called to by “the heart of the hero” leaving it spiritually impossible for ANY other hylian to inter termina.
    as well for the map the north, east, north-east, and south-east are the same, your lacking to see the major differances in the south-western area, this type of land will not convert as drastically in the measally 800 years that is said to be the time frame(it’s hard to be acurate since termina is not run under the laws of hyrules time frame, and is rather controled by the goddes of time herself (being one of 2 hylian gods with no clear name, assuming her name is not termina as well).
    in fact the only thing in your article i directly agree with is the sword wielder myth, which was brought up weeks after the game even came out.

    • Christopher Payne

      damn i wrote too much, i really got into this one, didnt i?

    • Jonathan Wielgus

      I would like to make an argument here. The twili can not make the power of majora’s mask yes. But the key word is CAN. This does not mean they were never able to. If the ancient one’s from MM are a part of the ancient “dark tribe” that the twili were also part of then at one point they WERE able to make this power. they were then sealed away and had the majority of their power ripped away from them. Are they able to do it now in the games? no. Could they in the past when the masks were first created? more than plausible.

      This is also a little side note opinion but i do not think that termina is a parallel/different dimension. The country’s from season and ages aren’t. So why does termina have to be? The only reason all the characters are the same from OOT is because it was originally supposed to be an add-on. But then some dumb-ass genius was all like “this game is to similar to OOT(well, duh, it’s an add-on), let’s make it a different game”. So they decided to pity him and let his team have, i think it was 3-4 months?, time to make a game. Which isn’t a lot. So to compensate for that they used the drive from the add-on directly (the sign on romani ranch is the perfect example) and instead of making the entire landscape huge like OOT and other games they made it smaller but did the most ingenious thing possible that made it the so much in-depth game it is. The 3 DAY CYCLE. So what im saying is i don’t think termina is a different world, but just a different country next to hyrule.

      • TheMaverickk

        This is also a little side note opinion but i do not think that termina
        is a parallel/different dimension. The country’s from season and ages
        aren’t. So why does termina have to be?

        Termina is a parallel dimension because Aonuma and Miyamoto say so. For the purpose of story they have basically said that Termina does not exist on the same plane of existence as Hyrule.

        Lybranna and Holodrum on the other hand aren’t parallel dimensions for the exact same reason… it has been stated that they are other countries in the same world as Hyrule. Oddly enough a lot of people forget this but Gerudo isn’t a province or a part of Hyrule. It’s actually a country outside of it… and often is thrown in as “a part of Hyrule” but Ganondorf actually makes it clear that ” his country lay within a vast desert.”. Just as Ordon isn’t a part of Hyrule either in Twilight Princess. People tend to forget Hyrule isn’t the name of Zelda’s world, but simply a single country in the series (and that humans outside of Hylians exist as well).

        Also as for MM’s development cycle it was Miyamoto who gave Aonuma the choice. Aonuma didn’t want to do Master Quest really, and Miyamoto gave him the choice… work on Master Quest or create entirely different game using the same engine, but he would have only a year to complete it. Basically Aonuma took that challenge before working on a modified version of OoT.

        Either way at the end of the day, if the creator says it’s a parallel world, then it is just that :P

  • hyrulehorsetamer

    i agree

  • logan

    i agree to but creepy

  • logan

    and i kinda agree to themaverickk

  • James1741