Theory: Lorule is Termina

BWUZIuLCAAAuU4E-610x436As we near the release of A Link Between Worlds, speculation about what Lorule actually is, and how it will tie in to other alternate dimensions in the Zelda series has been increasing. My personal theory is that Lorule is actually Termina, but in the Fallen Hero Timeline.

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Nintendo has said Lorule has individuals that share an appearance with another individual in the Hyrule, just like Termina in Majora’s Mask. In Majora’s Mask, you will recognize most of the characters in Termina if you have played Ocarina of Time. This is because in this alternate universe, everyone has a counterpart. For example, Ruto’s counterpart is a singer named Lulu, Malon’s counterpart is Romani, and Ingo’s counterparts are the Gorman Brothers. Some examples of this that we have already seen include Zelda/Hilda, Sahasrahla/?, and, of course, Link/Dark Link. I also speculate that Yuga is Ganon’s Dark World counterpart.


Now, here’s the really convincing stuff. A Link Between Worlds is set in the Fallen Hero timeline. In this timeline, Link fails, presumably dies, and doesn’t get to have his adventure in Termina. This means that there was no one to stop Skull Kid from crashing the moon into Termina, therefore, Termina (or at least the area that was playable), was destroyed. In one of the trailers for A Link Between Worlds, Hilda says that Lorule used to be just like Hyrule. Are you putting the pieces together yet?

ALBW portal

In A Link Between Worlds, when Link goes through a portal to Lorule; it looks kind of psychedelic and colorful, very similar to the portal that Link mistakenly falls through in Majora’s Mask when he is chasing Skull Kid through the woods. Putting this all together, you could make a pretty believable story.

In the timeline where Link battles Ganon, but fails he never ventures to Termina, and never stops Skull kid. The moon crashes into Clock Town, destroying it, and sends the rest of Termina into a sort of fallout state. Termina is no longer like Hyrule. Over time, new rulers take over and rename Termina to Lorule.

Loruletalk1 Ganon takes control of Lorule and it reverts to a sort of wasteland, destroying any attempts to rebuild the kingdom that once was. Link from A Link to the Past comes onto the scene, and takes care of Ganon. Power then returns to the Royal Family of Lorule. Enter A Link Between Worlds.

Check out this trailer for A Link Between Worlds! The psychedelic transition between Hyrule and Lorule is at the 1:30 mark.

What do you think? Am I just grasping at straws? Or do you think this is a believable theory? Let us know in the comments!

  • AmiiboAcid

    I was at a Legend of Zelda conference today while at youmacon and thought out this very theory without having former knowledge of it.

  • Chad Baldwin

    You missed on thing… they were upright BEFORE the world went to hell.So maybe after the moon fell, the remaining people fell into a state of depression and flipped the Triforce to embrace their solemn state.