Theory: Lorule is Demise’s Realm

CameronNovember 15th, 2013 by Cameron

Demise's RealmSince it was confirmed that the Dark World would be appearing in A Link Between Worlds, I was always suspicious as to whether it would be the same Dark World as A Link to the Past. I had heard others talking about how it couldn’t be the same world, as the Dark World from A Link to the Past was reverted back to the Sacred Realm at the end of the game. It has since been confirmed that Lorule is not the same Dark World from A Link to the Past, and as a result, people have been speculating that Lorule could instead be the Dowfall Timeline’s version of Termina or the Twilight Realm, with the former theory having been recently acknowledged in an editorial by SkyruleArcher.

I found these theories intriguing, but at the same time, I couldn’t understand why Lorule couldn’t just be a completely new land. But over time, I became curious as to how this new land could become almost a perfect alternate Hyrule, why they had a ‘Dark Triforce’, and how a villain from their world (Yuga) could know about and want to resurrect a villain from our world (Ganon). And now I have my own theory. You can tell what it is from the title of this editorial, but keep reading to find out my reasoning.

For those of you who don’t know, at the end of Skyward Sword, Ghirahim successfully revived his master, Demise. Demise sealed Ghirahim within his own sword, and then created an entirely new world in which he could battle Link. Seems a bit pointless, doesn’t it? Sure, Demise was showing off his impressive world-building skills, but this puny Hylian is out to kill him; does he really deserve to be fought in an entirely new world?

Furthermore, Demise had an interesting little quote just before he goes off to create his new realm:

“But if you truly desire to raise your sword against the world I would build, come for me.”

When I first read this dialogue, I thought it meant that Link would be opposing the world that Demise would transform the Surface into, and that’s probably what it still means, though there is a second interpretation. Obviously, Demise wants to change the world to fit his views. But what if he created his realm also as a second chance, as a backup plan?

When Demise is defeated at Link’s hand, Demise stabs his sword into the ground, only to have it dematerialize. Demise looks questionably at his hand which used to hold the hilt of his demonic blade. This questionable look gives me the idea that it was not his by his action that the blade dematerialized… but Ghirahim’s. In either Fi or Ghirahim, we hadn’t seen this ability prior to that point, so this idea is questionable, but I think that it was Ghirahim ‘teleporting’ away.

With his master defeated, Ghirahim, or his consciousness (whatever is left of him within Demise’s sword), seeks to fulfil Demise’s last desire: a new world. But where would Ghirahim get the power to create life and build a new world? He’s not a deity like Demise, he’s just a subservient spirit with a few little powers of his own. And this is where the Dark Triforce comes in.

I believe that, in the same way that Ganondorf and other villains are incarnations of Demise’s hatred, the Dark Triforce is a manifestation of Demise’s power. Link absorbs Demise’s decomposing body into the Master Sword to let it rot away over a period of time and then leaves, but this realm is not destroyed. I have several theories as to how the Dark Triforce actually came into existence.

Dark TriforcePrimarily, Demise’s power manifests itself as the Dark Triforce, which remains in Demise’s realm after Link leaves. That’s one idea; the other ideas include Ghirahim. Ghirahim could’ve absorbed Demise’s powers and then teleported away, and, being as hating and evil as Demise, was able to use them to create a new world. And finally, given that Ghirahim was Demise’s sword, he was gifted with Demise’s powers, to help resurrect him, and Ghirahim only used them in moderation; but after Ghirahim is left on his own in Demise’s realm, he uses the full power to spark life and create a new world. In any of those three ways, the Dark Triforce is manifested from Demise’s powers and Ghirahim uses it to make a new world. Another idea that occurred to me is that the Dark Triforce is just an idea; just a symbol of faith and devotion. I don’t really like that idea, though, because I want the Dark Triforce to be a real thing.

Now, getting to Yuga’s similarity to Ghirahim, I have the idea that they might be one and the same. Ghirahim’s physical form appeared to be obliterated when he is sucked into Demise’s sword at the end of Skyward Sword, so my guess is that Ghirahim reinvented himself after Demise’s defeat. He got a new body, a slightly different (but essentially the same) personality, and a (slightly) new purpose.

There are few things that are left unanswered: such as why there are three different ‘sub’-Dark-Triforces, which I can’t give a logical reason to, other than the fact that it simply for aesthetic, to mirror the Triforce. Another thing is why the only other inhabitant of Lorule that we’ve seen, Hilda, appears to be good, while the world would’ve been created in devotion to Demise.

And yeah, the biggest mystery: why Lorule looks so similar to the Dark World from A Link to the Past. I simply don’t have an answer for that. Coincidence? I dunno. But what do you guys think of the theory? Do you think that Lorule is Demise’s Realm? If so, what are your guys ideas about the creation of the kingdom and the Dark Triforce? Is it real, or just an idea? Let me know in the comments.

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  • JeredenDonnar

    I really just don’t know. First! But really, it could be anything at this point.

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      I like how you sneaked that first in there. XD

  • WesViz23

    I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’ve never been so excited for a Zelda title release in my life. Can’t wait to find out!

    • Kravik

      Same here! .. It is so sad that people share so many spoilers about the game though..

      But I have learned! I will dislike all Zelda related on facebook, and stay away from this site, once it becomes time for the Zelda Wii U! :D

  • Mac

    If you lay the dark triforce over the regular triforce a certain way, not only does the bottom piece fill the hole left in the triforce, but it would also encircle the triforce of power, most closely associated with ganondorf… Interesting? Something to think about? I don’t know.

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I don’t know… I like the Termina theory better.

    • linkasourous

      Could be both…. It could be like Demise tried to take over Termina, thus making it Lorule.

  • Lifeoflink

    I don’t believe that Ghirahim was “sealed” in Demise’s sword like you mentioned in your article. I believe that he IS the spirit of Demise’s sword, like Fi is the spirit of Master Sword. This takes into account the similarities between Fi and Ghirahim’s character design as well as the fact that every time you faced Ghirahim, he initiates a sword duel with you. Why does he have this fascination with blades? Because he is a sword and that is how he knows to fight.

    One thing you could add to you theory is the reason why Yuga, if he is really Ghirahim, would resurrect Ganon. A possible reason is that Ghirahim’s original master, Demise, cannot be revived from the fragments of his consciousness that may reside in the Master Sword (the Master Sword may have already eradicated his consciousness completely seeing how SS occurred thousands of years prior to ALBW). So Ghirahim is going to the next best solution, to resurrect the incarnation of Demise’s hatred, Ganon.

    The rest of your theory has valid points and makes sense. I cannot wait to find out which of these many theories are true.

    • A.C. for reals

      Right before you battle GHiriham he says to Link that he’s facing a ”weapon” of destruction. At that point he flashes into a sword for a flash of a second. Also if the whole demise created lorule thing i think lorule is a parell to the twilight realm based on the fact that you get to both by portholes,contains a ruling figure (Midna) and the fact that both are seemingly corrupted. Also, in the trailer of ALBW Ganon is ressuerected perhaps from LOrule, just like TP’s Ganon

      • Raven

        There are always women in charge…..zelda, Midna, naburoo, Hilda….not that I have a problem because I am a girl myself….

  • Tehlul
  • Jhony

    Anyone knows in what timeline will A Link Between Worlds be?

    • Hero’s Shade

      Downfall timeline, after A Link to the Past, the Oracle games, and Link’s Awakening, but before The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link.

      • TheDeityUnleashed

        Whoa… how did you figure that out?

        • ZeldaFan3280

          Nintendo announced this already

          • TheDeityUnleashed

            Yeah, stupid of me, when Nintendo said hundreds of years after I assumed there were games in between

        • Jay

          It’s really obvious. It’s a sequel to A Link to The Past. So that puts it after that in the downfall timeline. Nintendo confirmed it being set a few generations after ALttP and it’s gonna be new Link. So that places it after the oracle games and Links awakening.

  • 323starlight

    What i originally thought was Lorule existed at the same time as skyward sword. I believed Demise is a monster who was banished from Lorule (this is why his sword has the mark of Lorule on it) he then seeks to take over the world of hyrule…failing again of course.
    I do like your theory about Yuga being a reincarnation of Gayra…i mean Girahim(i think he’s gay) it is possible but we’ll have to see. but its just a theory…(you should talk to Mat Pat of Game Theory

    • Jhony

      If the Demon King can reincarnate, why his followers don’t? Good point.

    • Psi

      Seriously, “Gayrahim”? Well, best you start calling Zelda Straighda and Link Straighnk, then. Alternatively, you could stop stereotyping gay people and start realising that camp and over-the-top don’t equal gay any more than stoic and staunch equal straight. There’s this word, you might have heard it: heteronormativity. And another pne closely related: heterosexism. Maybe you should look them up some time. Even of someone were to be gay, it’s incredibly ignorant to make that their biggest characteristic.

      • Sebastian

        It’s just a joke, man. Keep calm.

        • TheDeityUnleashed

          I know right?

        • Psi

          If this were someone making comment on a character’s race or gender as their defining characteristic, it would be called racism or sexism. For instance, if someone decided that Dark Link should be called “African Link” because they decided he were Black, people would be aghast.
          So no, don’t tell me it’s “just a joke”. Does the “keep calm” line sit somewhere between: being told that because I’m gay I’m not a real man; and having someone define a character by their perceived romantic/sexual orientation? The problem isn’t that I should keep calm about ignorance, it’s that people a) think it’s okay to depersonalise someone if they’re not straight by making their non-straight identity (or their perceived non-straight identity) the biggest aspect to their personality, and b) dismiss the concerns of those who have to deal w/ that depersonalisation on a day-to-day basis because they themselves can’t see why there’s an issue w/ being reduced to nothing more than an expression of a perceived difference. It’s like saying “well, she’s a woman (or he’s a man), therefore that’s all there is to her (him)”; or “they’re of this ethnicity, therefore that’s the biggest part of their identities”.
          It’s ignorance, and it’s not okay even if it is “just a joke”.

          • drnedaj

            African Link. Haha that is good. I don’t think people would be offended as you think :)

  • Mseevers95

    What if the portals to Lorule are actually tears in time itself and Lorule is just Hyrule further along the downfall timeline.

    • Hero’s Shade

      Wow, that would be awesome! …but I think Nintendo would be a little reluctant to screw with the timeline like that.

      • Marvel

        Or would they?

        • Dark master sword

          Yes, they would be reluctant.

          • Marvel

            Then why would they’ve created such confusion to begin with?

  • TLoZKH7590

    Leave a message…didn’t Demise have an upsidown Triforce on his sword…

  • Nigga

    Theory: no.

  • Darmani

    Normal Triforce: Power, Wisdom, Courage and Mew
    Dark Triforce: War, Famine, Death and Mewtwo
    **Pokemon are filling in the gaps**

    • PokemonandZeldafan

      Wasn’t the girl protagonist’s name in Black and White: Hilda? Either Hilda (as chosen character) went to one of the 6 regions (or to the 7th or the other regions after 7.) or dyed her hair purple and threw on a dress and got a scepter with the Dark Triforce floating on it. XD

    • Mewtwo L(OL)


  • Marvel

    Hmm… Interesting…. Very interesting…..

  • Meliusd

    Well, i anything, the dark triforce should be a dark incarnation of the 3 godesses, no?

  • Yamikawa

    The only problem I see with it is that the line about “But if you truly desire to raise your sword against the world I would build, come for me.” is largely made up by the NoA team.

    The original read “But if you claim of willing to oppose the Demon Tribe’s world, then… Come after me. I shall wait for a little while.”… It’s not the “world he would build”, but he rather phrases it as something existing.

    Anyway, my point is that the Shuuen no Mono didn’t create that realm: he makes it sounds like it’s already there to begin with.

    And I think Lorule is a new realm altogether, with no relation whatsoever to Termina: maybe it has some link to the Dark World in Triforce of the Gods but I’d rather not speculate on that.

    • LoLink

      They always change or mistranslate… thanks for your clarification.

  • Guest

    Gee… thanks for spoilers before the jump. Thanks tons.

    • Lawliet

      What spoilers?

  • terry

    If you look at the sword of Demise it has a upside down triforce on it.

    • TheDeityUnleashed

      Yeah, I noticed that

    • linkasourous

      It’s like an evil counterpart to the Master Sword….. the Lorule counterpart…. that makes sense… I guess….

    • mwc1985

      I like how everyone fixates on the upside down triforce on Demise’s sword as representing the “dark triforce” and completely ignore the upside down triforce on all the doors on Outset Island in Wind Waker. Especially with the new HD release I thought more people would have noticed that by now.

  • Guest

    anyone else realize that “Yuga” spelt backwards is “a guy”?

    • TheDeityUnleashed

      Well, at least we know what gender he is now…

  • TheDeityUnleashed

    I’m surprised so many people are excited for this game. I mean, I am too, but I think I’ll be a bit more psyched for Zelda Wii U

  • Corbin Gauthier

    The Dark Triforce is on Demise’s sword in Skyward Sword.

  • Luke Kavanagh

    On a tangentially connected note, does anyone else think Demise’s boss room looks eerily like Shadow Link’s in OOT?

  • linkasourous

    It could be the Dark World. As you said in the beginning, The Dark World was reverted back to the Sacred Realm. This could easily transfer to the quote that Hilda said “this world was once beautiful like Hyrule” something like that. As to how it became dark and well…. un-sacred…. could be the doing of Demise.

    As to why Hilda appears to still be good while the other Lorule inhabitants seem to be evil, it could be because Hilda is Zelda’s counterpart. They might be able to share the same powers.

  • Setras

    I think (as of now, anyway) that Lorule is Demise’s world of origin. When the goddesses created Hyrule, they separated the primeval chaos into manageable elements, which they then shaped as necessary (as occurred in the Greek creation myth). For every action, however, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and thus what would one day become Lorule was formed as well, along with a dark version of the Triforce. Eventually, Demise rose up in this world, and he and other demons fought for supremacy. Eventually, Demise took the Dark Triforce, and with it established himself as the Demon King. However, the Dark Triforce’s power offered him a glimpse into the other universe- Hyrule- causing him to desire the Light Triforce. He then used the Dark Triforce to open cracks in the fabric of Lorule, causing corresponding cracks to form in Hyrule, from which Demise and his armies emerged. After his defeat, the goddesses sealed these cracks, cutting off the two worlds. In time, Hilda’s family took over Lorule under unknown circumstances. As the goddesses’ power faded from the land in the Decline Timeline, however, the cracks once more opened, thus allowing the events of ALBW.

  • toonlink

    wait since skyward sworld told is zelda is hylia, dose that mean that hilda is loylia? since hilda is the lorule version of zelda, that means theres a dark goddess!!!

    • Setras

      Hm… Yuga did say that he serves “Her Grace”…

  • theZeldaElite

    I do believe Demise was once the lord of Lorule, but the reason I believe so is very different. If you can recall back to the gorgeous prologue to Skyward Sword, it says “One dark, fateful day, the earth cracked wide and malevolent forces rushed forth from the fissure.” This is where Demise came from. So far we know that in A Link Between Worlds, Lorule is in fact accessed through cracks in the surface of Hyrule. Surely this can’t be coincidental. Nintendo never forget details like this, I believe that Demise once ruled Lorule. Maybe it wasn’t always called that though.

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  • hollander

    It is possible that Yuga is an icarnation of Ghirahim, because
    Yuga looks like Ghirahim, they’re both, freaky-sorcerer dark magic creatures,
    and Yuga revives Ganon, which is an incarnation of Demise,

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  • Lucas

    …. Yo…. What if we saw an equivalent of Link in the new Zelda game for the Wii U, and he uses Demise’s sword, exactly the way it is? And he doesn’t use a shield because the sword is so huge, he has to wield it with two hands, but can do so, no problem?…. And I don’t mean a Dark Link. I mean someone completely new, he is essentially being forced to complete a mission of resurrecting Ganondorf.

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