Theory: Lorule is Demise’s Realm

Demise's RealmSince it was confirmed that the Dark World would be appearing in A Link Between Worlds, I was always suspicious as to whether it would be the same Dark World as A Link to the Past. I had heard others talking about how it couldn’t be the same world, as the Dark World from A Link to the Past was reverted back to the Sacred Realm at the end of the game. It has since been confirmed that Lorule is not the same Dark World from A Link to the Past, and as a result, people have been speculating that Lorule could instead be the Dowfall Timeline’s version of Termina or the Twilight Realm, with the former theory having been recently acknowledged in an editorial by SkyruleArcher.

I found these theories intriguing, but at the same time, I couldn’t understand why Lorule couldn’t just be a completely new land. But over time, I became curious as to how this new land could become almost a perfect alternate Hyrule, why they had a ‘Dark Triforce’, and how a villain from their world (Yuga) could know about and want to resurrect a villain from our world (Ganon). And now I have my own theory. You can tell what it is from the title of this editorial, but keep reading to find out my reasoning.

For those of you who don’t know, at the end of Skyward Sword, Ghirahim successfully revived his master, Demise. Demise sealed Ghirahim within his own sword, and then created an entirely new world in which he could battle Link. Seems a bit pointless, doesn’t it? Sure, Demise was showing off his impressive world-building skills, but this puny Hylian is out to kill him; does he really deserve to be fought in an entirely new world?

Furthermore, Demise had an interesting little quote just before he goes off to create his new realm:

“But if you truly desire to raise your sword against the world I would build, come for me.”

When I first read this dialogue, I thought it meant that Link would be opposing the world that Demise would transform the Surface into, and that’s probably what it still means, though there is a second interpretation. Obviously, Demise wants to change the world to fit his views. But what if he created his realm also as a second chance, as a backup plan?

When Demise is defeated at Link’s hand, Demise stabs his sword into the ground, only to have it dematerialize. Demise looks questionably at his hand which used to hold the hilt of his demonic blade. This questionable look gives me the idea that it was not his by his action that the blade dematerialized… but Ghirahim’s. In either Fi or Ghirahim, we hadn’t seen this ability prior to that point, so this idea is questionable, but I think that it was Ghirahim ‘teleporting’ away.

With his master defeated, Ghirahim, or his consciousness (whatever is left of him within Demise’s sword), seeks to fulfil Demise’s last desire: a new world. But where would Ghirahim get the power to create life and build a new world? He’s not a deity like Demise, he’s just a subservient spirit with a few little powers of his own. And this is where the Dark Triforce comes in.

I believe that, in the same way that Ganondorf and other villains are incarnations of Demise’s hatred, the Dark Triforce is a manifestation of Demise’s power. Link absorbs Demise’s decomposing body into the Master Sword to let it rot away over a period of time and then leaves, but this realm is not destroyed. I have several theories as to how the Dark Triforce actually came into existence.

Dark TriforcePrimarily, Demise’s power manifests itself as the Dark Triforce, which remains in Demise’s realm after Link leaves. That’s one idea; the other ideas include Ghirahim. Ghirahim could’ve absorbed Demise’s powers and then teleported away, and, being as hating and evil as Demise, was able to use them to create a new world. And finally, given that Ghirahim was Demise’s sword, he was gifted with Demise’s powers, to help resurrect him, and Ghirahim only used them in moderation; but after Ghirahim is left on his own in Demise’s realm, he uses the full power to spark life and create a new world. In any of those three ways, the Dark Triforce is manifested from Demise’s powers and Ghirahim uses it to make a new world. Another idea that occurred to me is that the Dark Triforce is just an idea; just a symbol of faith and devotion. I don’t really like that idea, though, because I want the Dark Triforce to be a real thing.

Now, getting to Yuga’s similarity to Ghirahim, I have the idea that they might be one and the same. Ghirahim’s physical form appeared to be obliterated when he is sucked into Demise’s sword at the end of Skyward Sword, so my guess is that Ghirahim reinvented himself after Demise’s defeat. He got a new body, a slightly different (but essentially the same) personality, and a (slightly) new purpose.

There are few things that are left unanswered: such as why there are three different ‘sub’-Dark-Triforces, which I can’t give a logical reason to, other than the fact that it simply for aesthetic, to mirror the Triforce. Another thing is why the only other inhabitant of Lorule that we’ve seen, Hilda, appears to be good, while the world would’ve been created in devotion to Demise.

And yeah, the biggest mystery: why Lorule looks so similar to the Dark World from A Link to the Past. I simply don’t have an answer for that. Coincidence? I dunno. But what do you guys think of the theory? Do you think that Lorule is Demise’s Realm? If so, what are your guys ideas about the creation of the kingdom and the Dark Triforce? Is it real, or just an idea? Let me know in the comments.

  • Naw Snap

    I think the ghirahim/yuga thing is pretty good. Also, “Yuga” spelled backwards is “A Guy” so it seems like a generic nickname that Ghirahim would take to make a new identity.

  • J Kl

    Demise tells SS Link that he and Groose are the first humans to stand up to him, so he can’t be the reason the Lorulean Triforce was destroyed – that would have been an act of defiance predating the events of that game.

    Also, Lorule’s decay worsens over time, and it’s explicitly stated that this is because destroying its Triforce caused its deities to abandon the land, not because of a single cataclysmic event. It’s highly unlikely that Demise had anything to do with that – if he did, the place would be much worse off by ALBW’s time than it is.

    Finally, Ghirahim wanting to take matters into his own hands as Yuga goes completely against the personalities of both sword spirits in general and him in particular. Both he and Fi live to serve their masters, and Ghirahim’s apparent narcissism and flamboyance are an act to throw Link off his game in combat. (You see the real Ghirahim – an unrefined, fanatical servant and literal tool – shortly before Demise is resurrected.)

    It’s possible that Demise and Lorule are connected, with Demise either having created or come from Lorule’s dimension, but this particular theory doesn’t mesh with canon.

    • Brad Dierlich

      Well in the war that’s told in the prologue of SS, its mentioned that the humans fought back. Its just that they weren’t very good at it, which is why Hylia sent the last of them into the sky and fought with the other races of the land. And he says theyre the first humans to stand up to HIM. Demise personally. In Hyrule, the humans ran from demise, and in Lorule, no one dared to fight Demise in battle, which is why they resorted to destroying their triforce instead. Instead of fight Demise for posession of the triforce, they just destroyed it and accepted what came next.

      Im not saying Demise made Lorule the way it is today, but I do believe he caused enough damage to cause the rifts between worlds to appear. Something like that had to be pretty serious. So with the loss of their triforce and the destruction caused by demise, restoration of Lorule seemed impossible and the land slowly decayed into how we see it in ALBW.

      And its been made clear that Girahim has been walking the earth way longer then Fi. Fi spent most of her time in the master sword, while Girahim walked about. This is why Girahim actually has a personality. Its shown Fi can learn human emotions to an extent so it can be assumed the same is for Girahim. So while yes he is loyal to Demise, he is NOT loyal to Ganondorf. He may be the reincarnation of Demise, but that same unwavering loyalty isn’t there. Plus as he learns knew emotions and experiences new things, its not unreasonable to believe that Girahim would see himself as far superior to everyone else, including the mindless beast that use to be ganondorf.

      Maybe if Ganondorf was still in control of himself, but at this point Ganon is just a mindless beast. Clearly not something the great Girahim would serve, no way. So he had only one choice, to take matters into his own hand and finish the work his REAL master set out to do all those centuries ago.

      Keep in mind ALBW takes place centuries after ALTTP. In between then, the oracle games happen, and its reviled that if Ganon is revived he was simply a mindless beast. That wouldn’t change by the time we reach ALBW. Because if it did, theres no way Girahim aka Yuga would have been able to take over Ganons body.

      I know it sounds complicated and even now there are still probably some holes im not seeing, but if we pay close attention to the small details of the Zelda lore, this could easily make sense and mesh with the canon.

      • J Kl

        Fair enough on the Triforce thing, but the only reason Ganon is mindless in the Oracle games is that the sacrifice to revive him was corrupt (Twinrova, rather than Zelda as intended). In ALBW, Yuga draws energy from not just Zelda but also the Sages, which would easily be good enough to avoid the side effect from the last time.

        In any case, my point is that Ghirahim lives to serve, and taking charge for his own purposes isn’t in his nature as a sword spirit (regardless of experience). He has no personal interest in the Triforce – only in helping Demise get what he wants. Besides, hijacking someone who’s obviously an embodiment of his master’s curse would be a massive act of disrespect to said master – it would be tantamount to telling him he’s doing everything wrong.

        • Brad Dierlich

          Yes but regardless, Ganon is stil revived as a mindless beast. Hes then sealed away again but that dosnt make him automatically smart again. He still stays a dumb pig man, regardless of the methods used the NEXT time hes revived. Plus if he was in full control of his mind I don’t think Yuga could have fused with him. Ganon when hes actually Ganon is way to powerful for that.

          And I guess the rest just comes down to how we think Girahim thinks and how he would act after the defeat of Demise. Where at a stakemate on this one I think though so to each his own. You still make some pretty good points though. Its all matter of interpretation, as if with any Zelda theory

    • Brad Dierlich

      But id also like to say you made some damn good points and really made me go back and rethink this theory to support it