A look into A Link Between Worlds’ Hero Mode

The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-RavioDetails surrounding A Link Between Worlds‘ Hero Mode, announced not to long ago by Nintendo, have been released on the Zelda Universe Forums. Wondering how difficult it will be? Wondering if it is worth the second play through? Read more on it after the jump!

This Hero Mode will be quite the challenge for those willing to try it. Enemies have been set to deal four times the regular damage towards Link. Also, the mode provides another “element” to the game that supposedly adds replay value. This “element” has not been revealed for what it is.


Personally I find this a decent Hero Mode and look forward to trying it out once I get my hands on the game. But remember, this information is currently unconfirmed since, as stated earlier, it was found on the Zelda Universe forums.

But what do you guys think about the Hero Mode so far? What else do you guys want to see in the Hero Mode? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Source: Zelda Universe Forums (via NeoGAF)

  • Linked Past

    The stamina bar looks like it changed colors from blue to green, assuming this picture is of the Hero Mode. Is it possible that perhaps items and the wall-painting mechanic deplete the stamina bar faster? Or is it instead that the stamina bar simply gets upgraded throughout the game?

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      This is an old screenshot. The bar was origanally green.

    • I’mZeldaJustKiddingNoI’mNot

      You mean from purple to green?

  • Orion Jorgensen

    YES! FINALLY! A CHALLENGING HERO MODE! Now my 3 hearts, rent only, minimal item and equipment challenge will be really fun :) It will be fun to try this out with the new game on Hero mode. Sorry if I posted this twice. My post was appearing earlier… :(

    • Orion Jorgensen

      Hopefully they won’t force you to pick up the Heart Containers after a
      boss fight like in LttP so I can actually do the challenge…

  • Cpod

    Can’t wait for this game it is going to be awesome!

  • Wolfy Link

    I hope the prices of items go up in hero mode.

  • RennanNT

    For SS, it would have been better if the enemies were fast instead of doing more damage, as there’s no point in enemies who can OHKO you if they wait 4s to attack. And its relatively quick to implement, since they would only have to test every monster (in order to make sure they didnt become invencible) unless the wii was unable to deal with the extra processing…

    For ALBW, I will wait the game as its hard to analyse what needs to improve for it become harder without being boring (I rather be recless in a easy mode than do precise strategies to not get hurt)..

  • Ogopogo

    I hope you can select it from the beginning…

    • Orion Jorgensen

      You can’t. You have to beat the game first. Get someone to beat it first and then have them copy another completed file over so you can start with Hero Mode :)

  • Anonimus Dark Link

    4 Times the damage…
    overkill much?
    Maybe 2 and a half mayber 3 times, but naw! WTF!

  • VladNorris

    For 3 heart runners this will be hell.

    It basically will mean a no hit run or you’re dead!

    • Churze

      I’ve been asking for this for a long time :D
      Except does anyone know if you start the game with 3 hearts?

      • VladNorris

        There’s footage showing you do.

        • Churze

          Good. I just have been avoiding footage since I pretty much spoiled the whole first half of SS by watching to much footage.
          I remember when I used to get games and have absolutely know idea what to expect…

  • Churze

    Please up the AI Nintendo. The challenge is rendered redundant if enemies are to stupid to hit you. Grunt enemies in Zelda need some serious rethinking. SS Bokablins had a lot of potential, but lost it all. If you hit them with one spin attack, you could just finish attack and be done with it. They need to remove these enemy knockouts, and make an enemy jump back every time they get hit so attacks cannot be chained together so easily.
    Also, hero mode should increase the amount of enemies. Based on the footage I’ve seen, the dungeons are completely puzzle geared with occasional enemy placement. In ALttP, solving puzzles wasn’t all you had to deal with. Just surviving was a challenge, and I haven’t gotten that feeling from Zelda since ALttP.

  • Nigga

    Enemies cannot hit you = quadruple damage is null and void. Remember your math: 0 x any number is ZERO.

  • Joanna S

    Is that a screenshot of Hero Mode? Why is the meter green? I thought it was purple… at least in the regular mode. Maybe to make it harder, using your items and stuff depletes your meter faster.

    • I’mZeldaJustKiddingNoI’mNot

      I think that’s just a photo from the very first ALBW trailer, from back in June

  • sadfsasadasd234

    4x more health would be better cuz more damage just makes u die faster which is no fun at all… every enemy in the game takes like 1 hit befor they die so it so pointless

    • Don

      The whole point is to be harder… Not to keep it evened out. Did you know Hero Mode means Hard More? And not all enemies take one hit. even with the fully upgraded Master Sword.

  • hollander

    hero modeee

  • http://gamextc.us/ XTC

    Whoa an actual challenge. That is exciting. Hero mode on all the other games was kinda, meh.

    • Taco Man
      • VladNorris

        NO! This is not about Majora’s Mask remakes. STOP THIS CRAP ALREADY!

      • Legend of Link1

        I know this is NOT happening man

    • Midna of Twilight

      Skyward Sword was hard. I like challenges!

      • http://gamextc.us/ XTC

        I like me a good challenge too! For Skyward Sword, it was most difficult getting used to using potions and stuff, but the actual game was fairly easy. I will just never get the Hylian shield on hero mode again. That was difficult. Haha