Some amazing scene artwork from A Link Between Worlds

Mases HagopianOctober 11th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

Scene-Artwork-2Some brand new scene artwork has surfaced for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds. The scene artwork highlights the two different worlds of Hyrule and its counterpart, Lorule. The artwork also highlights some of the unique characters that appear within each particular world. Make the jump to check out larger versions of the images.





Source: Zelda Europe

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  • Spenfen

    That… looks AMAZING. I wonder why the villain is in the lake in the same place as where Zelda’s reflection should be?

    • Anomandaris

      I think you are taking it a bit too
      …. uh….. literally

    • ePik Min

      Because this time, Zelda is the main villain. Buahahaa! I just spoiled you all!

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Am I still considered cool if I just squealed like a little school girl?

    • VladNorris

      Don’t worry. I have done more embarrasing things and still have some dignity.

      • TheMightyDekuWarrior

        Thank’s for the support, bro.

    • SquidLips

      Well, Zelda is awesome, by proxy, that makes you cool.

      FYI: I squealed too, it’s ‘kay :D

  • Some Zelda Fan

    The only thing new about this are the reflections on the lake in the 1st picture. They show some people that we never saw before and one house in the Lorule part of the reflection.

  • Justac00lguy

    Wow, just wow.

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Also, artwork of Impa.

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I wonder what those four figures standing underneath the deer in Lorule are?

    • moBliNkeBab

      Don’t criticize me, o mighty warrior of the deku, but I see a strong similarity between the figure on the right and your friend deku link….

  • Mangachick14

    Wow. Such stunning artwork! It only makes me more pumped for the release.

    I want this game. I want this GAME! I WANT THIS GAME!!

  • awesome zelda

    These are just beautiful! I love how they have shown the other world not to be all dark and ugly but to have its own beauty too!!

  • HappyMaskSalesMan

    I’m surprised there’s nothing about what Aonuma said over at his panel after a person questioned him about Majora’s Mask. He basically replied back by saying: finish the game and maybe it’d answer his question.
    If you ask me, that might be a big hint to what’s to come.

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      Hints! Hints galore! Nintendo’s been bombarding us with HINTS!!

  • Michael Hierlmeier

    Loving the artwork here!

  • TwiliTetra

    It looks so pretty!! I don’t think I can survive till the release date! Good thing X and Y are so close…

  • Roth


    It is a land beneath Hyrule, a sort of underworld to our reality… You can see it sometimes, in the reflection of Lake Hylia, mirroring the landscape and the castle in inconspicuous harmony.

    But as of late, the reflection has grown twisted and dark. The clear waters have become murky, and a sinister echo lies beneath the surface…

    And now, the foundation of the earth separating our existence has begun to crack, as if a great strain were forcing the two worlds together… Pressed closer than they should be…

    What has happened in the once crystalline counterpart to our beautiful land? What has transformed it into an abyss of darkness below the deepest waters?

    Sinking ever deeper, and drawing ever closer…


    • Matthew Shannon

      Lorule, so hot right now, Lorule.

  • Krazy4Krash

    Happy birthday, Mases. There’s your present from Nintendo.

  • Cameron

    Amazing doesn’t do it justice. These pictures are simply awesome, in every sense of the word! I think they should make one of these images into the cover art for the game, or at least have something similar.

  • Fierce Deity

    And so the plot thickens even further

  • Fierce Deity

    To all Pokefans:

    Night of the Final Day
    ~12 hours remain~

  • Sam Corbett

    Who are those 4 or 3 people in the 1st pic that take place of the deer

  • CraptainFalcon

    Lorule looks sick, man. I’d rather live in Lorule than Hyrule. Even Lorule Castle (I’m just guessing the name) looks cooler. It’s some pretty good artwork.

  • Ericzander

    I find it clever that this takes place in the downfall timeline, yet it looks so beautiful.

  • Lafandreeda

    Reminds me of the title screen of Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story

    • hayden

      It realy does

  • Linkachu72


  • K2L

    Wallpaper material!

  • axelink

    Hmm… Hilda… Midna… Dark world… Lorule… Twilight world

  • Ninty

    Ooh! Looks like they changed Link’s artwork a little bit.He looks taller and less silly than the first revised artwork, though that might just be because he’s facing away and in a different pose.

  • A Link Between Streams

    Maybe as homage, imagine Link walking into a secret area and the view goes from awesome 3D to ‘Classic 8-bit’ :-)

  • Segrein

    lol, high-rule and low-rule

  • hollander


  • deslandes
    • Chris Farley

      Did you notice the creatures under the fawn?

      • deslandes

        yes uma delas parece um zora-deku ! e outra usa uma mascara do estilo majora’s mask..

        sera a tribo que criou a majora’s ?

        (excuuuuuuuse-me i dont seak english and the google translator bug portuguese to english)

        • Chris Farley

          it’s okay, the translator worked okay; I used bing translator. I agree I think the creatures are Majora’s mask tribe creatures. — Ok, é o tradutor funcionou ok; Eu usei o tradutor do bing. Eu concordo, que acho que as criaturas são criaturas de tribo de máscara de Majora.

  • Super Smash Linkmo

    WOW this will be the BIGGEST Handheld Zelda Game EVER

  • Igos Du Ikana

    Am I the only person who thinks that this whole duality thing, especially the name “Lorule”
    is terribly cliche and sounds really silly. This game seems like a nice idea, but it is way to silly looking and sounding. It is impossible to take it with any type of weight

  • Ninja Stud

    link gets two babes’

    • clementinesalmassi321

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  • Link and Zelda

    This looks awesome! I liked PH and ST but let’s see how this handheld game will do.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Cannot wait to go on this new adventure

  • Guest

    For some reason, that person next to Hilda looks like a mix between the great fairy (oot) Ghirahim and Ganondorf O.O ….. wth? xD I’m crazy

  • CChaplin

    Hmmm, I wonder why Ravio is significant enough to merit a spot between Zelda and Impa…?

    EDIT: I generally don’t go in for theorizing but hey… the fact that Ravio dresses as a pink bunny, what if he’s the other world’s equivalent to Link…? Okay enough blabbering without sufficient evidence lol :P

  • LinkZeldaLinkZelda

    Sweet, a new wallpaper!